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  • NOLF 2 CDs (PC) and media By Eliteone

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    NOLF2-Patched-1.3,zip This is a zip file of the complete game. This file will extract the complete game (to C:\games however the installer allows you to choose an alternative install path), patched to the English 1.3 version of the game.  finally it has the no-cd patch integrated into it.   It also contains the latest dgvoodoo2 for additional video settings. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first two files in the se
  • 007 Nightfire - complete game By Eliteone

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    This copy of the game has been updated to the v5.6 patch as of July 01, 2012 - verified March 2023 as still valid after patches are applied from our downloads To play the game, simply unzip the file and create a shortcut to Bond.exe To play online multiplayer, click MULTIPLAYER, then click JOIN GAME. Press INTERNET, and then click the UPDATE button. Click on a server and then press JOIN at the bottom right. _____________________________________________________________________
  • Updated NOLF 2 Mappack By Spawn

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    Hello, I've been messing around with the Nolf 2 mappack a little and found a few bugs in there. Fixed missing textures due to special characters in severnaya bunker and Caribbean and added the emma peel map that was missing. I also made spaceotters more playable by adding a different more finished version that I had, good idea to have weapons in the map  I also managed to shave the nolf2 mappack filesize down to 424mb with LZMA compression, always nice to save space.. (This is both DD
  • No One Lives Forever 2 Modernizer - Beta 2 By heyjake

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    No One Lives Forever 2 Modernizer - Beta 2 --------------------------------- The goal of NOLF 2 Modernizer is to help fix some long standing bugs, and update some more outdated features of the game. The beta releases are meant to get this mod out the door sooner! However there's sure to be bugs, and probably bugs in the base game that I didn't catch. Before commenting about a crash, please check the known issues section for more information! Requirements: You'll need to install V
  • Nolf Custom map pack 2022 By Spawn

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    Custom Maps made by various community mappers This installer will automatically find your No One Lives Forever installation and put the needed rez file into your Custom folder. There will be no trace from the installer when installation is done. No uninstall function or registry key.     To uninstall simply delete 2022_CUSTOM_MAP_PACK.REZ from your custom folder.
  • NOLF Multiplayer Launcher & Server Companion By URA

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    Since Gamespy is dropping support for NOLF1 at the end of May 2014 URA has come up with a great way for people to be able to host servers and connect to them using this tool.   Multiplayer Launcher: NOLF2 based launcher that fetches a server list, query's each server and joins the selected one.   Server Companion v0.1: A console application that starts NolfServ.exe and adds/maintains/removes your server's info to/from the server list. Note: Do not close Server_Companion directly, stop Nol
  • 007 Nightfire - Patch v5.91 ( - Patch v5.91 Lite By Eliteone

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    There are two files with this download. Pick the one needed. 007 Nightfire - Patch v5.91 ( - English version 007 Nightfire - Patch v5.91 ( LITE (For Non-English Versions or Minimal Installation) About This patch is mandatory for players who wish to continue to playing online after May 31, 2014. The online server browser will no longer function after this date unless you install this update. Changelog Nightfire now supports dynamic lights, the ability to do

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