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3 files

  1. No CD Patch

    Rename your existing Lithtech.exe file located in your Contract Jack root folder.
    Extract zip file to your Contract Jack folder.
    This will extract a new Lithtech.exe file that will no longer prompt you for your CD.



  2. Original Autoexec.cfg

    Original copy of autoexec.cfg in case yours becomes corrupted. Needed for online play.



  3. Contract Jack PC Media

    Contract-Jack-Setup file. This file will extract the complete game (to C:\untyhq however the installer allows you to choose an alternative install path), patched to the English 1.1 version of the game. Additionally it has the latest dgvoodoo2 version. Finally it has the no-cd patch integrated into it. 
    This installer (Contract-Jack-Setup.exe) has been digitally signed to make it easier to install on Windows 10. Contract-Jack-not-signed-Setup file. Same as the other setup file except this file is not digitally signed. If you're having troubles installing the digitally signed file then download this one.  Zip files of the 2 CDs for the Contract Jack game (PC version). These are the released version 1.0.
    Special addition to disclaimer:
    UnityHQ does not promote software piracy.
    As the copyright of this game is in question we leave it up to those who download to decide whether to download or not . By downloading you agree to take full responsibility for doing so and release Unityhq.net/nolfgirl.net from any repercussions for doing so.
    Your IP address is recorded for this download.



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