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  3. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  4. Welcome a883yr04d

    Hello a883yr04d, Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. a883yr04d joined on the 03/17/2018. View Member
  5. Who are we? <A.S.E.S> is a Guild I am putting together for people who want to have fun and enjoy all that Archeage has to offer! we will do all we can to progress our faction and become a strong influence within the Haranyan Faction. Who Do we Want? - Active players who are self driven to become great players - Strong leaders who can do raid leading/shot calling - People who will be looking to do All forms of content within Archeage - Those who have out of game talents that can be used to better our guild ~ Great PvP with all who will fight! ~ - The stance we will be taking on PvP is Everyone will be fought; Red or Green alike so long as it makes for a great experience. "Purple for Profit" is completely fine so long as your not greifing the same person none-stop. if our faction cant defend themselves then how will they fight the West ;) ~ All the Carebearing you can do! ~ - The first thing people think of when they hear the word "Carebear" is a player who cannot pvp, and only plucks potatoes from the ground... that may be half true but a lot of carebears can be the strongest members; and we want you! if you got a knack for crafting and love to do the farming within the game then we want you! crafters are as valuable as healers in my opinion; just be ready to PvP as well! ~ World boss Slaying on a daily basis! ~ - We will be attempting to get the world bosses and some content done on a daily basis; and though we aim for daily i am sure it wont happen all the time. However, we will be getting out there and making the attempts and challenging those who would appose us; and creating strong allies to work together with on getting this content done. Requirements - Must be 18 or Older. we want Mature players; and will make exceptions if you believe you can be a mature player. - You must be able to be self sufficient, be able to get your gold and gear on your own. (we will help, but you to need to put in the effort yourself as well) - Must be willing to change classes when asked too; run what you like but if your doing a Raid v Raid, run the appropriate class. - Be Respectable to guild members and your faction. - Absolutly no Greifing. this will not be tolerated Until i get a Recruiting Officer PM me on the forums if interested; but i am most easily contected on Discord. my ID is @Deku#3337 View the full article
  7. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  8. Welcome joni

    Hello joni, Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. joni joined on the 03/17/2018. View Member
  9. Mistsong weps in 4.5 FS

    Will we be able to craft mistsong weapons in 4.5? View the full article
  10. Selling Epic Ominous Obsidian Flute, pm or mail me in game View the full article
  11. Let's totally ignore the fact that there's at least double the amount of servers that currently exist on Legacy in relationship to overall population and creating a healthy fun game and instead open ANOTHER new server. Thx trino View the full article
  12. What We Are Looking For: ♦Only recruiting experienced players interested in very active, structured and hardcore PvP/PvX ♦Players who are interested in PvP, Guild Raiding, Open World PvP, World Bosses and Castle Sieges About Us: ♦​The last game we played was Revelation Online on Snowpine server. We not only excelled in PvP but we also had many of the server first accomplishments when it came to world bosses and 5, 10 and even 20 man dungeon raids on the highest difficulties. We were actively the #1 ranked guild in the instanced PvP zone that kept a weekly tally of points and also top ranked guild in terms of guild activity and game progression ♦Coming from the game before that, Archeage, we were well-known for controlling all the content on our server even when heavily contested from all oppositions. We also had many accomplishments of game and/or server first when it came to the newest and hardest dungeons and world bosses when they were introduced.​ ♦We even received a shout out and praise from the publishers via their social media pages and their weekly live stream for being the first guild in all of NA to ever kill Red Dragon!​ Guild Policies: ♦Discord/TS3 is mandatory for all Guild Raids, PvP or events of any kind ♦Guild raids and call to arms raids are mandatory ♦Players must be self-efficient and be able to provide for themselves with income and consumables ♦No drama or disrespecting fellow guildies/teammates ♦Must be willing to run classes, builds or specs during guild raids or events that are asked ♦Any kind of exploiting, hacking or cheating will lead to automatic removal from the guild Apply: ♦Add me on discord and PM me - Drax#6352 ​ ♦Below are just a couple screen shots or videos of just a few of our accomplishments when it came to killing the most contested and/or hardest bosses and dungeons to clear. We were also the first guild to successfully win a legit castle siege Game First Red Dragon Kill [World Boss] Game First Successful Castle Siege Game First Serpentis Clear [Dungeon] Game First Champion Nazar Kill [World Boss] Game First Sea of Drowned Love Clear [Dungeon] ​ View the full article
  13. will 4.5 be on pts?

    will 4.5 be on pts before FS? View the full article
  14. What will you chose?! View the full article
  15. So the Naval Arena changes are good. 4 different buffs vs 2. Yellow = Repair Red = Invulnerable Green = Ramming Damage Purple = Rapid Fire Cannons However, 2 Red ships decide to bang into each other for a few minutes, they generate a stupid amount of points. I literally just had a score of like 600 vs 400 vs 200. The 600 ship dies, and drops to 300. So you get 2 friends, both have red and they pretty much assure 1st and 2nd for their boats? This cannot be the intended mechanic. View the full article
  16. Went to make some scrolls tonight to restock for our guild and noticed the recipe now takes 10 Moonlight Archeum SHARDS instead of Powder like it took before. I could not find anything in patch notes or updates searching the forums regarding this change. I really hope this is just a bug and you can fix it quickly. We are already restricted on labor - and how many times we can do any dungeons with timers. Now you are driving the cost of being able to get quests done through the roof. View the full article
  17. I get tired of peace push , can't LX do something about this ? It's funny when 3 connected PVP zone peace in same time and hauler train follow from peace zone to peace zone . Can't we have auto peace and war like Auroria ? set the time so there are no 2 peace zone near each other specially west . I do not hate peace time , but push peace kind of ... View the full article
  18. There is a lot of gear that gives damage immunity, why not some gear that gives immunity to fear or stuns? There are not enough counters in this game, so only 3 or 4 classes are really playable. View the full article
  19. yes or no Personnaly i wont come if there no second server, since last time i waited like 2 weeks to join your DDOSed servers View the full article
  20. There's been a lot of talk about the 4.5 infamy murder increase, Trion has mentioned on their livestream that for the time being it is planned that in 4.5 infamy gained from murder has been increased from 10 to 50. This thread is about why this solution cannot be put through. It mentions also why it may have been acceptable in Korea, as well as a proper solution to the problem that is intended to work across all regions- Korea included- while delivering positive sandbox gameplay that can be enjoyable by all participating parties. You’ll notice that a lot of my threads tend to suggest solutions from a positive perspective, encouraging gameplay and improvements. In fact the solution I propose to the problems XL Games may have attempted to solve is itself a very positive solution, and we’ll get into that. However, because of the effects caused by these changes we have to look at things from a negative perspective. Prepare yourselves for the most pessimistic post you’ll ever see from me. The Target Issue: 4.5 increases infamy gained from murder from 10 to 50. The Effects The Innocent Cannot Retaliate With this change, getting robbed puts you at a severe disadvantage. It means that in order to get your pack back you will most likely need to become a criminal yourself, purpling on the opposition, especially if they have a healer. When you get your packs stolen your choices become to accept it and give up, or hunt down the group that stole it from you with a high risk of ending up unsuccessful or even in jail. It’s a lose-lose negative gameplay situation with very little positive outcomes. Help Will Never Come This also severely reduces the chance that anyone will help you if your goods are stolen. For someone to come and help you, they themselves may need to become criminals and end up in jail. Begging in faction or nation chat will become even less likely to produce results, as folks may not want to risk losing their Trial streaks just so they can risk helping a stranger. Communication with your nation suddenly becomes terrifying, and this enforces negative gameplay both with asking for help and possibly getting your friends into jail, as well as communicating with the people who are supposed to be your allies. Punishment For Preventing Mischief There are many cases in gameplay where green pirates are only there to cause mischief- and these points are vastly increased when alternate characters are involved. These situations include but are by no means limited to:Characters pulling down the sails on your ship Characters stealing tag from world bosses Characters pushing people off ships or using non-hostile skills such as Fortress and Imprison Characters driving allied ships for hostile guilds Characters who hold your stolen packs but are not criminals themselves Each of these situations become a lose-lose situation, where defending yourself from mischief means you are more likely to be removed from fights from an extended period of time, with zero downside to causing the mischief. It encourages negative gameplay from those causing trouble, and always follows through with negative gameplay for the victims. Organized Guilds Advantage Organized guilds can inaccurately report crimes that their members cause, then fool the Jury system with their own characters to innocent their players when they see fit. The folks who have had goods stolen from them will see no positive effects in these cases, as the criminals would suffer no losses regardless. In reaction battles with a victim organized guild attacking the hostile organized guild, the victim guild would likely need to bloodlust to fight, and may end up in jail themselves- taking themselves out of extended battles and can massively demotivate guilds. 1v1 - The Criminal Gets Punished In cases where the criminal is alone and not a part of any organized guilds, this being a 1v1 scenario where they have stolen from one victim, the criminal will eventually be punished. In fact the victim can even go back and purple on this character, because if they kill them it’s not a real kill, they go immediately to jail instead. No murder points are assigned to the victim. This is what everyone is happy about, and honestly it’s a good thing, but it is the only scenario in which something positive happens. It’s a 1v1 scenario in a game that encourages group play, meaning it is more unlikely to happen. As soon as anyone else steps into this ordeal, the scenario changes entirely into one of the above scenarios. The Solution I’ve detailed a solution months ago in this thread - I strongly encourage reading through that and putting your opinions out there, however here is a short abstract of that suggestion: Quote: Suggestion: Extend the Bloodlusted "Purple" Debuff Duration to 10 minutes or more, is not removed on death, and timer resets upon any continued aggressive actions There are a few notable reasons for this:Currently, the victim becomes the aggressor Reviving and travel time is rough Team play gets confusing People currently abuse the bloodlust purple timer I’d like to now compare what I’ve discussed in that solution with what effects may occur with the 4.5 solution XL Games has decided to put in across all regions. 4.5: The Innocent Cannot Retaliate: (See above) Vs Extend Purple Solution: Players have 10-15 minutes to find the aggressor and prevent them from being criminals. When goods are stolen from an innocent player, their options suddenly include hunting down the criminal. The criminal may not have lost very much for stealing from you, but now you have even less losses for attempting to hunt them down, with the game giving you absolute access to taking down the criminals. This encourages positive gameplay, where the criminal must always be aware of their surroundings and one cannot simply walk into town at risk that guards may attack, or a player may decide to turn on them. This is also positive gameplay to the criminal for those that seek this excitement. 4.5: Help Will Never Come: (See above) Vs Extend Purple Solution: Players are encouraged to ask for help publically and from their guilds. Anyone participating in helping have nothing to lose because the criminals are far more likely to be purple. This means you’ll see more active internal politics, guilds working positively with one another and meeting new friends, as well as encouraging even lowly geared players to get involved as there is nothing to lose in trying to help. Exactly like the previous point, this is purely positive gameplay, while keeping the criminals on edge the entire time, feeling like actual criminals- this is also positive gameplay for those that seek this excitement. 4.5: Punishment For Preventing Mischief: (See above) Vs Extend Purple Solution: Players will need to purple in order to solve any of these issues. They’ll remain purple for an extended period of time, however in a majority of the cases that were listed here, this will not change much. Let’s list out each of the scenarios again and go over it: Characters pulling down the sails on your ship Characters stealing tag from world bosses Characters pushing people off ships or using non-hostile skills such as Fortress and Imprison Characters driving allied ships for hostile guilds Characters who hold your stolen packs but are not criminals themselves In each of these scenarios, you will become purple for 10-15 minutes, but allies around you can shield you from incoming aggressive attacks from green pirates. Green versus green raid battles are more clear for the duration of all fights, but does not severely punish the innocent group by immediately sending anyone to jail. In the scenario where the player is alone, either way that player is doomed- as always, group gameplay is encouraged in Archeage. 4.5: Organized Guilds Advantage: (See above) Vs Extend Purple Solution: Players in hostile organized guilds may not see their own members going to jail, but that was never a problem anyways regardless of these changes. However, in a battle between organized guilds, it’s more detailed who is fighting who when one group is purple for 10-15 minutes, and able to re-enter fights while remaining this color. More likely than not, victim organized guilds will be able to tackle hostile organized guilds while they are still purple from the aggressive acts caused earlier. Teamwork here brings about positive gameplay on all ends, including for the original aggressors. 4.5: 1v1 - The Criminal Gets Punished: (See above) Vs Extend Purple Solution: In this case of a 1v1, the victim can freely and without worry find and tackle the criminal. It will kill them, and while it does not put them in jail, it allows the victim and criminal to fight back in what even may become a tug-of-war style gameplay. The victim can also kill the criminal without suffering crime points, meaning the only person who is accepting crime points for their actions is the criminal. Eventually they may end up in jail, but it encourages both parties to bring friends over this time (As Archeage should always encourage), putting us into one of the above situations instead. So why did XL Games do this in Korea? It’s important to remember that in Korea’s version of Archeage, the pirate faction is not really used. Players cannot name change or transfer servers at will, they cannot use many alts to help them, so making a more positive name and guild for yourself is encouraged or else you’re seen as an outcast forever. In this region, working with a group is always a norm, and being a green pirate is even possibly a more serious negative thing that any one of us can imagine. It’s a different world there. This world may even be seen more commonly in Russia and some other regions as well. The solution I propose, however, allows Korea to also benefit from the positive scenarios I’ve listed above, possibly even encouraging more positive and exciting gameplay from becoming a green pirate in that region when the bloodlusting system works more efficiently. It’s a solution that is meant to work for all regions positively without the “one solution fits all regions” solution that XL Games has decided with the murder point infamy increase for 4.5. To sum up… The negative effects of the 4.5 infamy murder point increase greatly outweigh the positive effects from such a change for NA/EU and quite possibly other regions as well. The average player being stolen from will probably not be experiencing a good time, and even if they’re in organized groups will possibly even feel like they always have even more to lose by trying to play the game and PvP and fight back against criminals that stole from them, instead of just giving up and letting those players have their goods. I want to encourage only positive gameplay, and hopefully the solution of extending bloodlust purple duration to 10-15 minutes can achieve those results. Again, please see that thread for even more information about what problems that solution solves, because I didn’t list them in full in this thread. If anyone has additional comments or suggestions, please feel free to contribute to this thread. Even if it's something as simple as "#Agree" or #Disagree" that would be brilliant, though if you disagree I'd encourage you to give us more of your thoughts. I encourage you guys to talk freely here and with detail, because these are the kinds of conversations that actually get things to change for more positive gameplay overall. There's always something I may have missed or misunderstood, we're all only human and we all need to understand things together, so feel free to tell me where I'm wrong and we can all work together to make sure the game is what we want it to be. Feel free to tell me if I missed something or something should be added here as well. View the full article
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  22. LF FS guild

    Hi, I'm Warningz and I'm a returning AA player. I would like to join a fresh start guild for 4.5 release. I plan to once again play a support healing class. looking for strong focus on pvp and world boss encounters. View the full article
  23. Like the title say, a time would be nice to know for planning the Fresh Start and probably take a free day from work. View the full article
  24. Muzzy: Stream Giveaway prize?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Muzzy We'll be sending you a twitch message with your prize code, OR we'll ask you in that message for your server and username so we can apply the prize directly to your account. YOu'll get it between today and Monday. If you do not get it by Monday, then please send us a message on Twitch. Jump to post... View the full article
  25. Arena suggestion

    So, everybody switches to the cancer classes like argent or that defense witchcraft class for arena (sparring) and everybody hates the fights. So people that play hard classes like archer, or non cheesy classes (anything without witchcraft or vitalism probably) should get a bonus on kyrios badges. So you get double for playing like hexblade or spellsinger, 10x for playing an archer class, etc. This way we don't have everybody just play argent even if they don't have the actual gear for it. View the full article
  26. Stream Giveaway prize?

    If we won something in the giveaway, how long do we need to wait for the mail to our twitch inbox? View the full article
  27. Will we still be able to use celestial/divine anchoring emblems on illustrious-ayanad in 4.5 to prevent the item from crystalizing or will we be unable to use anchoring emblems on them? View the full article
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