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  2. Bueno, llevo mucho tiempo sin jugar black desert y quiero retomarlo, mi personaje más usado siempre fue la hechicera, pero mis ultimos meses fueron con Lahn. Antes de empezar aunque les dedicaré un tiempo a cada uno y probarlos, quería saber como estaban actualmente, ya que según he podido leer la hechicera no estaba en su mejor momento. La verdad soy un jugador bastante mas Pve que pvp así que estaría enfocado en bastante grindeo y tambien matar los nuevos bosses y demás nuevos que han... Hechicera o Lahn View the full article
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  4. Hello guys, i m searching for an Editor for a upcoming montage video. Since i m very busy and have literally no expierence with editor programms like Sony Vegas & co, i m highly searching for some1 who got expierence and wanna work together for a "small" montage video. How we set up, when and what offers are (payment if needed), will discussed during discord dm. We will go throw any question you&me have. So if you feel like being a good editor (with alrdy produced some Black Desert Online... Searching for Editor asap! View the full article
  5. View attachment 15445 I've decided that it's time to put it all in one place. There are a lot of bits and pieces of information all over, some including a lot of misinformation and old data. Now that I have the map myself, I'd like to share what I can with the community. So let's start with the precursor: This takes time. There is no guarantee you will get all the map pieces separately. You may get duplicates, and you may spend hundreds of...​ The Definitive Guide to the Archaeologist's MapView the full article
  6. This interesting omission is because PA allows gambling within the pearl shop (and the game) and a country has decided to block that because the country has decided that gambling is bad for those of a younger mentality. Fair play, I say. It is the right of all governments to pass laws about whatever they feel is right for their people. Within the game, RNG (sorry, surprise mechanics) is an accepted occurrence. The part where the BS is involved I have always said that PA has made mediocre... *Not available in Belgium View the full article
  7. Recently i downloaded archeage while waiting for unchained, i have 35lvl character from beta times and i rly dont like combat. It feels slow and not that responsive, that was probably reason i quit game few years ago. On yt pvp videos it looks much faster and ppl say that combat in archeage is fluid. It gets better when you hit max lvl or something? im not a fan of tab target combat systems in general, but there wont be better mmorpg for years so View the full article
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by iArches NA Servers are open once again!Thank you for your patience and happy gaming everyone! Jump to post... View the full article
  9. Small Scale PvP Guild is looking for active people with a PvP mindset and the will to grow with the guild. 500+ GS lvl 60 + Active Discord Weekly Events Why join us? -I don't know, come figure it out Guild-Page by Gdrogo posted Aug 31, 2019 at 4:03 PM View the full article
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by iArches Hello once again, Our servers are on their way to coming back up! The ETA is looking about 45 minutes currently if we don't encounter any issues. Thank you for your patience everyone, we'll update you when the server is back up! Jump to post... View the full article
  11. Hello Pearl Abyss & Kakao Games ! I hate striker apperance. Striker has a bad hair styles and tattoos. Change striker apperance, please! All character is looking better than striker. King regards View the full article
  12. Same type of utencils, all are ACU... Some have yellow bar, some have red bar... Any reason why? It seems to me the reds are somewhat "newer" though I wonder whats with the color change? XD View the full article
  13. Does anyone know what my game is trying to tell me? These are just some of the patterns I'm getting... They're changing color/pattern quite fast... View attachment 173108 One of my guildies had bright red as well... View attachment 173110 View the full article
  14. Publisher: Annapurna Interactive Developer: Simogo Release: September 19, 2019 Rating: Rating Pending Reviewed on: Switch Also on: PlayStation 4 A broken-hearted girl is transported into the sky, where she takes on the role of a masked biker. In this dreamlike world, she races along neon streets and other surreal landscapes, picking up collectables and navigating shifting paths, all the while accompanied by an electronic soundtrack. This is Sayonara Wild Hearts, a beautiful trifle that seems to end just as it’s gaining momentum. Sayonara Wild Hearts is mesmerizing to look at, but unfortunately it falters as a game. The first few stages get you acclimated to weaving your character left and right on the tracks, picking up heart shapes and other collectibles to earn higher scores. And really, that’s just about all there is. The perspective shifts in some impressive ways, with a camera that pulls back until your rider is a tiny speck or rotates woozily in tunnel sections where you ride freely on the walls and ceilings. Camera trickery aside, you’re doing the same basic thing throughout the short experience. A few moments break from that format, such as a VR-inspired game-within-a-game that plays a bit more like an arcade shooter, but these deviations are unfortunately all too brief. Click here to watch embedded media You’re hurtling along at a breakneck pace much of the time, but instead of feeling exhilarated, I was reminded of those moments in the early 3D Sonic games where you’re being propelled along on a ride that’s barely interactive. Sure, it looks neat, but if you’re not going out of your way to pick up the objects that flash by, you aren’t missing out on anything beyond medal rankings upon stage completion. Most of the time these things flash by so quickly that acquiring them is more reliant on memorization and repetition than reflexes. Music is an integral part of Sayonara Wild Hearts, though the action and soundtrack aren’t tightly syncopated most of the time. Instead, the two elements support each other thematically, much like a music video. There were moments where I picked up collectibles that chimed in time with the music or hit a speed boost that whooshed along with the beat – as well as some timing-based cues against a handful of bosses – but you don’t need to have a strong internal metronome to succeed. Click image thumbnails to view larger version The story is mostly alluded to in pantomime, and I’m still not confident that I fully get what it’s trying to say. Is the girl coming to terms with past relationships? Is she becoming more attuned to the various facets of her personality? Is it something entirely different? I’m certain that the last section was intended to be a triumphant coalescence of everything that had come before, but without having any real emotional attachment to what was going on, it falls flat. I quite enjoyed looking at Sayonara Wild Hearts, even though interacting with it left me cold. In fact, I probably would have liked it just as much if it were just a short film. As it stands, it’s an impressively stylish title with a disappointing amount of substance. Score: 7 Summary: I quite enjoyed looking at Sayonara Wild Hearts, even though interacting with it left me cold. Concept: Take a broken-hearted heroine on a dazzling, musical journey at 200 miles per hour Graphics: The visuals are simple and striking, even as they zoom past you at blinding speeds Sound: Every stage is accompanied by a melodic electronica and pop soundtrack. The tunes may not be everyone’s preferred jam, but they’re undeniably catchy Playability: You don’t often have much time to react to obstacles or collectibles, and success depends equally on memorization and pure reflexes Entertainment: Sayonara Wild Hearts crackles with style, but is an ultimately inconsequential ride Replay: Moderately low Click to Purchase View the full article
  15. NA was down for days. People lost days of their Patron. You guys said patron players would receive patron days on the compensation pack. But there was no patron days on the compensation pack. The stuffs you gave on that compensation pack do not make up the days of patron we lost. If we lost patron days, we deserve to receive patron days to compensate that, since we PAY FOR OUR PATRON, which is REALLY expensive. APEX is almost 3k gold. View the full article
  16. Hi guys, ru const party is looking for a guild for the game. Us from 5-8 people View the full article
  17. My launcher just won't download the game, it just gets stuck at 32kbps download speed, I looked up and trying the reset the dns stuff I saw and it still doesn work, someone help me please. View the full article
  18. Right now we have three groups. I'm glad to have them, but I'd like to have more. I use a different specific set of pets for skill points, knowledge, hunting, fishing, trade, cooking, alchemy, horse training, general lifeskilling, level grinding, and desert travel. That might be extreme, but I'm sure I'm not the only one. With only 3 presets, I have those set to my most common, but I'm kind of a jack of all trades and I shift gears pretty regularly, so I find myself manually pulling out... Pet Groups Increase View the full article
  19. Publisher: Nintendo Developer: Marvelous Entertainment Release: September 13, 2019 Reviewed on: Switch I can forgive myself for concluding that my enthusiasm for sci-fi, giant robots, and high-concept anime might make Daemon X Machina a good fit. However, after playing it, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I didn’t warn others of similar inclinations to stay away. Though its components might seem initially appealing, Daemon X Machina fails to deliver on gameplay, story, or any other facet that might have seemed interesting at first glance. In a vaguely defined post-apocalyptic world, giant manned mecha do battle across a desolate landscape, fighting against each other as well as the looming threat of malevolent artificial intelligence. Competing consortiums, governmental entities, and the motivations of individual mercenaries all compete for narrative attention, and it is all nonsense. None of the dozens of named characters coalesce into interesting personalities, but virtually all of them speak in hushed tones about their mysterious purpose for fighting, even as I shake my head at the meaningless babble of their prolonged conversations. The broader storytelling is nearly as unintelligible, spending many hours lost in an incoherent mash-up of anime tropes and the teasing of revelations that seem never to arrive. Meanwhile, players adopt the role of the “rookie,” a woefully silent protagonist without a will of their own, spending the bulk of the plot tripping happily between missions, regardless of which side of the conflict that places them on. As a player, you learn not to care what’s happening, and just push on into the action. At first, I was heartened by the attractive and sharp lines of the sophisticated mecha designs (“arsenals,” in the game’s parlance), and the wide variety of mission locations which you visit over the course of a lengthy tour of duty through the campaign. But even those surface details fail to impress as the real-time combat grows tedious and uninteresting. The lock-on weapons systems and constant target strafing never advance in sophistication. The quick speed of movement in both the air and ground encounters can be exciting, but it also means that tracking onscreen action, especially against the other fast-moving arsenals, is an exercise in futility. That problem is exacerbated by an unhelpful battle UI, which fails to monitor fundamental details like the altitude of the many targets on your radar. Click here to watch embedded media Difficulty is also uneven. After several early hours of simplistic fights, the later hours of the campaign fluctuate dramatically. In one, the fight is so easy that I finish off the boss before the in-mission dialogue even concludes. In another (including some dreaded protect missions), I hammer my head against the wall of repeated mission failures, or batter enemies for extended fights in which high hit point totals replace actual challenging attack patterns. I’m struck by how much everything feels like similar mecha games from more than a decade ago, but in none of the good ways. Between missions, the hangar bay provides opportunities to upgrade. Body modification of your pilot gives some mostly minor bonuses. The tech implants are presumably meant to scare you about how they are slowly stealing your humanity; that effort fails, since the hero is already robotic and lifeless. My mech improves through new weapons and armor purchased and developed with funds earned during missions. I appreciate the detail and wide variety of options here, as well as the cosmetic features that unlock with time, and a deep devotion to stat min-maxing can yield returns. Even so, the customization of your arsenal is poorly explained, and you rarely have a clear sense of what aspects of your equipment best suit a given fight. Individual weapon and armor pieces are challenging to compare without immaculate study, blurring the process of deciding whether a new piece is even worth the price. The accumulated effect is that any sense of progression is suffocated. I rarely felt like I had experienced meaningful growth even after multiple sessions of play. If you push past the game’s failings, a four-player cooperative multiplayer option lets you partake in designated missions with friends or other online enthusiasts. These battles are often easy and seem not to have been rebalanced for multiple living players, but the parade of different weapon effects on display is rousing. Setting up a lobby and hopping into a lobby is relatively easy, and I like that you can designate some of the A.I. pilots as teammates for times you’d prefer not to hop online. I kept waiting for Daemon X Machina to pull the curtain back and reveal some sophistication in its gameplay, or some narrative twist that might make the uninspired combat worth slogging through. Those things never arrive. While the game ostensibly scratches the itch for players who have longed for something like Armored Core on the Switch, it’s a model that feels out of step with recent innovations in the sphere of action games. There are better worlds to save than this benighted future. Click image thumbnails to view larger version Score: 5.5 Summary: Attractive mecha designs and plentiful missions can't save the plodding narrative and archaic gameplay of this sci-fi adventure. Concept: Fly futuristic mechs in fast-moving battles in the midst of an ill-defined narrative Graphics: Attractive but familiar mecha designs are featured across an impressive variety of locales, but everything blurs together in the rapid-fire pace of play, and the UI obscures more than it reveals Sound: The incessant music is so bad and repetitive I was forced to turn it way down after the first few hours. Anime-style voice work nails all the tropes you could ask for Playability: Interacting with this game is deeply problematic. The menu and upgrade systems are hard to parse, and control mechanics in combat feel loose and without weight or depth Entertainment: An easy skip, even if you like mecha-infused action Replay: Low Click to Purchase View the full article
  20. Are the fixed locations gone, i have been gone from the game for about 2 years, so although many changes i have caught up on a lot of them. I used 2 have 2 alts camping 2 spots, and i have checked many. I did find a gold chest in the middle of a road on valtarra mountains, and it had me curious, been swapping characters and servers for 2 days now. And i have yet to find one in the old fixed locations, back in the day i used to find anywhere from 2-3 a day. Can anyone fill me in if this was... Golden Chests View the full article
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by iArches Hello again everyone,We're still working on getting NA back online, no ETA at this point. We hope to get back to you with some news soon! Jump to post... View the full article
  22. Hello There are 3 quests i'm having troubles with, 1 per character. Q1 screenshot has a quest with 5 objectives, but only 3 waypoints, with 1 waypoint leading to an empty place. Q2 screenshot has a quest in which i'm supposed to talk to a NPC, but regardless of whatever i pick when talking to the said NPC, the quest does not progress and nothing happens. Q3 screenshot has a quest which i simply cannot accept. Some common things i checked : 1 No, i am not in a party 2 My quest log is not... Cannot complete some story quests. View the full article
  23. Hung Like Hamsters [EU] [WEST] [Halnaak] Hung Like Hamsters have now opened thier cage! We are a new PvP focused guild looking to to fill the roster with like minded players to join us on our adventure in Unchained. On this adventure we are going to be amongst the top PvP guilds in the server and fighting over every bit of content we can. Requirements Can speak English Mic 18+ (Exceptions can be made) To apply please contact - Squidy#3232 or Rush#6969 View the full article
  24. Hey everyone! Apex Legends™ Ranked mode designers here and we’re back to talk about Ranked Leagues Series 2 for Apex Legends. We’ll revisit our goals, talk about some results, and detail how Ranked Leagues will work when Series 2 launches with Season 3. TL;DR Ranked League Series 1 scoring system worked well, we’re making a few improvements. Ranked matchmaking created really intense games, we’ll continue to improve it. A soft reset of your rank is coming, along with some ranked cosmetic rewards. RECAPPING GOALS FOR RANKED LEAGUES We want to quickly review our four goals for Ranked and comment a bit on some of the Series 1 results so far. Keep in mind that we’re trying to improve the systems with each update, and some outcomes will take longer to tune than others. Create a true measure of skill in Apex Legends. We launched Ranked Leagues with a score-based system rather than a hidden ELO-type system. So far, we’re pleased with the results. The system was easily understood by new and veteran players alike, and gave us a good baseline calibration of skill for future Series. As of 9/10 we have the following distribution among players who played more than 5 hours of Ranked: 5.1% Bronze 40.0% Silver 35.7% Gold 16.8% Platinum 2.1% Diamond 0.2% Apex Predator This is a pretty solid distribution for a system with no demotion, and we’re using this as the skill calibration for Series 2. Reward competitive players for the time they invest in Apex Legends. As competitive players, we generally believe that the best reward for ranked play is your rank itself. That being said, we’re offering cosmetic rewards to everyone based on their highest score ranked. Badges, gun charms, and dive trails will be awarded to ranked players when the new Series kicks off. Watch for an alert on your first login after the reset! Scroll down to see the rewards in a video preview. Ensure competitive integrity through skill-based matchmaking. We made lots of changes to matchmaking across Series 1 to ensure that people were getting into games quickly and versus similarly skilled players. As expected, this was more difficult at the highest end of the skill spread, and we ended up having to match Apex Predators down with Platinum players in many regions depending on the time of day and player population. We’ll continue to monitor this and will make adjustments as needed. We’re hoping that Series 2 will more quickly calibrate players’ skills and will result in more evenly distributed matchmaking buckets. Let top-tier Apex Legends players compete at the highest levels of skill. Ranked Leagues has produced some of the most intense late game scenarios to date. We were very pleased to see some new high level strategies emerge from the high RP players throughout the season. To try and increase the intensity, and encourage more aggressive play - we’re introducing some new changes to the scoring system in Series 2. Let’s get into the details. SERIES 2 Now that we have a bit of a look into how Series 1 went, here’s what to expect when Series 2 kicks off. WHAT’S STAYING THE SAME Parts of the system are working as intended, and we won’t be making any changes to them. There will be no changes to the Tiers & Divisions in Series 2. The level requirement for ranked play will remain at 10. Playing with friends will continue to matchmake up to the highest ranked player. SOFT RESET At the start of Series 2 everyone will be soft reset on their ranked position, and the scoring system will be updated. The reset will be 1.5 Tiers down for all players. That means if you ended Series 1 in Gold II, you’ll be reset to Silver IV. Players in Platinum IV will be reset to Silver II, and Apex Predators will be reset to Platinum II. This means that players will need less time to climb to their true skill ranking, and will have more time to compete at their actual skill level and try to climb higher than before. SCORING The Series 1 scoring system worked well, but we want to make some improvements. Here’s what we’re trying to accomplish, and how the new system works. First off, we need a bit more granularity in the point spread, so we’re 10x’ing all the points in the whole system. At first glance this may just look like point inflation, but in reality we need to be able to reward something in between 1 RP and 2 RP, so going to 10, 15, 20 RP gives us that flexibility. We’re also updating the match entry RP costs slightly. ENTRY RP COST Each Ranked match will require RP to play based on your tier: Bronze matches are still free Silver matches cost 12RP Gold matches cost 24RP Platinum matches cost 36RP Diamond matches cost 48RP Apex Predator matches cost 60RP KILLS, ASSISTS, AND MULTIPLIERS This time we’re also adding assists to the kill count score. Assists are defined as dealing damage to a player within 5 seconds before they are knocked down. If a player is revived, the assist credit is cleared. Assist credit is only given to teammates of a player who earns the kill. A player cannot get a kill and an assist on a single opponent. Previously damage dealt 0.75 seconds before a player is knocked down or before a knocked player was eliminated counted as an assist, so it was technically possible that you could earn 2 assists on one target. The new combined kill & assist score is still capped at 5 per match, but with a placement multiplier. Although the 5 kill cap was initially controversial, we didn’t see many players actually hit the cap too often, and it did reduce hot-dropping as we intended. SCORING DETAILS APEX PREDATOR LADDER POSITION New in Series 2, Apex Predator ranked players will no longer just have their RP shown - but will now see their standing worldwide. This should create some intense competition among the most skilled players around the world.These ladder positions are split by platform, so we will have three players on Playstation, XBox and PC each claim #1 in the world respectively. REWARDS Cosmetic rewards for your ranked performance are coming! Once the new Series starts, you will get a notification on login that your rank has been reset and you’ve been awarded any earned cosmetics. Everyone will receive a badge that shows their highest level reached. Platinum and higher players will receive an exclusive gun charm for their highest level reached. Lastly, Diamond and Apex Predator players will receive a custom dive trail for their highest rank reached, which can be enabled or disabled in the Loadouts section. PENALTIES We deactivated leaver penalties in Series 1 to be overly cautious on false positives. This time we’re starting Ranked Series 2 with leaver penalties enabled. Players who abandon their teammates will be hit with a matchmaking penalty in both regular and Ranked matches. Penalties will result in a player being barred from joining a match for escalating amounts of time based on how often they have abandoned in Ranked. An abandon is defined as leaving the game before the match is over for you; this includes leaving during character select, leaving while you are alive, and leaving when you are dead but can still be respawned by teammates. Penalty times start out at five minutes, and repeat abandons will increase that time up to a week. LOSS FORGIVENESS We introduced the Loss Forgiveness system when Ranked first arrived, and we’re pleased to report that it is working as intended. Players are not getting penalized RP for when their teammates drop from the game, or some other technical problem hits that is out of their control. We’ll continue to keep an eye on how players are unintentionally moving down the ladder and make changes as needed. Overall, we’re really happy with how the introduction of Ranked Leagues has worked out, and we’re excited for what we can learn and adjust as this second wave gets out to players. (Source) View the full article
  25. Wir die Gilde Paradigma suchen noch aktive Spieler für den Neustart bei Archeage Unchained! Wir sind eine eher kleine Gilde von derzeit 10 Spielern die sich auf das Zusammenspiel konzentriert egal ob es Handwerk, PvE oder PvP betrifft. Uns zeichnet Fairniss untereinander sowie anderen Spielern gegenüber und ein starker zusammenhalt aus. Einige von uns haben Archeage schon seit Release gespielt und jetzt wollen wir uns in Archeage Unchained neu formieren. Wir bevorzugen einen eher gelassenen Spielstil da viele von uns berufstätig sind. Wenn du also eine eher gemütliche kleine Gilde mit fokus auf Zusammenspiel und gutes Klima suchst dann bist Du bei uns bestimmt richtig ;P egal ob alter Veteran oder Anfänger. Die Serverauswahl ist bei uns noch nicht endgültig, da wollen wir erstmal schauen wo es Sinn macht. Als Voicechat nutzen wir Discord, das sollte für Dich allerdings auch ein must have sein ;). Falls wir Dein Interesse geweckt haben dann einfach eine PN an mich oder einfach mal im Discord vorbei schauen:cool: View the full article
  26. Swedish guild recruiting! Vi är ett gäng svenskar som håller på starta en helsvensk guild Riktar in oss mellan casual & semi hardcore. Men inga krav att spela si eller så mycket. Det viktigaste är att ha kul och du spelar när du har tid. MEN när vi spelar spelar vi med FOKUS! Vi fokuserar på alla aspekter av spelet. Server & faction val kan komma att ändras. Regler: Uppför dig, använd sunt förnuft. Du ska förstå och kunna göra dig förstådd på svenska. Vi ser gärna att du är 20 år + (Ej hugget i sten, snarare ett riktmärke) /G View the full article
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