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  2. Let me know :) looking for divine ayanad 1 handers View the full article
  3. Selling Some stuff Legendary Cold Flames Shoes Epic Ayanad Lightning Katana full focus Epic Epherium Wave Sash (4 gems of -0.3s on frigids tracks) Legendary Magic Underwear. MSG ME HERE OR In-GAME Paytito (Thunderwing) View the full article
  4. Yesterday
  5. I was about to buy some credits to transfer and then thought well how do I know if I can transfer from thunderwing to conviction, so I thought I would ask before I buy credits just to find out I wasted my money. View the full article
  6. No side quests in Ynystere?

    I created a second character and progressed through the Warborn quests. I like to do all the side quests and everything, but when I got to Ynystere there were no side quests to be found. I put in a support ticket and got a reply saying that it would be forwarded to the ArcheAge team, but that I wouldn't get a response back. Uhhh, I want my side quests! View the full article
  7. Its very simple, with the ongoing game and erenor gear/weapons the auction house limit, 200'000 gold, for something to sell, should be increased to like 400-500k. or more whatever. but i believe that we come at a level in archeage that may people want to sell items that are more worth than 200k (erenor weapon, mythic obsi, ) i know you may think its a "whale" problem or that dont affect you.. but it will some day if you try to sell something and that barrier brings trouble in your selling. best regards View the full article
  8. help me pls. its been like 3 days that i got the reset lag like everyone, but at that time i tried to gather in my harvester, so one of its seed bed gonne and just dont came back yet, i waited till next reset but didnt work. pls give me it back View the full article
  9. Here are two UCC compatible crests for two blank canvases as a set. Especially Firrans may enjoy... I used Mediachance Dynamic Auto Painter to turn a screenshot into a virtual painting. Can you imagine where it was taken? View the full article
  10. i would trade it for an erenor SS + gold ( depending on the grade ) View the full article
  11. Nintendo has released a new trailer for Fire Emblem: Heroes, revealing that Caeda and Tiki (two classic characters from both early Fire Emblem games and the more recent Awakening) will be playable characters. The trailer also has footage of characaters we already knew about, such as Lyn and Camilla, pulling of their special moves and destroying waves of enemy soldiers (spoiler: that's what you do in Warriors games). (Please visit the site to view this media) View the full article
  12. Making & Selling costumes of any type, grade or stats on request. Usually selling at legendary grade. Prices depend on stats and start from 25k for legendary. Discord Repe#3876 Some examples: View the full article
  13. Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for its Dark-Souls inspired anime game, Code Vein. Like Dark Souls, Code Vein pits you against difficult, ghastly opponents in the midst of a hellish, desolate landscape. Unlike Dark Souls, Code Vein is very anime. The latest trailer makes this clear, as gameplay segments are intercut between scenes thick with dialogue and anime camera angles, which is something Dark Souls tended to lack. Though the trailer is in Japanese, you can get a vague sense of the story Code Vein has to tell by watching the trailer below. (Please visit the site to view this media) View the full article
  14. I noticed recently that endless arrows shoots slower in the open world than it does in library. Additionally, EA fires slightly slower once a mob has been agro'd to you. Has anyone else noticed this? View the full article
  15. Bandai Namco has dropped a trio of trailers for Dragon Ball FighterZ, each featuring one of the game's most recently-announced characters in their native environment. First, we have the first gameplay footage of Tien and Yamcha, which premiered during a Bandai Namco stream at TGS last night (or today, in Japan time? timezones, am I right folks?). You can watch the two trailers back-to-back starting at 23 minutes into the video below. (Please visit the site to view this media) Additionally, Bandai Namco released a separate trailer featuring footage of Android 21 in one of the game's story mode sequences. The dialogue is in Japanese with English subtitles. (Please visit the site to view this media) View the full article
  16. Selling my Epic T7 staff whether you use it or feed it to an erenor I dont care. I would like to see your offer first but before I put my number on the table. Plz msged me and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible. View the full article
  17. Trader bugs?

    I don't know if there was a change. I'll be looking for the patch notes next, but I saw two strange things this week. One was that after turning in packs, the cargo was not generated for a few seconds, maybe twenty. This seemed to have been resolved as of last night. The other thing is that fertilizer turn in rate is not going up, for some reason. I have been turning in cheese fro. Zone A, and doing regular and ferr packs from zone B, but in generating cargo, the feet rate is not recovering. Which is what I thought was needed for this to occur. Anyone know if this is just a bug? Intended? A recent change in this patch? Thank you for your time. View the full article
  18. Finding Groups for Dungeons

    I just started playing again and hit 55 just before the merges. I read that I should do greater dungeons to start gearing up but asking in nation/faction chat every 15 minutes or so when I'm on hasn't gotten any people to want to do them. Is there any other way to find a group for these? View the full article
  19. Dewstone - 16x16 farm 50m south of work benches... W8*14'11" - S14-9'59" Priced to sell 1,700 gold - certed - just "click and buy" View the full article
  20. Primeval armor type.

    So, i am a new player (23 level primeval) and i didn't quite know what i was doing when i picked quest rewards so i went full plate. Is this going to be much of a problem? What do i need to do for now to go for the proper leather armor. Thanks in advance. View the full article
  21. hi guys selling t7 legendary nodachi, 140k, its on AH.. View the full article
  22. Conviction Reset Lag

    Ever since the merge each night for 10 minutes there is a major lag spike. Makes doing anything near impossible , like planting / selecting the new quests and I even fell thru the ground with a pack on in my back yard (scary) I am not complaining, just pointing this out. Now each night I just stay idle and do nothing 5 min leading up to the reset and waiting until 5 min past reset before I do anything. So I adjusted my play around it and no biggy but wonder if this might be addressed or is it just a situation where too many players online at once for reset and this will be fixed naturally in a month or 2 when less players may be online P.S As much as I want street light back to auto, I can only surmise this would of made the situation worse View the full article
  23. Yes you did, I turned in tickets on both. Melisande is not there, she was an Elf, on Morpheus, she had all the goodies, the costumes, the treehouse, the purple pegasus, and she is gone. WHAT DID YOU DO WITH HER ?? To make matters worse, my lvl 55 character, has to have a new name ! I was told that only lvl 40 characters had to log in to keep their name. I want my name back.. Follow my husband stream on Youtube today, because there will be alot of Archeage Salt coming down out of it. View the full article
  24. When you steal PN packs

    View the full article
  25. mail Miseo on conviction or pm me here View the full article
  26. Today we kill the Kraken right people +++ View the full article
  27. it simply makes an activity that doesn't exist and is a staple of a lot of MMO (loot farm) exists. View the full article
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