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  2. Beginnt das neue Jahr mit dem angsteinflößenden neuen Kostüm Ritter der Eklipse und mehr als 15 Angeboten der Art Zwei zum Preis von einem! Die Kiste der Eklipse (450 Credits) kann folgende Gegenstände enthalten: Üblich:Quecksilbertrank des Glücks Bonustrank der Ehre Trank der Handwerksfertigkeit Unüblich:Grimoire der Heilung Grimoire der Meditation Grimoire der Gier Klarer Synthesiumsplitter Kampfschriftrolle: Angriff Synthesiumseife Selten:Gebundener Jenseitsstein Auktionsmodell Schriftrolle der Erweiterung Schneeflocke der Spezialisierung Geheime Lunaträne: Feurig, Stürmisch, Irden, Wellig, Lebhaft Glänzender Synthesiumsplitter Ticket zur flexiblen Wagenaufwertung Majestätischer Baum Bergbaubohrer Salonzertifikat Wappen-Handelspaketlager Besondere Truhe des Plüschpiraten Zauberbuch der Sprachfertigkeit Aurora-Lagertruhe Unbeugsamer Lunafrost: Feindseligkeit, Fährtensucher, Transzendent, Liebe Verzerrter Lunafrost: Feindseligkeit, Fährtensucher, Transzendent, Liebe Kostüm Ritter der Eklipse Sehr selten:Optimales Anlassmittel für Rüstung Optimales Anlassmittel für Waffen Strahlender Synthesiumsplitter Verpackter Serendipitätsstein Prächtiges Anlassmittel für Rüstung Prächtiges Anlassmittel für Waffen Neujahr-Verkaufsaktion: zwei zum Preis von einem Zur Feier des neuen Jahres gibt es erstmal eine ordentliche Ladung tolle Rabatte, darunter Angebote der Art zwei zum Preis von einem sowie reduzierte Preise für den Zeitraum 11. 18. Januar! Schriftrolle der Erweiterung Schriftrolle Charakterplatz Familien-Wachstumskarte Änderungsticket für Familiennamen Änderungsticket für Gildennamen Zertifikat zur Verringerung der Anforderungen von Fertigkeiten Speicheramulett Migrationswaage Migrationsskalpell Auktionslizenz Salonzertifikat Zertifikat des Geschlechtswechsels Steuerbescheid Titel zur Gebäudeverwaltung Erhöhung des Deko-Limits Bergbaubohrer Majestätischer Baum Wir wünschen euch einen guten Start in dieses neue Jahr! Euer ArcheAge-Team View the full article
  3. Shatigon WTB Epic ayanad bow

    i want to buy an epic ayanad bow,i give 15k gold+an divine ayanad gale bow(full gemmed,tempered to118%),if its not enough i can give plus 2 merchant schooner design and 500 mysterious garden powder,my characters name is Georgeassasin,im at shatigon,i have my own guild called Guardians View the full article
  4. Just now I found nuian cargo whilst pearl diving. I delivered it in Austera to the Cargo Buyer. I go to the cargo seller, but it isn't there. I didn't click the cargo seller before. There are three constant-afk toons there standing around the cargo seller, but they don't have any cargo on their back. Each has the cargo seller targeted. Nobody else around. What happened to the Nuian cargo? View the full article
  5. Vsem privet. Ho4u posmotretj skoljko russkojazi4nih ljudej gotovi sobratsja vmeste i povoevatj na novom 4.5 servere, kotorij skoree vsego pojavitsja v rajone 4 maja. Provozhu nabor ljudej, kotorih interesuet PVP v ljubom vide. Celi budushej gildii 1) derzhatsja na urovne dostato4nom dlja PVP 2) Zawiwatj drug druga 3) Provoditj sovmestnie PVP reidi 4) Gopatj Izvinite za sumburnostj, esli najdjetsja hotja bi s 10 4elovek, to mozhno uzhe budet pogovoritj v TS ili discord i obsuditj vsjo bolee podrobno. View the full article
  6. WTB Epic Ayanad Leather Boots/Belt WTS 101 Lucid Evasion Gems (t3 3.0 evasion) View the full article
  7. Constant hanging or lag spikes?

    So every time an event is announced I get a 1 second screen freeze. Happens when I open my bags sometimes and sometimes when I'm just walking around. It happens all the time and IDK if this is normal for everyone or just me. I've tried dx9,dx11. windowed, fullscreen, removed virtual memory, got 16gigs of memory, windows 10, gtx 1060 6gb, i7 View the full article
  8. What costumes or buffs do i need to increase my metalwork proficiency and how much can i increase without less work? View the full article
  9. WTB T1 EPIC OBS. BOW - 12k View the full article
  10. Anyone know what areas I can complete Supply the Community Center: Petal Peddler and Purely Medicinal? Thanks View the full article
  11. With current 4-7 and 3-5-7 we can't combine difference sets at all :eek: View the full article
  12. Try out your new ride quest

    It asks me to open up my bag and summon the farm cart but it didnt gave me any farm cart.. I have to built it? View the full article
  13. character server transfer

    coming back after 5 or so years seeing my current server is empty. I can transfer my character for money but the question is WHY should i pay for it? I dont wont to pay money for it nor do i want to create a new character. If my server is empty then why i cannot go to other server where its not and enjoy the game there free of charge?Seriously View the full article
  14. Hello we could do with some more mmos on the Xbox one and PS4 and I was just hopping that you maybe able to do that :D thanks :) View the full article
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Quillodon Hey Tricorn,Sorry for the confusion. The tooltip is poorly written, it was reported to me, and new text is incoming. Muzzy mentioned the issue (and the upcoming fix) the last time he was on stream, but just to clear things up here on the forums, the new tooltip will be:"Increases all Critical Rates +0.5% each time you damage an enemy. This effect can stack once per second, up to a maximum of 7 times."Please note that the new wording does not include the word "attack." That is because this effect can also be triggered by damaging debuffs that would otherwise not count as direct attacks, such as individual ticks from bleed, shock, and poison.New text should go live tomorrow for EU, and wednesday for NA.Hope that helps!-Quill Jump to post... View the full article
  16. I have lots of labor, all the materials yet the interface window won't let me make multi-purpose aging larders. Never mind - didn't have the coin to produce it. Missing the gold material I guess. View the full article
  17. The new Melisara's Lunastone has a vague text description. "Combo Effect Increase all Critical Rate +0.5% when attack. Stacks up to 7 times." As I have seen the description for the other costume lunastones, I believe that all of them should have the same category of effects, which are primarily defensive in nature. Therefore, the Melisara's Lunastone combo effect is to increase crit rate when 'attacked'? Some players I have discussed this with believe that they get crit rate when they are 'attacking'. Anyone else wants to weigh in on this issue? Or should we summon Lord Scribe & Esoteric Tactician Quillodon? View the full article
  18. New Springer Mount Skin: Summit Chevon Although its massive horns may look intimidating, the graceful Summit Chevon will carry you gently up and over the steepest mountain ranges.* You can use this skin to change the appearance of your springer mount across your entire account. Sandshark Finisher Your enemies might think they’re safe from sandsharks in the Forest of Niflhel or Alpine Borderlands. Won’t they be surprised? Returning Today—Vine-Touched Destroyer Glider Combo Who doesn’t want to look like a horrible amalgamation of Elder Dragon magic? We recommend staying clear of Taimi’s lab while wearing the Vine-Touched Destroyer Wings. If things get tense, escape on your Vine-Touched Destroyer Glider. It’s the last week to pick up the Glacial Glider, Winter Monarch Outfit, Butterfly Harvesting Flute, Firefly Mining Flute, and Swarm Logging Flute before we put them back into storage. On January 19, the Aetherblade armor skins will be available for seven days at 20% off. *Within reason. View the full article
  19. Get ready to prove your mettle as PvP League Season 10 begins today. Jump in and challenge your fellow players for glory and rewards. We’ll see you in the Mists! View the full article
  20. Last week
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by Trion Socke This is amazing Tricorn! Thank you for putting this together, you took the vision to the next level. :D Jump to post... View the full article
  22. Trion Socke: Anthalon Set Bonus

    Quote: Originally Posted by Trion Socke Hey Shadowhawk1!Thanks for the report on the Anthalon set acting weird.The fix for this issue should be in game with the January update. :) Jump to post... View the full article
  23. Name your prices or list on AH plz. :) View the full article
  24. Message me here or in game keelann Attached Images NODACHI.PNG‎ (287.3 KB) View the full article
  25. Reprise du jeu

    Bonsoir, Après avoir arrêter Archeage car celui-ci était trop P2W je voulais savoir si en 2018 c'est toujours le cas ? Merci bien :) View the full article
  26. Quote: Originally Posted by Trion Socke Hey Sovorack!Thanks for the report about the "DO NOT TRANSLATE" strings in the AH.This issue should be resolved with the January update. :) Jump to post... View the full article
  27. Quote: Originally Posted by Trion Socke Hey Aislinna!Thanks for the report, I'll get this fixed. :) Jump to post... View the full article
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