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  2. EA Sports and Nike announced yesterday that, at some point in the “future”, games like FIFA and Madden will feature integration with .Swoosh, which Nike describes as its “new digital community experience”. Read more... View the full article
  3. Last week Disney laid off 75 employees from animation studio Pixar, and among those affected were some long-time, senior personnel. That includes Angus MacLane, director of Lightyear (who had been there for 26 years) and producer Galyn Susman, famous for being the person who “saved” Toy Story 2. Read more... View the full article
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  5. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 on Switch was a mess from the start. Like the original game’s buggy and incomplete release back in 2004, last year’s port to Nintendo’s handheld hybrid launched with a bug that made the game impossible to beat for some players. Subsequent patches added other issues. And now… Read more... View the full article
  6. Hello raMax, Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. raMax joined on the 06/02/2023. View Member
  7. Beware, Diablo IV adventurers, for dark whispers speak of a horrific beast of great power that can spawn ungodly numbers of clones and totally 'frell' you up. It’s not a lie! I’ve seen it happen to many folks, and not all have returned to tell the tale. Read more... View the full article
  8. Fox Business, the subsidiary of Fox News Media, has discovered that some gamers are discovering their queerness thanks to Link, calling the Legend of Zelda hero a “nonbinary or trans icon.” Some, to the shock and horror of Fox, are even calling Link an “egg-cracker,” aka someone or something that helps a person… Read more... View the full article
  9. A soccer team owned by FIFA streamer Edwin Castro has withdrawn from an inaugural soccer tournament after a member of the team allegedly used a racial slur against an opposing player in a match. Read more... View the full article
  10. To all of my fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community, happy Pride. Being queer these days is a whirlwind of emotions, some very positive and hopeful, and others not so much. Our history is one of courage and struggle, a struggle that continues today. And in this fight, it’s essential to learn from the experiences of… Read more... View the full article
  11. Almost a full calendar year after the report of its existence went live at Fanbyte, Nintendo has announced a sequel to the unusual mini-game party compilation 1-2 Switch, and it’s launching later this month. Read more... View the full article
  12. Following its big PlayStation 5 Showcase in May, Sony’s currently running its big Days of Play sale. And it’s not just games that are getting discounts. Some accessories and even PlayStation Plus subscriptions are currently 25 percent off through June 12. Read more... View the full article
  13. Yuji Naka, the Sonic Team co-founder and Balan Wonderworld director, may face up to two years of jail time due to insider trading stocks regarding Dragon Quest Tact and Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. For context, that second game is a mobile battle royale spin-off that was released and shut down in less time… Read more... View the full article
  14. The saga of the Starfield Xbox controller has been going on for months, but we now have our best confirmation yet that the sleek retro-sci-fi-styled gamepad is potentially real and coming this summer. It might just be my favorite-looking Xbox Series X/S controller yet. Read more... View the full article
  15. Snatching up Diablo IV’s $90 Deluxe or $100 Ultimate editions is supposed to give you four days of early access to the loot-grinding RPG ahead of its June 5 global release. While this early entry into the gates of Hell is welcomed, some folks, myself included, have run into an issue unrelated to the minor server woes:… Read more... View the full article
  16. Grand Theft Auto Online might be close to a decade old, but it’s still popular and getting big updates from developer Rockstar. In fact, its next big, free expansion is out later this month with a focus on aerial warfare and smuggling. But it’s also adding some nice quality-of-life changes that’ll make it easier to… Read more... View the full article
  17. Sony showed a ton of games during its long-awaited PlayStation 5 showcase, but one that was notably absent was Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Fans immediately assumed the worst, fearing the remake’s sequel might end up taking years longer to release than previously planned. A new message from the developers at Square Enix… Read more... View the full article
  18. If you’ve sunk any amount of time into Tears of the Kingdom, then you certainly have come across a shrine or two that at first glance didn’t make much sense. You’ve Ultrahanded and fused to no avail and have thus turned to the internet for answers. The Jiukoum “Built For Rails Shrine” is one of the tougher shrines ,… Read more... View the full article
  19. The latest entry in Capcom’s fighting game franchise, Street Fighter 6, broke the all-time concurrent players record on Steam making it the most-played fighting game at launch on PC. I guess it’s safe to say that “CapGod” is so back. Read more... View the full article
  20. Dr. Rachel Kowert is a busy woman. The video game research psychologist is currently in London, where she’s set to give a talk on the fostering of terrorist cells and extremist beliefs in digital game spaces, a project she’s working on with the Department of Homeland Security (no, she can’t really talk about it).… Read more... View the full article
  21. During her keynote speech at last year’s ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in New Orleans, Dr. Kishonna Gray shared a story about the game Pokémon Go. Read more... View the full article
  22. On June 1, Diablo IV’s early access began and it just worked. No ubiquitous error codes. No server crashes. No major bugs. Some players on console are encountering a nasty license code issue with a bizarre workaround, but more broadly, and especially on PC, things appear to be going surprisingly smoothly. And after… Read more... View the full article
  23. When we were putting together a list of the best boss fights in the Legend of Zelda series here at Kotaku, we all had a collective moment of accepting Breath of the Wild, widely regarded as a defining moment in the series’ long history, wouldn’t be represented. The Wii U/Switch game is an achievement in open-world… Read more... View the full article
  24. Street Fighter 6 has a lot of modes to check out and knobs to turn, to the point where it might seem overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. The sickest of fighting game sickos will likely head straight for the training room to discover the finer points of their preferred fighter and figure out the matchups,… Read more... View the full article
  25. What would otherwise have been a fairly minor announcement, the news that some old Duke Nukem games were coming to an Evercade handheld, has blown up after the rapid discovery that the bundle’s promotion included a bunch of terrible machine-generated imagery. Read more... View the full article
  26. Back in April we brought you the very sad news that Waypoint, VICE’s video game website, was being shut down. Now, only a few weeks later, we get to bring you the excellent news that the site—and its podcast—will live on at a new home. Read more... View the full article
  27. We’re long enough into the Nintendo Switch’s lifespan to have seen a lot of different colours for the console’s controllers, but these news ones just announced by the company may be the nicest yet. If you’re into soft pastels. Read more... View the full article
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