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  2. FIFA 19 doesn’t have many vital, new additions. Career mode is practically the same and Ultimate Team’s biggest change impacts only competitive players. However, the gameplay is satisfying enough that even with some of the series’ legacy issues, I witnessed many moments where I could say, “Last year that would have never have happened.” These don’t transform the series’ fundamental experience, but they add up and entertain to cut through the stagnation of the modes. In FIFA 19, a player in the box might try to get off a shot with a desperate slide or hurry their attempt with their weak foot and send it wide. Natural actions like these didn’t always happen in the past, but now make the game feel less stiff. Similarly, players’ feet can bring in slightly wayward passes, first touches exhibit fine footwork (or the lack thereof), and dangling legs and feet can produce passes and disrupt them from the other team. 50/50 balls in the open up for grabs between players also produce varied results. While the determination of who gets possession is still animation-based (and therefore not always correct), it’s nice to see the ball dribble out unexpectedly at times. Along with other welcome surprises like more near-miss shots comes those of the less-pleasant variety: headers that have too much velocity and which are sometimes undefendable in the box, passes nowhere near the mark, and bouncy ball physics that make the new flick moves odd. FIFA fans will recognize some of these legacy gameplay issues, as they will much of the career mode because it’s largely the same as last year. Your club gets more transfer money to play with because some of it carries over from year to year, but you can’t always trust the A.I. to conduct prudent transfer busines. Fringe players ask for playing time above their station, the transfer market dries up quickly, and squad rotation due to fatigue is not a concern as it is in real life. These don’t break the mode, but they are symptoms of its staleness – which is not solved by the addition of the Champions League and Europa League. The Journey story mode is back, but whereas it was nice to catch up with Alex Hunter and Danny Williams last year, the finale to their tale here is drained of such fascination. The calendar of training sessions (with new skill games) and matches is a familiar and tedious grind which neither the story’s predictability nor progression can solve. Danny has a jerk brother? Don’t worry, it’s not a spoiler because you don’t care. Adding Kim Hunter’s journey as an ascending USWNT star is welcome, as is being able to switch between each character’s story at will, but it doesn’t lessen the burden, fix the rigid skills tree, or make your teammates smarter. The Journey this year isn’t worse, but having more of it doesn’t make it better, either. Ultimate Team is FIFA 19’s one mode that enjoys some growth – at least if you’re a competitive Weekend League player. Qualification is more accommodating of when you want to play, and the leagues has been shortened to 30 games in three days. However, casual players are limited to Squad Building Challenges that can cost a relatively high amount of coins for packs without good odds, and a marketplace that needs quality-of-life-improvements to better help you find cards. I like FIFA Ultimate Team, but unlike the version found in Madden, I tire out quicker because my avenues to making coins are less enjoyable. Ironically, the one mode in the game that is usually not worth mentioning – the Kick Off exhibition mode – has something to talk about this year with the inclusion of couch-based House Rules games revolving around variations like long-range goals counting for two and the leg-breaking, card-free No Rules match type. FIFA 19 sits relatively still this transfer window. We may want a shiny, new multi-million acquisition to come in and transform everything, but that hasn’t happened. Instead, developer EA Vancouver has added just enough to keep things ticking along. The gameplay cuts down on predictability, providing a layer of freshness to the familiar and producing a squad that can compete – but is also in danger of missing a Champions League spot. View the full article
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  4. Dozens of improved and standard 16x16 scarecrow farms About 8 gazebos 6 Upgraded Farmhouses (I think around 2 of each flavor) 2 Treehouses Tradesman manor Want to sell ASAP - quiting the game. View the full article
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    Winners of the art contest

    It has been more than one month and two weeks and still there is no post about who are the winners of the art contest. So when are the winners of the art contest going to be announced? " YES, we finally got the list! We'll post a blog about it soon" (Brasse, more than a week ago, "All Entries shall receive the following participation rewards: One (1) Artistic Skill 10,000 Potion (estimated value US$0.00); One (1) Talented Artist Title (estimated value US$0.00); One (1) Curly Hair Artists Headdress (estimated value US$0.00). " ( Also I want to know when I am going to get my reward. I joined the art contest but I still got nothing. So when am I going to get reward for it? View the full article
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by TrionBrasse Thanks for the questions - we are going to focus on the HIRAM GEAR AND ZONE... and Khrolan will answer others as time allows.Closing the thread now, much appreciated!BTW - DO log in to the stream to find out how to get two FREE Bound Lucky Elixirs!Brasse Jump to post... View the full article
  7. Ayanad has been change to be a single crafted set, with its own set of Ayanad lunafrosts. Erenor/Ayanad lunafrosts got a buff to their current sets, new sets have been added, and the sets now have 4 set bonuses. This is supposed to make it better than hiram. (I see a very nice mage set there, way better than lake or wave 6% skill damage, 7% matk I think) Ayanad will be able to be purchased from a vendor who sometimes shows up in your hero hall. Eph/Delph can always be purchased in your hero (nuia and haranya only) hall, no need to craft anymore. You can now run special trade packs that give credit towards an ayanad piece that you want, instead of crafting it. Yes this menas you can now have ayanad leather healer and mage sets. I believe Ayanad will now be synthesis gear like erenor. View the full article
  8. Persona Q 2, the second game in the series of Persona crossovers based around Etrian Odyssey's mechanics, is coming out in Japan later this year. While the previous game brought together the casts of Persona 3 and 4, the sequel adds Persona 5 into the mix for a cinema-themed story. You can check out the intro video below. The intro also shows a few of the original characters in the game, much like Persona Q had. While Persona Q 2 has not yet been announced for America, Atlus has never shied away from releasing a game on aging systems, especially for more fan-oriented titles. The Japanese version of the game launches in November on 3DS. View the full article
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    Charcoal Stabilizer

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but ..... What are your opinons on charcoal Stabilizer, do you think the prices will rise or fall after the update? Will it be easier or harder to obtain? Thanks for your opinions. View the full article
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    Fresh Start loyalty shop

    So the loyalty shop on legacy has about 7 pages worth of stuff, whereas the loyalty shop on fresh start only has 2. For instance, items that were made available through crates in march-apil-may-june are available for loyalty tokens on legacy whereas on fresh start only items made available in the current phase (4 or whatever it is) seem to be available. To be more specific, I'm interested in getting a bloomfang. Will these be made available through loyalty tokens or crates (again) on fresh start progression servers any time soon? View the full article
  11. 10k View the full article
  12. September 2019 ? * The linked video might explain why we constantly have to face merges, and diminishing player pools: Quote Fox Fires: Quote: The ongoing server merges reflect the declining player base. This video takes a look at why people are leaving. Five statements that completely reflects my own observations and conclusions. All of Fox Fires arguments and statements as well as speculations are mine and completely parallel. The video is one year old but it is still valid - and WILL be if Trion doesn't change their player service dramatically into something more forthcoming. * RNG. It might force people into Marketplace to spend RL money in order to meet the necessary requirements if you should have any chance of defending yourself or your trades. BUT - it doesn't work. It is too poor to be of any use. It forces players to other games where they get more out of their money. Conclusion: Diminishing player pool. * Gold setup. New major patches or updates destroys every effort to earn gold and makes its even more difficult. Conclusion: Creates a frustrating and toxic environment and many players give up - because they spend too much time of making a decent and working gold setup. * Server merges. Re-housing which splits up current and efficient adjacent plots. It surely forces many players to cancel patron subscription because now we have the third server merge in four years. For me: Melisara > Sirothe > Retribution > now! (september 2018) - the FOURTH server! We will fight many month forward with property demo's > replacement > demo's > replacement ... just to get your properties close enough so you don't have to TP from one to another simply to harvest or gather. Conclusion: Property split ups simply forces people to move too much around, and that can never be efficient. Which might force people to give up on AA. * ... And so on. So here my question comes: >>> Since the company does all it can to diminish the player pool (or wonder why it diminishes) ... after this merge: When can we expect the next? It seems that we may experience (on average) a merge each year. View the full article
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    ArcheRage! Rules! Trion Sucks! XLGames Suck! View the full article
  14. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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    Welcome merlin1

    Hello merlin1, Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. merlin1 joined on the 09/21/2018. View Member
  16. jasvinder

    New to UnityHQ? Say hello here!

    Greetings from Malaysia. NOLF is one of the best games ever. Totally enjoyed it back then and it was running fine on my Win 10 machine until recent patches from Microsoft crashed it.
  17. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  18. UHQBot

    Welcome jasvinder

    Hello jasvinder, Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. jasvinder joined on the 09/21/2018. View Member
  19. PM me! View the full article
  20. Quote: Originally Posted by TrionBrasse The sale should probably have been led by the Yata Decor pack instead of the skins. It's rather a nice set, and I doubt anyone has a bunch of those items yet.Torha, I am really not sure how "disgust" would apply to weapon skins that were freely distributed by our Trion Creators. There may be a lot of them in your hands, true, but they are rather nice. If free items trigger the community, then we are in trouble. =)If by chance some folks do NOT have the Veroe weapon skins yet, then by all means, save some cash and support one of our Trion Creators by tuning in to their livestreams for a chance to get a free one!Hopefully the next sale feature will be more to your liking. In the meantime, my note stands - if you don't like something, or feel it is overpriced, don't invest in it. Jump to post... View the full article
  21. Quote: Originally Posted by TrionBrasse Let me check with Dev on that for you! Not sure if they're still in or not, so stay tuned.Brasse Jump to post... View the full article
  22. UHQBot

    Art Contest rewards

    when are those gonna be delivered? especially the participation reward.... View the full article
  23. Quote: Originally Posted by TrionBrasse This thread is almost a year old, and I am closing it now. Jump to post... View the full article
  24. Treyarch's Call of Duty games and zombies modes are inseparable at this point and fans of the zombie mode wouldn't have it any other way. This year, Call of Duty's zombie campaign titled "IX" is punctuated by a vocal song from Avenged Sevenfold named "Mad Hatter." Treyarch has released the song in the form of a music video which contains some new footage of Black Ops 4's zombie mode. If you want to know more about Black Ops 4's zombie mode, check out this interview on this year's expanded mode and also see how we get the full history of the mode right here. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 12. View the full article
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  26. Trials Rising's has a deceptively simple goal: race a motorcycle to the end of the track as fast as you can. This is easier said than done, since each course invents increasingly creative ways to smear you across the pavement. Luckily, crashing is almost as fun as sailing past the checkered finish-line. Ubisoft's latest entry in the Trials series is fast-paced, over-the-top, and fun as hell. I recently played the closed beta and, while features like the Store and Track Editor were unavailable, I had access to nineteen different tracks mostly scattered across North America and Europe. It is the first main entry in the Trials series since 2014, and Ubisoft’s decision to work with the community pays off with a tutorial system that quickly gets newcomers up to speed while still engaging long-time fans. Right on Track Trials Rising’s early levels are set in North America and feature big jumps in Yellowstone National Park, an out-of-control Midwestern theme park, and firework-enhanced antics in New York. Unlocking new courses and continents, hinges on increasing your rider's fame. You accomplish this by finishing races under time to earn medals or by completing sponsor contracts, like doing multiple flips before crossing the finish line. After amassing enough fame and dominating a multi-course stadium race, European tracks appear. Scrambling over teetering rocks in the UK and catapulting through the wonderfully titled “I Fell Tower” course in France, while marked as a medium challenge in-game, are absurdly entertaining servings of humble pie. Don't be fooled by the simple starting contracts. Your first sponsor sets goals like “finish a race” or “beat an opponent,” but the challenges soon escalate to “travel 10 meters on your front wheel without crashing more than once.” You can make life easier for yourself if you pick the right bike for the job. There are four bike types: Squid, an all-around competent bike; Rhino, a heavier and more powerful machine; Mantis, a lightweight speedster great for tricks; and Tandem, a wacky new co-op option for when playing solo is just too easy. That’s right, Trials Rising has introduced a bike that lets two players control one vehicle. One player alone will not be able to reach top speed or fully maneuver; only both players working simultaneously can finish a race. For the first time, Trials Rising includes human ghost players and has implemented them as part of the cross-platform functionality. You can’t directly play with friends on different consoles, but you can watch players from Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC run through the same course. You may find a faster path or uncover strategies to deal with punishing obstacles by studying their choices. If you want to make your own discoveries, you can turn the ghost feature off in the options menu. Relearn the Laws of Physics Crossing the finish-line requires a deft touch. If you are too fast, you might overshoot your landing, and if you lean too far forward you might flip the bike head over wheels. Luckily, I found crashing to be nearly as enjoyable as a perfect run. The ragdoll physics and unusual tracks are humorous bedfellows. Watching my rider’s limp body rocket down an unbelievably sheer drop, smearing her face across a wooden plank, and summarily flopping off the course’s edge was one of my favorite moments. Prepare to crash. A lot. Thankfully, Trials Rising mitigates frustration with generously placed check points. The clock keeps ticking, though, so it's better to be cautious in timed races. Fun as eating dirt might be, that first smooth run is undeniably satisfying, and returning fans can expect the same solid gameplay they have come to love. Gear Crates and In-Game Currency At this stage, earning medals and accomplishing sponsor goals nets players both trials coins and experience points that increase fame. Trials Rising celebrates each new fame level by doling out gear crates full of cosmetic-only rewards. Trials coins are spent on things like victory animations and re-rolling a bad gear crate. The price to re-roll goes up every time, so you might want to use this feature sparingly. Ubisoft clarified here that players can also purchase acorns, a different in-game currency not shown in the beta, using real money. New Game, New You On top of the typical character creation choices like gender, voice type, and skin tone – I went with a cotton candy blue – Trials Rising offers additional creative freedom over your rider's look. Feel free to swap out accessories, helmets, jackets, shirts, gloves, bottoms, and footwear to reflect your personality. Change each item’s color or attach stickers – which you can also customize by adjusting their size, location, and hue. The result is a truly unique look. I went down the rabbit hole creating a rider that looked like a Rebel Alliance pilot. When that didn’t go well, I pivoted to an overall zebra aesthetic. Trials Rising doesn’t take itself too seriously, as evidenced by the gorilla suit and cowboy attire available in the gold edition pre-order. This new addition to the series will be a delight to new fans and rise to the expectations of old ones wanting a fresh take on the traditional Trials experience. If you want a game stuffed with personality and addictive challenges, Trials Rising is coming out February 12, on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. View the full article
  27. Quote: Originally Posted by TrionBrasse If you really don't want to buy it, don't buy it!Likewise, if you do not like Yata decor, don't buy that pack either. =)Brasse Jump to post... View the full article
  28. Quote: Originally Posted by TrionBrasse My bad, folks!Reopened the other thread with the following note: Quote: And this is my apology - I was locking a number of threads regarding Evo questions in order to drive the conversation to the Official Feedback thread, not to stop people from talking about bears.I acted too quickly when I saw the post from xPariah here which pertained to losing bears to the Evolution. I am reopening this thread!Brasse On the other hand, I want to address Moose_Salphira's comment above: you provide a really great post with information, marred by openly insulting someone. In this case me, but in all cases, contrary to our forum guidelines. I am going to take the rare step of leaving the post as is but deleting the insulting comment, along with a note that you will not get another warning. Please DO keep sharing information that benefits us all.Brasse Jump to post... View the full article
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