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Welcome to the Unity Headquarters Forum!
Our goal in these forums is to have a friendly environment where people can come together to discuss common interests.

In order to accomplish that, we insist that the following rules be read and adhered to: * Treat others with respect at all times! * Do not use profane or sexually explicit language.
Remember, minors visit the forums.  Do not personally attack or intentionally insult another person or group.

That means no insults, no racial slurs, no clan bashing, no threatening or harassing another... anything that is clearly disrespectful of the other person and/or their opinions. No excuses!



 Do not create negative posts with the intention of starting an argument or to create tension in the community.

If a topic turns volatile, do not assume this gives you permission to break rules. Flaming and trolling are not allowed under any circumstance.

Refrain from posting if you cannot give a rational response. Also, do not reignite an inflammatory thread.

Do not post links that point to inappropriate content, such as pornography, game hacks, CD cracks, warez, cheats or any applications used to break copyrights

Do not flood or spam the forums. An exception is in the 'Senseless Spam' section. Only reply to topics if you have something worthwhile to say.  We request that you post on topic at all times and that your topic title be 




All posts are to be in the English language only.  Images posted should be reduced to fit within the forums, with the maximum width being 600 pixels. Even smaller is referred.

Do not make any attempts to breach forum security or gain unauthorized access into user accounts. Also, do not exploit, or attempt to exploit, forum bugs, vulnerabilities, or loopholes.
You are responsible for the security of your password and protection of your confidential personal account information.
You are also responsible for any posts made from your account, regardless of who made that post, so keep your password private.
You agree, through your use of the Unity Headquarters Forum, that you will abide by these rules.
Should you break any of the rules, the following may happen:
- The offending post will be modified or removed.
- You will be warned by a moderator or admin
- Your posting rights will be reduced or taken away.
- You will be banned. Warning system:
- 2 warnings in one day and you will be banned for 7 days.
- 4 warnings within two weeks (14 day) you are banned for life-
4 warnings within one month and you will be banned for one month
Admins reserve the right to permanently ban a very disruptive member without warning,
but will make every effort not to do so, unless it is necessary.
Any complaints or disagreements regarding forum moderation should be made by
email or personal message to the forum staff or administrators.
Upon registration, your email address, username or IP address may be checked against anti-spammer databases to ensure you are not a spambot.

If you use any temporary email service, the system may revoke your registration, or it may ban you. So don't use one. You've been warned.

Use a valid regular email address. Do not use an email address from a temporary email service. Do not use a catch all email address. We do not sell member information.

Please do not attempt to use such names as fhfdjkshbhf, xxufguuci etc. as these are the type of names used by spammers and the system may reject your registration.

We reserve the right to update these rules at any time. It is the posters responsibility to know the rules.

Avatars - Maximum size is 100x100Signatures - Maximum size is 450x110, including textNo flash or animated images.Signatures must be in accordance with forum rules.

If you have news you'd like to have on our site, send it to Eliteone for approval and it will be posted for you.

All posts reflect the views of the poster/author. If you chose to or no longer participate in the forum you give up all rights to posts, you have made to UnityHQ

By using the download section, you are agreeing to all the terms of the download and all of the ramifications that come along with the agreement of the download/s.

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