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  1. Awsome! Thank you for the info.. Only 48 maps left now
  2. I did some research on direct music back when I worked on the return of harm mod. Hope that can help with the segment.
  3. This version contains the standard 1.004 lithtech. Exe. Try deleting WidescreenGOTY. Rez from the base game folder. That's the only modified part in the nolf revival version compared to a fresh install as far as I know. Atleast it works online then
  4. No, I don't. The Nolfrevival version works just fine the way it is in single player mode. But it has a built in widescreen mod that you'll have to deactivate in order to play online that's all. That's why I mentioned the removal/moving of the "WidescreenGOTY.rez" file from the nolf basefolder. The widescreen patch is a mod that have a altered set of dll files in it, and servers wouldn't let you in unless the servers run the same mod (which they usually don't). The Nolf revival is a clean version 1.004 GOTY except from that file. Just thought I'd mention it if you planned to play online
  5. If I am not mistaken, the cutscene cutoff is caused by a framerate higher than 60fps, there's a youtube video that will explain how to do that here. His 3rd option is the one I liked the most: For your mouse issue , maybe this will help: Another issue about that version is the way that they included the widescreen patch, this will prevent you from playing online. To fix this simply remove WidescreenGOTY.REZ from the game directory and redirect the serverquery to qtracker like this: You can still run WidescreenGOTY.REZ as a mod for singleplayer if you put it inside the custom folder
  6. According to my calculations which may or may not be accurate. I think you are 7 hours behind "Berlin" time. People play mostly saturdays/sundays in Europe around 21:30 ish. which would mean 2:30PM for you. There's a few players on almost every night at 9pm your time as well. That is in the middle of the night for me though There is a complete server list here:
  7. Hello there, First of all I'd like to point out that I don't use windows 10 myself, but many of the issues seems to boil down to compatibility, missing admin rights for the executables or missing codecs. Not sure which patch you tried to install though. the official 1.3? However you already got the game running so I suspect that you would need to install WMFADist.exe for the missing audio codec. Not sure if that file followed nolf2 installation or not. But I know it does for Contract Jack. (same engine) also try to disable hardware sound in the launcher options, Another known issue with the nolf series when it comes to sound is the framerate. you wanna keep that below 60fps, but that usually cuts of sound, sound wouldn't be gone completely then.
  8. Most of nolf's text is located inside CRES.DLL Which is included in NOLFGOTY.REZ. Try swapping the english NOLFGOTY.REZ with the German one and see what happens. I have never used a different version than the english one though, there could be more differences between the 2 versions as well. Worth a try though, just remember to back up the original incase it doesn't work
  9. Not really sure what that installer contains, but It sounds like you're missing the registry entry. The file is most likely included in the game folder as a .reg or a .bat file. You may need to edit paths in it by right clicking and select edit before double clicking though. Depends on where you installed NOLF2. Nolf2 will not show the play button without it.
  10. I started a project a while back to collect information about all custom maps that were made for the 3 games. I still have a list of maps that I haven't found the author/creator information for. Do anyone know who made the maps in this list? (and maybe also the release year)
  11. Looks cool, I remember messing around with animations back in the day as well. Was trying to alter some of Isako and Cate's movements for my singleplayer mod. Did you redo the whole animation from scratch?
  12. Nice! Cool that people still mod this game In my opinion Contract Jack is the most polished engine version of the 3 games, looking forward to check it out
  13. The error he got in the video is a version conflict. I've seen that some installations have trouble with adding the update 1.3 to the registry. If it doesn't find a reference to the update there, it will give you a cshell.dll error. Worth checking anyways Path in regedit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432Node -> Monolith Productions -> No One Lives Forever 2 -> 1.0