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  1. It might be the wrong version cshell.dll.. I'd try unpacking the resources again by running unrez.bat. The unpack process may have skipped the update rez files.
  2. You also set the paths correctly in dedit's options? Cshell.dll may not have been unpacked with the rest. it should be located in the unpacked NOLF folder
  3. Did you open the NOLF.DEP project? ABC files can be imported into software such as 3D studio Max, Blender etc.
  4. You install the tools, then when it asks you if you wanna upack the game. A folder named NOLF will be created in your game directory and the whole game will unpack itself there. These files are normally packed into rez files (pretty much like a zip file.. only without compression at all) You also get a folder called Tools that contains the program "Dedit" wihich is used for level building. (and other software for models, packing levels etc) Tutorial here What kind of mod do you thinki about? Singleplayer levels? * Windows 10 may screw up the unpacking of the
  5. Glad it worked out Sounds like update 1.3 may have failed, not sure if the custom button were added before that update. Do you have the file "Update_v1x3.rez" in your game folder?
  6. Weird.. Have you tried another copy of the launcher itself? is it a different language than english? Here's a copy of a working original nolf2.exe you can try.. https://www.spawnsite.net/downloads/?page=download&file=NOLF2&ext=zip
  7. I am wondering if "Installdir" in the registry key is screwed up for some reason.. Then again, you can see a "play" button instead of "install" right?
  8. It could very well be that you need to create a folder named custom in the nolf2 base folder. Also, inside this folder there should be 2 additional folders named "Mods" and "Resources" - Anything that modifies the already existing contents of the game should go in MODS So the correct structure would be "NOLF2 GAME FOLDER\Custom\Mods\Modname\Modname.rez" - A extra resource for the game, such as a map pack would go into RESOURCES The correct structure here is a little different and would be "NOLF2 GAME FOLDER\Custom\Resources\Mappack.rez" Hope this wil
  9. Welcome! If you are interested in playing nolf1 online these days, check out the modernizer patch You also need a mappack which is available from the downloads here, January 2019 is current. There are usually people on Saturdays/Sundays from 21.00 CET /3PM EST (if my calculations are correct)
  10. Here's what I managed to find in my files atleast: https://www.spawnsite.net/downloads/?page=download&file=wallpapers&ext=rar a mix of 53 original and none original wallpapers. Some of them were made by Spared Life, Nolfgirl etc.
  11. You probably have a issue with your binkw32.dll in the game directory, can you play the movies directly in Videolan for instance? (VLC) Glad to hear that the DGvoodoo wrapper fixed the graphic issues
  12. Try this tutorial.. https://spawnsite.net/index.php?foresporsel=various&&vis=nolf_install&&article=win10flicker
  13. He is building a patch for the original game.
  14. A few of us try to play nolf1 most sundays. There is also activity on saturdays usually. Around 9pm/10pm CEST both days. I'd also want to play nolf2 at some point, usually hard to find players online though. Welcome back!
  15. Latest modernizer 1.006 update can be found here: https://haekb.itch.io/nolf-modernizer If game refuses to run when you load the update, you might not have the Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 Package installed.. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145 There is a black screen under water fix in the modernizer update, just have a look at the different options ingame
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