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  1. Hiya Moody. Yes those were wonderful times when the servers were full of people, and you always found someone to play with. So many good memories playing Nolf 2.
  2. Wasn't there an update or something to the forums at some point and some topics or posts were not included in the update, like wasn't there a spam section etc before. I probably remember wrong or maybe it was another Nolf forum. Anyway nothing important so disregard this topic
  3. Do I remember correctly that you could access the old forums somehow or do I remember wrong ?
  4. Got an error message when joining but fixed now
  5. Congratulations , I've been here since 2005 and i just got promoted to Apprentice
  6. I play Red dead redemption 2 online at he moment when i have time,
  7. Continuing on the singelplayer again. Still can't connect to the multiplayer, are the servers running ok? According to the serverlist the caribbean map is always there how is the rotation, should it not change to a different map from time to time? 15 years since I played the singleplayer game, still a lot of fun
  8. Yes the maps are in the resources folder. Been playing singleplayer but just a moment ago the game stopped loading my save games . Guess i take a copy of the savegame folder and maybe reinstall the game again
  9. LIvesforeverplus is on. I tried downloading the game again and that works, it's downloading and showing up in the downloads folder. All map packs I tried failed to download , guess I don't have all the needed maps and that's why I get the banned from server messages. Could there be some problem in the downloads section with the map packs?
  10. I downloaded a map pack from spawnsite and that worked fine, when choosing multiplayer I find one server, when, turning off current mod I find 5 servers. Tried to connect to them but received you are banned from the servers. Was not that difficult to join a server back in the days
  11. Tried again downloading a map pack but it is not downloading,just stops at 0 seconds and nothing happens. The game itself downloaded ok a few days ago Cleared cache, history everything and restarted computer and same thing when signing in "wrong pw or username" so did the forgot password again and then I'm able to login. This computer runs Win7 but that shouldn't be an issue? Will try to download again now when the computer is restarted, fingers crossed
  12. Ok so there was some problem with downloading the map packs so I don't have them. When I tried again I got the 6 files per day message. So today I tried to download the UHQ map pack pressed dowload and timer went down to zero and nothing happened, tried another map pack but recived the Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file. again. Also if I sign out from the forum I can not sign in again, I receive username or pw incorrect so i have to use forgot password and change it every time, think I will stay logged in from now on
  13. All good thank you. Time flies when you're having fun, It's been 16 years already since I joined this forum omg!
  14. Ok so map packs is all i need, thank you
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