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  1. Good bye Natter, rest in peace. I will always remember you as a kind and helpful person. Nothing could be more beautiful, Than the memories we have of you, To us they're very precious Because they are of you. My condolences to Natter's family and friends
  2. I will try that Eliteone, hope it helps if not then I try reinstalling. No Natter, I'm always connecting with the Join by ip tool.
  3. I'm using Vista 32 bit. Very strange problem and as soon as a new map loads then I have the radar back. Maybe I have to try reinstalling the game and see if it helps. I guess all the needed files and patches are in the downloads section
  4. Well I still have the same problem. I cannot see my hud when I enter a game untill the next game starts. I have tried everything but still can't get it on. And with the hud I mean the "radar" where I see where the parts are and my team members. I can see the other stuff, like health and armor and ammo but nothing else. And to everyone calling "revive me" and I have just run past you I simply didn't see you on the map
  5. George Jones is a great singer and this song brings tears to my eyes when I'm feeling emotional George Jones - He Stopped Loving Her Today
  6. I don't really play any other games than Nolf, but sometimes I play some Warrock or F.E.A.R but mostly I spend my time playing Second Life (if it classifies as a game) If you ever try SL then just im me if you want to chat, SL name : Cilla Orsini
  7. Ok, I will try that. Thank you kepler Lol Natter, I can not promise to leave the parts alone but your parts are safe, I promise
  8. Jill Valentine

    No Hud

    Everytime I join a game I can't see my hud until the map ends and the new map starts. Why's that? Feels a little bit silly on the custom maps to run around not knowing where the parts are
  9. Doro - Bad Blood Meat Loaf & Cher - Dead Ringer For Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy_XrSLG4gg
  10. I downloaded the map pack yesterday so it should be up to date. No other rez files in the folder. Somwhere on the forum I read that the map Unityhq DD map is missing from the map pack and it should be downloaded manually. Where can I download it if that's the case or is it already in the map pack. I had forgotten this game is sooo much fun Ok, so I messed up when rezzing the new mappack. It didn't go to the resources folder because the one in the folder was last modified in 2008. I deleted the old one and now have the new mappack installed, hopefully it works now. Thank you Eliteone, you were right me having an old mappack
  11. Well I get the same error sometimes when trying to join a game. I have in my resources folder the map pack 210308.rez and the bollywood.rez. Do I need any other maps to be able to play? I played some maps like the pad and more violence in the villa and the japan map so it seems I should have the map pack needed or do I ....?
  12. I will try to show up and hopefully I get all the mappacks necessary. Happy birthday to your clan, hope there will be many years to come
  13. Yes I have been away for a long time but it is always nice to come back and play Nolf again. I have forgotten how much I have to aim ahead of the target to make my bullets hit but a little more practice and I should make a decent score. BTW, is there something wrong with the webpage cause I get a lot of blank screens with "Service temporarily unavailable" or something and sometimes I cannot open Unityhq page at all?