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  1. "Invalid shell DLL" basically means that the game is confused when it comes to game version, or that you have a mod/update with errors in the game's dll files. If Update_v1x3.rez is located in your game directory, then I suspect that the error is caused by missing values in the registry or the lithtech.exe file might be the wrong version. File date will reveal this.. it was released 12.03.2003 It could also be a missing line in Lauchcmds.txt which tells the engine which rez files that needs to be loaded. The engine will also look for information in the registry Default location would be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432Node -> Monolith Productions -> No One Lives Forever 2 -> 1.0 The key itself would look something like the image below.. I have my game installed to a custom location (G:\NOLF2\) Language doesn't have to be norwegian either This should cover most of the "Invalid shell DLL" situations Hope this info is helpful
  2. Checking if you can run keybinding the normal way after running NOLF2.exe and Lithtech.exe as admin is the first thing I would test. binding crouch to right control should be: Duck = "##157@ @ " Let us know how it goes
  3. I suspect that windows might prevent the game from editing configuration files on its own. I've experienced that to a certain degree myself when I don't run Nolf2.exe and Lithtech.exe as administrator in its properties. If this isn't the issue, you could always edit the settings outside of the game: Open your Nolf2 folder, then go to the profiles directory and unless you created a new one, the profile you wanna edit would be the one called Player. You should find a file called Player.txt there, open it in notepad and scroll down until you find: Unless this differs depending on the keyboard, changing it to the lines below should let you control your character with arrows instead. Hope this helps
  4. What frame rate do you run the game at? The engine can handle 60fps, I'd check that and limit the game's frame rate if it is too high. Locking this to 60fps for a single game can be done with software such as Nvidia inspector As for save games, I suspect that there would most likely be a reference to the game version is written into the save itself, I opened a .sav file and noticed that it contains more info about the engine than what I thought.
  5. Both WobaksWidescreen.rez and Livesforever.rez contains CSHELL.DLL, and both are modified in both mods. If I understand the engine correctly. only 1 of them will be loaded and that would be the one listed last in launchcmds.txt. I haven't tested this but if you load both mods, I believe one of them would fail because it would have the wrong CSHELL.DLL.
  6. Yeah, been hiding elsewhere. Now I have 10 years of nolf urge that needs to act out somehow My favorite sollution though, "downgrade" to windows 7 and get control back
  7. You probably run more than 60fps, that causes trouble in Nolf1, it might be similar in Nolf2 as well. I don't have a windows 10 to test with though. I would try limiting the FPS and see if that takes care of the problem I found a video that explain this bit: His 3rd solution is most likely the most durable one
  8. Me, Canada and one more were playing until a few minutes ago
  9. Good to hear that you got it working! I haven't tried this one but it comes with a detailed install note:
  10. I don't use windows 10 myself so I can only suggest from what comes to mind. First of all, I'd check if nolf2.exe and Lithtech.exe is running with admin rights and that it runs with windows xp sp3 support after updating. It sounds like something some part of your installation still may need to be updated. Have you tried with the nocd version of lithtech.exe? I read somewhere that windows 10 users may have trouble with the original lithtech.exe file due to the copy protection. This should most likely act up when running a unpatched version as well. But still worth trying I guess. You may also want to check if -rez Update_v1x3.rez is added to your launchcmds.txt or if the file Update_v1x3.rez exists at all. Some screen resolutions may also crash the game
  11. It is a secret area inside the rebuild of INC2008, I hid it well, lol Find this spot, then crouch and go straight forward.. It is the same spot for both red and blue team. There is a code for opening the door though. 4-5-9-8-1, you may have noticed the gear below the place where the doomsday core is located..
  12. Check out this youtube video, seems that nolf needs to run at a lower framerate, I'd start at 60fps and work my way up from there.
  13. And Leo Moracchioli soundtrack.. This is getting better and better
  14. Version 2.0


    Nolf1 Custom Mappack Update: Added 17 maps. This is a updated version of the 2007 Parallel-Universe (PU) Mappack made by Sauron Pack now contains: * 203 Deathmatch maps * 127 Assault maps
  15. Just curious, did anyone ever find the inc2008 secret area. and managed to open the gate?
  16. Version 2.0-2019


    Hello, I've been messing around with the Nolf 2 mappack a little and found a few bugs in there. Fixed missing textures due to special characters in severnaya bunker and Caribbean and added the emma peel map that was missing. I also made spaceotters more playable by adding a different more finished version that I had, good idea to have weapons in the map I also managed to shave the nolf2 mappack filesize down to 424mb with LZMA compression, always nice to save space.. (This is both DD and DM) The NSIS Installer will find the game and check for the old mappack and ask user to delete or keep it.
  17. Spawn

    NOLF Soundtrack

    I found a bunch of clips on youtube: (unless you're talking about the extra songs that came with the game) The nolf1 music is based of segments that will change depending on the intensity setting that is given to the engine.] Which means that music is controlled by command messages in the level itself. for instance (explore, suspicious, ambush etc) If I am not mistaken, you'll be able to open Nolf1's segments in Microsoft Directmusic producer like you can do with nolf2's music files. I think you should be able to play the different intensities there The big difference between the games is that Nolf2 uses IMA ADPCM (.wav ish mp3 files) which can be played in any media player. Nolf1 on the other hand uses midi segments. Except for the Credits and radio tune which are wav files that can be found in NOLF/SND/MUSIC A different option is to record the music from the running game, just find spots that will trigger the right event and so on.
  18. To start the extra levels, just click "Single Player --> Chapter List" and select "chapter 16 The Grow OP"
  19. Merry christmas Nolfers! Hope you all get a good one
  20. I see that URA is hosting a retail server in Qtracker now
  21. Hi, Unpacking the rez files should do the trick. the wav files are stored inside them if I remember correctly I believe this would be possible by using lithrez.exe in command prompt lithrez x packagename.rez c:\unpack here\ Its been a few years since I've done this myself, mostly used Black Angel's winrez for stuff like this. However, I'm not sure where to get that program anymore.
  22. Pegasus Mod - Final version View File Large Modification for Contract J.A.C.K. incorporating 20 new maps, new skins and 5 other additions including a jet pack and new motorcycle. Created by the Pegasus Mod Team. Submitter Spawn Submitted 01/15/2011 Category Mods
  23. You probably wanna try to contact Coty in some way, he'll most likely know
  24. You kept the folder structure intact inside the .rez file as well?
  25. For anyone who might wonder if this mod will be finished someday, I'm afraid I have some bad news. I completely forgot how Dedit works, and from what I remember, I pretty much messed up the whole level 4 with some crazy idea that I had. Thanks to everyone who played it and all the comments on it