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  1. CoLdOwN

    nolf 3 is coming back

    Yes, at first Night Dive was planning to remaster and re-release the Nolf games (they never said anything about Nolf 3 by the way), but they couldn't reach an agreement with Warner Bros, Activision and Fox, or even find out if any of them still had rights to the games. However if Night Dive released the games and a company later found out that they still had rights to the games, they could face legal action from them. Warner Bros's legal division even threatened to sue Night Dive if they released the games without their permission since they still owned the trademark to the games, before they knew that Night Dive was trying to cooperate with them. So basically it's too much of a risk for Night Dive to try to re-release the games or develop a sequel, and the other companies who may still have rights to the games aren't interested in doing so or even finding out if they still have rights, unless it came to a lawsuit.
  2. CoLdOwN

    NOLF 2 Multiplayer problems (Need help >-<)

    Unity HQ used to have one but it has been down for awhile, likely due to the server downsize which was due to a lack of continued donations. On my server list at the bottom there's been one called that has been on there for awhile though.
  3. CoLdOwN

    NOLF 2 3rd person view ?

    mpasscam is the code for 3rd person in Nolf 1. budonkadonk is the code for 3rd person in Nolf 2 (with that mod). While the code for no-clipping is the same, the 3rd person code is not.
  4. CoLdOwN

    Hosting a Server

    I've never seen anyone on for Nolf 1 in a very long time. Is there a certain time that people play Nolf 1? Nolf 2 I rarely see anyone, maybe the occasional same person if I'm lucky. But last I heard there was a time that people played Nolf 2 (sometime on the weekend?) although I guess I've never seen it.
  5. CoLdOwN

    odd find in alpine intrigue, scene 1

    Yeah, there are many other Cate clones and hidden rooms separated from the main part of levels that are used for cutscenes. You can find them with the noclip cheat, usually by going out of bounds through a black void. But you can actually reach this Cate clone normally. You can break the upper and lower glass on both sides of the telephone booth (Barette Poison Capsule is probably the quietest way), use the now accessible ledges to jump on top of it, and then jump onto the Christmas lights to get to that second story walkway (or to jump over the gate before it opens, so you don't have to wait for Baroness Dumas or if you successfully killed her bodyguard that opens the gate). You can jump on many ledges or small objects in this game to potentially get to areas meant to be inaccessible. Apparently the testers didn't think that creatively when they tested jumping. I don't think so. That gated tunnel is enterable from the side you took that picture from, and there's nothing about it to really suggest that it was going lead onto that second story walkway. Most likely it was just a route for show, to have the areas be connected by tunnels, but to not let you go through them which would let you skip other parts of the level. In fact you can even use this tunnel later in "Such is the Nature of Revenge, Scene 1". There's also another tunnel near the beginning of the level that connects to the end of the level, but of course it's also gated off since that would let you bypass the whole level and eliminate the point of following Baroness Dumas. They also just needed somewhere to hide the Cate clone, and sometimes the easiest way to do that is to just put it in the main part of the level, but where the player wouldn't be able to see it. If anything I think it'd make more sense to have the second story walkway that you can get on from the previous area connect to this area. There's even a door up there which suggests that it could've gone further, but you can't open it.
  6. CoLdOwN


    Of course most of the feedback is going to be positive, most people don't want to criticize unless it's a really big problem to them. Me though, I don't mind expressing my honest opinion in a thread about the new look. You've wanted this look for 10 years? Hope you finally get some use out of it with the remaining community.
  7. CoLdOwN


    How does that have to do with what color the board is? The color comes in the same package and there was no option for white or something?
  8. CoLdOwN


    I didn't necessarily want a fancy forum skin, I was fine with the way it was. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Or even better, have both as options in your account preferences or something.
  9. NOLF 1 Fan Made Missions: Forgotten Bunker (contains a few chapters): Last Stand: (contains several chapters): Showdown: (contains several chapters): P. I. Granny (contains one level): NOLF Stranded (contains one level): H.A.R.M. PRISON (contains one level): NOLF 2 Fan Made Missions: Return of H.A.R.M. (contains one chapter): Better Red Than Dead (contains one chapter): I can't find the Grow Op link (if it's even still on this site). Better Red Than Dead is "Chapter 17" though. Contract JACK doesn't have any fan made missions that I know of.
  10. CoLdOwN

    WB Games and the current status of NOLF

    I knew it was too good to be true. Seriously though, WB probably thinks that it isn't worth the effort, even if it would only require a minimal amount from them. Remember that Activision and Fox might still own some rights, and WB doesn't want to set themselves up for a potential copyright infringement lawsuit from them. Activision and Fox don't seem to think that it'd be worth the effort either. Remember that these are old, non mainstream games, and potentially splitting whatever minimal profits they might make between 4 companies? That's doesn't sound too appealing. Basically as someone else said: —None of the companies want to spend the time to figure out the legal rights they may have. —Night Dive has control of the actual NAME. —All of the companies want a piece of the pie without any effort, and are threatening legal action if they don't get it. Yes, copyright laws are supposed to benefit society and creativity rather than hinder it, but unfortunately it sometimes causes the opposite to happen.
  11. CoLdOwN


    I actually think the bright red and orange is worse on the eyes.
  12. CoLdOwN

    Gear selection question.

    I thought I'd bring this topic to attention again. This is a nice chart to reference but I'd like to add to this. Rescue Attempt, Scene 2 has an enemy that deals explosive damage with a Grenade Launcher, in the tower at the end of the level. You also missed one of the Grenade Launcher enemies in Trouple in the Tropics, Scene 2. One is by the bridge and one is in the tower at the end of the level. The difficulty doesn't change what types of ammo the enemies use. Anyway here are my suggestions on what to equip for each mission. Remember that the Fuzzy Slippers are almost always a viable option if you want to try avoiding combat. Generally you don't want to equip the Earplugs because there are barely any enemies that they help for, and explosives can be fatal regardless. While the Antitoxin will completely nullify poison damage, it will not stop your aim from becoming crippled, and there are not many enemies that it helps for. Bandages will completely stop the bleeding damage caused by dum dum rounds, but the Fire Extinguisher only reduces the burning damage caused by phosphorous rounds (and other heat sources such as fire and steam). If you don't want to bother memorizing this chart then just remember that when in doubt, go with Bandages. The Assignment - N/A (it doesn't let you equip anything for this mission, and there are no enemies anyway). Misfortune in Morocco - Bandages Berlin by Night - Bandages Unexpected Turbulence - Bandages Rendezvous in Hamburg - Probably the Fire Extinguisher since it helps for two enemies, but the Bandages do help for one enemy that has a machine gun. A Tenuous Lead - Preferebly Bandages, but the Fire Extinguisher would also help. The Dive - Bandages A Man of Influence - Fuzzy Slippers Safecracker - Preferebly Bandages, but the Fire Extinguisher would also help. Rescue Attempt - Preferebly Bandages, but the Fire Extinguisher would also help. Trouble in the Tropics - N/A (you're stuck with SCUBA Gear which takes up the gear spot). Low Earth Orbit - Fuzzy Slippers Alpine Intrigue - Bandages (although if you want to try wearing the Earplugs, this would be the level to do so). The Indomitable Cate Archer - Bandages or the Fire Extinguisher (same number of enemies with each type). A Very Large Explosion - Bandages or the Fire Extinguisher (same number of enemies with each type, although a significant enemy has phosphorous rounds). Such is the Nature of Revenge - Antitoxin (there's one in the final battle, but there's no point in equipping anything else or exposing yourself to get it). Rest and Relaxation - N/A (it doesn't let you equip anything for this mission, and you can find stuff along the way anyway). Also to address your last comment, these items generally aren't found in missions where they are useful since the idea is to equip them in other missions. The Fire Extinguisher is found in Misfortune in Morocco, Scene 4, where there are no enemies with phosphorous rounds. The Earplugs are found in A Tenuous Lead, Scene 3, where there are no enemies with explosive rounds. The Antitoxin is first found in The Dive, Scene 3, where there are no enemies with cyanide rounds. The Bandages are found in A Man of Influence, Scene 2, where there are no enemies with dum dum rounds. The Fuzzy Slippers are found in Rescue Attempt, Scene 3, where they won't give you much use for the rest of the level. The exceptions to this are the Antitoxin in Such is the Nature of Revenge, Scene 2 which is the last normal level, and the items in Rest and Relaxation which is a bonus level.
  13. CoLdOwN

    UHQ Contract Jack Server

    I don't think they actually have the rights, but according to a comment on that post: "By submitting a trademark application for NOLF, they’re forcing the actual rights-holder (if there’s any) to come out of the woodwork and block that trademark application. Like you saw with the Scrolls case, a trademark holder has to defend its trademark otherwise it loses it." I guess they are still waiting or something? It's been over 4 months. Why didn't anyone try this sooner?
  14. CoLdOwN

    Will anybody EVER play NOLF2 online again?

    ...and they said I was wrong about this. But I still play sometimes at night seeing if anyone else will come. I'm still hoping we can get more of those missing missions restored in Co-Op. If I ever see someone it's usually the same guy from the previous night.