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  1. You're welcome. Actually thanks too, because your topic kind of gave me an excuse to ramble on about some of the things I've discovered from playing this game so much. I have to agree that NOLF 1 definitely feels more charming, memorable and fun. There's a lot of ways in which NOLF 1 is superior. NOLF 2 doesn't have training missions, or as many mission briefing scenes, less dialogue options, and a less complex soundtrack that feels more generic for the country or location that you're in. It doesn't have as many cool gadgets, and you can't customize your gear at the start of a mission. You
  2. The Siberia levels and lights being turned on and off have been known to cause Client MFC crashes. Weather effects or environmental lightning could be part of the problem, but for me most of the in-level problems seemed to happen from lights being turned on or off, even if the light is off-screen. The Soviet facilities happen to have a lot of lights, and the guards often turn them on and off when they enter and exit rooms. I'm not sure but their flashlights in the dark could've caused some crashes too. But I've had light switch crashes happen in other levels too. Even lights that flicker from
  3. Physical games have their benefits like actually owning a disk, but games on GOG do have the benefit of being DRM free. Even if the game got pulled off the site, even if the site shut down, you'd still be able to play the game, reinstall, transfer and make backup copies of it. Effectively it'd still be similar to owning a physical copy. So, what "great environment" are you referring to that wouldn't be possible with buying a game from GOG that is possible with a physical game?
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