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  1. So thanks to a little article from about 7 years ago: https://www.pcgamesn.com/no-one-lives-forever-s-cutting-room-floor-revealed we know that many things were cut, not fully implemented or polished in NOLF 1. But what it doesn't tell you is that A Man of Influence has got to be the most cut, unfinished and/or unpolished mission of them all, mostly because of scene 1. Not only does it have the strictest stealth requirements of any mission in the game, but there are quite a few things that are cut, unfinished or even unclear. This mission also got the most changes in the PS2 version. Some thing
  2. In Rendezvous in Hamburg Scene 1, the club Das Einsame Valkyrie has a bouncer that claims the club is full despite hardly any people being in it, usually 1 or 2 per room other than Cate (who went in despite it being full). But what adds to this and is more eyebrow raising is that there's an intelligence item that claims the club has a fire hazard limit of 2 persons per 20 square feet. Now the NOLF wiki suggests that this is an excuse for or poking fun at the game's old and limited engine. But coincidentally it's like an early form of social distancing. 20 square feet is about 4.5 feet horizont
  3. Yeah I think keeping the traditional weapon quickslots is good. I still use the default quickslots when I play. But what you might be able to do is make new versions of the P38 and Luger in different weapon slots, and change the default quickslots of the original P38 and Luger to them. All the other quickslots could still be the same. Otherwise you could make new versions of those pistols in different weapon slots without changing the quickslots, but then by default the quickslots would still be for the version that can come without the silencer. Why does damage need to be changed at a
  4. Forgetting or not being aware of the original intent would indeed mean the writers made a mistake. I doubt they lost any sleep over it either. But all these years later and seemingly no one had pointed it out yet, I thought I would and see what others think, and if anyone else had noticed. At first I didn't pay much attention to the story either, but at some point I did and I've played through these games a lot. It was a long time ago when I first noticed though.
  5. No one may have brought this up before. It's a subtle detail that is easily overlooked, but it's a seemingly inconsistent detail in continuity between Nolf 1 and Nolf 2. In Nolf 1, Cate is confined in a cell but convinces Armstrong to let her out and fight her. After Cate beats him, she says "I owe you." and Armstrong replies "That you do. Don't forget it either." Cate even asks "one more favor" of him by convincing him to tell her where the Baroness keeps the List of Names. The game is clearly saying that Cate owes Armstrong, not to mention the fact that Armstrong had also previously spa
  6. Not ported no, but to answer the topic creator's question, people have emulated it. But the PS2 version is generally considered inferior due to the lack of quicksaves, gear selection at start, multiplayer, mods, other missing features and performance issues. What someone should really do instead is extract those 3 levels (and maybe the music) and get them to work on the PC version. Along with that game's version of A Man of Influence Scene 3 (which is Scene 5 in that version) for the secret underground shooting area, and the pen dart weapon that was added. Better yet, if a mod could add them t
  7. So the player that enemies notice first should still get attacked, at least if they shoot first. It works like that in NOLF 2's co-op too, the difference is just that enemies may also go after other players they notice without them having to shoot first. But part of the issue may also be that NOLF 1 doesn't have as good a stealth system as NOLF 2. Once enemies hear a gunshot, they instantly know where the player (or host) is and it's hard to make them lose track of you at that point. If they try chasing you but you put some distance between them and remain out of their line of sight long enoug
  8. Ah yes I didn't think of that as a possibility, but I like that better. That's how it works in deathmatch, Contract Jack and a certain NOLF 1 trailer. I wasn't suggesting that the barrette never resulted in a 1-hit-kill from behind, just that I seemed to remember it not always working or sometimes only after the poison takes effect, like maybe on a guard leaning on a wall. But after testing it again it did result in an instant kill in all my tests, so maybe I had just missed the head when it didn't work. But still prefer that idea of keeping fisty cuffs the default weapon and letting them do d
  9. I don't think music was intended for deathmatches. It wasn't just intended as background music, it was intended to emphasize the casual, sneaky, tense and action moments in singleplayer, based on enemy state and sometimes distance from you. That wouldn't exactly translate well for real players in deathmatches. At best it might give an indication of if there's another player within a certain distance of you, but that could be considered cheap or undesirable. Remember that co-op wasn't an intended mode for multiplayer either, just deathmatch and Harm vs Unity. You could still argue that they sho
  10. Ah this is the level with the Armstrong fight. Not surprising. You may have gotten past it or moved on at this point, but I'll provide some solutions anyway. It just so happens that about 2 years ago I made a post about ways to beat and even trivialize this fight here: The relevant part is "The Armstrong fight may seem tough, but there are some tricks and ways to make it easier. First, this fight is much easier on lower difficulties not just because he'll do less damage, but because he'll have less health too. Armstrong is actually the only one whose health is affected by t
  11. You're welcome. Actually thanks too, because your topic kind of gave me an excuse to ramble on about some of the things I've discovered from playing this game so much. I have to agree that NOLF 1 definitely feels more charming, memorable and fun. There's a lot of ways in which NOLF 1 is superior. NOLF 2 doesn't have training missions, or as many mission briefing scenes, less dialogue options, and a less complex soundtrack that feels more generic for the country or location that you're in. It doesn't have as many cool gadgets, and you can't customize your gear at the start of a mission. You
  12. The Siberia levels and lights being turned on and off have been known to cause Client MFC crashes. Weather effects or environmental lightning could be part of the problem, but for me most of the in-level problems seemed to happen from lights being turned on or off, even if the light is off-screen. The Soviet facilities happen to have a lot of lights, and the guards often turn them on and off when they enter and exit rooms. I'm not sure but their flashlights in the dark could've caused some crashes too. But I've had light switch crashes happen in other levels too. Even lights that flicker from
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