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  1. DgVoodoo2 fixed all my problems with NOLF on Win 10 64bit. The version I'm using I got here in the NOLF download section under misc. There is also a separate config for it too you can download there but I didn't so I don't know how well it works. The default settings worked great for me, although, I did make a couple changes.
  2. This is a very nice post JordanJS. I didn't try your mod though, I made own version by following the instructions in your post and found out something interesting. You don't have touch the ScopeScale value in LAYOUT.TXT at all. Simply increasing the canvas width of the SCOPE1_FADE texture to 1024, then filling in the sides black will make the texture fill the entire screen and also keeps the Crosshairs from overlapping into the black area of the scope as in your screenshots.
  3. Thanks for the tips CoLdOwN. I've been screwing around with FEAR a lot lately and all of a sudden I've got an urge to play through NOLF again so I'm sure they'll come in handy, :) I don't really care for NOLF 2 though. I tried it around the time I wrote that first post. I got just past the part where you encounter the tornado in the little town before I lost interest. I think was already forcing myself to play it at that point. Something about the second game just feels different to me. It doesn't really have the same atmosphere or charm that made me fall in love with the first game. Also, the addition of a lean feature may be nice, but the respawning enemies ruin the stealth aspect of the gameplay. I know there's a mod for that, I used it, but there's no mod to bring back the charm from the original. That's just my opinion of course, and after I replay NOLF again I plan to dive right in to the sequel and, hopefully, finish it this time.
  4. So yesterday(or the day before?) I bought 6 Rip-Its, stayed up all night drinking them till my pee turned green, and beat NOLF1. Here's my final thoughts.... The good: The Music! I admit I didn't like it at first but the music grew on me really fast. By the time I beat the first Chapter, I was already diggin' it. The Gadgets! I didn't get a chance to try them all, but my Favs are the belt buckle and the coin. The Weapons! Hampton Carbine FTW! Honorable mentions: SVD; usually when I grab this gun in other games the firing sound is closer to a pop than bang - in this game it sounds like it should - powerful! Harpoon gun; take that shark week! The Baddies! The AI is actually decent and can really mess you up quick if you alert a mob. Also, they always have something interesting to talk about, hehe. The Levels! I like how there's a lot of one-off missions; whether it's providing overwatch for a hapless beaucrate, searching a sunken ship, infiltrating a spacestation or chasing a gun-thieving monkey, there's always something different! The Story! Even if the ending was a little predictable, and a bit confusing (for me) I thougrhly enjoyed the overall storyline. Also, I really liked how you choose Cate's responses in certain scenes; I just wish your choices had a larger impact on the direction the story takes. The Bad: Armstrong! Going toe-to-toe with this guy felt sooo unfair. I think I reloaded at least a dozen times. I actually 'beat him' on my third attempt but as the post-fight cut-scene starts I hear Cate's death scream and about 3 seconds into it the game loaded the Mission Failed screen! No leaning! The lack of a lean feature really upsets me.... Limited Inventory! I know you find a lot of gadgets laying around in the missions but only being able to choose 4 or 5 at the start of a mission sucks; especially considering some missions require you to take 1 or 2 crucial items. Wish there was a sidepack or something... Well that's all I can think of atm! All-in-All I give this game a 10 outta 10! Has anyone else beaten this recently?(or not-so-recently?) What did you think?