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  1. Well if someone released it and started making fist full of cash just watch how fast those spread out rights would organize and kick the a#$ of who ever started it!
  2. The whole love affair Ive always had with the Nolf series particularly Nolf 1 was the humor and a attraction to the Cate character. She was not only battling the bad guys but was fighting for respect in a all male world in the 1960's and I guess in a cartoon sense she was attractive. With all things going on she was vulnerable as well as tough as nails, just a great story line to build on. Sorry to say it, but Contract Jack didn't have that great complex story line, it was more of a arcade shooter and was very forgettable unlike the Nolf 1 and 2. In Contract Jack they tried to be funny but Jack was borring, no character and dull so nobody found it that funny cause nobody gave 2 $%#@& about Jack. But in Nolf 1 and 2 EVERYONE loved Cate. So to anwser your question NanoTech the male/ female thing was part of it but its all in the story for me!
  3. Well, if this comes to reality and enough people buy it and play it, they may do a remaster, but considering the years its been dead I guess we are step at a time is the order of the day. Edit: As long as they don't charge too much for it.
  4. Well ! The 3 ghost of Christmas visited me last night and guilted me in to double your salary for Christmas. Sort of a quote from "A Christmas Carol" Edit: I just tried to donate through PayPal and it didn't work claiming it was not secure. Used Firefox and Chrome with no luck. It was a regular donation NOT the monthly donation link which is much to harder to find unless I just don't know what I'm doing. Perhaps a much easier button to press for regular donations rather than just the monthly would be helpful. Edit #2: ITS OK NOW...I did it! I just had to hit the Portal button at the top rather than go through the old site link and it worked great! Sorry for the temporary brain damage there.
  5. Merry Christmas to you Canada and to all you Nolfers !
  6. Larry

    Can't find Nolf 2 sound track

    Thanks FortranDragon for the tip and guess if nothing comes up this will have to do, but your correct about track separations cause I was hoping on just putting a few tracks on the cars mp3 player. Any how, just how does one do a youtube to mp3 converter?
  7. Larry

    Can't find Nolf 2 sound track

    Great! I'll have my fingers and toes crossed. Appreciate your efforts!
  8. Larry

    Can't find Nolf 2 sound track

    I've been looking hi and low for a mp3 quality soundtrack for nolf 2. I searched google as well as this site and all links don't work or no longer have the files...does any one know where to get it. I thought they were on the original game disc but then I realized that only nolf 1 had the sound track. Thanks much.
  9. Larry

    Roll Call!!!

    hows it going Ya Nolf noob! LOL as well.
  10. Larry

    Best Wishes for 2017

    Happy and safe NY to ya all!
  11. Hey Canada...long time no see...well what can I possibly add to that but have a safe and happy Christmas and New years folks.
  12. Larry

    Server fund

    What the heck! Christmas is coming.
  13. Larry

    No One Lives Forever rescore

    Well done...must have been a great deal of time and effort to pull off this great feat...maybe Nolf 2 might be in your sights !
  14. Larry

    No One Lives Forever rescore

    Maybe, but story rich, great voice acting and great humor, its a fine aged wine! @ GoldZen...great work man!
  15. Larry

    No One Lives Forever rescore

    Great stuff! Keep it up and looking forward to the next installment!