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  1. Roll Call!!!

    hows it going Ya Nolf noob! LOL as well.
  2. Best Wishes for 2017

    Happy and safe NY to ya all!
  3. Hey Canada...long time no see...well what can I possibly add to that but have a safe and happy Christmas and New years folks.
  4. Server fund

    What the heck! Christmas is coming.
  5. No One Lives Forever rescore

    Well done...must have been a great deal of time and effort to pull off this great feat...maybe Nolf 2 might be in your sights !
  6. No One Lives Forever rescore

    Maybe, but story rich, great voice acting and great humor, its a fine aged wine! @ GoldZen...great work man!
  7. No One Lives Forever rescore

    Great stuff! Keep it up and looking forward to the next installment!
  8. Wow ! great find and a great read FortranDragon ! However I now have to find a digital bridge to jump off of !
  9. No One Lives Forever rescore

    Finally got time to watch it...again, well done GoldenZen!
  10. BikiniMod

    Man! after seeing that I wish I could be a cartoon!
  11. No One Lives Forever rescore

    Good stuff...Im liking it!
  12. Late on this one....I was away and didn't have my password program...but enought about me (as I clear my throat) MC and a HNY all! And don't forget to dig a little deeper in your pockets this new year.
  13. No One Lives Forever rescore

    What can I say that hasn't been said already...Great Work Man ! Maybe you should sell it as a CD lol....maybe?
  14. No One Lives Forever rescore

    Again... well done, subtle and not over the top.
  15. No One Lives Forever rescore

    You have captured the mood perfectly in a fresh new version. How the hell do you get the timing right? Climax vs. crescendo LOL!

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