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  1. That was a great vid. I've only heard of 4 of those games including NOLF. I've played Splinter Cell, MGS V and Hit Man but my favourite is still good old NOLF
  2. Same to you CANADA and all the best to you and yours for the season!
  3. Larry

    Are you still alive?

    Wow...judging by your posts 3,866 you were not just a passerby, you had some time invested here ?
  4. Thanks for that....catchy but I wish they made a new game to go along with it.
  5. Not to sound facetious but perhaps it was 2 different writers or the writer forgot their original intent, either way all these years later I doubt they lost any sleep over it. lol I've played these games many times and I didn't even pick up on it but I usually don't give stories in games much attention, I'm usually just trying to stay alive.
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