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    NOLF1 Trailer

    As someone who has played this game a lot, I can tell that there are some textures, sounds and even areas in that trailer that didn't make it into the final game. The whole "Swiss Alps" section is much different than any traversable area of the Alps in the final game, but most of the visuals assets there did still make it in. Also noticed that Cate could use her hand to hurt enemies even AFTER they have already spotted her, which is not possible in the final game. On one hand it's neat to see unused content, but on the other it doesn't represent the game that we end up getting and may make you wish that you could play that content.
  2. Yes, but it works the same with the GOTY version. Regardless of the game version the mpclip cheat doesn't work without the spectator mod, and you need to quit the game or load a save in which the mpclip cheat wasn't activated to disable it.
  3. Windows 10 is definitely not the issue. I have NOLF GOTY and Windows Vista and can confirm that it doesn't work without the spectator mod. It doesn't work in the regular (non-GOTY) game without the spectator mod either. As far as I know and as the spectator mod download page says, that cheat was disabled in retail versions of the game, which is why the spectator mod was made in the first place. You're probably remembering wrong, unless maybe you somehow got your hands on an early/developer version of the game in which that cheat still worked, and the version of the game that you have installed now is different. However, even with the spectator mod you don't have to quit the game in order to disable it. Just reload a save in which you didn't have the cheat active. So just don't save while it's active (otherwise your controls may not go completely back to normal if you reload that save). If you want to quickly advance to the next level, then just use the mpmaphole cheat.
  4. To address your bad points: -The Armstrong fight may seem tough, but there are some tricks and ways to make it easier. First, this fight is much easier on lower difficulties not just because he'll do less damage, but because he'll have less health too. Armstrong is actually the only one whose health is affected by the difficulty chosen. Also, while he's close enough to you he won't try to throw explosives, so if you can jump on top of something like a bed, wooden board or even his head (possible while he slams the floor or by jumping off something else) and stay close enough to him, he will keep trying to punch you but will keep missing. Meanwhile you can keep hitting him until he's beaten. There's also the simple technique of hitting him once or twice, then backing away and waiting for him to try to punch you, and then moving in to hit him once or twice again and repeat. If he's about to slam the floor then jump, and if he's about to throw explosives then run to minimize the damage you take. That's probably the real way to do it. -While the lack of leaning is disappointing to some people, you can generally step out for a moment to see around corners, and then duck back quickly without getting spotted. However the closer you are to an enemy, the less time you have to duck back before being spotted. You also have less time if the enemy is alert and looking for you. This is close to the same result as you'd get from leaning, though maybe with leaning you'd be able to peak longer. A neat trick in this game though is that if you duck back right before being spotted, the guard will think he saw something but won't be sure what, will get alert/suspicious and will probably come to investigate. Like the coin, this is useful for luring guards out of position. Once they turn around and especially if they start to head back, you can easily dispatch them with a gun or karate chop. The sequel, No One Lives Forever 2, has leaning. -The limited inventory for gadgets is a little annoying, but you can learn to live with it. For starters, you're required to take any gadget that you absolutely need for a certain mission that you won't otherwise be able to find along the way, so feel free to fill the remaining slots with whatever you want. Remember that you can, and are actually encouraged, to replay missions after you've gotten all the gadgets. You may need to replay a mission with a gadget that you didn't have at the time in order to reach secret areas and items. Likewise if you know that certain gadgets are useless in certain missions, or that you can find them later on certain missions, then don't take them on those missions. Second, you can do without many of the gadgets: *The robot poodle is only useful in 2 mission areas in the entire game, and there are other ways to deal with dogs. Avoid or ignore them and kill any guards in the area first, before shooting the dogs. You could shoot the dogs first, but nearby guards may be alerted to your presence due to the sound of the bullet going through the bars/fence of the dog cage. All the dogs do is bark; they are harmless without nearby guards. *Body Remover is obviously useless if you play with fade bodies on, but aside from that it's really only useful for getting rid of bodies in a camera's or searchlight's field of vision, and only if the alarm hasn't been sounded yet. Even then, you'd have to be fast enough before it gets spotted, and without getting spotted yourself. Instead there are several other options: You may be able to wait for the guard to leave the view of the camera or searchlight before killing him, lure him away by throwing a coin, letting him see you or even shooting your gun, not kill him at all and just sneak by him, or even just kill him and let the alarm sound since it's still possible to fight your way through the level (as long as you won't fail the mission for sounding the alarm). Now you may be thinking that it could be useful for preventing guards from discovering dead bodies, but let me tell you it's usually not a big deal if a guard spots a dead body. They will usually run over to check it out, and then start looking around for you. During that time you can shoot and kill them. In a few missions where you fail if the alarm sounds however, guards will try to sound the alarm as soon as they spot a dead body. In those missions you definitely want to kill all the guards in an area before moving on. *The Barrette is useful for quietly picking locks, but remember that you can also shoot locks off if you need to. This will cause a commotion for any nearby guards of course, but as long as you can deal with them you don't really need the Barrette. Also many locks, such as those on fences, can be jumped on top of and over without having to even pick or shoot the lock. Sometimes there is another way to go to get behind the lock as well. As for the Barrette's Poison Capsule function, that is pretty useless considering that you have guns and a karate chop. The only real bit of extra functionality it provides is being like a karate chop that is able to hit guards anywhere and after they have spotted you (since the karate chop only works on the backs on enemies' heads and who haven't spotted you). But in that case it's not a one hit kill and you might as well use a gun instead. *Sleep/Stun/Poison Gas: The main use for Sleep and Stun Gas is on that mission where you can't kill anyone, but of course you can still complete it without them. I don't recommend the Stun Gas because it doesn't knock enemies down, meaning they'll still be in your way (and also in the way of other enemies who otherwise might have wandered into it). Also after it wears off, they will know where you are and chase you unlike with the Sleep Gas. While the Stun Gas is safer to wander into than the Sleep Gas, you won't be able to see anything for a little while. Aside from on that mission, the Poison Gas is better since it can kill groups of enemies quickly and silently, but you'll lose health quickly if you wander into it. Like the other gases it has a limited range and number of charges too, so it may not be worth having it take up an inventory slot when you have guns and explosives that can get the job done instead. *The Camera Disabler might seem enticing, but it's not that useful in practice (maybe a little more useful on missions where you fail if the alarm goes off, but still). First, you need to be able to reach the camera, and if you need to jump to do so then you'll have to time your jump due to the lengthy animation when using this gadget. Second, you need to reach the camera without it spotting you or any dead guards in its field of vision. Third, you only get 5 of them for the whole mission and most missions with cameras have more than that. Fourth, if the alarm is going off, goes off later or you deactivate it on missions where that's possible, then this gadget becomes useless. Finally, it doesn't work on searchlights. Again even if the alarm goes off, it's still possible to fight your way through the level (as long as you won't fail the mission for sounding the alarm). The Camera Disabler is much more useful in the sequel, No One Lives Forever 2, since it's shot out of a utility gun instead, you can find more ammo for it, and because alarms will reset and be able to get set off again, bringing more enemies each time.
  5. What I thought was "bad" was how the game handled some of the plot twists. They weren't explained very well and seemed a little too implausible. Spoilers ahead: -Bruno "disappearing for awhile": Volkov shoots Bruno (or at least appears to shoot him) in Mistfortune in Morocco, who then appears to die. It was explained at the end of the game that it was part of the plan for Bruno to "disappear for awhile" in order to help uncover the traitor within UNITY. But how did Bruno get this to work out so well? How did he know that he'd survive? Or did he not know and was just taking a huge gamble on the first chance that he had to disappear? Either way this seems a little too implausible. Also, the game either doesn't do a good job of portraying him dead, or suggests that he's still alive at best. His eyes still blink, and if you shoot him at this point you will fail the mission for "desecrating his corpse". -Volkov "killing" Tom: At the end of the game we find out that Tom is one of the traitors, but before that, at the end of the Safecracker mission, Tom appears to be a hostage to Volkov. Volkov tells Cate to drop her gun, but before she can Tom tries to knock Volkov over, so Volkov shoots Tom (or at least appears to shoot him), who then appears to die. This was done to demoralize Cate, and perhaps if they were lucky apprehend or kill her right then and there. But that leads to my question: Instead of Tom trying to knock Volkov over, why didn't Tom and Volkov try to take Cate by surprise and just shoot her right then and there? Volkov had a gun, and Tom could have hid a gun to pull out or have tried to rush Cate instead. They would have had the upper hand with the element of surprise and the numbers. -Smith killing Tom: Also at the end of the game, we find out that Smith is the other, main traitor. After Cate beats Tom and has him at gunpoint in the graveyard fight, Smith arrives, shoots and kills Tom. He then tries to shoot Cate, but Mr. Jones arrives and shoots him just in time. So perhaps my biggest question is this: Since both Smith and Tom were traitors working together, why on earth would Smith shoot Tom, and especially before shooting Cate? I get that he may have been upset with Tom for screwing up or perhaps just didn't have any more use for him and wanted to kill him off, but shouldn't Cate have been a higher priority for him to shoot first? Especially because Cate didn't even know he was there until he shot Tom. Of course you could say these are plot holes or plot induced stupidity for the sake of presenting an interesting, plot twisting story to the player, but it hurts the believability of the story. A story can avoid such things and still be good by either explaining the plot twists better or making them more plausible.
  6. I put a lot of thought into it to crack the mystery once and for all. As for your electricity theory, that simply isn't the case in this level. First off when you're hurt by electricity in this game a lightning bolt symbol appears above your health, and Cate makes a certain sound to indicate that she was zapped. Neither of those things happen in this case. Also if it was electricity, it wouldn't only be happening while Wagner was singing, but any time you stepped into certain areas. The only electricity hazard in the level is the broken light that you switch on to hurt Wagner. Furthermore, since electricity is shown to be her weakness, then presumably if there were cables of electricity lying around, Wagner would get hurt whenever she walked over them as well. But the electricity from the broken light is the only way to hurt her. As I explained above I'm pretty sure that it's supposed to represent shards of glass flying around after the windows break, even though you don't actually see any shards of glass flying around. If you go play that level, you can see how windows break when she sings, and while she's singing if you stand in or near a broken window you'll get hurt. She even tends to start singing if you stand in one. I also recently realized that this broken glass mechanic is even somewhat contrary to what is said in the game manual. In the Agent Basic Training section when talking about how weapons can shoot through glass: "If you shoot through the glass enough times, it may eventually explode into harmless glass shards." Like I said, at any other point in the game it is true that they are harmless, but not in that level while Wagner is singing.
  7. Not until this year at least, when I finally figured it out. Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere. You know how when she sings, you can get hurt? For the longest time I thought it was because her singing was so bad that it hurt just to hear it. Given this game's humor and how the guards in the level stop shooting you to cover their ears, that seemed likely. However there are times when it doesn't hurt you, and it can vary greatly in how much it hurts you. At first I thought the closer you were, the more likely you'd get hurt more. But I figured out this wasn't the case as I've been able to stand right next to her and not get hurt, and also really far to where I couldn't even hear her yet still get hurt a lot. So then I thought it was random, but it still seemed more nuanced than that. Eventually I found out that you only got hurt when standing near the glass windows in the level, but it doesn't work how you might think it would. You'd think that you could only get hurt WHILE the glass is breaking and falling to the ground. This is not the case though. It turns out that at any point AFTER the windows are broken, if you stand near them while she sings, you will get hurt. The closer you are, the more it hurts. This suggests that her singing causes the already broken glass on the ground to defy gravity by rising up and flying into you. Other than being illogical, what made this hard to figure out was that you never see any shards flying around! Nor does this mechanic show up at any other point in the game (in any other case, the shards might as well not be there). The game didn't provide any hints about this other than the glass breaking when she sings (which I thought was for comic effect and to imply that her singing hurts). It might just be a case of weird, old game design choices and limitations. In any case, I'm glad I was finally able to figure it out and share it. So what does everyone think about this? Did anyone else know about it?
  8. I think you want and were referring to this: It restores the mpclip cheat code so that you can fly, go through walls and out of bounds. While out of bounds you can often see through walls, floors and/or ceilings too. You can even find hidden, normally inaccessible areas and actors used for cutscenes or to store enemies before they spawn into the level. You're not completely invisible with this but enemies seem to have a hard time spotting you unless you hover right in front of them. Even if they do spot you it's pretty easy to return to safety. The downside is that it disables certain controls like shooting and even the chat used to enter cheats. To disable it you have to restart the game or load a previous save point in which you did not enter the cheat. Nolf 2 has a spectator mod that works similarly and comes with the added benefit of being completely invisible. It also comes with another cheat to enable 3rd person view like the mpasscam cheat in Nolf 1. The cheat codes are mentioned in the link:
  9. Here's a relevant article with a video on the matter: In the first 30 seconds of the video, they say it's an ongoing process dependent on new developments. Like one of the companies finding out that they may not have been 100% correct in saying they have no rights to the game. The article also mentions and shows that someone asked GOG if Nolf is coming to the service, and Stephen Kick, the CEO of Night Dive, replied with a wry smile. This suggests that it's not a done deal yet and could be why they haven't announced anything yet.
  10. I have a few challenges for people to try (and that I have done) for NOLF 1 but be warned that they are pretty hardcore and will probably involve craftiness in sneaking, running, guard luring and even luck manipulation like reloading quicksaves potentially many times. Even so, some exceptions have to be made. Needless to say no glitching or exploiting allowed in these challenges, if you really want to try them in spirit. The first challenge is trying to get through the game without killing anyone except kills that are absolutely mandatory, in other words an absolute minimal kill challenge. As exceptions, you can allow cases where guards get themselves killed from environmental hazards like steam or electricity, or where they blow themselves or each other up. Still I recommend trying this on the easy difficulty setting because some levels will still be painfully difficult, and trying it on higher difficulties is just asking for it to be impossible. As another restriction in the spirit of playing the game from a fresh start, I'd advise against bringing/using a weapon or gadget that you wouldn't normally have at that point in the game (so for example no using the Sleep Gas before the Rendezvous in Hamburg chapter). While you are obviously allowed to kill bosses, you are not allowed to kill guards that appear in boss fights like in Inge Wagner's fight, nor the elite guard super girls or any helicopters (and therefore the guards inside them) because you are not required to do so even though your objectives may suggest otherwise. Blow up cars and fuel/chemical barrels if you want, but only if no one will get killed by the explosion. Aside from actual bosses, the only mandatory kills are: Misfortune in Morocco: In Scene 1 your objective is to kill all the assassins trying to kill the Ambassador, before they kill him. But don't kill the thugs that try to ambush you afterwards. Also in Scene 2, after reaching Bruno one of your objectives requires you to kill all the thugs that try to kill civilians. Again, don't kill any other thugs such as the ones stationed near bombs or any you come across before reaching Bruno. Berlin By Night: In Scene 3 after reaching Dr. Schenker, you get an objective to kill four guards that try to ambush you. Unexpected Turbulence: In Scene 1 one guard blocks the way at the top of the ladder near the cockpit and won't move. Assuming you aren't using weapons or gadgets that you wouldn't normally have at this point like Sleep Gas, you have to kill him. Good luck on Scene 2 (yes it is possible to survive without killing anyone, at least on easy). Rendezvous in Hamburg: In Scene 2, the four guards in the stage room must be killed for Goodman to unlock the backstage door. The Dive: In Scene 1, one guard that appears outside the room with the maid must be killed for the maid to unlock the door. In Scene 2, the four guards that appear on the balcony at the end of the level must be killed for a civilian to unlock the exit doors. The second challenge is to only kill enemies with melee attacks like your hand (karate chop), barrette poison capsule, motorcycle and snowmobile. You can also use Coins, Sleep Gas and Stun Gas to distract or stun guards (but no Acid Gas since it's lethal). Again, in the spirit of starting fresh don't use Sleep Gas or Stun Gas before you would normally have them. The idea with this challenge is to play like a traditional rogue or thief. This can be done on any difficulty, but some levels will be really hard on higher difficulties. Unexpected Turbulence Scene 2 might not even be possible on higher difficulties without a ranged weapon. Also a few of the mandatory kills require a ranged weapon (Misfortune in Morocco Scene 1, The Dive Scene 2, and the Volkov and final boss fight). Tip: Sleep and Stun Gas are particularly helpful against the elite guard super girls. As a third challenge, for those wanting to try something different than relying on stealth, there's always the "Guns Blazing" challenge where you disregard stealth and just try to run through levels quickly and kill everyone in your way. You could also try this as a Speedrun where you try to beat the game as fast as possible. Doable on any difficulty but obviously much easier on lower difficulties.
  11. Interesting, I thought they had given up on this years ago when none of the potential rights holders were that interested in working out a deal with them or even finding out if they still had rights to the game. Particularly Warner Bros. who even threatened legal action if they went forward with re-releasing the game. I wish they'd just tell us what kind of progress has been made since then.
  12. Yes, at first Night Dive was planning to remaster and re-release the Nolf games (they never said anything about Nolf 3 by the way), but they couldn't reach an agreement with Warner Bros, Activision and Fox, or even find out if any of them still had rights to the games. However if Night Dive released the games and a company later found out that they still had rights to the games, they could face legal action from them. Warner Bros's legal division even threatened to sue Night Dive if they released the games without their permission since they still owned the trademark to the games, before they knew that Night Dive was trying to cooperate with them. So basically it's too much of a risk for Night Dive to try to re-release the games or develop a sequel, and the other companies who may still have rights to the games aren't interested in doing so or even finding out if they still have rights, unless it came to a lawsuit.
  13. Unity HQ used to have one but it has been down for awhile, likely due to the server downsize which was due to a lack of continued donations. On my server list at the bottom there's been one called that has been on there for awhile though.
  14. mpasscam is the code for 3rd person in Nolf 1. budonkadonk is the code for 3rd person in Nolf 2 (with that mod). While the code for no-clipping is the same, the 3rd person code is not.
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    Hosting a Server

    I've never seen anyone on for Nolf 1 in a very long time. Is there a certain time that people play Nolf 1? Nolf 2 I rarely see anyone, maybe the occasional same person if I'm lucky. But last I heard there was a time that people played Nolf 2 (sometime on the weekend?) although I guess I've never seen it.
  16. Yeah, there are many other Cate clones and hidden rooms separated from the main part of levels that are used for cutscenes. You can find them with the noclip cheat, usually by going out of bounds through a black void. But you can actually reach this Cate clone normally. You can break the upper and lower glass on both sides of the telephone booth (Barette Poison Capsule is probably the quietest way), use the now accessible ledges to jump on top of it, and then jump onto the Christmas lights to get to that second story walkway (or to jump over the gate before it opens, so you don't have to wait for Baroness Dumas or if you successfully killed her bodyguard that opens the gate). You can jump on many ledges or small objects in this game to potentially get to areas meant to be inaccessible. Apparently the testers didn't think that creatively when they tested jumping. I don't think so. That gated tunnel is enterable from the side you took that picture from, and there's nothing about it to really suggest that it was going lead onto that second story walkway. Most likely it was just a route for show, to have the areas be connected by tunnels, but to not let you go through them which would let you skip other parts of the level. In fact you can even use this tunnel later in "Such is the Nature of Revenge, Scene 1". There's also another tunnel near the beginning of the level that connects to the end of the level, but of course it's also gated off since that would let you bypass the whole level and eliminate the point of following Baroness Dumas. They also just needed somewhere to hide the Cate clone, and sometimes the easiest way to do that is to just put it in the main part of the level, but where the player wouldn't be able to see it. If anything I think it'd make more sense to have the second story walkway that you can get on from the previous area connect to this area. There's even a door up there which suggests that it could've gone further, but you can't open it.
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    Of course most of the feedback is going to be positive, most people don't want to criticize unless it's a really big problem to them. Me though, I don't mind expressing my honest opinion in a thread about the new look. You've wanted this look for 10 years? Hope you finally get some use out of it with the remaining community.
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    How does that have to do with what color the board is? The color comes in the same package and there was no option for white or something?
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    I didn't necessarily want a fancy forum skin, I was fine with the way it was. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Or even better, have both as options in your account preferences or something.
  20. NOLF 1 Fan Made Missions: Forgotten Bunker (contains a few chapters): Last Stand: (contains several chapters): Showdown: (contains several chapters): P. I. Granny (contains one level): NOLF Stranded (contains one level): H.A.R.M. PRISON (contains one level): NOLF 2 Fan Made Missions: Return of H.A.R.M. (contains one chapter): Better Red Than Dead (contains one chapter): I can't find the Grow Op link (if it's even still on this site). Better Red Than Dead is "Chapter 17" though. Contract JACK doesn't have any fan made missions that I know of.
  21. I knew it was too good to be true. Seriously though, WB probably thinks that it isn't worth the effort, even if it would only require a minimal amount from them. Remember that Activision and Fox might still own some rights, and WB doesn't want to set themselves up for a potential copyright infringement lawsuit from them. Activision and Fox don't seem to think that it'd be worth the effort either. Remember that these are old, non mainstream games, and potentially splitting whatever minimal profits they might make between 4 companies? That's doesn't sound too appealing. Basically as someone else said: —None of the companies want to spend the time to figure out the legal rights they may have. —Night Dive has control of the actual NAME. —All of the companies want a piece of the pie without any effort, and are threatening legal action if they don't get it. Yes, copyright laws are supposed to benefit society and creativity rather than hinder it, but unfortunately it sometimes causes the opposite to happen.
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    I actually think the bright red and orange is worse on the eyes.
  23. I thought I'd bring this topic to attention again. This is a nice chart to reference but I'd like to add to this. Rescue Attempt, Scene 2 has an enemy that deals explosive damage with a Grenade Launcher, in the tower at the end of the level. You also missed one of the Grenade Launcher enemies in Trouple in the Tropics, Scene 2. One is by the bridge and one is in the tower at the end of the level. The difficulty doesn't change what types of ammo the enemies use. Anyway here are my suggestions on what to equip for each mission. Remember that the Fuzzy Slippers are almost always a viable option if you want to try avoiding combat. Generally you don't want to equip the Earplugs because there are barely any enemies that they help for, and explosives can be fatal regardless. While the Antitoxin will completely nullify poison damage, it will not stop your aim from becoming crippled, and there are not many enemies that it helps for. Bandages will completely stop the bleeding damage caused by dum dum rounds, but the Fire Extinguisher only reduces the burning damage caused by phosphorous rounds (and other heat sources such as fire and steam). If you don't want to bother memorizing this chart then just remember that when in doubt, go with Bandages. The Assignment - N/A (it doesn't let you equip anything for this mission, and there are no enemies anyway). Misfortune in Morocco - Bandages Berlin by Night - Bandages Unexpected Turbulence - Bandages Rendezvous in Hamburg - Probably the Fire Extinguisher since it helps for two enemies, but the Bandages do help for one enemy that has a machine gun. A Tenuous Lead - Preferebly Bandages, but the Fire Extinguisher would also help. The Dive - Bandages A Man of Influence - Fuzzy Slippers Safecracker - Preferebly Bandages, but the Fire Extinguisher would also help. Rescue Attempt - Preferebly Bandages, but the Fire Extinguisher would also help. Trouble in the Tropics - N/A (you're stuck with SCUBA Gear which takes up the gear spot). Low Earth Orbit - Fuzzy Slippers Alpine Intrigue - Bandages (although if you want to try wearing the Earplugs, this would be the level to do so). The Indomitable Cate Archer - Bandages or the Fire Extinguisher (same number of enemies with each type). A Very Large Explosion - Bandages or the Fire Extinguisher (same number of enemies with each type, although a significant enemy has phosphorous rounds). Such is the Nature of Revenge - Antitoxin (there's one in the final battle, but there's no point in equipping anything else or exposing yourself to get it). Rest and Relaxation - N/A (it doesn't let you equip anything for this mission, and you can find stuff along the way anyway). Also to address your last comment, these items generally aren't found in missions where they are useful since the idea is to equip them in other missions. The Fire Extinguisher is found in Misfortune in Morocco, Scene 4, where there are no enemies with phosphorous rounds. The Earplugs are found in A Tenuous Lead, Scene 3, where there are no enemies with explosive rounds. The Antitoxin is first found in The Dive, Scene 3, where there are no enemies with cyanide rounds. The Bandages are found in A Man of Influence, Scene 2, where there are no enemies with dum dum rounds. The Fuzzy Slippers are found in Rescue Attempt, Scene 3, where they won't give you much use for the rest of the level. The exceptions to this are the Antitoxin in Such is the Nature of Revenge, Scene 2 which is the last normal level, and the items in Rest and Relaxation which is a bonus level.
  24. I don't think they actually have the rights, but according to a comment on that post: "By submitting a trademark application for NOLF, they’re forcing the actual rights-holder (if there’s any) to come out of the woodwork and block that trademark application. Like you saw with the Scrolls case, a trademark holder has to defend its trademark otherwise it loses it." I guess they are still waiting or something? It's been over 4 months. Why didn't anyone try this sooner?