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  1. FortranDragon

    Nolf 18th Anniversay with tweets/stream from Monolith

    They state that there's no plans to do a re-release because the rights are spread across several companies.
  2. Monolith has been tweeting about the Nolf series 18th anniversary and did a stream with some of the devs.
  3. Here's hoping this comes true. (Via reddit)
  4. Happy Holidays, Christmas Gift, Joyous Saturnalia, etc., etc. to everyone.
  5. FortranDragon

    Can't find Nolf 2 sound track

    You can search for "youtube to mp3". There are a number of websites and apps that will take a Youtube URL, extract the sound, and download the resulting MP3 to your computer.(I'm leaving off a link to any specific website as these things tend to come and go.)
  6. FortranDragon

    Can't find Nolf 2 sound track

    Here's the Nolf 2 soundtrack in one complete track. You can always download it with a youtube to mp3 converter. The video portion does list the soundtracks, but unfortunately there aren't any timestamps. At least this will let you listen to the game music until you can find a version with the tracks separated.
  7. It's nice to see people still writing about No One Lives Forever.
  8. FortranDragon

    Ingame mouse look doesn´t work

    Also, have you tried changing the Compatibily option "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by:"? I've read about folks changing this option to fix various mouse problems.
  9. FortranDragon

    Ingame mouse look doesn´t work

    Is Nolf using one particular GPU? I'm wondering if you can force the game to use the other GPU. It might be how drivers are emulating the older version of DirectX that Nolf uses.
  10. FortranDragon

    Nolf 2 gpl source

    I've never seen anything official that the Lithtech engine was GPLed. Unfortunately without something from Monolith / LithTech / Touchdown / etc it is best to assume the version floating around isn't legally GPLed. :/ The safest thing to do would be to contact Monolith and ask them about the status of the engine license. All the links I've been able to find ultimately refer back to a post make here stating the engine was GPLed. Given that post has nothing to establish the legality of the relicensing (a text file in the source code is not sufficient as that can be faked:/) it is an area to be very careful about.
  11. FortranDragon

    Gaming Monitor

    An Asus VG248QE would be one to look at. You would get your 144Hz speed at the price you want, though it would be a TN panel. (A TN panel will look more 'washed out' over the more expensive IPS panels.)
  12. FortranDragon

    NOLF2 dead or alive

    Yes, though most use the LivesForever mod over the LivesForeverPlus mod. (You can widen the column with the mods to see the full name.) Mine isn't showing any servers, either, at the moment. I haven't had a chance to try out multiplayer for quite awhile so I'm not sure why no servers are showing.
  13. FortranDragon

    NOLF2 dead or alive

    Download URA's multiplayer launchers for Nolf 1 and Nolf 2, plus the LivesForever mod for Nolf 2. All three of these are featured downloads in their respective sections.(Nolf 2 has a Needed Files area that includes the maps you'll want, plus the other two Nolf 2 files.)
  14. FortranDragon

    LivesForeverPlus Mod