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  1. i can help you mod the game a bit.. im not an expert but i used to make my own things... Best Regards, Mike
  2. hi, just readed your mensage, look for explosives in the first building when you start the mission (office & storage), next you should see a gate locked, unlock it and jump trought windows and there's one, on the left side of that same locked gate there should be a door, go into it and look for charges too downstairs, in the library building there should be outside on the back yard some charges, and on its downstairs way too.., sorry for my bad english i hope i helped
  3. Just for fun... XD "Cate organizing something?" xD
  4. Hello, So far i have this 3 Cate Skins, Hope you like them :D Black Cate Skin (Sailor Moon Crystal Brooch) White Cate Skin (Kingsman Uniform, on her back there's Kingsman Logo) Pink Cate Skin (Another Sailor Moon Crystal Brooch xD) Thats All, realy hope you like them, more to come!!
  5. thank you!! im planning on making more, like a skin pack.
  6. Hello, i made one costume for isako based on the evil queen, from once upon a time series... do you guys like it? Here are the screens:
  7. Hello guys, long time.. Im having fun with NOLF2 Tools and i was wondering if i can make cate act like a ninja? any helps? Btw did anyone saw/like the movie "Kingsman", having fun with it right now.. xD
  8. nah, i think some of us should make some tutorials... like the AI's, etc.. i know a few things on dedit but i have forgoten some of them i had some "missions" (incompleted ones) that i lost, and they had cool things and features ..xD but i deleted my tutorials (error mine -.-)
  9. thank you, btw im making a map wich is something like antartica & siberia xD but if im not too lazy ill finish it lol thanks for the ltc, now i can see how to convert the map to dd, etc xD
  10. hahaha i have lots of old maps ! xD ill probably reconsider i just dunno yet.. btw can you send me the ltc file so i can check the doomsday settings of the map?
  11. im planning to make a map with some new textures but i dont have ideas XD but i plan to have heheh good luck with the next map ... btw i dunno if i will make it ..xD im a bit lazy but i dont think ill make it xD i dont have the patience i had lolz
  12. i just tested it yesterday and its great! concrats... you made me want to make a map x'D lool keep it going
  13. im probably being back to nolf and the link is good im going to check the map xD