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  1. I wonder: There are so many NOLF-fans here at the forum, everybody claiming to love this wonderful game. But why can't we gather at least 4 players at least once a week to play NOLF doomsday online? Just like in the good old days! It's so easy and it works. Just get all the software installed, join the whattsapp group (+491725622859) and make a date! The try to build your doomsday machine...........
  2. Hugo

    Duty Report

    Lets do it gain... soon!
  3. What exactly do you mean by newsletter, E1 ?
  4. Although we have a whattsap-group and a perfectly working server and all, it looks like not enough players want to play NOLF2 multiplayer online anymore. I feel like a last mohican, together with a very few others. It makes me sad. I would love to continue playing it. I will stop donating by the end of the year if this continues. We might consider shutting down the multiplayer server, I guess. Unless.................
  5. Wonderful! Its like a birthday present for me (was yesterday). And Im a film director! Great music!!!
  6. lets keep that group growing and growing............. I wrote to Kepler today............
  7. ... send your cell number via PM to me or Onyx or AngelEyes. We make dates for nolfing sessions via Whatsapp! Join our Whatsapp-NOLF-group!!!
  8. Aaaargh! Onyx has established a Whatsapp-NOLF-group now, somebody wanna join??????? and play?????
  9. NOLF game night, I am in! But wait: only one game night ? ( I tried yesterday... nobody there...
  10. Every evening I get in the ring but nobody wants to fight me... scared of Hugo?
  11. Hugo

    Changes at UHQ

    I understand. I donate again. I want to play.
  12. Whatever happens - I am in. I just hope more people will read this post and answer. Right now server works fine. I'll be there as usual at 8:30 pm CET
  13. Great idea! I'm in! Of course! I am waiting anyway and looking for players at 20:30 CET - but no one. If you wanna play in the evenings think that 6pm in Pittsburg is midnight here and I may be sleeping already. Maybe we can say fridays at 5pm and saturdays at 3pm Pitsburgh time?