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  1. Hello everyone, Our hosting is up for renewal soon. Last year we did this and hit the goal of keeping this community going for another year. I'm asking again to all of you who still enjoy the NOLF game series as much as I do to help keep this going for all of us who enjoy these games. This keeps the forums and downloads up 24/7. We've been moving the downloads to secure SSL repositories to keep the files safe and backed up, so they are here for NOLF fans for a long time to come. Please use one of the donation buttons (PayPal or Patreon) on the forum to help keep us running. Thank you for reading this. Eliteone
  2. Welcome. There are online servers. Most use the modernizer mod along with the complete game patched to the latest version.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Note: Not sure who created this file. If you are the creator message me and I'll update the credit. Fix keyboard and mouse issues in a NOLF game on Windows with a non-Latin code page (e.g. Cyrillic) Information -------------- The dinput.dll file provides keyboard and mouse controls for older games. Dinput.dll versions in the archive: ------------------------------- 1. dinput.dll (eng) ver.5.1.2600.881 (valid codes) in the WinNT_RealCode folder. This is the original dinput.dll for Windows NT from the official directx 8.1 (2001). The most popular version for players on non-Latin Windows. Known in most NOLF releases as “Fix Keyboards” or InputFix. MD5: CF2E3CF3286F5E653B5071DAD8C81352 2. dinput.dll (eng) ver. (valid codes) in the Win95_RealCode folder This is a converted dinput.dll for Windows 95/98 from the official directx 7 (1999). All language packs, except English, were removed from the source file, and then the old control codes were replaced with the existing ones. Recommended for playing NOLF on Windows XP / 7/8/10 MD5: 52A5E15276207E1FC10EAF2D12A86D22 3. dinput.dll (eng) ver. (old codes) in the Win95_OldCode folder. This is a converted dinput.dll for Windows 95/98 from the official directx 7 (1999). All language packs except English have been removed from the source file. Old control codes saved. It can be recommended for playing NOLF on the old hardware MD5: FA715CE66862965ED4064D4BB38B83A5 Instruction manual ----------------- copy dinput.dll to the NOLF game folder Additional recommendations for smooth play and accurate shooting -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------- 1. Install the widescreen widescreen jackfuste mod 2. In the NVIDIA control panel, in the “Manage 3D Settings” menu, enable the vertical sync pulse for lithtech.exe (lithtech.exe is in the NOLF game folder) 3. Customize the mouse through the NOLF game menu: - Sensitivity - minimum - Smooting - maximum Note. ----------------- dinput.dll is used only in the NOLF game and does not affect the operation of Windows.
  4. Nice work. Something I never got around to playing with. I've run servers for other games on linux though.
  5. I run our server with the modernizer mod. You have to select the rez file to load on your game client.
  6. Which mod are you referring to specifically?
  7. Been awhile since I played single player. Did you have the Livesforever mod active when playing? It's been known to cause glitches with the single player.
  8. NOLF is number 5 on their list.
  9. Eliteone


    Been awhile since I've had to post this but we're running in the red again around here. For the last three months contributions have fallen off. I've been covering the balances. We need all of you to keep this a community. If you're able please consider pitching in. It's appreciated.
  10. Which mappack? This one? I fixed the Multiplayer download link so should work now. The sooner you can message me which files specifically the sooner I can queue the time to fix them. Thanks.
  11. Click the custom button and post a screenshot of the result.
  12. Welcome to the NOLF game series.
  13. Just checked the downloads and they are working fine. What version of direct X are you running?
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