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  1. Eliteone

    Cutscenes End Early / Audio is Unsynced

    This can help with video issues as well. dgVoodoo 2 2.55
  2. Eliteone

    nolf2 issue

    Does it stutter or? Are you using original NOLF2 media? If so may want to try THIS it will work for NOLF2 also and helps with video issues/ lag
  3. Eliteone

    New to UnityHQ? Say hello here!

    Varies during the summer. I believe weekends in the am mostly.
  4. Eliteone

    Accessing command line NOLF

    You're welcome and always glad to help when I can.
  5. Eliteone

    Accessing command line NOLF

    If your using the multi-player launcher, click options then ok, then advanced to get to the Command line.
  6. Eliteone

    Accessing command line NOLF

    Open your launcher, click the advanced button then access the Command Line and type in the + Windows 1
  7. Eliteone

    Star trek Eliteforce 2 for Mac

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Complete game. Requires an emulator to run on modern Mac operating systems. You can find an emulator from this site.
  8. Eliteone

    New Website!!!!!

    We've got a new website. You can check it out HERE Let us know what you think
  9. Eliteone

    Fix for Mouse Stutter & Framerate

    Which multi-player launcher? Not sure cause you posted this on a file submission thread instead of the technical help section.
  10. Eliteone

    NOLF 1 Multiplayer

    I'm not familiar with their version. For specific questions about their download you should probably reach out to their support forum. If you are trying to connect to our (UHQ) NOLF 1 server then the message would be from custom maps we run there. We have mappacks in our downloads that contain the maps we run on our server.
  11. Eliteone

    NOLF 1 Multiplayer

    Either you don't have the map running on the server or you're not patched to the latest version.
  12. Eliteone

    Supporting the UHQ community - READ THIS!!

    June bump!!
  13. I updated to it and ended up having to install my Nvidia drivers again before NOLF2 would work again. All is good again.