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  1. Welcome To play on existing servers you will need the Livesforever mod.
  2. You can get NOLF 1, GOTY edition from our downloads.
  3. With newer high DPI gaming mice you have to slow the DPI way down for the NOLF games.
  4. Download and install the exe file from our downloads. It has the complete game, patched and ready for multi-player. How have you been?
  5. Eliteone


  6. Can you post a screenshot of the install path it's trying to force?
  7. Long time. Hope You've been well. Still hosting NOLF 1 and NOLF 2 servers. The later has one of your maps in the rotation currently.
  8. Glad it's all sorted out for you.
  9. To run Nolf any of the Geoforce cards would work (Example a 730 GT Nvidia card) You're computer has a 2nd generation i5-2400 CPU. So I'd recommend running the example card above.
  10. Intel graphics are onboard graphic solutions. They are used primarily on business machines. Add-in cards are more specific to graphical needs such as gaming.
  11. Most Nvidia or AMD cards have the t & l hardware support. Would depend on what other games you play. Current games typically require cards with more video memory etc.
  12. Depending on the model of the Intel graphics it may not have the T & L hardware support NOLF 2 is looking for. If you have the model of the Intel graphics it can be looked up to see.
  13. Are you saying you pirated it?
  14. The modernizer should address this issue for you.