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  1. Glad you sorted it out. Were you using Windows compatibility mode as well? Curious since I used a Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard without any issues. I however run the game in compatibility mode.
  2. NOLF for steam

    Unfortunately since the who owns the franchise is up in the air we probably won't see these games on steam or gog anything soon.
  3. Are you using the GOTY version of NOLF or the original?
  4. What devices are you looking for? I run the games on Win 10 a custom built computer with an icore5 CPU, 24GB RAM and a 6GB Nividia GTX 1060 video card. I do use compatibility mode, specifically Window 7 with run as administrator.
  5. I moved the UHQ master server over to new hosting today. As such you'll need to restart your servers for them to show up in the lists for the multiplayer launchers.
  6. You'll want to run it in Windows 7 compatibility mode with administrative rights
  7. Server fund

    September bump......................................................hopes it is seen and helped out.....................................
  8. NOLF campaign extra challenge

    There is a part in NOLF2 where you specifically sneak past the guards if I recall.
  9. opening .dat files

    http://www.lagspike.com/noesis-tutorial/ Noesis Tutorial Noesis is a tool for extracting game assets from a number of gamesincluding Duke Nukem Forever and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.1)Download and run Noesis.exe. 2) Open the game content and locate the .dat files. 3) Double click on a .dat file and you will be prompted to extract it. 4) After the extract is finished, you can browse and preview the .msh files. – Note: You may be prompted to select .skl or .def files, you can click cancel to these messages. 5) The model can now be exported to a number of formats (File > Export). – Most models will not export with textures, you will need to manually find and export them. Another Noesis Tutorial
  10. opening .dat files

    Have you tried Notepad ++ https://notepad-plus-plus.org/
  11. Servers?

    I cleared out the list a couple days ago. If the servers were offline and are still offline then they wouldn't show up in the list anymore until the server owner restarts it.
  12. Servers?

    Refresh your multi-player launcher to force it to query the server list again.
  13. Greetings!

    Good to see you. If you can't find the discs we have the media in the downloads section.

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