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  1. Most Nvidia or AMD cards have the t & l hardware support. Would depend on what other games you play. Current games typically require cards with more video memory etc.
  2. Depending on the model of the Intel graphics it may not have the T & L hardware support NOLF 2 is looking for. If you have the model of the Intel graphics it can be looked up to see.
  3. Are you saying you pirated it?
  4. The modernizer should address this issue for you.
  5. hey there, are there many ppl playing nolf 1 online? Everytime I try to find a game servers are empty. A few years ago there was a whatsapp group that was formed on these forums that setup times to play. I left that group awhile ago because i didnt have time to play. Is it still active? Is there set times when ppl log on to play? Thanks!

    1. Eliteone


      Seems more are currently playing NOLF 1. Spawn has posted some of the times some of them are playing. 

  6. All the games are here on in the downloads section here on the forum.
  7. Yes you would need to use the GOTY version to play on Windows 10.
  8. That link worked for me. Picked it up.
  9. Do you have a link to it on GOG?
  10. Welcome to UHQ. We don't have unlimited bandwidth unfortunately, hence amount of files that can be downloaded per day. We've been around since late 2003 so we're not going anywhere
  11. Which AMD Radeon card specifically?
  12. This Should help you with that issue.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Contract Jack installs to C:\games folder (Patch can be changed) comes with all patches applied. No other media needed to run program. Special addition to disclaimer: UnityHQ does not promote software piracy. As the copyright of this game is in question we leave it up to those who download to decide whether to download or not . By downloading you agree to take full responsibility for doing so and release Unityhq.net/nolfgirl.net from any repercussions for doing so.