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  1. Welcome. I offered to continue it but they decided to just shut down instead. We've been around along time and aren't going anywhere
  2. A remake of the Nightfire game using Source. https://www.nightfiresource.com/ NightFire: Source is a mod based on the NightFire PC and Console game and will be released on the Source engine. The idea to start working on a new version of NightFire was first found on the NightFire Community Forums. Although it got quite the attention, plans didn’t work out and it was soon forgotten. Later in 2013 the development of the mod was mentioned again with bigger success. An informative website was launched and soon followed the forums so players could start connecting and sharing
  3. While we're not involved with creating the version they distribute over there, are you running any of the mods like Livesforever or Livesforever plus while playing single player? If so disable the mods then try the single player.
  4. One of these would probably help you. Hit talk (T) while playing and type(ALL CODES ARE CASE-SENSITIVE) : Effect Code All Ammo ammo All Weapons/Gadgets guns Earn more Skillpoints skillz Explosions send targets flying baddaboom Full Armor armor Full Health health Get all Modifications mods Get all weapons plus full ammo, health and armor kfa Gives you Infinite Health/Armor
  5. Do you have any mods enabled when playing the single player? If so disable them then try it.
  6. What type of keyboard? (Make and model)
  7. The recent upgrade has our forum bot taking a break so I wanted to welcome all the new members to UHQ this week.
  8. Install this and it should fix your resolution issues.
  9. Eliteone


    Welcome to UnityHQ.
  10. Did a big upgrade on the forum overnight. Hopefully it's to everyone's liking. As always if you find any oddities let me know. Thanks
  11. Did you install from the original media or?
  12. If memory serves me correctly they were in a NOLF fansite kit. I may have that around somewhere. I see what I can find.
  13. As I am not familiar with the version of the game they are offering on their site I can only speculate that it may have to do with permissions. If you try running the game in Windows compatibility mode, specifically Windows XP SP3 with the run as administrator option that may resolve your particular issue.
  14. Welcome To play on existing servers you will need the Livesforever mod.
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