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  1. Need NOLF saves after The Dive

    Fixed the link should work now.
  2. This is on the Qtracker site: There is a try now and buy now option. This is on the buy now option. Purchase / Register Qtracker Thanks for your interest in supporting Qtracker! Unfortunately you can't at the moment as I'm moving to something more along the lines of Patreon. Qtracker costs a lot to run every month, and I'm the only person working on it. As you can see, there are no ads on the website or program, nor do I sell any user/usage information, so there's no money coming in at all (other than the occasional $20 donation). Something like Patreon could be a perfect fit. Please keep in mind that you may not see public releases very often, but there's always lots going on behind the scenes to keep Qtracker up and running every day and that isn't free. This page will be updated once a decision's been made as how funding will work in the future. So I assume then that downloading it means it will only work for a limited time as a trial product.
  3. Cant download Map Packs and Other

    They just worked for me (The NOLF2 CD images files) Can you give me the specific file that was giving you the issue?
  4. Welcome SPY

    Judging by your pic you're a gamespy too
  5. Facebook and the forum

    The forum is now setup to let you login, create an account using Facebook. This is in addition to Twitter.
  6. Can't find Nolf 2 sound track

    I may have those kicking around. I'll see what I have and get it uploaded to the downloads.
  7. Cant download Map Packs and Other

    Sorry about that. I had to consolidate hosting recently due to the lack of meeting our donation goals and that seems to have broken some of the links. Can you let me know which of the other you were having troubles with?
  8. Server fund

    Missed the goal yet again
  9. Lean mod for NOLF?

    Odd that the search function is working just fine for me.
  10. Are you running it in compatibility mode?
  11. Lean mod for NOLF?

    We have a few topics here on the forum about modding for the nolf series games.
  12. Server fund

    October bump as we're only a few days from the goal again
  13. Any way to disable enemy respawning?

    I've added your file to the UHQ download Jill. It can be downloaded from HERE
  14. Glad you sorted it out. Were you using Windows compatibility mode as well? Curious since I used a Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard without any issues. I however run the game in compatibility mode.
  15. NOLF for steam

    Unfortunately since the who owns the franchise is up in the air we probably won't see these games on steam or gog anything soon.

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