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  1. Have you tried disabling any antivirus or security software? Running as admin as Spawn said can do wonders for XP/9x games since older games expect admin level access. I'm also left-handed and don't use WASD, I'd share my player.txt file but my keybinds are focused around the numpad 8456 keys.
  2. I ran into this problem recently installing & updating Contract Jack on a clean install of Windows 10. I got it working by deleting CJ's installshield GUID info from Windows registry & rerunning the game installer from the disc "As Admin". Then the update installer ran like normal.
  3. Invalid shell DLL error generally indicates a problem between Lithtech.exe & CShell.dll, most likely a version mismatch... Some things to try: Run the game installer as admin (fixed an install issue with CJ for me). Avoid installing to the default location "C:\Program Files" try something like "C:\Games" instead, gets around some inherited UAC issues. If you are using the No-CD patch, make sure it's for v1.3. Too many .rez files in Custom\Resources will cause the game to not load the v1.3 update or mods. Try the Multiplayer Launcher, should fix the above issue.