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  1. Have you tried disabling any antivirus or security software? Running as admin as Spawn said can do wonders for XP/9x games since older games expect admin level access. I'm also left-handed and don't use WASD, I'd share my player.txt file but my keybinds are focused around the numpad 8456 keys.
  2. I ran into this problem recently installing & updating Contract Jack on a clean install of Windows 10. I got it working by deleting CJ's installshield GUID info from Windows registry & rerunning the game installer from the disc "As Admin". Then the update installer ran like normal.
  3. Invalid shell DLL error generally indicates a problem between Lithtech.exe & CShell.dll, most likely a version mismatch... Some things to try: Run the game installer as admin (fixed an install issue with CJ for me). Avoid installing to the default location "C:\Program Files" try something like "C:\Games" instead, gets around some inherited UAC issues. If you are using the No-CD patch, make sure it's for v1.3. Too many .rez files in Custom\Resources will cause the game to not load the v1.3 update or mods. Try the Multiplayer Launcher, should fix the above issue.
  4. Weapons Test 13 View File Mod that adds many new weapons to Contract Jack including: URA's .357 LX Lla Special Micro Uzi Dual Micro Uzi's P90 M82A1 RPG-7 Lightsabers Sword See readme for info. Submitter URA Submitted 08/27/2012 Category Mods
  5. URA


    357-RC1 View File URA's first Contract Jack mod released. Submitter URA Submitted 11/15/2013 Category Mods
  6. LightSaberTest8 View File 8th Lightsaber public test mod Submitter URA Submitted 11/15/2013 Category Mods
  7. Kittycat-Alpha6 View File Kittycat Alpha 6 Submitter URA Submitted 11/15/2013 Category Mods
  8. Kittycat-Alpha7 View File Kittycat Alpha 7 Submitter URA Submitted 11/15/2013 Category Mods
  9. Kittycat-Alpha8 View File Kittycat Alpha 8 Submitter URA Submitted 11/15/2013 Category Mods
  10. Kittycat-Alpha 9-1 View File Kittycat Alpha 9-1 Submitter URA Submitted 11/15/2013 Category Mods
  11. URA

    Kittycat 11-1

    Kittycat 11-1 View File Kittycat 11-1 Submitter URA Submitted 11/15/2013 Category Mods
  12. URA

    Kittycat 11-2

    Kittycat 11-2 View File Kittycat 11-2 Submitter URA Submitted 11/15/2013 Category Mods
  13. URA

    Kittycat 11-3

    Kittycat 11-3 View File Kittycat 11-3 Submitter URA Submitted 11/15/2013 Category Mods
  14. URA

    Kittycat 12-0

    Kittycat 12-0 View File Kittycat 12-0 Submitter URA Submitted 11/15/2013 Category Mods
  15. Kittycat Alpha 9.2 View File KittyCat Alpha 9.2 Submitter URA Submitted 01/14/2014 Category Mods
  16. Multiplayer Launcher View File Multiplayer Launcher v1.0 and Dedicated Server Mod v1.0 Multiplayer Launcher features: Server list, auto loads mods for selected server, widescreen support with proper FOV settings Server Mod v1.0: Adds your server to all the server list hosts defined in servers.txt Submitter URA Submitted 10/20/2012 Category Mods
  17. There is a bug that causes the game to crash upon startup if the screen width is greater than or equal to 1760, you should be able to start the game at 1600x900, with my mods (like Project-M) you can change to 1920x1080 once in game and playing (must load a level before changing or it may crash). I have a new widescreen fix in the works for CJ that helps address this problem
  18. Unfortunately I don't know the cause of this bug... But with my mods (e.g., Project-M) you can still play at 1080 after starting CJ at a lower working resolution and switching to 1080 from in game.
  19. Sorry about that, it's a minor bug that breaks the whole thing... To fix it, make a new empty folder inside the Custom folder and the custom button should appear. But to manually add .rez files, add a command like this to the command-line: -rez Custom\NOLF1_MP_FINAL.REZ Screen width, height & depth are all handled by the launcher for most resolutions, 1920x1080 should be available in the display menu, if not the commands are: +ScreenWidth 1920 +ScreenHeight 1080 +BitDepth 32
  20. Should be working now: http://unityhq.net/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=115 Changes: Fixed custom files not loading. Fixed custom menu bug that caused the menu to lockup the launcher. Added installer default option to add Qtracker's gamespy IP's to the system hosts file.
  21. Thanks for reporting this, I believe I found the cause and should have a fix ready sometime soon.
  22. My query times for each game earlier today are about: NOLF: 8 secs (11 servers, 8 offline) NOLF2: 5 secs (5 server, 2 offline) CJ: 2 secs (2 servers, 1 offline) Does Join by IP still work and is the multiplayer launcher setup as nolf2.exe (join by IP invokes this .exe)?
  23. Looks ok (about the same as mine), are you using the No-CD .exe? I had odd errors in CJ before and switching between the No-CD & retail .exe seemed to clear it up.
  24. I was able to join NOLF2 & CJ from the multiplayer launchers. Can you post the contents of launchcmds.txt after a failed join attempt?