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  1. Good job! Just replacing GameSpy.dll is a good solution for Gamers, it is the easiest solution. *** I think if someone starts a game server (HOST), then he should do as recommended by Qtracker. http://www.qtracker.com/master-gamespy-hostfile.php + He needs to set his router or firewall to block outgoing UDP traffic to port 29910. More details here. https://nolfgirl.net/Unityhq/forums/topic/7638-installing-%E2%80%9Ccontract-jack%E2%80%9D-and-host-without-valid-cd-key/ *** Now many Gamers download the NOLF-games from the popular “Nolfrevival” website http://nolfrevival.tk/ If so
  2. 2020/06/02 Correction in the description, fix bugs Download WideScreenFix_CJ.zip (368Kb) http://www.mediafire.com/file/gxz68h6aa2h4ii4/WideScreenFix_CJ.zip/file
  3. In the German versions of NOLF, NOLF2 and Contract J.A.C.K. milk instead of blood. Why? This is national discrimination, I think this is dirty politics from the "Deep State". Determined empirically, to make blood (as in the English version), you need to fix these lines in the CRES.dll file: for NOLF 752, "FALSE" for NOLF2 & Contract J.A.C.K 1202, "TRUE"
  4. In the German version, milk instead of blood ... lol ...I saw the same bug in the Polish version ... Someone is afraid that the Germans and Poles will start the 3rd world war? It is necessary to fix these lines in CRES.dll ............................. 750, "89" 751, "78" 752, "FALSE" ........................... + not everyone has WinRAR ver. 5
  5. Voice acting and GUI: English, French, German, Russian by 7Wolf, Russian by Triada Adapted for MODERNIZER 1.006 ver.3.1 https://haekb.itch.io/nolf-modernizer Instruction --------------------------------------------- 1. Set in the properties of the shortcut NOLF start the game as Administrator: NOLF game shortcut - right mouse button - Properties - Compatibility - Run as Administrator 2. Run the installer and select language. 3. Run the game and restore the game settings: Game shortcut - Advanced - "Restore default settings" - Ok - La
  6. Nolf_PACK_02 Add: 1. mod MODERNIZER 1.006 Patch 3.1 ..... for Windows 7 / 8 / 10 ..... Fix Widescreen + Fix jerking mouse + Fix low frame rate + Play online(ver. 1.006) 2. mod WidescreenGOTY by jackfuste ..... for Windows 7 ..... Fix Widescreen 3. mod WidescreenPatch v2 by Wobak ..... for Windows XP / 7 ..... Fix Widescreen 4. FixFontSize (increase font size for 1280x720 … 1920x1080) Installation -------------------------------------------- 1. In the properties of the game’s shortcut, specify the launch from the Administrator: Game shortcut Nolf -> ri
  7. Use FontSizeFix for resolutions from 1280x768 and higher. FontSizeFix_03.rez Increases the font size for the Nolf game menu. Use for resolutions from 1280x768 and higher. Compatible with the classic version of the game and with MODERNIZER 1.006 mod Instruction ------------------- 1. Set in the properties of the shortcut NOLF start the game as Administrator: NOLF game shortcut -> right mouse button -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Run as Administrator. 2. Copy the FontSizeFix_03.rez file to the folder with the game Nolf and add this line to
  8. Widescreen fix "WideScreenFix_CJ" for the game Contract J.A.C.K. set resolutions from 1280x720 to 2560x1440 for displays with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and 16:10. Standard menu, subtitles and game chat online. The WideScreenFix_CJ fix is compatible with the game online. Installation --------------------------- 1. In the properties of the game’s shortcut, specify the launch from the Administrator: Game shortcut ContractJACK -> right mouse button -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program as Administrator 2 . Run WideScreenFixCJ.exe, selec
  9. Add Polish languages GUI and subtitle Nolf2_GUI_1_9.zip (5 Mb) https://www.moddb.com/games/no-one-lives-forever-2-a-spy-in-harm/downloads/no-cd-multilingual-gui-for-nolf-2
  10. Added Polish GUI by DirkPitt1. Also: - The picture was changed in the Laucher + the music of the Main Theme was added - MultiGUI + NoCD + WidescreenGOTY + MODERNIZER are combined into one installation file. Download Nolf_PACK_01.zip (15 MB) http://www.mediafire.com/file/z3o6ps0e5swf3r3/Nolf_PACK_01.zip/file or HERE https://www.moddb.com/games/no-one-lives-forever/downloads/no-one-lives-forever-nolf-pack-multilingual-gui-widescreen-modernizer
  11. Multilingual GUI (7 languages) + WidescreenGOTY + No-CD + MODERNIZER(ver.1.005) English, Italian, French, German (all game options activated for German ) Russian (3 languages of GUI), Spanish, Swedish. Tested Windows 7 / 10; Game: Nolf v.1.003, Nolf v.1.004(GOTY), Nolf(Revival) Automatic installation in the game folder. DOWNLOAD Nolf_PACK_01.zip http://www.mediafire.com/file/z3o6ps0e5swf3r3/Nolf_PACK_01.zip/file
  12. Absolutely 100% correct way to run the games NOLF / NOLF2 / Contract JACK on Windows 7 Launch the game through the "Game Explorer" menu: Start - Programs - Games - "Game Explorer" - Nolf icon in the "Game Explorer" - launch from the Administrator. Warning !! Previously, in the “Parameters” of “Game Explorer”, enable all options, allow auto-update of games and reboot.
  13. No-CD added music Main Theme (Stereo, 128kbps, 44.1 kHz) + fixed picture I think someone will like it http://www.mediafire.com/file/fe51k0zismsrfs7/nolf_NoCD_1004_eng_MainTheme.zip/file + added file mp3 Main Theme (Stereo, 160kbps, 44.1 kHz) enjoy!
  14. Fix keyboard and mouse issues in a NOLF game on Windows with a non-Latin code page (e.g. Cyrillic) Information ------------ The dinput.dll file provides keyboard and mouse controls for older games. Dinput.dll versions in the archive: -------------------------------- 1. dinput.dll (eng) ver.5.1.2600.881 (valid codes) in the WinNT_RealCode folder. This is the original dinput.dll for Windows NT from the official directx 8.1 (2001). The most popular version for players on non-Latin Windows. Known in most NOLF releases as “Fix Keyboards” or InputFix. MD5: CF2E3CF3286F5E653B507
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