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  1. Hot issue in 2019: What should I do if the game is not installed or does not start in Windows 7 ?? In 2019, if you are using Windows 7 there may be problems with installing and running the game. Error Sign: The game does not install or does not start, while in the Task Manager it contains contractjack.exe and the process rundll32.exe This problem is created by the Game Explorer program built into Windows 7. .. This also applies to NOLF2, Far Cry games, many, many others ... 2072 games ... let's say our "thanks" to Microsoft Corporation (joke) How to disable "Game Explorer" for Windows 7 You can disable “Game_Explorer” in any of these 3 ways, because all these methods are reversible (you can always return “as it was before”) 1. If you renamed the contractjack.exe startup file to contractjack_1.exe, then you disabled “Game_Explorer” only for game "Contract J.A.C.K.", so now "Contract J.A.C.K.", will work fine. 2. If you are editing the Registry then you have completely disabled “Game_Explorer”, now all 2072 old games are working fine, including "Contract J.A.C.K." http://www.mediafire.com/file/24e176643j9cj2r/BLOCK_GameExplorer.zip/file 3. If you installed the program “Stop_Game_Explorer”, then you have completely disabled “Game_Explorer”, now all 2072 old games are working fine, including "Contract J.A.C.K.", http://www.mediafire.com/file/2mrtxy4eo4pmi2g/Stop_Game_Explorer_1_1.zip/file There are two versions of the program in the archive: for 64bit and for 32bit (i.e., x86). Warning: this program does not have viruses, but VirusTotal and Antiviruses very “dislike” this program because it works with system files. *** NOTE: This theme is only for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. In Windows 8/10 “Game Explorer” is deactivated.
  2. Aha… in 2019, if you are using Windows 7 there may be problems with installing and running the game. This problem is created by the Game Explorer program built into Windows 7. In Windows 8/10, the Game Explorer program is deactivated, so there is no such problem. How to disable "Game Explorer" for Windows 7 1. Lock “Game Explorer” through the Registry. Download ARCHIVE BLOCK_GameExplorer.zip (40Kb), read help This archive also contains a list of 2072 games that the “Game Explorer” controls. http://www.mediafire.com/file/24e176643j9cj2r/BLOCK_GameExplorer.zip/file 2 Or Use the "Stop Game Explorer" Stop_Game_Explorer_1_1.zip, read help http://www.mediafire.com/file/2mrtxy4eo4pmi2g/Stop_Game_Explorer_1_1.zip/file There are two versions of the program in the archive: for 64bit and for 32bit (i.e., x86). The program "Stop Game Explorer" works with system files, so use this program at your own peril and risk.
  3. Read here, p. 13 https://nolfgirl.net/Unityhq/forums/topic/9492-nolf2-installation-and-upgrade-no-cd-game-settings-error-correction/
  4. Inserted the poster Nolf2 and the music of the main theme Nolf1 on the map of the online game Urban Terror Here: Server Name: DamnSnipers [MOD] 4.3.4 FFA IP [] The players like it. music of the main theme Nolf1, rolled into a ring HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dei4nr1fcx84303/main_theme_Nolf1.zip/file
  5. The official version of the game on two CDs has the protection of “Securom” and will not start without the original disc in your CD / DVD-ROM. This protection, of course, is hacked; in all Internet distributions there is a No-CD file. No-CD is a “cracked” file of Lithtech.exe and the game starts normally with this file. If it is important for someone to run the “clean” official version of the game without any “No-CD” there, they can use the Mini-image CD1, which contains a list of files and a copy of the Securom protection on CD1. CD1 mini image does not contain game files, therefore its size in the archive is only 32Kb Download CD1 Mini Image for Contract J.A.C.K. here, the Instructions are in the archive. Contract_JACK_Image.zip [32Kb] https://www.moddb.com/games/contract-jack/downloads/contract-jack-image-as-no-cd Practical application of the Mini-CD1 image instead of “No-CD” has no advantages. In short .. it's for aesthetes. To use the CD1 Mini Image, you must install Alcohol 120 or Alcohol 52 or Daemon Tools to create a virtual CD-ROM drive. All other programs for creating a virtual drive, such as UltraISO or HERO, etc., do not work with protected CDs.
  6. NOLF2 Widescreen Patch Ver.3 by Wobak supports all monitor aspect ratio up to 16 : 10 and all monitor resolution up to 1920x1080. Download Here: https://www.moddb.com/games/no-one-lives-forever-2-a-spy-in-harm/downloads/nolf2-widescreen-patch-v3 The game Nolf2 download on Unity HQ … or HERE, it is magnet-link(more fast download) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:44429295071B47F4699594371E724D8D2E6FCB0C
  7. We do what we can and do not expect gratitude. New time - new games, C'est la vie
  8. 4-5 years ago I uploaded patches for playing online NOLF2 and Contract JACK on playground.ru, moddb.com, community.pcgamingwiki.com There, these patches downloaded over 2,000 people. … But players are not visible on-line. :)
  9. some pennies? :) Dear lady, 10 years ago I uploaded Nolf2 and Contract JACK to 4 free torrent trackers. For 10 years, these games have downloaded more than 50,000 people. But players are not visible on-line :)
  10. The online projects of the NOLF series (NOLF, NOLF2, Contract IACK) have lost their popularity for several reasons: - bad advertising - poor accessibility (games need to be bought in the store, there is no official online download) - low reliability: server crash from a simple online exploit (Contract JACK server) - closing of official master servers What is the alternative for online players today? For example, there is an online project "Urban Terror". There is an official website, the game can be downloaded for free, use Google The game exists and develops over 20 years, this is a modification of Quake 3. Official Master servers work, the game can be downloaded for free from the official site. There is an official registration of players, but you can play without registration. There are 280 servers running on Windows and Linux platforms. Over 2,000 maps have been issued to play online. Automatic download of maps during the game from any of the 10 file servers. A game with bots is supported, there are 16 modifications of bots. Disadvantages of the game "Urban Terror" In the last 3-5 years, Developers have ceased to take into account the opinions of players, so version 4.3.4 has become much less popular than earlier versions, for example, 4.2 and 4.1. Alternative Versions There is a modification of the dedicated server version 4.3.4, which combines the advantages of version 4.2 and the progress of version 4.3.4 This is a dedicated server "MinModUrT_4.3.4." The main difference of this dedicated server from the official version: the lack of damage to the player’s health when falling from a height (for example, in the official version, a jump from a height of 4-5 meters ends in death). MinModUrT_4.3.4. released on Windows and Linux, several servers use this mod. You can download it from here: https://github.com/pedrxd/MinModUrT https://github.com/pedrxd/MinModUrT/releases For the game Urban Terror 4.3.4 also released an unofficial dedicated server "TitanMOD ver 3.7", but unfortunately it is not available for download. Specific offer: Create an “Urban Terror” section on the UNYTI HQ site and launch a dedicated server based on MinModUrT_4.3.4. Think up a name for the server, for example, "Nolf-UNYTI HQ [MOD]" This name will attract former Nolf-players to it. Players can use their old nolf-nickname. The name of the server should contain the word [MOD] - this is a requirement of the Urban Terror Administration. MinModUrT_4.3.4 should be installed only on the server. Players should not download MinModUrT_4.3.4 On the server, install 8-10 beautiful sniper maps: ut4_intermodal_beta.pk3; ut4_druglord.pk3; ut4_aardtimes_www.pk3; ut4_alinosperch_a3.pk3; ut4_dealey_b2.pk3; ut4_superman2_beta.pk3; ut4_laneway4_beta.pk3; ut4_gad_dom.pk3; ut4_toys_release.pk3; ut4_rip_release.pk3 Maps are only needed on the server, players will download maps from one of 10 free file servers, the download link is specified in the server settings. The most famous free file servers: https://sebsauvage.net/q3ut4/ // 2223 maps https://maps.pro-gameservers.net/q3ut4/ // 1762 maps Small clans usually link to free file servers Large clans, of course, place maps on their file server. Interesting offer 1: The main mistake of the developers of the latest version of Urban Terror 4.3.4 was the removal of 200 Mb textures from the game file (1800Mb). This is a very dumb savings. As a result, many beautiful old maps have become terribly ugly. For example, beautiful maps ut4_violentos_b3.pk3 or ut4_rivendel_b4.pk3 look very bad on the new version of Urban Terror 4.3.4 ... You can start the UNYTI HQ "NOSTALGIA" server with old maps, and during the game give a link to the 200 Mb package from the UNYTI HQ website. Those players who download this package will play with beautiful textures, the rest will play with ugly textures. Interesting offer 2: The game Urban Terror has a small number of skins. It would be very interesting to add Nolf-skins to this game. But this is fantastic ...?
  11. URA has a good host, I connect… but there is no sniper gun there. Interestingly, … the server will crash if TP555 connects ... ? To play online there are 2 ways 1. First way: Install Qtracker and connect via Qtracker menu https://www.qtracker.com/download-sections.php?section=0,2,13 right click on Qtracker and in the properties specify compatibility with Windows XP SP3 Now, set the path to the game: choose the game Contract JACK - right-click - Connect - now - Browse - select the game folder - select ContractJack.exe - Apply - Ok Then connect to the game: choose Contract JACK game - right click - Connect - now 2. If you don't like the first way, then use this patch: https://www.moddb.com/games/contract-jack/downloads/package-online-multilingual-2014 and connect via the game menu: : Contract JACK – Play- Multiplayer - Join Who wants to have more, ... download it magnet:? Xt = urn: btih: 8F86D97DFA85B011622E544837C85EF9FC56CCC5
  12. press T on the keyboard, open the console, write maphole and press Enter, the level ends and the next level begins
  13. Multilingual GUI No One Lives Forever 2 Patch contains 6 European languages GUI… You can select English / Russian / German / French / Italian / Spanish for GUI and subtitle game No One Lives Forever 2 This patch does not contain Polish… Download HERE If you want to install your Polish GUI then: 1. Install the official English game NOLF2 2. Install the official English patch 1.3 In the main game folder you will find the file Update_v1x3.rez You need to use the "WinRez LT Studio" program to open Update_v1x3.rez Inside this archive Update_v1x3.rez you will find the file CRES.DLL You need to use the program for editing DLL-files, for example the program "Restorer" or "Resource Hacker" Inside the CRES.DLL file, you will find a text file that contains 6795 lines of messages in English. You must translate all these messages into Polish. Then save the file CRES.DLL Then use the program "WinRez LT Studio" and save the file Update_v1x3.rez with the new Polish version of the CRES.DLL If you installed the game NOLF2 with the Polish GUI then send the files GAMEDLL.REZ and Update_v1x3.rez to my email santosone@yandex.com If I have some time, I will make a new version of the multilingual GUI No One Lives Forever 2 with polish.