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  1. 1. Install GOTY version of NOLF here(magnet-link) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:C42A45730F7D67C0E5CC34E27A22B5B80B80393D 2. Install MODERNIZER for NOLF (Nolf_PACK_02) here https://nolfgirl.net/Unityhq/forums/topic/46609-multilingual-gui-7-languages-mods-widescreen-no-cd-modernizer-1006-ver31-solution/?do=findComment&comment=147515 enjoi!
  2. Nolf2 Modernizer2 Beta 2с Multilingual Download Modernizer2_2c_GUI.zip (50Mb) on the forum downloads This file is already on our downloads here Changes: Added GUI and subtitles: English, German, French, Italian, Polish(2), Russian(2), Spanish Added translation of textures (posters, signs, names, etc.) for Russian (SoftClub), French and German versions. For the German version, all options are enabled (blood enable) and the missing sound files for character voice acting have been added. Added all missions(20) and all characters(35) to the Co-op. Added files and instructions for fixing the "Catastrophic failure" error on Windows 10
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This package allows you to change the GUI language to English - German - French - Polish - Russian - Spanish, contains a Widescreen fix for resolutions up to 1920x1080. Hotfix fixes jerks, lags, and stuttering in the game. Added Multiplayer from SPAWN. This Package allows you to change the language of the GUI to English - German - French - Polish - Russian - Spanish and allows players to play "ContractJACK" Multiplayer, post GameSpy Master Server shutdown since Jul 2014 for all localization Contract JACK ver 1.1. For Windows XP/7/8/10 The Package is in the archive and contains the files: 1. Multilingual graphical game interface ( English - German - French - Polish - Spanish - Russian ) for Contract J.A.C.K. 2. Package_Online ver1.2 for Contract J.A.C.K. and NOLF Description Package_Online ver 1.2 (for Contract J.A.C.K., NOLF). Recover game online after switching off the master servers GameSpy in July 2014. Redirect your game from the master servers GameSpy (disabled now) on master servers Qtracker. The program adds a few lines in the file "hosts" \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts If your Anti-Virus blocks the modification of the hosts system file, then edit this file yourself. Read HEPL.txt in Archive. See more HERE Qtracker.com Installing Automatic installation of the game folder using the path from the registry Before installing the package, you need to install the game Contract J.A.C.K. and to upgrade to version 1.1. After Installing Right-click on the icon ContractJACK - Properties - Compatibility - mark the Contract JACK executable run in Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode and mark "Run the game from the Administrator" Changes in version 1.11 1. For German and Russian GUI added, respectively, German and Russian textures. 2. Widescreen fix for 16:19, 16:10 monitors, resolution up to 1920x1080 3. Hotfix fixes jerks, lags, and stuttering in the game. Restores smooth gameplay and stable FPS. Preferably for Windows 10. 4. Fix Multiplayer(file GameSpy.dll by Spaun) 5. Fix Catastophic failure error for Windows 10. Known Problems Contract J.A.C.K. on modern graphics cards 1. To prevent the game from freezing during an explosion or a grenade flash, turn off Dynamic Lighting in the game settings (see Fig): Settings -> PERFORMANCE -> Display -> Dynamic Lighting -> Disable 2. If you see graphics distortion in the game, then press the "Win" on the keyboard. The game will be compressed. Then click on the icon of the compressed game. The game will be restored without distortion graphics.
  4. Changes in version 1.11 1. For German and Russian GUI added, respectively, German and Russian textures. 2. Widescreen fix for 16:19, 16:10 monitors, resolution up to 1920x1080. Compatible with Multiplayer 3. Hotfix fixes jerks, lags, and stuttering in the game. Restores smooth gameplay and stable FPS. Preferably for Windows 10. 4. Fix Multiplayer(file GameSpy.dll by Spawn) 5. Fix Catastophic failure error for Windows 10. Download Pack_CJ_1_11.zip (30Mb) Download here P.S. There is a bug in the Pack_CJ_1_11.zip version The latest version of Pack_CJ_1_12.zip on the site https://www.moddb.com
  5. dgvoodoo is possible for Nolf 2, but there is another way: https://nolfgirl.net/Unityhq/forums/topic/48423-nolf2-fixes-jerky-mouse-and-stabilizes-fps-d3d8dll-by-b-vorontsov/
  6. I installed "Contract J.A.C.K." (Official 2 CDs) on Windows 10 Enterprise x64 LTSE 1809. Then I install patch 1.1 ... an error occurs: "Catastrophic failure". It is now impossible to uninstall the game through the Windows Control Panel. *** Usually the “Catastrophic failure” error occurs after installing the "Contract J.A.C.K." game from the official CD on Windows 10 if you installed the game without Administrative rights. A similar error occurs in the Nolf2 game, more details here: https://nolfgirl.net/Unityhq/forums/topic/3620-13-patch-error/ *** Bug fix: --------- How to uninstall the game yourself: --------------------------------------------- 1. Delete the folder with the installed game. 2. Remove these lines from the Registry WARNING! ----------------- Before deleting lines from the Registry, save them first! For Windows 10 [64 bit] remove these lines from the Registry: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{374CAB30-2F61-4439-9A4A-24D3AEA2960A}] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Monolith Productions\Contract Jack] For Windows 10 [32 bit] remove these lines from the Registry: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{374CAB30-2F61-4439-9A4A-24D3AEA2960A}] [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Monolith Productions\Contract Jack] 3. Remove the "Contract JACK" shortcut from the Desktop 4. Delete the game entry from the list of Installed Programs Reinstall the game with Administrator rights: ------------------------------------------------------- 1. Create a "New Folder" on your Desktop, copy CD2 first and then CD1 to this folder, agree to replace the files. 2. Run the Setup.exe file from the "New Folder" with Administrator rights. 3. Restart your computer. 4. Install patch 1.1 for "Contract J.A.C.K." with Administrator rights. Ready reg-files for uninstalling the game "Contract J.A.C.K.", Download here: CJ_Catastrophic_failure.zip (60Kb) http://www.mediafire.com/file/mdncnncdcn0gr8r/CJ_Catastrophic_failure.zip/file -------------------------------------------------- Select the file CJ_Delete_in_Registry_64bit.reg to remove Contract J.A.C.K. from the Windows 10 [64 bit]. or Select the file CJ_Delete_in_Registry_32bit.reg to remove Contract J.A.C.K. from the Windows 10 [32 bit]
  7. Fixes jerky mouse and stabilizes FPS for Nolf2 and Contract J.A.C.K. Works well on Windows 10. Download, unpack and copy the d3d8.dll and enbconvertor.ini files to the game folder.: enbconvertor_dx8_dx9_v0036.zip (48 Kb) http://enbdev.com/convertor_dx8_dx9_v0036.htm For this fix, you need to install the latest official version of DirectX Redistributable (June 2010) SHA-1: F8F1217F666BF2F6863631A7D FB3A8D1542DF https://www.download3k.com/Install-DirectX-Redistributable.html Enjoy !
  8. The mod has a lot of bugs, but HeyJake did the main thing: on Windows 10 we have a stable FPS and, most importantly: fixed mouse jerks and fixed the bug "wave-like movement of the mouse up and down" Other mods do not make such fixes.
  9. Bug: Modernizer2 (all versions) does not work correctly after starting the dedicated server. Now the mouse pointer jerks, display FPS = 20 ... 800 Shutting down the server, Restoring the game parameters, reinstalling the Modernizer2, Restarting does not help. Only reinstalling NOLF2. Reason: autoexec.cfg got corrupted in the game folder. Solution: save the original autoexec.cfg file before installing the Modernizer2. If the Modernizer2 does not work correctly, copy your original autoexec.cfg to the game folder. Tested on NOLF2 Official (USA) and NOLF2 Revival, Windows 10x64 Enterprise LTSE 1809
  10. I posted it on the temporary file hosting mediafire.com, because the Modernizer2 Mod, unfortunately, has many bugs, for example, problems with playing online. Hopefully players check this mod and write their comments, and then the developer HeyThereCoffeee will fix these bugs in the next versions. However, this mod works well for individual playthroughs.
  11. English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Spanish GUI and subtitles for Modernizer2 Beta 1 mod. Added a Co-op mode for all missions in the game. Automatic installation and uninstallation. Modernizer2 Beta 1 mod supports widescreen mode up to 1920x1080, stable FPS = 60 for your monitor and smooth movement of the mouse pointer. Relevant for Windows 10 users. More details here: https://haekb.itch.io/nolf2-modernizer Download here: This file is already on our downloads here. No reason to link to a random mediafire download.
  12. It would be nice to add to the German version of "MODERNIZER" German textures (ie names, plates, signs) from the official German version “Nolf” (file NOLF.REZ) This is useful if you are installing "MODERNIZER" on the English version of Nolf. Download here Nolf_DE_Texture.zip (1.4Mb) Link to offsite download. Please follow the forum posting rules for file submission.
  13. I also like the Windows XP style. I used the Classic Shell program and installed the “Windows XP” style on my Windows 10 http://www.classicshell.net/
  14. Install Windows 7 SP1, then you will solve all problems. For example official versions Windows 7 SP1 [x64] en_windows_7_enterprise_with_sp1_x64_dvd_u_677651.iso SHA1: a491f985dccfb5863f31b728dddbedb2ff4df8d1 or [x86] en_windows_7_enterprise_with_sp1_x86_dvd_u_677710.iso SHA1: 4e0450ac73ab6f9f755eb422990cd9c7a1f3509c Also Language Pack (if needed) [x64] language-packs-mu_windows_7_sp1_language_pack_x64_dvd_619714.iso SHA1: 7cd1fe568d968d89792dc9ff20e9af2b318995c2 or [x86] language-packs-mu_windows_7_sp1_language_pack_x86_dvd_619716.iso SHA1: e9261433ff5ccaca818328a9bdbbed3f21a6405e https://soft.uclv.edu.cu/Microsoft/Microsoft.Windows.7/ Faster server: Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise (with Service Pack 1) MSDN Original X64 VL (English) SHA-1: a491f985dccfb5863f31b728dddbedb2ff4df8d1 or [x86] Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise (with Service Pack 1) MSDN Original X86 VL (English) SHA-1: 4e0450ac73ab6f9f755eb422990cd9c7a1f3509c "Windows 7 SP1 Enterprise VL" keys you can buy on ebay or Amazon for $10 ... $30 or activate with free Activator "KMSAuto Lite Portable v1.5.6" + It is advisable to install the official update KB4012212 (protection against WannaCry virus)
  15. MODERNIZER.REZ contains new version of OBJECT.LTO Older versions of OBJECT.LTO are located in the game folder, in the REZ files. Jake probably made a MODERNIZER on a Windows 10 system for Windows 10 users Errors occur on other systems: The MODERNIZER mod loads and works fine on Windows 7, but after the game ends, the error message “Client MFS Application error” appears. MODERNIZER mod loads but doesn't work on Windows XP system you know. Jake is also aware of these issues. Perhaps he will fix this in newer versions MODERNIZER. The source files of the MODERNIZER project for NOLF are here: https://github.com/haekb/nolf1-modernizer
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