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  1. Version 1.0


    Quick Start =========== To install the compatibility fixes, open an administrator command prompt in the same directory and type: sdbinst NOLFCompatFix.sdb That's it! Start up NOLF1 and you should find everything in working order. Command Prompt Help =================== To open an admin command prompt, open the "Apps" view of the start screen and begin typing "cmd". Right click on the first entry (should be Command Prompt) and select "Run As Administrator". Be sure you are in the same directory as the sdb file. You can use the "cd" command to do this (example: "cd C:\Users\MyName\Desktop"). Uninstalling ============ Go to "Programs and Features" in the Control Panel, select "No One Lives Forever Compatibility Fixes" and select Uninstall. How it works ============ The sdb file is a shim created with the Microsoft Application Compatibility Manager ( It contains an application compatibility fix for lithtech.exe, enabling the compatibility mode NoDTToDITMouseBatch (fixes jumpy mouse movement) and the compatibility fix DXPrimaryEmulation (Parameters: -DisableMaxWindowedMode) (fixes low framerate in fullscreen mode). This sdb will be updated in the future if additional compatibility modes are found to be necessary or helpful. Credits ======= This sdb was put together by Airslide with help from the following sources:
  2. EDIT 2: Fix for Mouse Stutter & Framerate Even better! I've packaged both compatibility settings into a shim using the Microsoft Application Compatibility Manager. Download this zip, follow the instructions in the README file, and you'll be all set. Original Post: Found a fix for the mouse stutter! Make sure you have applied all outstanding patches for Windows 8.1, then scroll down to the bit about the registry. If yours is anything like mine, you'll already have a compatibility flag listed in the entry, simply append a space and add "NoDTToDITMouseBatch" as explained in the article (don't overwrite the existing value). As it says, back up your registry first - nasty things can always happen with regedit. EDIT: I was also able to fix the framerate in fullscreen using the instructions here: Scroll down to where it talks about the MS Application Compatibility Toolkit and follow the instructions for lithtech.exe. I'm looking into ways to deploy this fix without the toolkit for others in the future.
  3. I'll look into that, although I think I may have come up with a solution. The issue seems to go away if, when graphical glitches occur, I alt-tab out. This makes me pretty confident that it is an issue that is either due to DirectX, my gfx drivers or my graphics card itself. Alt-tabbing causes it to lose the 3D device and by coming back it has to re-load everything. It isn't the most elegant solution, but it's working so far!
  4. Default settings on the nVidia control panel didn't help either. And I tested those compatability settings earlier without any success. About an hour ago I unistalled it, re-installed DirectX and then re-installed from the disc without telling the installer to install DirectX 8.1. I *didn't* set any compatibility settings and installed the 1.3 patch from this website (just in case the download I had from somewhere else was somehow damaged/flawed/modified). So far I managed to play through Japan without incident (although I did get what looks like a stray polygon at one point, I took a screenshot: - it only appeared in a certain area). I've had no trouble in Sibera yet but I've only gotten so far as placing explosives on the bridge. I'll keep playing, hopefully I won't run into the problem again.
  5. I set the compatibility modes on both the launcher and LithTech.exe. On your reccomendation I tried adjusting the graphics settings for both the game and in the nVidia control panel, trying both the highest and lowest settings, but no luck. I also tried turning off User Account Control but it did not seem to help at all either. I even tried downloading a set of nVidia's beta drivers hoping that one of the "numerous bug fixes" would help out my problem, but no such luck. Thanks for the help though! Good to see this game is still alive. I hope I can get this thing working, I'll keep tinkering I guess.
  6. It's never fun making your first post in a forum one requesting technical support, but alas, I've tried just about everything. After accidentally re-discovering the NOLF:GOTY soundtrack that somehow found its way on my iPod, I decided to re-play the original game. I installed it and it ran flawlessly, didn't require any sort of compatibility settings or anything. Finishing that, I naturally wanted to move on to NOLF2. When I first tried to play NOLF2, it would get to the loading screen and hang. Patching it to 1.3 fixed this, and I managed to play through the first area (Japan) without any trouble if I recall. It was when I got to the next area, Sibera, that I began to have trouble with the game after loading a save, usually when following death. Objects would show up either as invisible or with corrupt textures, and often flicking a light switch would result in a crash with "Client MFC Application has stopped working". Sometimes massive colors and polygons would appear from nowhere. So basically, the game seems to work 100% fine until I'm forced to load, or especially when I get to the inner yard/records building, whenever I change levels. Sound works flawlessly (seems to be the main issue on Win7/Vista from my searches). It seems like a graphics problem to me, and I can't seem to find any fix. What I've tried so far, after extensive searching: *Unistalling and reinstalling the game (tried this three times) *Setting compatibility modes (Windows 2000, XP, and Vista allow the game to run but do not address the issue. Windows 95/98/Me modes don't work at all) *Using the NO-CD Patch (Someone reported this fixed the problem or lowered its frequency, I was skeptical but desperate) *Using the LiveForever mod (again, someone reported that this reduced the problem) *Disabling visual themes & desktop composition (seems to reduce the issue on earlier levels but I could be imagining that) *Updating graphics drivers If anyone has any experience with this issue or a potential solution I would be eternally grateful! This is a game I would love to play unhampered, but so far I've been sort of forcing my way through dozens of crashes. I managed to the point where you must recover information from the M-9 machine, but when I attempt to use it it does not prompt me for what action I want to perform (use code/type random letters), instead the text goes gray and I'm left completely stuck. I've tried loading earlier saves but no avail. EDIT: Whoops, some hardware specs might help: Windows 7 64-Bit 4GB of Memory Intel Core2 Quad nVidia 8800 GTS