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  1. Mirror's Edge (2009)Fix for EA license server error

    When you get the attached error message when launching the original Mirror's Edge game through Origin.
    To fix this download and extract the two replacement DLL files and place them in the Binaries folder where you installed your Mirror's Edge game. 
    Then launch the game through Origin and it will launch for you.



  2. Star trek Eliteforce 2 for Mac

    Complete game.  Requires an emulator to run on modern Mac operating systems. 
    You can find an emulator from this site.



  3. Star Trek Eliteforce Multiplayer complete game

    File is hosted by The Last Outpost Forum   UHQ is linking it here to introduce others to this great classic Star trek game.  
    Seventeen years ago, Raven Software released one of the most lovingly crafted, authentic Star Trek experiences ever made, and it just so happened to be a very good arena shooter. Even after players finished playing through the game's expertly designed single-player campaign, its frantic, Quake-like "Holomatch" multiplayer kept players hooked for hours. Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force was a magnificent product, but as the years have passed, and the game's gone out of print, it's become increasingly hard to find.
    With permission from Raven Software and CBS, The Last Outpost is proud to present the complete Holomatch experience, available for free. Based on Thilo's icculus Quake III engine conversion, this installer provides players with unrestricted access to the game's online multiplayer, no CD key required. We've also taken the liberty of including several user-created maps and player models to give players even more content, providing the best balance of variety and quality.
    Known Issues:

    •   No official support for Linux or macOS operating systems.
                •   A Linux client is currently being researched. No macOS client is planned at this time.
                       •    In the meantime, the game has been tested and confirmed to work on WINE.

    •   Resolution defaults to full screen 640x480.
    •   No in-game options for display 4:3 resolutions above 2048x1536 and 16:9 resolutions above 856x480.
    •   No in-game options for 3:2 and 21:9 aspect ratios.
                •   All of these problems can be fixed by setting /r_customwidth and /r_customheight to your desired window size.
                       •    For example, you would type /r_customwidth "1920";r_customheight "1080" in console for 1080p displays.
                       •    /r_fullscreen "0" can be used to force windowed mode.
                       •    If none of your changes are taking effect, try /r_mode "-1" and /vid_restart.

    •   No in-game options for anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering.
                •   These must be set manually via your graphics card's control panel.

    •   Users may encounter problems joining servers due to a "bad CD key" error.
                •   This occurs because some servers still use the original game client, instead of ioEF, which has the CD key check disabled.
                       •    This cannot be fixed without a valid CD key. A list of compatible ioEF-based servers is available here.

    •   The in-game model list doesn't include all of the player models and skins present in BaseEF.
                •   This is the result of an engine limitation with how many models the menu can display. We are researching possible fixes.



  4. Star Trek Bridge Commander Patch

    By Activision
    This is the latest official patch for Star Trek: Bridge Commander.
    Fixes Include:
    Added capability for multiplayer hosts to ban players Problem in E6M5 with shuttles sometimes not leaving the planet, which means the mission cannot be completed. Zhukov registry texture being upside-down Fixed "redshirts" getting stuck in an animation after falling down Multiplayer names containing '[' causing problems when restarting the game. If you believe that your copy of the game suffers from this problem, please delete the config file, that is found where you installed the game, before launching and repatching. Better support for adding custom missions Banning of players by IP address



  5. Assassin's Creed Patch 1.02

    By Ubisoft
    This patch includes the following fixes:

    * Fixed a rare crash while riding the horse in Kingdom
    * Fixed a corruption of Altair's robe on certain graphics hardware
    * Cursor is now centered when accessing the Map
    * Fixed a few problems with Alt-Tab
    * Fixed a graphical bug in the final fight
    * Fixed a few graphical problems with dead bodies
    * Fixed pixellation with post-FX enabled on certain graphics hardware
    * Fixed a small bug in the DNA Menu that would cause the image to disappear if the arrow was clicked rapidly
    * Fixed some graphical corruption in Present Room with low Level Of Detail
    * Character input is now cancelled if the controller is unplugged while moving
    * Added support for x64 versions of Windows
    * Fixed broken post-effects on DirectX 10.1 enabled cards

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  6. TOMB RAIDER (2013) PC Savegame Files

    Courtesy of tombraiders.net
    Downloading & Installing TOMB RAIDER (2013) PC Savegame Files
    This page pertains only to the Windows PC version of TOMB RAIDER.
    IMPORTANT NOTES - PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING: These files are experimental. To the best of my knowledge, they will work if you follow the instructions, but I haven't had time to test them fully. So I'm not sure exactly which game features (e.g., inventory, upgrades, relics, documents, GPS caches, challenges, etc.) are stored in the save file, which in the profile, etc. If you download one of my saves, you should have every item and upgrade I've found/unlocked up to that point but, as far as I know, my gameplay does not count toward your achievements or toward unlockable Extras like concept art and character models.
    we are not responsible for anything that happens to your computer as a result of downloading files or following advice given on this site or any linked site. I recommend taking the same precautions you would with any file you download from the Internet, including scanning the file with an anti-virus program, backing up your existing files before installing new ones, and following the instructions below, especially if you are unfamiliar with this process.
    Every time you pass a checkpoint while playing TOMB RAIDER,  a file is created containing all the information about your game so far—Lara's inventory, enemies killed, puzzles solved, items found, upgrades made, etc. These savegame files are coded so that the game program can "read" them. When you reload an earlier save, your computer interprets the savegame file and restores Lara and her world to the way they were at the most recent checkpoint.
    Each subsequent autosave overwrites the previous save; however, since the 1.0.730 patch TOMB RAIDER  offers 99 possible save slots. I highly recommend changing save slots periodically—at least once each level or so. To do this, pause the game by pressing Esc on the keyboard, Select or Start on a controller, and choosing the "Change Save Slot" option from the menu. Then if something does go wrong in your game, you'll at least have a fairly recent save to which you can revert.
    If you get stuck and don't have a recent save of your own, you can download one of mine. The following explains how to download and install save files.
    All the save files on this site come in .zip files. A .zip file is like a digital "envelope" containing other files. Using .zip files lets me group savegame files together in one convenient "package," such as a group of saves for a given level.
    To the best of my knowledge, saves from all versions of the Steam PC game are interchangeable, but please be sure to back up your original save files, as instructed below, just in case there are issues.
    How to Download and Install TOMB RAIDER Save Files:
    Disable Steam Cloud synchronization:
      Open Steam. Go to your games Library. Right-click TOMB RAIDER and choose Properties. Click the Updates tab. Un-check the option to 'Enable Steam Cloud synchronization'.
    This prevents the game from restoring your last save from the Steam cloud server. You can enable it again later if you like, once you've played through to another checkpoint.
      Download the zip file.
      Open the following folders on your PC (each folder is inside the previous one):

    For 32-bit Windows: Computer > Windows (C:) > Program Files > Steam > userdata > XXXXXXXX > 203160 > remote

    For 64-bit Windows: Computer > Windows (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > userdata > XXXXXXXX > 203160 > remote

    where the X's are a number representing your unique Steam user profile. Inside the 'remote' folder, you should find your TOMB RAIDER profile (profile.dat) and the autosaves you've made so far (save1.dat, save2.dat and save3.dat).
      VERY IMPORTANT: Copy your existing save files and profile into a new folder. Then if something goes wrong and my files don't work for you, you can restore your original saves and continue from where you left off.
      Open the .zip file you just downloaded. Newer versions of Windows (i.e., the ones that can play this game) should automatically open .zip files when you double-click. You can also use an archive utility like WinZip or WinRAR.
      Select the save1.dat, save2.dat or save3.dat file you want and copy/paste it into the 'remote' folder.
      Close all open windows and open Steam. Make sure Steam is running in online mode. (In the Steam drop-down menu at the top left corner, choose the second option, "Go Online..." If it says "Go Offline..." leave it alone. You're already online.)
      Start the TOMB RAIDER game as usual. Click 'Continue' and choose the downloaded save to load.
      These instructions apply to the Steam installation of the game under Windows 7. If you're using a different version of Windows, you can still use these saves, but I'm not sure exactly where the save files are located. Try searching for the 'Steam' folder and looking inside. Or search for the '203160' folder or 'save1.dat' file directly. If your saves are in a different location, please let me know so I can update this page for others who may have the same setup. Thanks!
      LOCATION OF SAVES IN NON-STEAM VERSIONS: If you have a version of the game other than the Steam download, the save files will be in a different location, most likely something like C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Square Enix. If you don't find them there, try searching your hard drive for "save1.dat." Then right-click the file in the search results and choose "open file location."
    SOLUTION FOR CORRUPTED AUTOSAVE: If you try to load one of my saves and the game tells you the file is corrupted, this may be because you attempted to manipulate the save files while the game was running. Quit the game all the way out to the desktop. Repeat the steps above and try again.
    SOLUTION FOR DOWNLOADED SAVES THAT DON'T APPEAR IN MENU: If you try to load one of my saves and that save slot appears blank or says "Empty 0% Complete" on the Select A Game Save screen, you probably need to rename my save or create a new save in the correct slot first. So, for example, if you downloaded my save5.dat but you only have three saved games, rename my save5.dat to save3.dat and then move it into the remote folder. (Again, make sure you've backed up your own saves first.)
    Or, start the game, load one of your own saves, then choose "Change Save Slot" from the pause menu. Choose the slot that corresponds with my save, and click OK. For example, if the downloaded save is save5.dat, create your new save in the 5th slot. Quit the game, copy the downloaded save into the 'remote' folder, overwriting the save file you just made, and then restart the game. The new save should now load correctly.

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  7. JediMoves JA+ Mod v2.4 Build 7


    Jedi Academy Multiplayer Game Modification




    Title: JediMoves JA+ Mod v2.4 Build 7



    Authors                 : Slider

    E-Mail                  : slider744@hotmail.com

    website                                    : http://www.japlus.net/

    Date Released           : 16/10/2011

    Description             : This  version  of JA+ Mod is designed for Jedi Academy 1.0.1

    OS                               : Windows and Linux and Mac

    Mod Type                : Server Side but capability to have client side plugin


    Testing Team Leader : SiLink


    Screenshots : http://www.japlus.net/screen.php

    Movie Trailer : http://www.japlus.net/trailer.php


                JA+ is the official name for the JediMoves.com Mod Project.

    This server side Mod for  Windows/Linux/Mac is designed to add cool features and enable admin commands

    to help ensure your rules are respected and to make your server more configurable.  This mod will not drastically change

    the general feel of the game, it will simply add fun features or enhance features in order to satisfy Jedi Academy

    clans.  When all the new options are turned OFF, the gameplay becomes unchanged.


    The main goal of this mod is to add or enhance a lot of features in a total configurable ''Plus'' JediAcademy version (that is why i called it JA+). 

    This is the full distribution pack. It includes the clientside JA+ Plugin as well as some helpful tools to aid server administrators.

     For full documentation of the plugin itself, please download the plugin and its readme separately.



    Example of features

                --Compatibility with all OS Windows, Linux and Mac

                --Support for the New JA+ GLA animations(yes i know it adds 8Mo to the mod)

                --High speed URL AutoDownload Redirect for needed Pk3 when connecting a server.

                --Multiple duels at once

                --Full force Duels

                --Duel  Isolation (Non interference)

                --No Rules Alternate Dimension

                --Flipkicks without altering wall run         

                --Admin commands + Admin Abuse Detection

                --Speak mod (admin, clan and team)

                --Clan Tag Protection

                --Team gametypes auto-balance (teams with the same number of players)

                --MultiTaunt Sound, and multiCustom player sounds.

                --AutoReplier integrated working with all foreign versions of the game.

                --Easy saber change without respawning

                --Tons of new emotes   

                --Fake player name detection system based on IP detection

                --All SP attacks added + completely new attacks and new  DFA + SP force moves with new extended effects

                --Extended Melee attacks

                --New items (melee, jetpack, flameThrower,grapple hook )

                --Model size scaling system

                --Configurable saber Damages

                --New Vote system management + AntiVoteSpam

                --Capability of activating a real JK2 gameplay with moves and damages

                --Profanity Filter

                --Chat GOD (attack immunity while in console or chat mode) + Inactivity AutoProtect

                --Highlander ffa gametype modification

                --JediVsMerc mod enhancement

                --Client Side Plugin for players

                --RGB clothes and sabers + various saber core/line/trails styles effects.

                --Extensive Anti cheat system ( Macro scan , models exploit, yawspeed....etc...)

                --Client scripts that bind keys to improve accessibility and more...

                --gender support for missing skins (replaced by a default male or a female model)

                --JA+ BitValue calculator to compute all bit value CVars.

                --BaseJKA vehicle limit of 16 modified to allow a maximum of 32 distinct vehicles to be spawned in a map.

                --Maximum size of  .veh & .vwp files  increased to allow the loading of a lot more pk3 vehicle files (more than 50).

                --JA+ server tracker for website (server info in real time, who's playing, rcon cmds, server configs....viewable in a web page) 

                -- JA+ sabers Support : a great saber pack included, new hilts...etc.. with extended sabers features like holstering animations and holsters model.

                --Many lot of corrected basejka Bugs





                JA+ is a server-side Mod which is made even better by a client-side plugin containing separate .pk3 files..

    This plugin is designed to give UI, animation and feature enhancement to your client side game.

    You are not obligated to install the plugins with the JA+ server side part to run a JA+ server.


                This Mod contains a number of powerful admin commands that must be executed by a real human player as well as

    automatic admin systems executed by the server. However, in order to be sure not to punish the wrong person or

    to decrease a player's personal liberties, the automatic admin system is "light" coded. (For example the fake name detection

    system will just warn players). The automatic admin system will not make the decision to kick, or ban players.

                With this mod, i preferred to give full admin power and let the server owner detect admin abuse/autoBan abusers

    with the admin abuse detection system. These commands are not abusive, people are.

    Now if you want to abuse with those admin features, think about the fact that all players will tend to play on better servers.

    There are enough servers for that....





    Quick Install



    - just delete all pk3 files in your gamedata/japlus folder.

    - then unzip this zip file into your gamedata folder. It should place all needed pk3 files into your gamedata folder. It will also create or update your japlus and base (only for the animation pk3) folder.

    - then load the mod using the load mod menu of your game, or directly execute the script play_japlus.bat inside gamedata folder.


    PS : the japlus_gla_anims.pk3 must be installed in BASE folder and not in japlus folder on both server and clients in order to use them.


    for detailed info, go in japlus\japlus_doc

    For detailed notes about the plugin, read the Plugin_readme.rtf


    PS: For MAC users, all the dll are now integrated in the PK3 of the mod. You need the MAC Patch1.01E to make it working.

    you can get this patch from http://www.macgamefiles.com/detail.php?item=17967 

    You will find a detailed MAC install howTo made by DarthZappa in japlus/japlus_doc/japlusmac-howto.zip




    DOCUMENTATION and Tools And Distrib




    You will find :

                *** all the server distrib for windows and linux and Mac of the japlus Mod in the japlus folder.

                            ( *.pk3 files, .so file, server.cfg and all client side scripts like admin.cfg, chat.cfg, saber.cfg)



                *** all the client side JA+ plugin clientPlugin_vX.X.pk3 for windows and Mac. This PK3 can be obtained on its own, separate from this main pack. Please keep up to date on your plugins.

                            - in this case you will have to delete this old pk3 and replace it with the newer one.

                            For detailed notes about the plugin, read the Plugin_readme.rtf


                ***  a saber pack japlus_saber.pk3 that contains some nice sabers hilts with JA+ extensions to show what you can do with JA+ and saber moding.

                            Remember that both player and server have to install this pk3 if you want to use it.

                            but you are not obligated to install it.


                ** japlus_gla_anims.pk3 in base folder : a new JA+ GLA animations pack. It must be installed in base folder and not japlus folder on both server and clients in order to use them.

                                        If a player does not have this file, he will not be able to use the new animations

                                        if the server does not have this file the new animations will be automatically turned OFF.


                *** all the documenation in several files in japlus\japlus_doc\  folder


                ** a FAQ faq.txt


                ** a model list with their URL so that u can find good model or skin which are configured in the model scale system like for example Yoda


                *** Tools in JAplus_Tools folder:

                            ** the BitRate Calculator  japlus_bitValueCalculator.html :It will calculate the admin command disable, poll disable, lock team, force power disable,

                                        and weapon disable, and all bit value cvars in the mod japlus.                 

                            *** JA+ server tracker monitoring for website  (server info in real time, who's playing, rcon cmds, server configs....viewable in a web page) 


                                        It does not require any plugin or php. You just need a Website with HTML.

                                        You can find it and use it by going on the JA+ Website (see the URL in top of the readme.rtf file) or use the japlus_tracker.html


                *** Startup server file   that you must move to your gamedata folder .

                            One of these .bat files is a secure startup that will autorestart the server if it crashes. (open it with notepad to learn how to install it)

                            this secure startup script is available for both windows and linux dedicated servers.


                            (they requiere the raven dedicated server pack that u need to dowload on the official website like

                                        http://www.lucasfiles.com/     http://www.lucasfiles.com/index.php?s=&action=category&id=62

                                        or http://www.jk3files.com/  http://www.jk3files.com/sort.files?game=JK3&cat=2537&ref=2536)


                *** an UnOfficial patch for the windows and linux raven dedicated server pack which fix the UDP server overflow Vulnerability(which crashes the servers)

                            see the dedicated PATCH_ded_server1.011_readme.rtf




    Note about the client plugin



    -Client Side Plugin for client playing on JA+ server:

                this plugins is included in the Main server side ZIP mod but can also be available as a separate file for all players.

                this plugins enable players to take benefit from the UI, animation, and feature enhancement provided by the main server side JA+ Mod.

                You are not obligated to install the plugins with the JA+ server side part to run a JA+ server.

                For example, the grappling hook is much better if you have installed the pk3 plugin in your client game JAplus folder.

                You will find all informations on this plugin in a dedicated readme provided with it.

                How it works?



  8. STAR WARS™ Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 1.01 update

    The official PC patch for Jedi Academy which will allow you to connect to servers running the latest patch as well as fixing critical bugs (See changelog)

    After downloading the update, double click on JKAcademy1_01.exe to install. The installer will automatically search for the folder where you originally installed Jedi Academy and install all of the updates. If the update does not locate Jedi Academy on your system, you may need to reinstall the game from the original CD and then run the JKAcademy1_01.exe.

    This patch is completely compatible with old single player save game files. All Multiplayer users must use Jedi Academy version 1.01.

    If you are experiencing low framerate, go into the Setup/More Video section and change dynamic glow to off.

    Gravis gamepad users should turn force feedback to off. The current Gravis drivers are not compatible with Jedi Academy and will cause the game to crash.
    If you experience hiccupping while playing, especially during light-saber battles, go into the Control, Mouse/Joystick section and set force feedback to "No".  
    What's New in Version 1.01
    Correct an issue that caused Internet servers to time-out too early on the master server list. Correct an issue that caused various movement sounds not to play consistently (footsteps, rolling, etc...) Correct various exploits, including one that allows for illegal character models. Correct an issue that occurred when disabling the second saber icon that appears over the player's head. Correct an issue that allowed the rocket launcher to lock on after death. Correct an issue that prevents the camera shake when you are hit by an explosive. Correct the roll animation. Correct an issue that allowed a player to select a force power that is already at the maximum setting. Correct an animation issue that occurred when enemies force push you while executing a special move. Correct various rag-doll issues. Correct an issue that caused your skill level to reset when resetting defaults in the game. Correct an issue that prevented the Single Player game from starting. Fixed dynamic glow performance for new ATI drivers Force feedback now defaults to off. Provides updated EAX 4.0 sound support.

    1 download


  9. Mass Effect Patch v1.02

    This patch is required to play Mass Effect on Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10.
    Update 1.02
    The player will no longer become stuck in the Feros elevator Quickslot abilities are now disabled in elevators The pixilated bloom and DoF on Radeon x1650 and x1950 cards has been addressed GPF crashes when playing Quasar have been addressed The player's weapon will not auto fire if the fire button is released as an active loading screen appears Low LOD on Garrus' face has been addressed Reconfiguring the PRIMARY INTERACT key (Default set to E) to any other key will no longer make the ENTER key interact TWICE when used. Player will not become stuck in his action station in elevators (primarily occurred in the Peak 15 elevators) Occasional crash when encountering Rachni on UNC_73 has been addressed Using the enter key to add and remove talent points will function properly GUI: Pressing U when first getting control of Shepard and then pressing ESC to close it will not cause the player to lose all input functionality Romance confrontation conversation will fire after 3rd planet complete The player will no longer become stuck when using the Enter key rather than the primary interact key to initiate conversation with certain followers on the Normandy Audio skipping during conversations has been addressed Addressed cases where Realtec HD audio users were experiencing issues with cut off / crackling audio after patching the game to version 1.01 The issue regarding dynamic character shadows appearing grainy has been resolved. Nihilus and all Turians are no longer missing their face markings The issue of Garrus having no lighting on his face until a save is loaded has been addressed The game will now create save files when "My Documents" is set to the root of a drive Misc.:
    -The issue where PCs with NVIDIA GeForce 8xxx and above video cards were experiencing random General Protection Fault crashes appears to have been fixed with the GeForce 182.06+ drivers. Please ensure when playing Mass Effect that all PC drivers are up to date.

    1 download


  10. Star Trek Eliteforce 2 CD images

    ISO images if you want to burn your own CDs
    Note you will need to make at least one post in the forum before downloading this file
    Special addition to disclaimer:
    UnityHQ does not promote software piracy. We have decided to put these disc iso files up to assist those who already have previously purchased Star Trek Eliteforce 2 but have lost/damaged their Star Trek Eliteforce 2 media as the media is no longer manufactured. If you haven't purchased Star Trek Eliteforce 2 before than you should not be downloading these disc iso files and you agree to take full responsibility for downloading them. Your IP address is recorded for this download.
    By downloading these files you are stating that you are a legal owner of the Star Trek Eliteforce 2 software.



  11. 007 Nightfire - Patch for multi-player post Gamespy master server shutdown

    This patch is mandatory for players who wish to continue to playing online after May 31, 2014. The online server browser will no longer function after this date unless you install this update.
    Nightfire now supports dynamic lights, the ability to download new custom maps off servers automatically when joining. Also, the game will notify you if there is a new update available and ask you if you would like to install it. Includes improvements to netcode, fixes numerous problems that would cause the game to crash to desktop, improves frame rate, heavily reduces lag and disconnects while playing multiplayer, adds the ability to change the field of view for widescreen monitors. The console is also enabled automatically when installing this patch. Many other improvements over the years have been made as well.
    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Click here to download.
    If you receive an error message about .NET Framework and you have Windows 7 or Windows 8, please follow this guide: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2785188
    To install this, simply unzip the file and then run the Nightfire Patch Setup Wizard. Make sure you are running the game as administrator or automatic updates will fail to install. Be sure to install to the correct folder where your Nightfire installation is located or the update will have no effect.
    This patch does not require the CD to launch the game and will work with any version of the game. It is fully compatible with older servers, unlike the older 1.1 patch.
    File courtesy of http://www.nightfirepc.com



  12. {SFI} Eliteforce 2 Server Custom Skins

    A zip file containing the custom player skins loaded on the SFI Eliteforce 2 server currently.
    Simply extract the zip to your EF2\base folder.



  13. {SFI} Eliteforce 2 Server Custom Maps

    Run the exe file. It will install the maps to your EF2\base folder.
    This installer (exe file) has been digitally signed to make it easier to install on Windows 10.
    Or if you prefer to extract them on your own download the zip file and extract them to your base file.
    Both options contain all the custom maps currently on the SFI Clan Eliteforce 2 server.



  14. Halo Combat Evolved patch

    This patch updates Halo: Combat Evolved to version 1.09 and prevents buffer overrun errors and a client loop exploit.



  15. Halo Combat Evolved patch

    Bungie has issued a new patch for Halo, updating the PC version to v1.0.8.616.
    The patch removes the CD check and contains several fixes for server-crashing security bugs.

    1 download


  16. Dreamfall NO-CD

    NO CD file for the Dreamfall game.
    Rename your existing Dreamfall.exe and extract the one in this download into your root Dreamfall folder



  17. {SFI} Eliteforce Server Mod

    SFI Server Mod version v1.9 Final release by [sFI]Gez =)
    New in v1.9 Final
    Fixed from 1.8: Warmup error with sfi_minserverbots enabled
    Fixed from 1.8: Sfi_model (used to change name to redshirt)
    Fixed from 1.8: Sfi_name (used to change model to default munro)
    Fixed from 1.8: Sucicide chatfrag (you are no longer falsely accused of chatfragging if you suicide)
    Fixed from 1.8: Admiral is now completely renamed to V.I.P (/class vip)
    Fixed from 1.8: Actionhero (no longer crashes server at the end of the warmup)
    Fixed from 1.8: The demo's team mines now really do work, lol (promise =])
    Fixed from 1.8: Medics can now use the medkit properly when at or near max health
    Fixed from 1.8: Some stuff I can't remember
    New Feature: sfi_music can now play the default music for the map your on
    New in v1.8
    Fixed from 1.7: A few tiny things not worth listing =P
    Fixed from 1.7: Major bug which sometimes caused players to get stuck in solid objects or outside the map
    Fixed from 1.7: Demo's mines now blow up on touch by any player (tripwires are still team dependant)
    New Feature: When attempting to call a vote,
    you are now informed of the time remaining until you can call it (set by sfi_votespace)
    New Cvar in v1.8: sfi_regenarmor <armor ammount>
    This will regenerate your armor as well as health if you have a regen, set to 0 to disable.
    New in v1.7
    Fixed from v1.6: Giving Regen error
    Fixed from v1.6: "gamename"
    Fixed from v1.6: Specialties to Disintegration bug
    Fixed from v1.6: Regen not regenerating error
    Fixed from v1.6: Chat protection now works with hypo
    New Feature:
    If your chatkilled, the chatkiller will now die.
    The chatfragger still loses health if they do not kill you.
    New Command Variable in v1.7: sfi_*model <model>
    Where * is medic for example.
    You can now set this to none to allow players to choose their own specialties model.
    New Cvar in v1.7: sfi_adverttime <time>
    Sets the time in seconds for the advert to display (cannot be less than 60seconds)
    "-1" Disables the ad.
    New Cvar in v1.7: sfi_advert <text>
    Will print in the console every sfi_adverttime seconds
    New in v1.6
    Fixed from v1.5: Problem with regen in specialties
    Fixed from v1.5: Assimilation skin problems
    Fixed from v1.5: Removed sfi_borgteam (caused the skin bugs)
    Fixed from v1.5: Elimination bug
    Fixed from v1.5: Chat protect now works in assimilation
    New Command in v1.5: rcon sfi_music <path>
    This plays the music you specify to everyone (set by default in maplist cfgs)
    This is a mod I've been working on for a while now, it basicly fixes bugs,
    gives the server admins more control and gives a different and more
    pleasurable playing experience.
    Note that the mod is completely server-side meaning that players have to
    download nothing to enjoy the fun.
    Unzip to the folder with stvoyhm.exe (stvoyhm)
    Create a directory like /home/.../ef/sfiserver
    Where/ '/home/ef/' is the path where you installed eliteforce.
    You can start the game with the +set fs_game sfiserver arguement
    An example of the efstart file:
    ./efded +set fs_game sfiserver +exec server.cfg +exec specialties.cfg
    How to run:
    Double click SFIServer.bat
    Open Holomatch, go to Mods, and load SFI Server Version 1.9 Final
    Rcon Commands:
    Set the rconpassword with /rconpassword passwordhere
    Then use the following with /rcon in front:
    sfi_team <client> <team>
    Sets the client of your choice to the team of your choice.
    sfi_class <client> <class>
    Sets the client of your choice to the class of your choice. (specialties)
    sfi_kill <client> <attacker> <method of death>
    Kills the client of your choice.
    sfi_god <client>
    Forces the client into and out of God Mode even without cheats on.
    sfi_noclip <client>
    Forces the client into and out of noclip mode even without cheats on.
    sfi_say <client> <text>
    Forces the client to say what you specify.
    sfi_name <client> <name>
    Forces the clients name to change to whatever you specify.
    sfi_model <player> <model>
    Forces the clients model to change to whatever you specify.
    sfi_cpsay <text>
    Prints text in the screen center for all clients.
    sfi_print <text>
    Prints text in the console for all clients.
    sfi_sound <sound directory>
    Plays a sound for all clients. (eg. sfi_sound sound/world/electro.wav)
    sfi_music <music directory>
    Plays music for all clients. (eg. sfi_music music/briefing2.mp3)
    sfi_addscore <client> <score>
    Adds points to a player.
    sfi_randomvar <cvar> <min> <max> [prefix]
    Add a cvar to this if you want the server to randomise it at the next map change.
    Lists the cvars currently in the random list.
    sfi_hurt <client> <damage>
    Damages a client.
    sfi_clientinfo <client> <info>
    Shows info on clients. (eg. sfi_clientinfo 1 team)
    Example Server Cvars:
    (For a .cfg file)
    seta sfi_servername "The ^4[sFI]^2Euro ^7Server"
    seta sfi_msg_steal "1" //Print messages for stealing flags in ctf
    seta sfi_msg_return "1" //Print messages for returning flags in ctf
    seta sfi_msg_score "1" //Print messages for scoring captures in ctf
    seta sfi_allowsuicide "1" //Allow suicide
    seta sfi_suicidetimeout "30" //Time between suicides
    seta sfi_wmotd "^7Welcome to the ^4[sFI]^2Euro ^7Server provided by ^4[sFI]^2Gez"
    seta sfi_heavytdelay "15" //Delay before heavy gets the transporter (-1 disables)
    seta sfi_demoddelay "10" //Delay before demo gets the detpack (-1 disables)
    seta sfi_infilitemcount "2" //Amount of hastes infils can give
    seta sfi_sniperitemcount "5" //Amount of seekers snipers can give
    seta sfi_heavyitemcount "1" //Amount of quads heavies can give
    seta sfi_demoitemcount "1" //Amount of flights demos can give
    seta sfi_techitemcount "3" //Amount of cloaks techs can give
    seta sfi_demoteamwire "1" //Demo mines only explode if an enemy walk through them
    seta sfi_rconpassword "coolserver" //For clients using /sfi_rcon
    seta sfi_training "0" //Removes all weapons ammo and pickups
    seta sfi_ctftiebreaker "1" //If time runs out in ctf and the score is tied the game continues until there's a winner
    seta sfi_ffhurt "1" //Forcefields hurt the enemy
    seta sfi_ffdecrease "0" //Health a forcefield loses each second
    seta sfi_locationdamage "1" //Damage depends on where you hit someone, eg. head = ouch!
    seta sfi_weaponammo "1" //Weapons are also ammo pickups
    seta sfi_armortime "20" //Time before armor respawns
    seta sfi_healthtime "30" //Time before health respawns
    seta sfi_ammotime "5" //Time before ammo respawns
    seta sfi_holdabletime "60" //Time before holdables respawns
    seta sfi_megahealthtime "120" //Time before mega healths respawn
    seta sfi_poweruptime "120" //Time before powerups respawn
    seta sfi_introsound "sound/voice/biessman/forge3/yourface.wav" //Sound to be played after the warmup
    seta sfi_weakheavy "1" //Heavys photons are weaker
    seta sfi_infilmodel "paris" //Infil Skin
    seta sfi_snipermodel "janeway" //Sniper Skin
    seta sfi_heavymodel "chakotay" //Heavy Skin
    seta sfi_demomodel "tuvok" //Demo Skin
    seta sfi_medicmodel "doctor" //Medic Skin
    seta sfi_techmodel "torres" //Tech Skin
    seta sfi_vipmodel "neelix" //Admiral Skin
    seta sfi_infilhealth "50" //Infil Starting Health
    seta sfi_sniperhealth "175" //Sniper Starting Health
    seta sfi_heavyhealth "225" //Heavy Starting Health
    seta sfi_demohealth "125" //Demo Starting Health
    seta sfi_medichealth "175" //Medic Starting Health
    seta sfi_techhealth "175" //Tech Starting Health
    seta sfi_viphealth "150" //Admiral Starting Health
    seta sfi_infilarmor "50" //Infil Starting Armor
    seta sfi_sniperarmor "175" //Sniper Starting Armor
    seta sfi_heavyarmor "225" //Heavy Starting Armor
    seta sfi_demoarmor "125" //Demo Starting Armor
    seta sfi_medicarmor "175" //Medic Starting Armor
    seta sfi_techarmor "175" //Tech Starting Armor
    seta sfi_viparmor "150" //Admiral Starting Armor
    seta sfi_disableinfil "0" //Disables Infils
    seta sfi_disablesniper "0" //Disables Snipers
    seta sfi_disableheavy "0" //Disables Heavy Weapons Specialists
    seta sfi_disabledemo "0" //Disables Demolitionists
    seta sfi_disablemedic "0" //Disables Medics
    seta sfi_disabletech "0" //Disables Techs
    seta sfi_disablevip "0" //Disables Admirals
    seta sfi_disableinfiljump "1" //Stops infils from jumping high
    seta sfi_maxphaserammo "100" //Max ammo for the phaser
    seta sfi_maxriffleammo "150" //Max ammo for the compression riffle
    seta sfi_maximodammo "75" //Max ammo for the I-Mod
    seta sfi_maxscavengerammo "50" //Max ammo for the scavenger
    seta sfi_maxstasisammo "100" //Max ammo for the stasis weapon
    seta sfi_maxgrenadeammo "50" //Max ammo for the grenade launcher
    seta sfi_maxtetrionammo "150" //Max ammo for the tetrion
    seta sfi_maxphotonammo "25" //Max ammo for the photon
    seta sfi_maxwelderammo "150" //Max ammo for the arc welder
    seta sfi_maxborgweaponammo "100" //Max ammo for the borg weapon
    seta sfi_maxassimilatorammo "100" //Max ammo for the assimilator
    seta sfi_selfdamage "1" //You can't hurt yourself (stops photon jumps)
    seta sfi_campprotect "1" //Campers beware if 1 ;-)
    seta sfi_camptimeout "30" //Time you must be in that area
    seta sfi_campshuffle "200" //Area stayed in to be considered camping
    seta sfi_bodytime "300" //Time before bodys vanish
    seta sfi_minserverbots "1" //Two bots will play if there are no other players
    seta sfi_forceexit "50" //Time before the level exits regardless of who is ready
    seta sfi_notournamentchat "0" //Chatting to players in touraments is not allowed if 1
    seta sfi_chatprotect "1" //If someone hurts you while your chatting they get twice the damage they inflicted
    seta sfi_chattimeout "5" //Time you must have been chatting for in seconds to get revenge
    seta sfi_votespace "60" //Time to wait after you start a vote before you can start another
    seta sfi_borgteam "blue" //The borg team
    seta sfi_inactivityspectator "1" //Get kicked to the spectators rather than off the server for inactivity
    seta sfi_specsregen "10" //How much health you get per second with a regen in specialties
    seta sfi_realdecoys "1" //Decoys update faster
    seta sfi_decoytime "5" //Time in mins before decoys vanish
    seta sfi_flagtransport "1" //Can keep flags when using holdable transporter
    seta sfi_standardvotes "0" //Only standard votes
    seta sfi_advert "^1To join ^4[sFI] ^1or download this mod go to ^3www.sficlan.net" //Ad to be displayed every sfi_adverttime seconds
    seta sfi_adverttime "60" //Time in between the advert, can't be less than 60, -1 disables the ad
    seta sfi_regenarmor "10" //Ammount of armor to regenerate per second with a regen, 0 disables armor regeneration
    Included Files:
    actionhero.cfg - Starts Action Hero and execs a new maplist
    assimilation.cfg - Starts Assimilation and execs a new maplist
    disintegration.cfg - Starts Disintegration and execs a new maplist
    elimination.cfg - Starts Elimination and execs a new maplist
    modsoff.cfg - Starts Regular CTF and execs a new maplist
    specialties.cfg - Starts Specialties and execs a new maplist
    sfidefaults.cfg -Default cvars (as if SFIServer mod wasn't there)
    sfiserver.cfg -Recommended cvars
    SFIServer.bat -In the folder with stvoyhm.exe (stvoyhm) starts the server in dedicated mode with the mod
    Special Thanks:
    A big thank you goes out to the following individuals who helped greatly in the creation of my mod.
    ME!!! (lol)
    Adamw (Quake 3 Berylium mod)
    Agent Tux (Serverupfull mod)
    Merlin (An all around great guy)
    Peace (An all around great guy)
    IaMaCuP (For his amazingly stupid ideas that contributed to this project)
    And to the following testers:
    Me again
    And anyone I have missed.



  18. Eliteforce 2 patch

    published by Ritual games
    This patch addresses many issues related to Star Trek Elite Force II's multiplayer and contains four new CTF maps. The changelog can be found below:
    General Changes
    Mouse 4 and 5 are now key-bindable in the Configure menu.
    The game can now load machine names and .cfg files that contain non-US characters.
    The sniper rifle now reloads automatically in all game modes. It no longer waits for the player to let go of the fire button.
    The point of view for demo recording will now follow the direction in which the player is looking.
    Saved games issues with long computer names fixed. Long saved game names are also now supported.
    The Ultridium Explosive damage has been increased.
    You may find that some saved games no longer load as expected. We've tried to minimize the impact, but we do not recommend that you load in saves from before the patch.

    Jumping physics can be adjusted by setting �sv_crouchJumpVelocity� and �sv_jumpvelocity� to new values. Setting these variables to 0 and 270 respectively will closely mimic the jumping physics found in Star Trek: Elite Force.
    Scores in MultiMatch Capture the Flag matches now only exist to show successful flag capture and flag recovery. Each time a team captures the other team's flag they score 100 points. Frags do not count towards winning or losing a match.
    Dedicated servers no longer require a CD in the drive.
    When playing a Disintegration match in MultiMatch, the reload delay for the sniper rifle is now shorter.
    GameSpy and All-Seeing-Eye support have been fixed and now display player lists and players in game.
    Players can no longer hear taunts originating more than 20 feet away in MultiMatch matches.
    A shell toggle for strafe jumping has been added to the Advanced portion of the Start Server menu in MultiMatch. The default is on. This can also be turned on/off via the cvar command �sv_strafeJumpingAllowed.�
    The HU lagometer in MultiMatch has been moved to an area not covered by the HUD. The lagometer is displayed by entering the cvar command �cg_lagometer.�
    The outline of the chat box over the player's head is now translucent in MultiMatch.
    Hitting REFRESH on the server list on the MultiMatch menu will now refresh the list while maintaining the current sorting selection.
    Death will no longer break chat in MultiMatch. The player can now chat until he or she respawns if already typing.
    Issues with delayed flag capture messages by the game announcer have been resolved.
    Teams are no longer auto-mixed on map restart in MultiMatch.
    MultiMatch vote messages have been made more noticeable.
    �getstatus� and �getinfo xxx� spam console issues in MultiMatch have been resolved.
    The game will now only switch to better weapons in MultiMatch.
    When the cvar command �r_displayrefresh� is changed, it will not return to default settings when player quits game.
    Text chatting in-between Capture the Flag rounds in MultiMatch has been added to the score screen.
    Issues which had been causing server crashes during capture the flag and other team games in MultiMatch have been resolved.
    When reviewing server settings in MultiMatch, the detail tab will now show the currently selected game modifier.
    MultiMatch autobalancing issues have been resolved.
    The visual graphic indicating that you have the flag in MultiMatch Capture the Flag matches has been enhanced.
    Bot models will now show up correctly if they are added to the scripts directory and use the extension �.bot'.
    FOV settings in MultiMatch will not change on map restarts if set via the cvar command �userFOV.� The simple �FOV� command is used by the system, but should not be adjusted by the player.
    Weapon reload times can be eliminated in MultiMatch via the cvar command �mp_skipWeaponReloads.� Setting this to �1� will eliminate all weapon reload delays.
    Taunt frequency in MultiMatch has been reduced to 4 seconds. A cvar command called �mp_minTauntTime� has been added and set at a default of 4 seconds.
    Chat issues during map cycle in MultiMatch have been resolved.
    The server will now inform the player if they vote to switch to a map that doesn't exist on the server. The player will be given the option to change their vote, and the vote will only count if the player votes for a map that exists on the server.
    If a client does not have custom skins that are being used on a server, the custom skins will be displayed as Munro instead.
    A cvar command called �cg_viewWeaponBob� has been added to disable weapon bob in MultiMatch. It is on by default. Note: weapon bob when strafing has been eliminated permanently and cannot be turned on/off.
    The sniper rifle will no longer automatically zoom out after the player shoots.
    The player is now able to turn head bob/sway when strafing on/off in MultiMatch. This is done via a cvar command called �cg_viewStrafeTilt.� To turn off the bob, set this to 0. The default is 1.
    The player cannot see version 1.01 games online when running version 1.1.

    Fan Maps
    Four (4) fan-created maps have been included with this patch. Details regarding these maps are listed below.
    Map Name: CTF_Tartirus (ctf_tartirus)
    Game Types: Holomatch, CTF, Bomb Diffusion
    Modifiers Not Supported: Control Points
    Max Number of Players Recommended: 16-20
    Map Created By: !AAH!Clan - James (Nukem) Cook (mapping) - Jay (Wise Washu) Davies (Scripting) - Jonathon (Mr T) Map Compile and Jack (Fox) Cartwight (Testing, Feedback and Map assistance)

    Map Name: Romulan Playground (ctf_vor2)
    Game Types Supported: Holomatch, CTF
    Modifiers Not Supported: Specialties, One Flag
    Max Number of Players Recommended: 16-20
    Map Created By: Darren �Vorax� Pye

    Map Name: Exigent (hm_ctf_exigent)
    Game Types Supported: Holomatch, Team Holomatch, CTF
    Modifiers Not Supported: Specialties, One Flag
    Max Number of Players Recommended: 16-20
    Map Created By: Darren �Vorax� Pye

    Map Name: Delta Station 2 (dm_ctf_voy1)
    Game Types Supported: Holomatch, Team Holomatch, CTF
    Modifiers Not Supported: Specialties, Control Points
    Max Number of Players Recommended: 16-20
    Map Created By: Adam 'Senn' Bellefeuil & Matthew 'Melon' Beal



  19. Star Trek Eliteforce 2 modified exe

    This modified executable allows you to connect to the Eliteforce community run master server that replaced the now offline Activision master server for the game.
    It allows you to find multi-player servers for Eliteforce 2.
    Created by EF2 community modder, Chrisstrahl



  20. Dreamfall The Longest Journey Patch

    The last patch released by Aspyr for the North American edition of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.
    It fixes driver issues with NVidia Geforce cards.



  21. Wineskin Winery (Use Linux to play Windows based games)

    What is Wineskin?
    Wineskin is a tool used to make wrappers to run Windows software on Mac OS X. The wrappers are in the form of a normal Mac .app Application, which can be double clicked and ran just like a native app.
    If you have seen Cider made by Transgaming which is used to do professional ports for many games, Wineskin is aiming to be a tool to be very much like that, but using all Open Source software so anyone can use it, not just game developers.
    How do I install Wineskin?
    f you want to actually install things to create wrappers for yourself or others....
    Wineskin wrappers are created in Wineskin Winery.
    Download the latest version of Wineskin Winery and use it to create all the Wineskin wrappers that you need.
    If you want to use a port or wrapper made by someone else, you need to follow their directions... typically it works just like a normal Mac Application and you have nothing special to install.
    If its a wrapper someone has shared, usually you need to just install the program inside the wrapper using the “Install Windows Software” or "Install Software" (in Wineskin 2.5.5+) button in Wineskin.app, or just dragging and dropping the installer/setup exe or msi file onto the wrapper. You really need to follow directions by the person who made the specific wrapper or full port though, as there might be some special things to do.
    For more details on how to use it see this site



  22. Mirrors Edge patch

    A favourite game of Eliteone's this is the 1.01 patch for the game
    Author = Dice EA Games
    This patch fixes a potential freezing issue on some machines when PhysX is enabled



  23. NOLF character Skins for Star Trek EliteForce

    Skins for the Star Trek Eliteforce game that let you play the game as characters from NOLF1, including Cate Archer.
    Author Unknown



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