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  1. I plan to make the same mod for NOLF 2. It will include such innovations as: animated fights on Katanas, animation pack for Cate and Isako. As well as my planned mod to change the character's animations depending on the mood of the AI: for example, if the player raised the alarm then his animations will change from calm to disturbing.
  2. In Development State Here is it Franco's Four Mission Pack for Contract J.A.C.K. Mission pack tells the story from the side of four Louis Franco fighters. We plan to create four cooperative action filled missions. Specialisation of Characters Joe - Big Gun means no questions (in the truest sense of the word and nothing else...) Marvin - Loves Cars. Have a bad sense of humor. Sel - Likes to blow something up. Alan - Sharpshooter. Have a Sniper Rifle. On the way of main characters will be a mafia band Danger Danger and H. A. R. M. Baby On Snowmobile "Keep Classic Unforgettable"
  3. This topic is about Baby On Snowmobile channel. The channel is dedicated to games that have become classics.
  4. Contract J.A.C.K. Adds Third Person Camera with fixed Crosshair and enabled weapons Adds New Animations on some weapons in Third Person View For Better Play. Weapons: Melee, 1 Handed ( Grenades, Bombs, Gadgets), Rifle. Animations Stand - Melee, Rifle; Walk Forward - Melee, Rifle; Walk Backward - Melee; Walk Backward while Shoot - Rifle; Run Forward - Melee, 1 Handed, Rifle; Run Backward - Melee; Jumping - All weapons I don't recommend using this mod in multiplayer, but it find good use in co-op mode. Instruction To enter Third Person Press "T" and enter - "mpasscam" Instalation Replace Update_v1x1 in Contract J.A.C.K Folder. Tested on patch 1.1. For this reason, the mods folder is not used. Because the 1.1 patch is not launching Custom mods. It will fixed soon. Reccomended - create a backup. To be on a safe side. Download Full Mod Download Third Person Only Mod Future: Create same mod for No One Lives Forever 2.
  5. The problem is solved. Second name identifier of AnimationTrackers is a WeightSets. WeightSets can be viewed in ModelEdit. Default model includes these WeightSets: "Null" - Do nothing; "Upper" - Upper Animations ; "Lower" - Lower Animations ; "Twitch" - Weapon Recoil Tracker ; "Blink" - Weapon Recoil Tracker too; "Morph0" - Moves some bones on model by camera; "Morph100" - Moves some bones on model by camera too.
  6. Does anyone knows where i can get all AnimationTrackers ID's in source code of CJ/NOLF2?
  7. Sorry for the long silence. Thanks. I have successfully installed Visual Studio 2003 to work with Contract Jack source code.
  8. Sorry for the long silence. The problem is solved. Lithechdev.exe is not the main launcher. The main launcher is Lithtech.exe. I figured it out with Visual Studio 2003. I compiled ClientShell.dll in Debug State (and when I tried to run the game, it didn't run without visual Studio 2003 running). In the end it worked, all of the functions described in the documentation about LithtechDev.exe are presented in Lithtech.exe.