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No One Lives Forever 2 - Upscaled Texture Pack 1.0.0

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About This File

This is a mod for "No One Lives Forever 2" that increases the quality of the textures mostly by 200%, and in some cases 400%, using AI upscaling. It also 
adds more mip-maps giving a much smoother look for things in the distance. It also removes compression for the 32bit TGA files, since modern videocards can handle the larger files. 

Before you install

 You should definately install NOLF 2 Modernizer mod, that fixes a lot of issues and lets you run the game at VERY high resolutions with some new effects. After you install that, it will create a folder called "Modernizer"

How to install

You have 3 files called Upscale.PART1,2,3... Those need to be put in 
NOLF 2\Custom\Mods\Modernizer, next to the other rez file(s), called MODERNIZER.REZ
Youre done. When starting the game and that music starts along with the game prompt, go to CUSTOM, make sure MODERNIZER is checked. Now you can play.

Issues, things, poop.

I tested the mod on a laptop, running at 4k, 6k, and 8k resolutions, with max settings. It ran fine, but encountered issues at 8K, you might not. I dunno. I also did HD upscales for Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Mafia 1, you can find them on Steam.


To everyone at nolfgirl.net,
 Thanks to Spawn,
 thanks to PTMike95,
 and to anyone still playing this classic. 

 - Madmaxgamer, 14-11-2021

You'll need 7Zip to extract the file.

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