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Single-player Mods


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  1. WideScreenFix-NOLF2

    This Widescreen fix can be used for both single player and online play.
    Only the graphical interface of the game Menu and game Missions has been fixed, but the video clips will be in a “stretched” 5:4 format.
    Widescreen fix is compatible with Multiplayer Launcher & Server Mod by URA and Co-Op Multiplayer mod by Jerk (Co-op of all Missions of the game + 35 game characters).
    This is a modified file "WideScreenFix-NOLF2.rez" from the URA's mod. Difference from the original file "WideScreenFix-NOLF2.rez" by URA:
    - In the Game Menu, the text shift down has been corrected and the font size has also been corrected. Interface fixes have also been made in Missions.
    Installing the "Widescreen fix" for the  "Multiplayer Launcher & Server Mod" by URA:
    - copy the file WideScreenFix-NOLF2.rez with replacement to the folder ...\Custom\Mods\LivesForeverPlus



  2. Coop Mod

    By Jerkakame 
    Makes single player levels playable in Coop. And also makes all multiplayer characters playable in coop, with fixed health and armor. The other coop model mods had deathmatch health/armor in coop.
    Also made all default skills to lvl 3, so it gives you more total skill points to downgrade and upgrade skills. I thought the original skill point amount was too low.
    put the rez file in a folder inside your mods folder
    example: custom/mods/jerkmod/

    Chapter 8
    In the part where you meet the Mimes, the spawn point is stuck behind some debris, so if you respawn you will get stuck behind it.
    So dont respawn and try to revive each other, and Quicksaving works in multiplayer.
    Chapter 15
    The last level also has a bad spawn point where it spawns you in a black room outside the map.



  3. NOLF 2 on Apple Silicon

    You will need your own copy of NOLF 2, VMware (free) and optionally a Windows license.
    How to run NOLF 2 ON APPLE SILICON
    Guide ver. 1.0
    This tutorial will teach you how to run No One Lives Forever 2 on Macs with Apple Silicon. There is a strong chance it will stop working at a certain point as VMware and Windows 11 are constantly being developed and worked on. This particular solution is tested and proven to work on Macbook Pro M3 Pro running Sonoma 14.4.1 (23E224) and VMware Player VMware Fusion 13.5.0 with ZeroTier 1.12.2 and VisualCppRedist AIO 0.81.0.
    --- Set up VM ---
    Download the latest version of VMware Fusion for MacOS from https://www.vmware.com
    Install VMware Fusion for MacOS and Windows 11 inside a default prefix virtual machine using wizzard
    (A free account and free license are needed)
    Install VMware tools drivers from the top menu in a virtual machine
    Uncheck "Use full resolution for Retina displays" in VMware - Settings -> Display
    This will set DPI to scaled in VMware settings so you can use resolutions suitable for old games scaled properly on a Mac display
    Right click on desktop -> Display Settings and change resolution to a common one. 1440x900 seems to work pretty well and renders a big enough window to play on 16 inch Macbook
    Use smaller ones for 14 and 13 inch laptops
    Install VisualCppRedist AIO - Clean VCRedist - Use the installer provided with this txt *FILE1 or get the latest at developer's website *SRC1
    This is needed for Modernizer to run.
    --- Install game ---
    Install game using original Disc 1 and 2 into a DIFFERENT folder than Program Files like "C:\Games\Nolf2\"
    This will prevent Windows from restricting the program's access rights
    Apply Patch 1.3 from files provided with this txt *FILE2
    Install Modified Modernizer provided with this txt *FILE3 to be able to play Story mode COOP over LAN or INTERNET
    First, copy the contents of the archive into the game folder and overwrite everything
    (Modernizer modification done by me using advanced hacking skills known as merging folders of *SRC2 and *SRC3)
    (Optionally you can get an unmodified Modernizer from the author's website without COOP mod support)
    Then run the game launcher -> Custom and here select "Modernizer"
    Do not launch the game yet
    --- Set emulation to most strict ---
    Open your game folder and locate files "nolf2.exe" and "lithtech.exe"
    Right click on "nolf2.exe" -> Properties -> Compatibility and select "Run this program as administrator"
    Right click on "lithtech.exe" -> Properties -> Compatibility and select "Run this program as administrator"
    Then click on "Change emulation settings" and select "Hide x64 emulation..." and "Use advanced..."
    Select "Force single-core..." and the first five settings right under it
    Now launch the game
    Do not forget to have selected "Modernizer" in nolf2.exe -> Custom before clicking on "Play"
    Go to Options -> Experimental Settings and select "No" for "Unlock Framerate"
    On modern hardware game commonly runs over 60 fps and it breaks some animations rendering few missions unfinishable
    --- How to play COOP with friends over INTERNET ---
    Install the latest ZeroTier from https://www.zerotier.com
    Create a virtual network or join one
    (A free account is needed to create a network)
    In ZeroTier UI enable all four options for your chosen network
    When UI says connected and status: OK, perform the first of two important steps
    (If problems with connecting, try to make the network public)

    Step one:
    You have to set the ZeroTier connection to be a Private network if it isn't.
    Launch PowerShell as admin and use these commands: *SRC4
    Get-NetConnectionProfile | Where-Object "InterfaceAlias" -like "Zero*"
    ##To check public/private setting
    Get-NetConnectionProfile | Where-Object "InterfaceAlias" -like "Zero*" | Set-NetConnectionProfile -NetworkCategory Private
    ##To set all ZeroTier networks to Private

    Step two:
    Go to control panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Centrum -> Change Adapter Settings
    "You'll find an interface that has a name similar to this ZeroTier One [XXXXXXXXXXX]. Right click it, and choose Properties which will open up the settings for this network adapter. You'll want to select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and press the Properties button, then press the Advanced button. There will be a check box with Automatic metric uncheck it and set the Interface metric to 1." *SRC5
    This will force your old games like NOLF2 to use ZeroTier as a network adapter
    --- Files provided ---
    *FILE1 - VisualCppRedist_AIO_x86_x64.exe
    *FILE2 - si_nolf2_update_en_10-12_13.exe
    *FILE3 - Modernizer.zip
    --- Troubleshooting ---
    If game starts with white screen press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC and click on game window again.
    If game used to run on your VM but doesn't after some settings changes check option "Restore Defaults" in Launcher -> Options
    If the error "Missing DLL "cshell.dll" is encountered, install VCredist for ARM from the Microsoft website as well.
    If the "cshell.dll" error persists, you can run the game without modernizer with patch 1.3 and without coop, widescreen, and some bug fixes. A complete reinstall is needed.
    --- Sources ---
    *SRC1 - VisualCppRedist AIO - https://github.com/abbodi1406/vcredist
    *SRC2 - Modernizer by HeyThereCoffeee - https://haekb.itch.io/nolf2-modernizer
    *SRC3 - JerkMod by Jerkakame - https://www.moddb.com/games/no-one-lives-forever-2-a-spy-in-harm/downloads/coop-mod
    *SRC4 - glimbergs's GitHub article - https://github.com/zerotier/ZeroTierOne/issues/1671
    *SRC5 - TEKLucifer's post on Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/zerotier/comments/hwpw9q/guide_playing_lan_games_anywhere_globally/
    --- Thanks ---
    Special thanks to VisualCppRedist team, HeyThereCoffee, Jerkakame, glimberg, TEKLucifer, Eliteone-Saryasino and other great people behind Nolfgirl.net and everybody else who also hosts NOLF binaries, mods, tools and resources and still got their servers up.
    This is version 1.0 of NOLF2 on Apple Silicon guide. It has been written by Jiri Psenicka - psenicka@whepro.com - www.whepro.com
    If you appreciate my work and would like to support me, don't buy me a coffee. Donate to your local animal shelter instead.



  4. NOLF 2 Real Mod

    By LukeRoss. 
    Start from a full install of No One Lives Forever 2 (English version), updated to v1.3 with the official patch. If your copy is not up to date, you can still download the patch from the Internet, for instance here. Since the game uses its installation folder to save progress, config files and so on, it is important that you install to a directory for which you have full permissions, e.g. C:\MyGames\NOLF2, instead of the default in Program Files (x86). When you install the base game, choose "Recommended" instead of "Minimum"; there is no need either to install DirectX 8.1 or to reboot.
    Do NOT use the Widescreen Patch, as it will interfere with the VR conversion. For that matter, don't use any other mods together with the R.E.A.L. mod; many things have been changed, and old mods will probably no longer work or lead to visual corruption.
    If you want to preserve your original installation, back up the following files somewhere safe: autoexec.cfg, Lithtech.exe, ltmsg.dll, SndDrv.dll, and the Profiles folder. The R.E.A.L. mod will not overwrite or delete your game saves.
    Finally, you're ready for modding: unrar NOLF2_REAL_mod_by_LukeRoss_r<N>.rar into the main game folder (the one where NOLF2.exe is), confirm overwrite of existing files, and... that's it. You should be all set. Do not change the resolution from the default of 1280x960 which is set by the R.E.A.L. mod.
    Starting the game in VR
    Just run Lithtech.exe. There is no need to specify any command line parameters, although you can if you want. You can also use the old launcher, NOLF2.exe, but it only leads to some additional, useless mouse clicks which must be done outside of VR.
    If you have the Oculus Rift, after the first run the game should appear in your Oculus library as a third-party app, and you should then be able to launch it directly from your Home.
    The mod will automatically fetch its command line parameters from the file VRlaunchcmds.txt. If you want, you can use a a text editor like Notepad before launching the game to tweak the options, although the only one that I expect people will find useful is the value of VRSuperSampling, which by default is set to 2.0. Sensible values range from 1.0 to 2.0; past that you're going to get diminishing returns. Set supersampling to the highest possible value that your graphics card can manage without starting to drop frames: your eyes will thank you. Do not change the order in which the .rez files appear, and most importantly, be sure that VR.rez always comes last. Again, don't change +ScreenWidth 1280 and +ScreenHeight 960: ScreenWidth and ScreenHeight do not control the resolution of the eye buffers, and those specific values are needed for the menus to display properly.
    If you encounter problems with 3D sound, you can try deleting the 3DSoundProviderName line (the game will put the whole contents of the command file on its command line, so you cannot comment out single lines in the file: you have to delete them altogether).
    But I have the Vive, not the Rift!
    Since Release 2, the R.E.A.L. mod should be working fine with your HTC Vive thanks to the magic of Revive. The game automatically detects whether you're using the Rift or the Vive, and if a Rift is not present, it loads an embedded copy of Revive (updated to Version 1.2.1). Revive in turn connects with SteamVR, and hopefully all this should make the game display correctly on your Vive. Remember that Revive needs the Oculus runtime installed (you can skip the first-time setup part and you won't need an Oculus account).
    If the mod somehow fails to detect your Vive, you can try forcing its hand by adding the line +VRRevive 1 at the end of your VRlaunchcmds.txt file. If instead you want to use your Rift but the game insists on launching SteamVR, specify +VRRevive 0 to disable the internal copy of Revive. The default value if you don't pass anything is +VRRevive -1 which will enable the auto-detection code.
    In case you have a more recent version of Revive that you want to use with the mod, you can just drop your up-to-date copy of LibRevive32_1.dll into the NOLF2Revive folder, overwriting the one which was put there during installation.
    If everything fails and you have Revive installed on your system, it might be worth a try to Inject... the executable with Revive manually from the system tray menu (at least one user reported success with this method): normally however that should be unnecessary, and it might even lead to conflicts.
    WMR headsets will probably not work or have issues, as Windows Mixed Reality is not yet officially supported by Revive.
    Being a true PC game, as opposed to console ports which sadly are so common nowadays, NOLF2 had a LOT of different controls, mapped to almost every key on the keyboard.
    If you wish to play at your desk, you can still use the mouse and keyboard just like you would with the original game (of course you'll need some good muscle memory to remember where the keys are, or some frequent peeks through the headset nose gap). Most controls can be freely remapped in the options pages; F6 and F9 are hard-bound by the engine to QuickSave and QuickLoad, and I added F3 to toggle the in-game HUD on and off.
    However, if you want to play standing up and be free to experience VR fully, I have done my best to map all of the important commands onto the not-so-many buttons of the Xbox One controller. The Touch controllers or Vive wands are NOT supported for now, and most likely will never be: too few buttons for such a complex game.
    If you decide to use the Xbox One controller, be sure to have it fully switched on and connected (the white light on the center Xbox button must be steady on and unblinking) before you start up the game, otherwise it will not be recognized.
    Here are the default mappings. The abbreviations are: LS/RS for the Left Stick and Right Stick; LB/LT for the Left Bumper and Left Trigger; similarly RB/RT for the Right Bumper and Trigger; View is the button near the white Xbox button to the left, and Menu is the one near the Xbox button to the right. The Xbox button itself should work normally, bringing up the Oculus/Dash interface.
    In game:
      LS up/down   : Forward / Backward
      LS left/right: Step left / Step right
      LS click     : Toggle Sneak
      RS up/down   : Previous weapon / Next weapon
      RS left/right: Turn left / Turn right (Lean left / Lean right if LS is also pressed)
      RS click     : Zoom
      D-pad up     : Choose 1 or Next weapon 1 (Choose 5 or Next weapon 5 if LS is also pressed)
      D-pad right  : Choose 2 or Next weapon 2 (Choose 6 or Next weapon 6 if LS is also pressed)
      D-pad down   : Choose 3 or Next weapon 3
      D-pad left   : Choose 4 or Next weapon 4
      A            : Jump
      B            : Toggle Crouch
      X            : Action
      Y            : Keychain Light
      LB           : Move body/piece
      LT           : Holster weapon
      RB           : Change ammo
      RT           : Fire
      View         : Pause the game
      Menu         : Mission status
    In menus:
      D-pad: Emulates the cursor keys (used to navigate the menus)
      A    : Emulates the Enter key (used to select the highlighted option)
      B    : Emulates the Escape key (used to cancel/go back)
    In cutscenes:
      View    : Pause the cutscene
      B       : Emulates the Escape key (used to access the menu)
      RS click: Emulates the Space key (used to skip the cutscene)
    When the game is paused:
      LB: Emulates the F6 key (used to QuickSave)
    When the game is paused or in menus:
      RB: Emulates the F9 key (used to QuickLoad)
    As you can see, when in game, the Left Stick button acts as a sort of "shift" to allow access to additional commands. If you keep it pressed, it will modify the actions mapped to D-pad up and right, and to Right Stick left/right. If instead you just click and release it, it will toggle the Sneak mode (i.e., change from "Always run" to "Walk" and back again).
    If you're using the mod with the HTC Vive, and SteamVR has stolen your controller Menu button for its Dashboard, you have two possible workarounds: either double-click the button when you want to enter or exit the Mission status screen (a double click done quickly enough will not trigger the dashboard), or disable the dashboard altogether from the SteamVR developer settings.
    Other controllers
    In theory, any controller that has a similar button configuration to the Xbox One controller should work, as long as it's capable of sending its commands to Windows through DirectInput: the game is quite old and doesn't understand XInput. One user reported success with the wireless DualShock 4 as long as DS4Windows was not being used (DS4Windows will provide XInput emulation instead of passing the DirectInput commands untouched).
    The R.E.A.L. mod saves are fully interchangeable with the original v1.3 version; a normal game can be loaded up and continued in VR, and vice versa. However, the R.E.A.L. mod extends NOLF2 to allow for 99 save slots, while the original only had 10; so, if your VR game is saved at a position from 11 on, you won't be able to continue it with the original version of NOLF2, which will only "see" the first 10 slots (a simple workaround is to save the game again from the R.E.A.L. mod into one of the first 10 slots, or even simpler, to do a quicksave).
    What about Multiplayer? It's grayed out!
    Multiplayer is disabled for now. It might be possible to make it work in the future, but I would need more information, as the master server for the multiplayer game was shut down by Sierra back in November 2008, and mods that have come out during the following years to allow the community to continue playing online were not open source.
    If you are ßahamutZero or URA, or you have access to the source code for the LivesForever / LivesForeverPlus mods, or you run a currently active server for NOLF2, I would very much like to hear from you.
    Help! Cutscenes make me barf!
    I have added a full page of VR options to the game. You can tune the experience to your liking and adapt it to your tolerance of prerecorded camera movements, which will only become stronger and stronger over time if you allow your brain to train gradually.
    My intent when writing the R.E.A.L. mod was to provide as close an experience as possibile to the original beauty of the game—except in VR. This means that I purposely decided to go against what is quickly becoming "common wisdom" in virtual reality, allowing smooth camera movements and even (perhaps a bit disorienting at first for some people) camera zoom.
    If you have the stomach for it, set "Cinematic fidelity" to "Expert" and you will be able to see the cutscenes the way the director (or the Director?) originally meant them to be seen, with scripted close-ups on people's faces and meaningful objects, but with the additional freedom of being able to turn your head and move around in roomscale. Be aware that turning your head while the camera is zoomed will lead to some apparent warping of the world. This is optically normal and unavoidable, and it is the same as would happen in real life when looking through binoculars, except that the effect is slightly more noticeable on the Rift due to the wider field of view.
    I believe that in a few years everybody will get used to a fuller, stronger visual experience, and we will laugh at weird fixed-angle cameras in VR, the way we laugh today remembering that people used to flee out of theaters because they were terrified by the sight of an incoming train in a black and white movie.
    However, if involuntary camera movements or zoom still make you sick, you can disable them by setting "Cinematic fidelity" to "Skilled" or lower, or by tweaking individual options.
    What does R.E.A.L. stand for?
    That is clearly explained on page 381 of your Spy Training Manual, which I guess you haven't got around to reading properly yet. Why, it's Reality Enhancement Augmentation Layer, of course!
    Arrrggghhh! I just want to play the damn thing! I don't wanna read no stinkin' manual!
    Oookay. Are you sure that No One Lives Forever 2 is the right choice for you? You're supposed to read lots of stuff during the game... Anyway: 1. Install the original, unmodded English NOLF2 v1.3; 2. Unpack the R.E.A.L. mod into the installation folder; 3. Make sure that your Xbox One controller is on and connected; 4. Play the game!



  5. No One Lives Forever 2 - Upscaled Texture Pack

    This is a mod for "No One Lives Forever 2" that increases the quality of the textures mostly by 200%, and in some cases 400%, using AI upscaling. It also 
    adds more mip-maps giving a much smoother look for things in the distance. It also removes compression for the 32bit TGA files, since modern videocards can handle the larger files. 
    Before you install
     You should definately install NOLF 2 Modernizer mod, that fixes a lot of issues and lets you run the game at VERY high resolutions with some new effects. After you install that, it will create a folder called "Modernizer"
    How to install
    You have 3 files called Upscale.PART1,2,3... Those need to be put in 
    NOLF 2\Custom\Mods\Modernizer, next to the other rez file(s), called MODERNIZER.REZ
    Youre done. When starting the game and that music starts along with the game prompt, go to CUSTOM, make sure MODERNIZER is checked. Now you can play.
    Issues, things, poop.
    I tested the mod on a laptop, running at 4k, 6k, and 8k resolutions, with max settings. It ran fine, but encountered issues at 8K, you might not. I dunno. I also did HD upscales for Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Mafia 1, you can find them on Steam.
    To everyone at nolfgirl.net,
     Thanks to Spawn,
     thanks to PTMike95,
     and to anyone still playing this classic. 
     - Madmaxgamer, 14-11-2021
    You'll need 7Zip to extract the file.



  6. Nolf2 on Mac with Crossover

    To use the file you need https://www.codeweavers.com/crossover 
    once installed you click in the top tool bare on bottle and import bottle archive 
    This file is a clean install for NOLF 2 from the UHQ downloads.
    I have imported each into my Crossover and started the games up without issue so everyone else should be fine.
    This should work on Mac or Linux



  7. NOLF 2 German Language Pack

    To install German voice acting, install the English version NOLF2, then upgrade to version 1.3, then unpack this archive NOLF2_GermanLanguagePack.zip. Then copy and replace the SOUND.REZ file(370Mb) to the game folder.



  8. GrowOp

    H.A.R.M. is using a flower nursery in Northern Michigan as a front to conceal its secret project. Includes custom skins, custom textures, increased blood splatter & cutscenes.

    Extract the GrowOp.zip file.
    Put this .REZ file into your NOLF2 \\\\ Custom \\\\ Mods directory (if you dont have a custom/mods directory you may have to create them).
    Fire up the NOLF 2 Launcher , hit the custom tab & there should be a listing for \\\"GrowOp\\\". Check the GrowOp slot & then run the game. Go into singleplayer , then new game, select your difficulty & play!



  9. Join by IP Tool

    Full Description:
    Tool that allows you to find Online NOLF2 Servers. Help with the tool can be obtained by posting in the forum.
    Extra contents of the zip file to your NOLF 2 folder then double click the exe file to launch it. 



  10. No Respawn Mod - Nolf 2

    This may be a bit late but I did have a norespawn mod from a long time ago.   To get it to run, just load it like any other Nolf 2 custom map or mod.
    There are a few caveats to running this mod in single player but you can read all about those below or in the included extra-info.txt file. 
    Here's how you turn respawns off:
    1. Install WinRez LT Studio 
    2. Run WinRez. Open an existing file and select GAME.REZ.
    3. In WinRez, select the ATTRIBUTES folder and extract AIGOALS.TXT.
    4. Create a folder called 'nospawning' in your No One Lives Forever 2 directory, then create another folder called 'attributes' and put this inside the 'nospawning' folder. The folder structure should then look like this:
    5. Open AIGOALS.TXT, and delete the lines below '[GoalSet9]', up to and including 'Goal5 = "Menace"' (leaving '[GoalSet9]' there). It should then look like this:
    Name = "Guard"
    RequiredBrain0 = "Default"
    RequiredBrain1 = "Tulwar"
    RequiredBrain2 = "Bystander"
    RequiredBrain3 = "ViewMaster"
    RequiredBrain4 = "Police"
    RequiredBrain5 = "Terrain"
    IncludeGoalSet0 = "DefaultRequired"
    IncludeGoalSet1 = "DefaultBasic"
    Goal0 = "Guard"
    Goal1 = "Sniper"
    Goal2 = "Work"
    Goal3 = "Menace"
    Name = "SuicidePatrol"
    Exit AIGOALS.TXT and save.
    6. Move AIGOALS.TXT to the 'attributes' folder.
    7. Go to the Desktop, right-click on the NOLF2 shortcut and select Properties. Add ' -rez nospawning' (minus the quotes) to the end of the Target command line, so that it looks something like this '"C:\Games\No One Lives Forever 2\NOLF2.exe" -rez nospawning'.
    8. Play the game.
    IMPORTANT: After completing Chapter 8: The Art of Murder "Crossfire", you must remove the ' -rez nospawning' from the end of the Target command line before playing through the next level, The Art of Murder "Invisible Walls". Respawns are required in this level because Armstrong won't open the exit until a certain number of enemies have been dispatched. The Target command line can be changed back to ending in ' -rez nospawning' once "Invisible Walls" is finished.
    You'll also need to do the same thing after completing Chapter 14: Endgame "I think we should presume she's failed" and before playing through Endgame "Man-Handled". The Target command line can be changed back to ending in ' -rez nospawning' once "Man-Handled" is finished.
    The only minor problem with this method is that you'll occasionally encounter some 'lobotomised' henchmen. They just stand there and don't actually react to you, but can be killed if you shoot them. These enemies are the ones that would've respawned if respawning is enabled. They'll only appear once, and this doesn't affect the regular i.e. non-respawning enemies, that you encounter. So all it means is that you have a few easy targets to kill, if you wish. Otherwise, just ignore them. This is a small price to pay, and the lack of respawning means that you're finally able to play the game stealthily, since you don't have to worry about taking your time on a level, sneaking around and then getting shot in the back.



  11. Mini-image NOLF2: Play NOLF2 game without CD

    This small (100 Kb) CD-image can be used to launch the game NOLF2. Now you do not need a CD1 and a CD drive. Also you do not need "No-CD". But you must install the program Alcohol 120, or Alcohol 52, or Daemon Tools.
    This small (100 Kb) CD-image can be used to launch the game NOLF2. Now you do not need a CD1 and a CD drive. Also you do not need "No-CD". But you must install the program Alcohol 120, or Alcohol 52, or Daemon Tools
    A mini-image contains a list of files and a copy of the protection of the CD1 If you install the program Alcohol 120, or Alkohol 52 or Daemon Tools, then the mini-image can be used for the launcher as a real CD1.
    For this mini-image, you can not use other programs, such as UltraISO or NERO. Do not install the program Daemon Tools at the same time with the program UltraISO or HERO, because there may be a system crash
    Install the game NOLF2. Do not install file No-CD Install Alcohol 120, or Alkohol 52 or Daemon Tools. For Daemon Tools: use only the virtual SCSI drive or DE drive. Do not use the virtual DT drive. Unzip the files from the NOLF2_Image.zip archive to any folder, select the NOLF2_Image (24Kb) file mount your virtual disk. Link Alcohol 120, or Alkohol 52 or Daemon Tools:
    The game starts slowly in the system Windiws Vista and Windows 7 Reason: Your game is hindered by "Game Explorer" "Game Explorer" is part of the system Windiws Vista and Windows 7 To disable "Game Explorer" and speed up the launch of the game, use the program "Stop Game Explorer" ver.1.1. Mediafire.com
    There is no "Game Explorer" in Windiws 8/10 systems, so there is no problem



  12. Multilingual GUI NOLF 2

    Author = unknown
    Patch ver.1.5 for No One Lives Forever 2 contains 6 European languages GUI, including Russian.
    You can select English / Russian / German / French / Italian / Spanish for GUI and subtitle game No One Lives Forever 2 Contains: ---------------- 1. English / Russian / German / French / Italian / Spanish GUI and Subtitles Corrects errors: ----------------   Russian, Italian and Spanish ver. work online now For the German version included all the options.   Installation: ---------------- 1. Make the game "No One Lives Forever 2" upgrade to version 1.3 (file is in our downloads) 2. Unzip and Run the patch The patch will update the files in the folder with the game: NOLF2.exe Lithtech.exe Also the file Update_v1x3_GUI will be added. There will also be added to the registry entry to run this file. How to play. ----------------- For the Game "No One Lives Forever 2" set the compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2 Right-click on the icon of the game - Properties - Compatibility Remove: --------------- To return to the original graphic interface, run the patch mode "Default" Warning! --------------- Your old file Lithtech.exe is not saved, archive it (if necessary) on their own. Known problems of game on modern graphics cards. ------------------------------------------------- If you see graphics distortion in the game, then press the "Win" on the keyboard. The game will be compressed. Then click on the icon of the compressed game. The game will be restored without distortion graphics.



  13. No One Lives Forever 2 Portable

    This is a captured installation packaging of NOLF2 that was created with Cameyo.
    This installation has been updated with patch version 1.3.
    This package includes: No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.’s Way (Core game) Lives Forever Mod Lives Forever Plus Mod Map Pack 1 v1.3 Map pack 2 v1.3
    Multiplayer Server Browser Login_By_IP By default there should be two files in a folder called Cameyo apps.



  14. ThreeDCrosshair

    ThreeDCrosshair is a source mod for NOLF2, intended for people who want to play this beautiful game in real, stereoscopic 3D, with the aid of 3D shutterglasses (cheap) or on a 3D monitor
    Author = Ross



  15. LivesForeverPlus Mod

    Made by URA based upon the LiveForever Mod created by ßahamutZero
    This is the other version of the "LivesForever" mod needed to
    join some of the other NOLF2 Servers seen on the list.
    This mod includes an already edtied "coopmissions.txt"
    so that you can select from both the single player and
    the original 5 coop missions/chapters in "Cooperative" mode
    when hosting a game.



  16. WideScreen Mod

    -Pick supported widescreen resolutions in the display menu.
    -Set horizontal FOV in display.cfg, vertical, menu, weapon and cutscene FOV are calculated automatically.
    -Splashscreen, Menus and HUD elements are scaled and positioned properly and dont stretch anymore.
    -Automatic crosshair scaling and manual tweaking. Previously it had a fixed resolution and didnt scale at all.
    1. Put the "WidescreenPatch" folder in "Custom\Mods" in the NOLF2 directory.
    2. Run the launcher, click on "Custom" and check "WidescreenPatch"
    3. Start the game, go to display and select the desired resolution.
    4. Open the display.cfg file. If you havent previously launched the game with the patch enabled, the lines mentioned below wont be present and you can add them manually.
    5. The line "FOV" controls the horizontal FOV,you can set it however you want. For 16:9 I suggest "90.0".
    6. The cutscene letterbox scales automatically, if you are unsatistfied with the size, change the "LetterboxPercent" value.
    7. Open then the autoexect.cfg file.
    8. The line "CrosshairSize" changes the crosshair size.
    9. The Line "RightHUDPush" can be used to offset the HUD elements on the right to the edge of the screen. For 16:9 "30" is a good value.
    Enjoy the game!
    Known Problems:
    -With a large display width the loadingscreen text may be cut off at the side.
    This is due to the text being scaled with the resolution and background with the FOV.
    -With a larger display width Kate will freeze before walking and afterwards disappear.
    This is because the user was not expected to see such a wide region of the menu.
    -Some menu elements dont line up with the box they are supposed to be in.
    This is because their positions are calculated differently. That might be fixed in the future.



  17. Weapons-02

    Weapons-02 mod for No One Lives Forever 2
    Weapons list
    Added: 6 Lightsabers (Bug: PV (Player View) FxED based ImpactFX's)
    Added: AK-47 scope
    Replaced: AK-47's fire and fireloop sounds
    Replaced: Beretta with Gold .357 Magnum
    Replaced: Tommygun with P90 SMG
    Replaced: Sterling with Micro Uzi
    Replaced: Silenced Sterling with Dual Micro Uzi's
    Replaced: Micro Missile with RPG-7
    Added part of Contract JACK's newer recoil system
    Added quick chat keys (50 message limit per map);
    F1 = Hi
    Shift F1 = RE
    F2 = LOL
    Shift F2 = ^^
    F3 = GG
    Shift F3 = GG
    F4 = Yes
    Shift F4 = No
    F5 = Be right back
    Shift F5 = Back
    F6 = WB
    Shift F6 = TY
    F7 = Sorry
    Shift F7 = NP
    Other keys;
    F9 FPS counter (can't chat)
    F10 None
    F11 ScreenShot mode (no HUD (can't see chat))
    F12 (Alive = 3rd person (can't shoot))(Dead = Free cam (can't chat))



  18. Weapons-01

    Weapons-01 for No One Lives Forever 2
    Added: 6 Lightsabers (Bug: PV (Player View) FxED based ImpactFX's)
    Added: AK-47 scope
    Replaced: AK-47's fire and fireloop sounds
    Replaced: Beretta with Gold .357 Magnum
    Replaced: Tommygun with P90 SMG
    Replaced: Sterling with Micro Uzi
    Replaced: Silenced Sterling with Dual Micro Uzi's



  19. Spectator Mod for NOLF2

    Spectator / 3rd Person Mod For No One Lives Forever 2 - By Dan (18th May 2003)
    THIS MOD IS NOT MADE BY OR SUPPORTED BY Monolith Productions, or any of its
    affiliates and subsidiaries.
    This mod allows access to the Spectator Mode and 3rd Person view in NOLF 2. These
    modes were used by Monolith for debug purposes only and so it was disabled in
    the retail version of the game. This mod is based on the 1.3 source code.
    This mod is for "fun" only, the game wasn't designed to be played in this modes,
    and hence certain features are disabled.
    * Spectator Mode allows you to:
    * "Fly around" maps - (I have also added extra code to make this possible on
    multiplayer maps)
    * Walk through walls
    * 3rd Person View (for fun only - its hard (if not impossible) to play the game
    properly from this view)
    Installation Instructions
    Run NOLF 2, on the NOLF 2 launcher, click the [Custom] button and choose "Spectator"
    from the list. Click OK and launch NOLF 2
    Spectator Mode
    In single player or multiplayer, press t and type in:
    Then press [Enter], you should then see "Spectator Mode Enabled". You should now be
    able to fly around maps using the normal controls.
    Important: Chat is disabled after you use spectator mode - you will need to restart
    NOLF 2 to disable spectator mode.
    3rd Person
    In single player or multiplayer, press t and type in:
    Then press Enter, the camera should then switch to a 3rd person view. Note: the
    original view might be displayed as well, to resolve this simply switch weapons. To
    revert back to the normal first person view, type in budonkadonk again.
    Ignore the cursor when trying to aim - it won't help as the camera is in a different
    This is a modified version of NOLF - you will NOT be able to join servers who are not
    running this mod.



  20. Weapons Mod 5B

    Mod features:
    New weapons
    Jetpack (key binding must be setup)
    Widescreen display support
    Basic Anti cheats (D3D8, weapon, reload, aim and lean hacks)
    SpyVision on select scopes (grab key = on/off)
    Combat SpyVision (requires the Jetpack)
    Step zooming on level 2 scopes
    New sniper crosshairs
    Faster zoom in/out time
    Improved weapon handling when crouching
    Custom Function chat keys (see keywords.txt for a working example)
    Custom chat sound keywords (see default list here)
    SpyVision edit mode (Shift+F9 = on/off)
    FPS counter (F9 = on, Esc = off)
    Screen shot mode (F11 = on/off)
    3rd person mode (F12 = on/off when alive)
    Free cam mode (F12 = on when dead)
    Score sounds (optional)
    Chat line sound/music player
    Spawn a Jetpack cheat (flyboy)
    Spawn a weapon cheat (shootme + weapon name OR index)
    Spawn a ammobox cheat (giftbox + ammo name OR index)
    Private messaging chat
    Badword filter (needs to be setup in keywords.txt)
    Enabled host/scmd cheats: baddaboom, flyboy, shootme, giftbox & rosebud



  21. CoopChars

    // CoopChars //
    by vertigo
    This is a very simple mod. It lets you use all multiplayer models in co-op.
    It was *very* easy to create but this is aimed at people who simply google
    'No One Lives Forever 2 mods' rather than people who frequent NOLF2 forums.
    I know I would have found this pretty useful so hopefully somebody else does.
    - Extract the CoopChars folder to ..\No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Mods\
    If you don't have a 'Custom' folder in your NOLF2 root folder simply create
    one and then create a 'Mods' subdirectory



  22. Project P.O.O.P. V1.1 Update

    Mod only, no readmes. Works just like LivesForever, server must be PoopRevived for it to work.
    Author: ßahamutZero



  23. Better Red Than Dead

    BETTER RED THAN DEAD : Nolf 2 SP Level by Johnny LaRue (March/07)
    Version1.0 h
    This mission has more of a "hard edge" to it as Cate is a little bloodied up & there isn't as much gadget play compared to my previous level. Includes increased blood spray/splatter, custom skins, custom textures, modified sniper rifle, Molotov cocktails, cinematic themes and a walk-through.



  24. Return of H.A.R.M.

    No One Lives Forever 2 - Return Of H.A.R.M credits
    Spawn (www.spawnsite.net)
    Belladonna - Isako
    Canada - Idguard, postguards, old japaneese Professor
    Love - Ninja



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