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  1. NOLF ESRGAN Upscale Pack x4 v3 - NOLF ESRGAN Upscale Pack v4 Fix for x2 and x4

    Created by Esrgan
    ESRGAN AI neural upscale pack for No One Lives Forever All the original game files were upscaled x4 times. The biggest texture game uses: 2048x2048 pixels.
    Unpack to NOLF/Custom folder, follow the instruction to the mod
    Add this REZ files to the loading list of the game
    -deleted INTERFACE/MISSIONFAILURE.PCX to prevent menu mission failure visual scale bug
    -deleted TEX/FLARES/ textures to fix flares visual bug
    -deleted MENU/SPRTEX textures to fix menu arrows visual bug
    -M01S04.DAT file (Missfortune in Morocco Scene 4) was manually fixed to remove one tricky moon flare bug by reverting UV vectors just for this flare texture
    -manually fixed scaling bugs for sprites used as world textures and for flares in maps:



  2. NOLF 1 on Mac with Crossover

    To use the files you need https://www.codeweavers.com/crossover
    once installed you click in the top tool bare on bottle and import bottle archive 
    This file is a clean install for NOLF 1 from the UHQ downloads.
    I have imported each into my Crossover and started the games up without issue so everyone else should be fine.
    This should work on Mac or Linux



  3. GOTY to Vanilla menu

    Install info: ============= *GOTY to Vanilla menu* Unzip the zip file and place the Original_Menu.rez into the NOLF custom directory ("nolf\custom"). *Vanilla to GOTY menu* Unzip the zip file and place the Game_of_the_Year_Edition_MENU.rez into the NOLF custom directory ("nolf\custom"). Playing the Mod: ================ Start the NOLF game and on the startup screen do the following: 1). Click the Advance button. 2). Click the customize button. 3). Select PIGranny.rez by clicking on it. Next press the Add button located in the middle of screen. Next click the OK button. 4). Click the OK button back on the Advance Options screen. 5). Finally click the Launch button. Rights: All game content is the property of Monolith Production and Fox Interactive. Credits : to the original author G-MAN (I guess it was him since I had a folder called with this name, as far as I remember the mod was hosted on filefront or fileplanet).  

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  4. No One Lives Forever PC - All French Voices and Texts (GOTY VERSION)

    No One Lives Forever PC - All French Voices and Texts (GOTY VERSION) All voices are included now. Setup ------------ 1) Copy-paste the file NOLFTEXTESVOIXFR.REZ in the folder "Custom" to the root installation directory of the game. 2) Start NOLF.EXE 3) Click on "Advanced"... 4) Click on "Customize" 5) In Advanced Settings - Customize, Click on "Add >" while selecting NOLFTEXTESVOIXFR.REZ 6) Tick "Always load theses REZ files" 7) Click on "OK", then again on "OK" 8) Click on "Launch" Tgames (c) 2019



  5. NOLF Modernizer

    The NOLF modernization patch fixes performance issues, and attempts to adapt the original classic for larger resolutions.
    Key Changes
    Fixes slowdown with some UI elements (such as looking down scope, or picking items up)
    HUD scaling options for most HUD elements
    Replaced mouse input code for a more responsive experience
    Optional framerate cap to 60fps
    Optional 4:3 mode for cutscenes
    New Jukebox menu in Options
    More information
    Install instructions
    The NOLF modernization patch fixes performance issues, and attempts to adapt the original classic for larger resolutions.
    Key Changes
    Working multiplayer out of the box
    Fixes slowdown with some UI elements (such as looking down scope, or picking items up)
    HUD scaling options for most HUD elements
    Replaced mouse input code for a more responsive experience
    Optional framerate cap to 60fps
    Optional 4:3 mode for cutscenes
    New Jukebox menu in Options
    Latest Patch Highlights
    Patched out GameSpy from dedicated/hosted servers and the server browser.
    Fixed a bug in ai path finding causing values to not always be accurate.
    Fixed a silent out of range bug that could cause enemies to disappear and travel to a nearby galaxy at FTL speed!
    Added a “Blackscreen Fix” work around for Intel HD graphics chips in Display options.
    View the full notes at itch.io!
    Extract the archive file over your NOLF directory.
    Then in the launcher, go to Advanced -> Customize and add the Modernizer.rez file.
    Don’t forget to check “Always load these rez files”!
    Please note this is an unofficial patch, it’s NOT developed by Monolith Interactive



  6. Scope zoom fix for widescreen.

    How to install: (The files have been "corrected" using the steps under the How it was done).
    Extract the contents of the zip file to your NOLF/NOLF GOTY root folder.  It'll ask you to overwrite.
    First make sure to back those files up (NOLF2.REZ and NOLFU003.REZ). Then say "yes" to overwriting the files. 
    How it was done: 
     I was able to figure out how to get the zoomed in scope to go over the entire screen. 
    Un-rez NOLFU003.REZ and go to the "ATTRIBUTES/LAYOUT.TXT" file. Look for "ScopeScale" and set it's value to 1.8.
    Extra step for nit-picky peeps: Step 1 will enlarge the scope sprite, but some of the circle will be cut off by the screen. If you still want a full circle on the screen, but don't want the edges cut off, you're going to have to unrez "NOLF2.REZ". Then navigate to "STATBAR/SPRTEX" and open "SCOPE1_FADE.dtx" inside of DEdit. Create a new project and import the dtx into it on the "Textures" tab. Export it as a tga and open it in Photoshop. From here, you'll have to scale it down. Make sure to also edit the alpha channel to be smaller as well. I used screenshots and smart objects to help me. 
    Extra still: Export the TGA from Photoshop, import into DEdit, and re-export as a 32-bit with 1 MIP channel. If you double-click your TGA, you should see the texture image and the alpha channel.
    Extra still: Re-Rez your NOLF2 and NOLFU003 directories into .REZ files and play the game!



  7. N2CJUW (NOLF 2, C. JACK, URA weapons)

    In order to set up my mod, you copy the REZ files to the "Custom" folder in your NOLF 1 folder (create it if there's no "Custom" folder) and then select advanced, custom when opening the game and load the mods normally like you would any other. For the fixing of texture glitches you have to set model chrome to off, which can be found under options, advanced, display once you open the game. And with that, you're done. Normally unusable weapons, also replaced, will appear in both single and multi player modes, although you might need to use the cheat "mpkingoftehmonstars" in chat in single player to get some normally unusable ones. Version 1 has 4 more weapons but glitches key bindings for some unknown reason which I'd love to find out and fix. Version 2 has 4 less weapons but doesn't bug your game. The coin and the lockpick couldn't be replaced for technical problems, the camera disabler doesn't have anything that would fit in its place, the bacalov corrector texture still glitches after turning off model chrome, the camera doesn't even show up and some sounds are still the originals or mute. That is all I think.



  8. NOLF Widescreen Fix for GOTY edition

    By Jackfuste
    Installation instructions: - copy all content from zip file you your NOLF game folder.
    - All screen resolutions are available in the game menu and launcher
    - Hor+
    - Hor+ cutscenes
    - Weapon centered



  9. P. I. Granny -Beta

    A NOLF mod by Michael Turner
    Mod name : P. I. Granny
    Date : 02/08/2002
    Original Game : The Operative: No One Lives Forever
    Install info:
    Unzip the zip file and place the PIGranny.rez into the NOLF custom directory ("nolf\custom").
    Playing the Mod:
    Start the NOLF game and on the startup screen do the following:
    1). Click the Advance button.
    2). Click the customize button.
    3). Select PIGranny.rez by clicking on it. Next press the Add button located in the middle of screen. Next click the OK button.
    4). Click the OK button back on the Advance Options screen.
    5). Finally click the Launch button.
    Rights: All game content is the property of Monolith Production and Fox Interactive.
    The P.I.Granny story is the property of Michael Turner.



  10. NOLF Stranded

    Stranded2 for NOLF- The information in this html was written for AvP2's Stranded2 that I made. It was featured in PC ACTION magazine in June. This is a BETA of the same map I have converted to NOLF. Consider this: HARM has taken over Stranded and shot down your helicopter when you went to investigate. Armed with only a revolver, you must gain control of the two spider stations (get the power back on) and call UNITY to come get you. The information in these html's will help you. Nevermind anything that has to do with aliens.
    Installing Stranded for NOLF- You will need to put the Rts.rez file. the Rts.pcx, and the Rts.dat file in your Custom folder. Either do your Custom (Right Side Add) thing with the rez, or enter this in the command line: -rez Custom\Rts.rez
    A *.dat file will show up under the Single Player "Custom Levels" by default in Nolf, if it is placed in the Custom folder. The Rts.rez file holds all the custom textures and sounds in the map. Later on, if anybody wants it, I can add AM and/or DM to the Rts.rez file, and you would simply replace this Rts.rez with the updated one. I'm sorry, but as far as I know, it has to be this way for Return to Stranded to show up as a Single Player game in NOLF without editing the Cres.dll. Deal with it... I don't like people messing with my ATTRIBUTES folder, and I don't like *.exe files for installing. I could make it that way, but there are many people like me that will not download an .exe without knowing what it will do. This map does not alter your NOLF game whatsoever, and does not put any crap in your registry...
    Good Luck with this BETA I am interested in game play as far as weapons and health are concerned. If you have any suggestions before this weekend or for the future of Stranded, then by all means email me ga_cody@hotmail.com, or leave me a message at the Glue Factory. I'm always checking the NOLF mapping section regulary.



  11. H.A.R.M.PRISON

    1 single player level. I did originally plan to have 3 levels, 1 for the start on how Cate got to be in her situation and a level to finish it of, some sort of escape level, but i lost my patience and did not have time.
    Created by Darklord



  12. Last Stand

    Last Stand
    by Captain Freedom
    This is a game "Add-on." A add-on is an expansion from the original. Kind of like a free expansion pack, but done but members of our NOLF gaming community for free...
    Cate Archer is back fighting HARM and this time they have there eyes set on a nuclear weapon. You find your self driving, swimming, and fighting a huge army in this add-on
    This Download includes:
    new sounds
    new voices
    new skins
    6 new levels
    After you install this add-on to the NOLF's Default directory, There is 2 was to play it.
    If you have you copy of "No One Lives Forever" installed in the default directory you can run it just by clicking the "Last Stand" icon.
    For advanced users: Start NOLF, click Advanced/customize and load the "Last_Stand.rez" Then Click ok/ok/Launch.
    This Add-on should not be run for any on-line play. Because some voices and skins have been replaced. It will not help you, only hinder you.



  13. NOLF 1 & 2 ModHandler (MAC Only)

    What's New?
    -Now handles the initializing of NOLF2 in a much more professional, less "hackish" way.
    -Added some error handling code
    -Fixed numerous small bugs and a few critical errors
    -Will no longer allow you to load more mods than is acceptable in NOLF 1
    -NOLF ModHandler is now a Mac OSX native (MACH-O) application for better compatibility with Tiger.
    Created by Hysteria



  14. NOLF 1 Character Mod

    Adds about 40 new characters to NOLF 1 multiplayer. Install the n1cm.rez to your No One Lives Forever\Custom folder. Add the rez file (like a map) on your start up splash screen under Advanced/Customize.



  15. NOLF Multiplayer Launcher & Server Companion

    Since Gamespy is dropping support for NOLF1 at the end of May 2014 URA has come up with a great way for people to be able to host servers and connect to them using this tool.
    Multiplayer Launcher:
    NOLF2 based launcher that fetches a server list, query's each server and joins the selected one.
    Server Companion v0.1:
    A console application that starts NolfServ.exe and adds/maintains/removes your server's info to/from the server list.
    Note: Do not close Server_Companion directly, stop NolfServ.exe first and Server_Companion will terminate shortly after.



  16. Fix for Mouse Stutter & Framerate

    Quick Start
    To install the compatibility fixes, open an administrator command prompt in the same directory and type:
    sdbinst NOLFCompatFix.sdb
    That's it! Start up NOLF1 and you should find everything in working order.
    Command Prompt Help
    To open an admin command prompt, open the "Apps" view of the start screen and begin typing "cmd". Right click on the first entry (should be Command Prompt) and select "Run As Administrator".
    Be sure you are in the same directory as the sdb file. You can use the "cd" command to do this (example: "cd C:\Users\MyName\Desktop").
    Go to "Programs and Features" in the Control Panel, select "No One Lives Forever Compatibility Fixes" and select Uninstall.
    How it works
    The sdb file is a shim created with the Microsoft Application Compatibility Manager (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=7352). It contains an application compatibility fix for lithtech.exe, enabling the compatibility mode NoDTToDITMouseBatch (fixes jumpy mouse movement) and the compatibility fix DXPrimaryEmulation (Parameters: -DisableMaxWindowedMode) (fixes low framerate in fullscreen mode).
    This sdb will be updated in the future if additional compatibility modes are found to be necessary or helpful.
    This sdb was put together by Airslide with help from the following sources:



  17. WideScreen Mod

    ////////////////////////////////////No One Lives Forever Widescreen Patch\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    by Wobak 22.02.2014
    This is Version 2 of the patch. It now has workaround for the firstperson weapon stretching.
    -Pick supported widescreen resolutions in the display menu, the 16 Bit modes have been removed.
    -The FOV is Hor+ (the larger the aspect raio, the more is seen).
    -The cutscenes are anamorphic (they fill out as much of the screen as possible).
    -The firstweapon stretching is counteracted by scaling them.
    -The splashscreen and menu backgrounds are no longer stretched.
    -Subtitles and popup texts now take up the correct screen width.
    -Circular shadows now actually stay active. Originally they were deactivated after any cutscene played.
    1. Put the "WidescreenPatch.rez" file in your NOLF directory.
    2. Run the launcher, click on "Advanced".
    3. Put this into the commandline field: „-rez "WidescreenPatch.rez"„ (without the outer quotes).
    4. Make sure "always pass these command-line parameters" is checked.
    5. If you want to set the horizontal FOV to another value, add „+FovX "value"„ to the end of the
    command line (once again without the outer quotes).
    3. Start the game, go to display and select the desired resolution.
    Enjoy the game!
    Known Problems:
    -You cannot play on GotY (1.004) servers with this patch. This is due to the patch being based on the 1.003 source
    code because the 1.004 source code wasnt released.
    -Hosting a game isnt possible either. Hosting a 1.003 game could be enabled, but that would remove all text
    (objectives, intel, etc.) from the "Rest and Relaxation" bonus mission of the GotY edition.
    -The firstperson weapons distort in animations and their movement doesnt match up with the movement of their attachments.
    This is a result of the streching workaround and cant be fixed.
    -When using a FOV different from the Hor+ value the firstperson weapons are offseted. This may be counteracted in the future.
    -The scopes dont scale properly. The scaling is in some weird way dependent on the FOV. This may be fixed in the future.
    -The sides of the scoped are not covered up yet. This may be fixed in the future.
    Thanks to Monolith and Gametoast.
    If you encounter bugs or have problems either post in the Releasethread: http://unityhq.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=4229
    or write an e-mail at WobakJ[at]Web.de
    Version 1 - 18.1.2013:
    -pick widescreen resolutions in display menu
    -automatical vertical fov calculation
    -splashscreen and menubackground stretch removed
    Instructions for version 1 (should you wish to use the older version)
    ////////////////////////////////////No One Lives Forever Widescreen Patch\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    by Wobak 18.01.2013
    This is Version 1 of the patch. It has the basic features working.
    -Pick supported widescreen resolutions in the display menu, the 16 Bit modes have been removed.
    -Set horizontal FOV through command line. The vertical FOV is calculated automatically
    -The splashscreen and menu backgrounds are no longer stretched.
    1. Put the "WidescreenPatch.rez" file in your NOLF directory.
    2. Run the launcher, click on "Advanced".
    3. Put this into the commandline field: „-rez "WidescreenPatch.rez"„ (without the outer quotes).
    4. Make sure "always pass these command-line parameters" is checked.
    5. The default horizontal FOV is 90, if you want to change that, add „++fovX "value"„ to the end of the
    command line (once again without the outer quotes).
    3. Start the game, go to display and select the desired resolution.
    Enjoy the game!
    Known Problems:
    -The first person weapons remain stretched. The scaling is apparently done by the engine and contrary to Nolf2
    there is no console command to set the aspect.
    -Changes game version to 1.003 so may impact ability to connect to version 1.004 game servers.



  18. NOLF 1 Co-Op Mod Complete

    DISCLAIMER: I take no credit for the creation of the console portion of this mod, we have "Viktor" to thank for that, All I contributed to here was the editing some of the game
    attribute files and add and rename the single player maps in appropriate order. I am just a big fan that happened to discover how useful the console is in terms
    of using newly discovered console commands or "cheats". All of this which can be used on a locally hosted multiplayer server so that cooperative play is made possible.
    *NOTE: This mod is best played on a non-dedicated server
    along side the host of the game so that the host has access to various
    "console mod" commands that seem to work for the "host" player of the game
    only. Without these commands inputed by the admin of the server players
    may find it very easy to become stuck in one of the games many long levels.
    WHERE TO FIND THE SINGLE PLAYER MAPS??: You can find these maps to be hosted on your server under the "levels" menu list in multiplayer AFTER you have switched to the "H.A.R.M. vs Unity" Game Type.
    The "Mission" number represents that "Chapter" number of the game. You can easily find which level your looking to host on your server by using a
    "NOLF strategy guide" which can simply be found the internet. So if you click on "levels" and you add "Mission 1 Scene 1" to the list
    of levels your server will play, that is obviously the same map/level has the single player game's "Chapter 1 Scene 1: Misfortune in Morocco".
    The Reason i've renamed all of them in the multiplayer level list is because THE FULL NAME OF EACH CHAPTER WILL NOT FIT ON THE LIST and can get
    confusing. This is why I have simply renamed each one by their proper Mission and Scene NUMBER, in other words Chapter 1 or Mission 1 are THE SAME THING!
    Time Limit "60" (doesn't matter sense the maps are set to end automically when you reach the end of the map)
    Winning Score "200" (this option doesn't matter either since you can't really earn points unless you kill other players)
    Frag Scoring "On" (case you do want to take a break and deathmatch inside a map sometime)
    Max Players "4" (anymore then that could make spawning in a map on time with everyone all at once rather tricky)
    Runspeed "130" (can be bumped up all the way to 350 if your feeling impatient)
    Respawn scale "150" (I put it at max so players can come around and grab the respawned stuff when they most need it)
    Friendly fire "off" (otherwise it wouldn't be coop would it?)
    Default weapon "Shepard Arms P38 9mm"(because a permantly silenced handgun is rather "handy")
    Weapon stay "On" (so everybody get's to try out the goods!)
    Location based damage "On" (case you want a challange since npc's seem to only knock a tiny inch of health off you when they do manage to hit you)
    Audio taunts "On" (for a little fun after slaying an enemy)
    Fall damage "30" (comes in handy sometimes)
    Armor health bonus "0" (so that armor doesn't heal your health, just like the single player game)
    *IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT HOSTING A SERVER : When hosting a game on a
    coop map make sure that that you select the "harm vs unity" gamemode otherwise you will not be
    able to se the list of single player coop maps at all. Also make sure that all the players
    join and spawn in the game whie the opening cutscene of the current map is playing,
    that way all players will spawn in the same position has the host sometimes players may spawn
    half way in the ground but can jump their way free from this bug.
    *IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PLAYER RESPAWN: On some of these maps where all players must
    must join and spawn while a cutscene is playing, if a player dies they may be telported
    to a room far off of the map, in this case, TRY NO TO DIE IN THESE MAPS
    AT ALL COSTS, there is no Godmode or Noclip console cheat that works to
    my knowledge as of yet, so the host WILL be forced to restart the current map for you if
    this happens SO BE CAREFUL! Some mapes have working respawn locations while other's are just
    to far off the correct area of the map, so make use of joining while a cutscene is playing!
    *IMPORTANT NOTE FOR TWO PLAYERS NEEDING A VEHICLE IN A MAP: You may come across this issue in some single player maps where there is only one motorcycle
    or snowmobile visible to ride and will need the host of the game to solve this issue so that
    you may both acquire vehicle for eachother to ride. For those of you who think this method
    is too complicated you can simply have the host of the game press "ESC" and go to "Game Options"
    and bump up the runspeed meter all the way up to 350. The more practical alternative is the host
    of the game waits for another play to get on the one vehicle in the map first and then
    points their cursor at the vehicle they are riding and presses F12 to get the name of
    that one vehicle in the map and then press the ` button located under the "ESC" key
    and uses the msg playervehicle0 "activate" command has explained below in the "msg commands"
    section of this txt file. Learning this will enable both players to ride invisible copies of same
    vehicle and carry on throughout the map without further issues other then accidently driving
    off a cliff.
    *IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MORE THEN TWO PLAYERS NEEDING A VEHICLE IN A MAP: It is possible to produce extra "invisible copies" of a vehicle in maps which only
    contain a single vehicle, this has been tested myself in a player hosted LAN server
    even though the process requires a bit of quick reaction time. To spawn these
    "invisible copies" of either the one snowmobile or motorcycle that you find in a map
    you must first wait for another player to get on the vehicle, then have the host player
    of the game use the msg playervehicle0 "activate" command which puts on a invisible copy
    of the vehicle has said before. After this you must quickly "right click" to get off the
    vehicle but has your character is doing so....quickly press the ` button under ESc that
    brings up the console and then quickly press the up arrow and then ENTER on your keyboard.
    If done correctly this will mean you have just quickly gotten off the "activate"d vehicle has
    the exact same moment it has been "activate"d and in turn creates an invisible copy of the vehicle
    in the spot the host player is standing in, have someone right click around where your standing to
    get on the vehicle then simply have the host player of the game bring up the console and type
    "msg playervehicle0 "activate.....again AND THERE YOU HAVE iT!....PROBLEM SOLVED!...RIDE ON!
    *NOTE FOR GAME OF THE YEAR MISSION 16: Has to my knowledge, you must own and install the "Game of The Year Edition"
    of the game in order for this mission to work, this is why it marked with GOTY before it.
    This is due to Mission 16 being the "Rest and Relaxation" chapter and is THE VERY LAST MISSION only included in the
    "Game of the Year Edition". So you must install it in order to have the correct textures and voice files needed for
    those maps to work.
    *IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SILENCERS: You may notice i've permantly replaced the shephard arm's
    p38 pistol with a permanantly silenced version of the weapon
    that works even without a silencer, this is due the fact that
    I have yet to discover how in the game to cheat for certain
    ammo types let alone attachments such has silencers.
    press the ` button under ESC to bring down the console while in a
    multiplayer game, note that these comands also happen to work in singleplayer.
    music play s
    This command can be used to play whatever the
    last music track that was being played from
    the main menu screen,So far this is the only
    way to get music to work in multiplayer,note
    that you must start whatever level you are attempting to play
    in a coop game in single player first and then exit to main menu and start
    that specific map in multiplayer, or join agame running that map
    this is the only way that music track can be
    captured and played in the main menu....if you attempt to type this
    command without doing what has been said first.....then you will simply
    end up hearing the main menu screen's music in-game.
    music stop s This command does exactly what it says and stops whatever music
    loop you may have started using the "music play s....command.
    SIMPLE MUSIC ALTERNATIVE: do a Youtube search for the soundtrack, or better yet
    run the single player version of a map in a seperate window!
    select name of object By replacing "name of object(withouth qoutes) with whatever the name of the in-game object is, you
    can use this command to successfully select an object for editing within the map being
    played. Has the console mod readme arleady explains, the simpler way to retrive the name
    of an object you want to edit can be done by pointing your crossair at the middle of the
    screen at the object you wish to edit and press F12. This of course gives you a name for
    an object you may want to play around with and edit while in-game.
    msg nameofobject "trigger
    EXAMPLES: msg edoor1 "unlock
    msg edoor1 "trigger
    Try these out along side the F12 select combo when your stuck inside the elevator
    THE ACTUAL NAME OF THE OBJECT YOU ARE GIVING THE COMMAND TO. All of this shows the importance of the console
    mod by enabling the host of the server to ....."unlock....and force open or...."trigger...certain bugged doors
    in the game incase they either do not work or if a player gets stuck behind them,
    it is possible to use these commands to "trigger....and "unlock...elevator doors and platforms of all kinds
    has well.
    msg player "AcquireWeapon EXAMPLE: msg player "AcquireWeapon Delisle
    This example command can be used by the host of a game to
    give all players currently in the game a silenced hamptine
    carbine, note that the word "delisle" is the proper word for this
    weapon and can be replaced with the proper name of any weapon or gadget
    to give all players currently in the multiplayer server that specific
    weapon,gadget,mod, or piece of gear like the scuba divers suite.
    msg player "Acquiregear EXAMPLES : msg player "Acquiregear SCUBA gear
    msg player "Acquiregear Bandages
    msg player "Acquiregear Body Armor
    gives the player a certain type of gear, names for these items
    can be found in the "PLAYER ITEM NAMES.TXT" under the "[Gear0]" section, you
    may only ever need to cheat for the "SCUBA gear....specifically for long underwater
    missions and on other missions "body armor....so that players don't die on those long
    snowy lift riding missions with helicopters shooting at them.
    *OTHER EXAMPLES FOR USABLE GADGETS: msg player "Acquireweapon Camera Disabler
    msg player "AcquireWeapon Mine Sunglasses
    msg player "AcquireWeapon Red Sunglasses
    msg player "AcquireWeapon Code Breaker
    msg player "AcquireWeapon Welder Lighter (this is actually a cheat for the welder
    version of the lighter has a seperate gadget due to the fact that switching gadget
    functions is not possible in multiplayer)
    msg player "AcquireWeapon Poodle
    msg Player "AcquireWeapon Poison Barrette (this is actually the poison sword
    version of the Barrette, since once again switching gadget functions doesn't work in multiplayer)
    msg player "AcquireWeapon "Barrette (gives u a normal lockpicking barrete for the silent opening of locks)
    msg nameofplayervehicle "activate
    example: msg playervehicle0 "activate
    Once you have the name of the vehicle using the F12 trick, this command forces the host player of the game to get on and ride
    or "activate....a motorcycle or snowmobile located in the current map. This works regardless of rather the vehicle is in-use
    by another player or not and so it serves has a coop work around so that more then one player may ride an invisible copy of
    the same vehicle. Most common names for vehicles you will find in a map include "playervehicle0" or "playervehicle1".
    Just like using the console to open doors, pressing f12 on the vehicle your facing will give you the name of that "playervehicle"
    so that you know the name of the object to be typed in so that vehicle can by "activate"d by you, the host after another player
    gets on it.
    msg player "AcquireMod nameofweaponmod
    msg player "AcquireAttachment or "AcquireAttechment nameofattachment
    msg player "AcquireVehicle nameofthevehicle
    It is unclear at this point rather these console cheats do anything has of yet
    but it is possible so you might try playing with them and replacing the word after Acquire
    with whatever you can think of from the PLAYER ITEM NAMES.txt in attempting to cheat for the actual p38 silencer
    when and if you the fans have spare time.



  19. Showdown

    SPYDAVE's Showdown sends the indomitable UNITY agent Cate Archer deep into dangerous new territory in pursuit of H.A.R.M. and their latest ally - an enigmatic mastermind of evil.
    Nine action-packed levels include a subway shoot-out, a hijacked train packed with hostages, a trip to a German brothel and a dramatic showdown against the world's ultimate evil.
    In addition to the single-player levels, Showdown includes four original Deathmatch MP maps designed by SPYDAVE and veteran NOLF mappers Wiky, Deunid, Kyle_Katarn and Coty.
    Added the German and Spanish versions of Showdown. - Eliteone
    German version created by Kyle_Katarn
    Spanish version by unknown author (if you made it let us know)



  20. Widescreen Fix

    NOLF Widescreen Fix
    Created: June 22, 2011
    By : COrey -Ozzy- Asbreuk
    Here's a widescreen fix for NOLF, based on the released source code, version 1.03
    Rename your existing NOLFDLL.REZ file to something else, and
    then copy the NOLFDLL.REZ file from this fix into your NOLF directory.
    The field of view (horizontally) will remain the same regardless of resolution, but
    at widescreen aspect ratios you will see a bit less vertically.
    The weapon model still appears stretched in widescreen, but the environment does not.
    I could not find a way to fix this without having a very strong fishbowl effect, which
    was really hard to look at. So, I have not yet determined why Cate's weapon model is
    stretched when in widescreen, while everything else is aspect-correct (that is,
    circles appear to be circles and not ovals).
    That being said, the environment looks correct.



  21. 32 bit Installer for NOLF *unofficial*

    Rebuild of the 16 bit installer for NOLF by BuckoA51
    Using them should allow you to install NOLF to a 64 bit Windows operating system.
    From BuckoA51's post:
    I found that the installer itself was not compatible with 64 bit systems.
    The game however is perfectly compatible. I saw on here a lot of people were having trouble and having to jump through hoops like installing on an XP VM. I couldn't be bothered with that so I re-wrote the installer in NSIS. I've tested this on my PC and it works okay, but I'd appreciate others testing it for me. I also wrote a replacement installer for the patch 3. Patch 4 seems to install just fine so I didn't mess with that one. Anyway, the new installer is really simple, currently it only supports English but I am sure it could be modded easily to support other languages.



  22. Spectator Mod for NOLF

    Spectator Mod For No One Lives Forever - By Dan (7th Feb 2002)
    This mod allows access to the "Spectator Mode" in NOLF. This mode was used by Monolith for debug purposes
    only - and so it was disabled in the retail version of the game. This mod is based on the 1.003 source code.
    Spectator Mode allows you to:
    * "Fly around" maps - (I have also added extra code to make this possible on multi-player maps)
    * Walk through walls (important - see issues)
    Installation Instructions
    1) Copy SPECTATOR.REZ into No One Lives Forever\Custom\
    2) In the NOLF launcher click [Advanced...] then [Customize]
    3) Select SPECTATOR.REZ in the left hand pane and click the [Add >] button
    4) Click [OK], then [OK] again and launch NOLF
    See additional readme in zip file for additional information - Eliteone
    Thanks to blaukanal for sending me the file.



  23. Console for NOLF

    Console for NOLF 1, version 20070224
    Author: Viktor Thanks to Akula65 for sending us the files
    Date: 2007-02-24
    1. Requirements
    2. Installation
    3. Description
    1. Requirements
    Console requires NOLF 1 with update 1.003 or 1.004.
    2. Installation
    1. Copy console.rez to your NOLF Custom folder.
    2. Start the NOLF launcher.
    3. Click the Advanced... button.
    4. Click the Customize button.
    5. Select console.rez in the left list pane.
    6. Click the Add button.
    7. Click OK twice, then Launch.
    Note: Remember to remove the mod from the custom list before playing online, or you will not be able to join any games.
    3. Description
    The console allows the user to interact with the game in a fashion that is useful for map testing & debugging or just playing around. It is possible to adjust console variables, and use console programs, in order to enter diagnostic modes and change playing characteristics. Object editing functions similar to those in my Object Message mod are available.
    The console will hide in the background until you press the tilde (~) key. Commands are entered onto the prompt at the bottom of the console area.



  24. Taunt Manager

    Black Angel Software
    Use the Taunt Manager for NOLF and say goodbye to editting in NotePad or finding out the Taunt you selected does not work. This cool utility lets you easily manage all your custom taunts easily and effortlessly.



  25. NOLF NO CD 1.004 English

    NO CD File for NOLF
    Author unknown
    *Must be patched to version 1.004 to use*
    Modified exe that allows you to play without risking your valuable NOLF CD.
    Should only be used if you have legitimate NOLF media.



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