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About This File


The following files are in this download:

NOLF-GOTY-Setup file. This file will extract the complete game (to C:\untyhq however the installer allows you to choose an alternative install path), patched to the English 1.03 version of the game. Additionally it has  the no-cd patch integrated into it.   It also contains the latest dgvoodoo2 (using Jettary's configuration) for additional video settings. 

  • This installer (NOLF-GOTY-Setup.exe) has been digitally signed to make it easier to install on Windows 10.
  • NOLF-GOTY-not-signed-Setup file has been added for those having issues installing the signed version of the setup file. 


ISO files of the 2 CDs for the No One Lives Forever game GOTY edition (original released version)

GOTY zip files. Zip files of the CD media (two files)

The files are listed in the download in the following order:











Special addition to disclaimer:

UnityHQ does not promote software piracy.

As the copyright of this game is in question we leave it up to those who download to decide whether to download or not . By downloading you agree to take full responsibility for doing so and release Unityhq.net/nolfgirl.net from any repercussions for doing so.


What's New in Version 2.0.1b   See changelog


  • Updated additional disclaimer
  • Added NOLF-GOTY-Setup.exe file. Installed the complete game, patched with no-cd and latest dg2voodoo for video fixes
  • Added rar file of GOTY install. Will require a tool to extract the .rar such as 7-Zip
  • Added zip files of disc 1 and disc 2 - May help those having problems using the ISOs 
  • Added a non digitally signed NOLF-GOTY-not-signed.exe for those having issues installing the signed setup file.