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  1. {U}Sgt.PEPPER


    you guys are still playing?... I hope, I am stuck in a place where I have limited internet so I cant play any games online at all, i maybe getting out of this dump... but cant say when...(hopeing asap) if I do, you know for sure I will be back... I miss this silly game and all the peeps that come with it...well keep nolfing and ill see ya`s peace, god bless, take care and all of those happy magic good-luck spells....and stuff...
  2. Version 1


    DD_NINJA_SKINS for multiplayer by Sgt.PEPPER
  3. ok im uploding them in a REZ and just the DTX`s everyone knows how to edit the Update_v1x3 rez file in the game directory with winrez LT studio right? or should i make a "exe" file that installs the skin of your chooseing???
  4. hey.hugo wanted bikini ninjas ..well this is the best i can do...not ready for download...but almost done i see a mess that needs fixing again anyway here's a pic... [/img]
  5. hey all, i guess ill start a new map , but i would like to here from you guys, for ideas ..themes or anything you would like to see in it... im trying to finish this 1 map, but its a bit slow moving around in the editor(witch is not good) and takes too long to process, slowing progress to the point of boredom... any way..let me know what you guys wanna see for the next map.. and i will steel all your ideas and not use them anyway...lol ( just kidding) and, thanks.....
  6. sorry i never used this "particle system object" ...looks like you have to set the path for texture you will use in texture name window and maybe particleflags value = 2? i dont know .... if you just want a smiple fire.... just add SpecialFX and try a bunch in the "FXName" window drop-down menu there....
  7. select brushes in the aera that are to receive light go properties tab look at "lighting" select lightmaps...that should light it up is that a "SpecialFX" object? i have same problem with some of these.... but theres enough objects in there for an alternitive... also some "SpecialFX" dont not give off light... you will have to add "light obejects" yourself...
  8. drugs are for companies, to sell to make money...and money means more to them than you... heres a bit of good info,