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    I think, nothing else :)

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  1. {IF} Agent 224


    Дуже дякую, Е1
  2. {IF} Agent 224


    Hello everyone! :D Does anybody have a link or the file with NOLF2 mod named "GrowOP"? The one that was along with the "BRTD". I've found BRTD here, but can't find the second one anywhere... Maybe someone still has it installed...
  3. Hey there It's been a while. You know, I always find some wird NOLF2 screenshots in the net. Looks like there were some unreleased levels? This is exactly the DM map, but there's a ninja there. Does anybody know anything about this level? There are plently of such pictures over the net, though...
  4. {IF} Agent 224


    Not directly, but yes, it will. And thanks in adv. once again, orion98 has done it already Errr I think it'd take some time before I get back online ...
  5. {IF} Agent 224


    О, крутяк!)) Орион, а напомни-ка, ты не со Смоленска часом? Если да, можешь продублировать в ЛС то, что я процитировал, но только на русском языке? На самом деле, я давно не использовал английский, и мне уже малясь сложновато понимать, что здесь говорят(( Sry guys E1, thank you, that guy has done the request
  6. {IF} Agent 224


    Hi there E1, I am just very great, thank you! By "breaks" I mean what I wrote: it starts, it goes, well, it downloads about 10 or 12 mb (I am trying to download one of URA's mods) and then it stops. Download status: FAILED is what I see. Every time it stops on different amount of downloaded MBs. 10, 12, 7, 16 etc... like something interrups it! E1? Maybe you could help me? Ughm I am not sure if it's a polite request, but could you download this file http://unityhq.net/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=118 (Project-M) for me and send it via e-mail to me, please? My e-mail address is available in my profile (available for you for sure, you're admin ^^). Thanks in advance ^^
  7. {IF} Agent 224


    Hi everybody! Err long hime huh? How's everybody doing? Is anyone online anytime? I miss u all dudes Hmm I can't download any file... it starts, goes and... breaks. Without a reason... Any ideas?
  8. Hey there In what country electricity has the lowers price?
  9. {IF} Agent 224

    A Nolf2 Quiz

    Hmm... the last post was made on 31 January 2011 - 06:15 PM by Natter. No other posts? The topic died? Let's riveve it, shall we?