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    Mmm i dont even know what to say about myself. I like to make mods for NOLf and making maps a little. Playing NOLF series game almost 6 years already....
    I think, nothing else :)

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    NOLF 2 Unreleased chapters

    Hey there It's been a while. You know, I always find some wird NOLF2 screenshots in the net. Looks like there were some unreleased levels? This is exactly the DM map, but there's a ninja there. Does anybody know anything about this level? There are plently of such pictures over the net, though...
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    Not directly, but yes, it will. And thanks in adv. once again, orion98 has done it already Errr I think it'd take some time before I get back online ...
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    О, крутяк!)) Орион, а напомни-ка, ты не со Смоленска часом? Если да, можешь продублировать в ЛС то, что я процитировал, но только на русском языке? На самом деле, я давно не использовал английский, и мне уже малясь сложновато понимать, что здесь говорят(( Sry guys E1, thank you, that guy has done the request
  7. {IF} Agent 224


    Hi there E1, I am just very great, thank you! By "breaks" I mean what I wrote: it starts, it goes, well, it downloads about 10 or 12 mb (I am trying to download one of URA's mods) and then it stops. Download status: FAILED is what I see. Every time it stops on different amount of downloaded MBs. 10, 12, 7, 16 etc... like something interrups it! E1? Maybe you could help me? Ughm I am not sure if it's a polite request, but could you download this file http://unityhq.net/forums/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=118 (Project-M) for me and send it via e-mail to me, please? My e-mail address is available in my profile (available for you for sure, you're admin ^^). Thanks in advance ^^
  8. {IF} Agent 224


    Hi everybody! Err long hime huh? How's everybody doing? Is anyone online anytime? I miss u all dudes Hmm I can't download any file... it starts, goes and... breaks. Without a reason... Any ideas?
  9. {IF} Agent 224

    Changes at UHQ

    Hey there In what country electricity has the lowers price?
  10. {IF} Agent 224

    New Ninja Skins

    Whoa! 125 mb! Thanks E1, that works now
  11. {IF} Agent 224

    New Ninja Skins

    The DL link is broken
  12. {IF} Agent 224

    A Nolf2 Quiz

    Hmm... the last post was made on 31 January 2011 - 06:15 PM by Natter. No other posts? The topic died? Let's riveve it, shall we?
  13. {IF} Agent 224


    Something we did not play yet. Though what's the time for the game? I can't catch people there!
  14. {IF} Agent 224

    Monolith is going to make a new game!

    Money. They decide everything. If, as one of you said above, NOLF 2 didn't give them enough, NOLF 3 will never be created.