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Spectator Mod for NOLF2 1

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About This File

Spectator / 3rd Person Mod For No One Lives Forever 2 - By Dan (18th May 2003)


THIS MOD IS NOT MADE BY OR SUPPORTED BY Monolith Productions, or any of its

affiliates and subsidiaries.






This mod allows access to the Spectator Mode and 3rd Person view in NOLF 2. These

modes were used by Monolith for debug purposes only and so it was disabled in

the retail version of the game. This mod is based on the 1.3 source code.


This mod is for "fun" only, the game wasn't designed to be played in this modes,

and hence certain features are disabled.





* Spectator Mode allows you to:


* "Fly around" maps - (I have also added extra code to make this possible on

multiplayer maps)

* Walk through walls


* 3rd Person View (for fun only - its hard (if not impossible) to play the game

properly from this view)


Installation Instructions



Run NOLF 2, on the NOLF 2 launcher, click the [Custom] button and choose "Spectator"

from the list. Click OK and launch NOLF 2


Spectator Mode



In single player or multiplayer, press t and type in:




Then press [Enter], you should then see "Spectator Mode Enabled". You should now be

able to fly around maps using the normal controls. :)


Important: Chat is disabled after you use spectator mode - you will need to restart

NOLF 2 to disable spectator mode.


3rd Person



In single player or multiplayer, press t and type in:




Then press Enter, the camera should then switch to a 3rd person view. Note: the

original view might be displayed as well, to resolve this simply switch weapons. To

revert back to the normal first person view, type in budonkadonk again.


Ignore the cursor when trying to aim - it won't help as the camera is in a different






This is a modified version of NOLF - you will NOT be able to join servers who are not

running this mod.

What's New in Version 1   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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