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Third Person Mod For No One Lives Forever 2

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Third Person Mod For No One Lives Forever 2

Adds Third Person Camera with Fixed Crosshair and redused distance to interact with objects.

The mod also changes Cate's models from single player to multiplayer models for better play (because there were incorrect and large Cate models in single player mode).

I couldn't make a mod for new animations. Because at the little change of AnimatorPlayer.h/.cpp game crashes on startup. Contract J. A. C. K has a redesigned source code and has no problems when running, although the structure is the same.


To enter Third Person press "T" and type in - "budonkadonk".






The camera sometimes gets stuck in impassable angles because the third-person camera has its own collision;

If use save game many times, the crosshair does not work correctly. To solve the problem, restart the level.



Baby On Snowmobile

"Keep Classic Unforgettable"

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Nice! Cool that people still mod this game :) 

In my opinion Contract Jack is the most polished engine version of the 3 games, looking forward to check it out :)

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