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  1. Coty

    NOLF Stranded

    Version 1.0


    Stranded2 for NOLF- The information in this html was written for AvP2's Stranded2 that I made. It was featured in PC ACTION magazine in June. This is a BETA of the same map I have converted to NOLF. Consider this: HARM has taken over Stranded and shot down your helicopter when you went to investigate. Armed with only a revolver, you must gain control of the two spider stations (get the power back on) and call UNITY to come get you. The information in these html's will help you. Nevermind anything that has to do with aliens. Installing Stranded for NOLF- You will need to put the Rts.rez file. the Rts.pcx, and the Rts.dat file in your Custom folder. Either do your Custom (Right Side Add) thing with the rez, or enter this in the command line: -rez Custom\Rts.rez A *.dat file will show up under the Single Player "Custom Levels" by default in Nolf, if it is placed in the Custom folder. The Rts.rez file holds all the custom textures and sounds in the map. Later on, if anybody wants it, I can add AM and/or DM to the Rts.rez file, and you would simply replace this Rts.rez with the updated one. I'm sorry, but as far as I know, it has to be this way for Return to Stranded to show up as a Single Player game in NOLF without editing the Cres.dll. Deal with it... I don't like people messing with my ATTRIBUTES folder, and I don't like *.exe files for installing. I could make it that way, but there are many people like me that will not download an .exe without knowing what it will do. This map does not alter your NOLF game whatsoever, and does not put any crap in your registry... Good Luck with this BETA I am interested in game play as far as weapons and health are concerned. If you have any suggestions before this weekend or for the future of Stranded, then by all means email me, or leave me a message at the Glue Factory. I'm always checking the NOLF mapping section regulary. Coty **********
  2. Coty

    NOLF 1 Character Mod

    Version 1.0


    Adds about 40 new characters to NOLF 1 multiplayer. Install the n1cm.rez to your No One Lives Forever\Custom folder. Add the rez file (like a map) on your start up splash screen under Advanced/Customize.
  3. Just a guess, make sure the custom texture has the same name as the original and is in the same folder "in the same location" as the original. Make sure the -rez is the last one loaded so it will overwrite any other -rez loaded, and make sure you arent exceding the rez limit which is 6 or 8, dont remember. Thats all I can think of.
  4. According to this page lommIX used the talon engine which would probably use the avp2 tools to get the models into the game using the abc format. If the models are ltb format than these tools might work. Maya 4 would save to lta. Lta could be read by talon or jupiter. Talon medit tools saves as abc, Jupiter MEdit tools saves as ltb.
  5. It's been 10 years or so since I had NOLF installed so I could only go from memory now. The general idea is to create or import a correctly orentiated skeleton. In order for the game animations to work, the skeleton must match exactly. One might come with the tools in maya format as in character sample.mb, I don't remember. You then import or create your model.obj, bind the skin in maya using smooth binding, or in max using a modifer so the bones have weighted vertices. You then export to lta or ltc so that model edit can read it. In model edit you add the animations, lods, and textures, etc... and save the model in .ltb format that the game understands.
  6. Coty

    Nolf1 Character Mod

    Version 1.0


    Name: Nolf1 Character Mod Version: 1.0 Author: Coty This rez file adds about 40 new characters to Nolf1 multi-player. It is in a self extracting Winrar exe file. Run the exe or open it with Winrar. Install the n1cm.rez to your No One Lives Forever\Custom folder. Add the rez file (like a map) on your startup splash screen under Advanced/Customize.
  7. Coty


    Thank You E1! I didn't make her. I just rigged her for Nolf2 and gave her Cate's eyes. Something like this would be my idea for Nolf3 or a mod, Cate as a teenage thief.
  8. Coty


    Person of Interest Carthern "Joliet" Archer believed to be between 16 and 18 years old Address Unknown Wanted for questioning in in some burglary's around the north side of town. Supposedly last seen around one of the buildings in question. More $500 Reward for any information leading to her whereabouts. Call 555-1212 Ask for Bruno
  9. Coty


    Ditto Very Well Spoken Probably, if you go back into the archives of TGF and read what happened when Nolf2 came out, you would see where half the Community was complaining about it. I remember reading threads where people were uninstalling Nolf2 and going back to Nolf1. I only played about half of Nolf2 myself, where I got stuck tossing a coin. Because the Primal Hunt expansion pack bombed in AvP2, I was reluctant to join the Pegasus team on a mod for Contract Jack, but my good Pegasus Team Members finally talked me into it. I bet we spent at least a year on that Mod, and for what? Yea, we had fun making it, and we gained some more experience, but that was it. So, you can imagine what the Publishers of Nolf2 and CJ thought when they probably lost money on their projects. And like anybody that has just spent the last two years of their lives working on something as big as this, they WERE watching the Nolf "Community," to see what the feedback was going to be. And every complaint about Nolf2 and CJ was another "shot in the foot." About CJ, there became this thing about CJ had no tags and the SP was too short. Well, this is true, but I believe everything in N2 could have been ported to CJ. And it really isn't about the SP game, but the MP. Sure, the SP is good, for a week. But the MP, that's what you've been playing for the last 5 years or so. And what is all that, but "fast action" shooting? Anyway, when nobody bought CJ, and the Pegasus team refusing to go back to Nolf2, I believe your fate was sealed. I don't see an Nolf3 in your future, unless you make it yourself. Every now and then I look back at some of these Nolf3 threads and think of what could have been. I do wish you well in your venture to try to get an Nolf3. If I could do anything to help, I would. And I'm sorry that it didn't work out for you. Coty
  10. That looks fantastic Man!!!
  11. + Micro Uzi > Dual Micro Uzi's URA, I looked for a video of the Dual Micro Uzi's but couldn't find it, if there is one. I wanted to see if you were able to make both Uzi's flash at the end of both barrels, like two flash sockets in the pv. Do you have a video of the Uzi_pv shooting? I was wondering how to do that in Lithtech. I figured it was in code because the only example I know of is the N1 helicopter guns. If you were able to make two flash sockets work (in game) in the pv, how were you able to do that? Can you do that? To have both Guns firing at different locations (end of each barrel) in the pv. Thanks
  12. Not knowing anything about 3dsm, and with the little information you give me I can only say this: You need to bind (skin) the model to more than one bone per vertex, smooth skinning, not ridged. Perhaps you have something called a smooth skin modifer? Something like that... Lithtech uses weighted vertices when skinning. Riged skinning (one bone per vertex) will crash MEdit.
  13. After looking at some models in MEdit and reading the modelbutes more closely, I believe the latter is true. The joints (nodes) have a radius around them that determines hit detection, not the piece names in MEdit, or the size of the pieces. All models would be the same, and head shots would be determined by the radius of the joint being hit, and not the model geometry.
  14. A very good question. You got me... If this is not the case, it would be decided on which joint was hit. The joints are named correctly and are the same, so all the players would be equal, decided by the radius around the node and not related to the piece. A bigger head wouldn't matter.
  15. You know what? I don't know!!! I never thought about that. I'm not sure how Nolf1 figures the head shots. I'll have to look into it. Ok, I was supposed to name the pieces, or body parts, HEAD, TORSO, ARM, LEG, etc in MEdit. This would have given hit points to the nodes depending on which part was hit. I didn't name any parts (pieces) in MEdit, so it would default to 0 zero, which, I believe, should be the arms and legs. (DWORD) 0 in modelbutes.txt In other words, I believe any hit on any model would be equivalent to hitting the arms and legs. No head shots. All the players will be a little harder to kill, I guess, unless I named the pieces in MEdit. Some would take a normal shot for the head and body though. Let me check it out: These models can take a head shot: GiJoe Gman Indian Hero Iraqi soviet swat usa thug action The rest don't have a head piece name correctly. Forgot about that!! I believe this to be correct.