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  1. NanoTech

    NOLF1 Trailer

    I have never seen this before.
  2. Because they have played single player and deleted the game from their HARD drive lol.
  3. "No one lives forever." That is why Cate Archer is dead. Monolith and other copyright owners have killed her. They also won't let other developers remaster it. Only way to play NOLF multiplayer is server of the afaik. Donate some pennies, play NOLF multiplayer at here. And recommend to your friends & recommend on social media etc. If you can reach more people and get donations, maybe your project come true in the future. (Not in the "near" future i guess.)
  4. I'm even too lazy to play a new game lol. Have to learn controls, have to learn maps, play-style... Oh no, lets continue to CS:GO.
  5. People play NOLF at the weekend afaik. You must also find NOLF o'clock. I can't play multiplayer because couldn't solve the connection issue. Anyway it is nice to stay here and help NOLF fans as much as I can.
  6. You have problems when you face the enemies right? Install MSI Afterburner. Cap fps to 60. Disable vsync. Disable hardware acceleration for sound. This method should solve the problem.
  7. Which chapter did you find it? I have never seen that place.
  8. I dunno but seems like this game doesn't have real weapons...
  9. I have just seen this game on our Steam NOLF group. Pretty interesting. It has spy, gadgets, NOLF- like music etc. You can visit the link for more information. Don't expect to play for long hours. This is an early access game.
  10. 10 years challenge: We are still waiting for remastered version, NOLF3 or something. Oh wait, did I say 10 years? LMAO. Ten plus years...
  11. NanoTech

    NOLF Soundtrack

    Then you have to do this for yourself with Audacity. Sorry.
  12. I wish they make Mirror's Edge 2 in the future. (Not that Catalyst garbage.) As a fan of the Original Mirror's Edge, I didn't like Catalyst at all. New Faith Connors is beautiful though.
  13. Title says it all. I loved the crazy saxophone sounds.