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  1. NanoTech

    NOLF 1 Soundtrack?

    Also this: Yeah, all BADEDUM songs are here. (Downloadable, hell yeah! )
  2. NanoTech

    invalid shell DLL cshell.dll

    Okay I'll try this method. I want to blow everybody out of the water with Cate in orange clothes.
  3. NanoTech

    invalid shell DLL cshell.dll

    If you can find & connect servers then it is okay. You should join the game at NOLF o'clock.
  4. NanoTech

    invalid shell DLL cshell.dll

    Does that method work for multiplayer or just single player mode?
  5. NanoTech

    invalid shell DLL cshell.dll

    PC CD zip files with official patches work for single player. I have not played multi player yet...
  6. NanoTech

    invalid shell DLL cshell.dll

    Where did you get game files? The newest complete NOLF2 package on our community can sometimes cause issues like yours afaik. I'm using old zip files for single player gaming.
  7. NanoTech

    NOLF 1 Soundtrack?

    I dunno how can those people reach soundtracks. I want to open. Rez or other interesting files of the game.
  8. NanoTech

    More rumors about the Nolf series coming to GOG

    Will they open server for multiplayer if revival dream come true? What do you think?
  9. The same goes for other games which have women protagonist. For ex. Tomb Raider (Lara Croft) series, Mirror's Edge. (Faith Connors)
  10. For example, if there was a male character instead of Cate Archer, would you be fascinated again ? I'm curious about if our biggest reason to love this game is "Cate" or something else...
  11. NanoTech

    More rumors about the Nolf series coming to GOG Their games aren't so expensive i think...
  12. NanoTech

    More rumors about the Nolf series coming to GOG

    If i understand correctly, Night Dive Studios will not remaster the game. They will fix bugs, make nolf compatible with 16:9 ratio and Windows 10 etc. Hmm. I want remastered edition. Revival is not enough. We can achieve both games with multi player support thanks to our community, donators, mods and Eliteone. Actually revival edition is not enough but good. Many new people will learn and play NOLF series, eh ?
  13. NanoTech

    NOLF2 PC power consumption

    Hmm, I'll try afterburner next time. Thanks.
  14. NanoTech

    Can't download game files. -UPDATED Solved!!

    I'm studying for job interview nowadays. You know the ordinary things like interview questions, cover letter, resume etc. I'll try with Vista machine when I find good time for that...