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  1. I wish they make Mirror's Edge 2 in the future. (Not that Catalyst garbage.) As a fan of the Original Mirror's Edge, I didn't like Catalyst at all. New Faith Connors is beautiful though.
  2. Title says it all. I loved the crazy saxophone sounds.
  3. Thanks. What about your other topic ?
  4. Oh, I don't have 2 hours to watch this right now. So, will they sell NOLF series on Steam or GOG or remaster them ?
  5. NanoTech

    NOLF2 Won't Start! Please help

    Hmm dgvoodooCpl.exe can adjust resolution in NOLF1. I'll try in NOLF2 if it works same way.
  6. Ahh, actually I want to boycott Monolith because they didn't release NOLF 1& 2 remaster, NOLF3 or didn't sell at least legacy NOLF 1 & 2 on Steam or GOG. But yeah, 1$ is very cheap for that 2 game. I have bought them. I'll boycott Monolith another time lol.
  7. NanoTech

    Man Handler Soundtrack.

  8. NanoTech

    Invalid Shell DLL

    Which file have you used for setup? I don't have that problem with zip files for example. You can try zip files instead of exe ones for setup.
  9. NanoTech

    NOLF 1 Soundtrack?

    Also this: Yeah, all BADEDUM songs are here. (Downloadable, hell yeah! )
  10. NanoTech

    invalid shell DLL cshell.dll

    Okay I'll try this method. I want to blow everybody out of the water with Cate in orange clothes.
  11. NanoTech

    invalid shell DLL cshell.dll

    If you can find & connect servers then it is okay. You should join the game at NOLF o'clock.
  12. NanoTech

    invalid shell DLL cshell.dll

    Does that method work for multiplayer or just single player mode?
  13. NanoTech

    invalid shell DLL cshell.dll

    PC CD zip files with official patches work for single player. I have not played multi player yet...
  14. NanoTech

    invalid shell DLL cshell.dll

    Where did you get game files? The newest complete NOLF2 package on our community can sometimes cause issues like yours afaik. I'm using old zip files for single player gaming.