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  1. DeadYorick

    opening .dat files

    As far as i know you cant decompile world files. Monolith did release the source file to the second level as part of the SDK. You can find it under worlds. This is a lot better than some of Monoliths other games like F.E.A.R which didnt include any single player source files
  2. The source code is only partial. It makes calls to .dlls that arent included. As far as i know it only applies to game logic
  3. Is anyone in favor of a No One Lives Forever Discord server being started?
  4. DeadYorick

    NOLF modelling?

    I've found it's very hard to find documentation on how to import models into NOLF1 using it's .abc format. I figured out that I can use milkshape for this purpose however it appears to frown upon editing the skeleton. Does this mean you cannot edit animations in this manner? The only other program that I'm aware of you can use to edit it's models is softimage. But I cannot find any information as to if you can use Softimage xsi or not. Has anyone managed to import models into NOLF1 with animations? If so, how did you do it?
  5. DeadYorick

    I die instantly on spawn when making a map

    Ah I figured it out. I have to hollow out a brush after flipping it. In Jupiter based engines you can just make a cube and flip it, and it becomes a 3D space.
  6. I'm having a weird bug right now. Whenever I try to make a map. I create a box, hollow it, create a gamestartpoint, create a worldproperties. Then I try to test and the player dies instantly upon loading the level. This seems to only occur on maps I try and create from scratch. When I try to load one of the premade maps it loads just fine. Is there a step I'm missing? The same issue seems to occur also on AVP2 but not later Lithtech games like F.E.A.R
  7. DeadYorick

    Nolf 2 gpl source

    does anyone have a link to NOLF 2's GPL'd source? I'm referring to the source code they released with the GPLv2 license attatched. Not the one included in the original sdk. The only evidence I have that it even existed is articles talking about it and a github source based on it, that lacks the original license.txt. I've even found comments that suggest that the engine was never actually GPL'd and that it was just a leak of the engine code.
  8. DeadYorick

    Scripting tutorials?

    I noticed the official documentation goes into depth about creating geometry for environments for the game but very little attention is paid towards doing things like scripting AI or creating cutscenes? Does anyone know anything about Scripting in a game like NOLF or any other Lithtech engine game?