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  1. Natter


    Euro switch to summertime this weekend sunday Hope we come together at usual time to the usual fun at 1 pm DM and DD at 2 pm
  2. Natter


    Hey Nolfers... How about a few maps DM on sunday 1 pm est (6 / 7)...i mean one hour before DD starts just for the oldies to warm up the youngster can stay out ... they warm enough
  3. What is a denial service attack and why someone attack our servers...we only a handful peeps there hmm strange
  4. The normal chat code is much to slow to win a game...yep Situation 1: A: inc B: where A: side C: why? result: all dead and core is gone Sitiuation 2: you down..core beside u...2 ninjas camping around... A: AMBUSH B:what? A:AAAAMMMBUSH B:i dont care C:today i had a chokocake result: all dead and core is gone...also the chokocake So i thought of a new chatsystem which is faster and gives u more info...U just have to type the first letter of each word..easy no? F.E: is5(H/R)*aabg...easy and fast to type and means: Inc side 5 enemies including Hugo with a rocket and a bad grin If u see this u can fast decide... better go upstairs and check the nanas if1nsdritydn Inc front 1 nah side dont revive me im taged u dumbnose You see its easy t make it a bit faster we can use "shorties" for the most messages u always need Here a few to learn: grrrrr = Moonie taged me GRRRRRRRRRRRRR = 5 tags in a row YIKES: Bella need chokolate $§%$§%$%& = some monkeys around know some shorties?....lets hear
  5. Natter

    Old player

    LW thats long ago!!! for tech help ask Eliteone..we others total useless in such things..and welcome
  6. Natter

    Invalid CD Key

    U find us around 2 pm est us time thats 8 Berlin or 7 London Welcome to nolf U can see whos on with xfire or gamespy
  7. Thats much to easy....for a download you should let make 3 spam....and a joke post
  8. Aaahhahahahaha...i know wad u mean....good one...em..what i meaned to say?
  9. So Hugo fixed the servers again?..Great job Hugo oh man this was close
  10. All servers down..and its weekend
  11. ok snake... RTT = Red Team Trans...BTB = Blue Team Batts except cutta and AA where its RTL or BtQ and the total oposite of sunset showdown but only on wednesdays oh thats so easy...thanks Pep
  12. Hea and wb Hand..just look with Gamespy or Xfire and u see whos actually on ...c u there