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  1. kepler

    NOLF Social Convention

    We're gonna do it here:,25.8637416,10z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x14bb5db57816aad3:0x1144dc515d2f90b1!8m2!3d38.3681824!4d26.1310056 Ten years is enough.
  2. Does anyone still have the URL for the Sierra NOLF2 forum? I am curious as to whether or not any of that content got captured by the Wayback Machine Internet Archive at .
  3. Hey, I am going to be in Prague & Vienna this summer . . . do you live anywhere near?
  4. I am in the server! It is currently 2:12 pm EST. Broken, but Nolfing. (All by myself. )
  5. Windows 7 here, but I just tried with compatibility for XP. It let me in. Good sign; hopefully that will be consistent. Now when I have my right arm working, I might be back in the game.
  6. I have been unable to get it to run on my current machine. The hurdles get higher, and I never take the time to coax it through. Everything seems to be installed correctly, but it just winks out when it finally launches. I am also almost never available at NOLF o'clock. Wait - I just tested it, and today it worked. Of course, no one is in there, and I am leaving for work. OH and I broke my wrist two weeks ago, so I play all games (very poorly) with my left hand. UPDATE Tested again, later. Crashing again "Client MFC Application has stopped working."
  7. kepler

    Rest in peace my friend

    I just found out during play in the server. Hugo told us. Would it be appropriate, you think, for a group of us here to send flowers? I've been friends with Natter (and by that name only) for about ten years now.
  8. kepler

    160 Billion Planets.
  9. kepler

    What you been up to?,goat-creamer,1241075.html Cheapest: Lamb: Cow:
  10. kepler

    What you been up to?

    So . . . many . . . legos . . .
  11. kepler

    Nolf3 'Trilogy' download

    There are three NOLF games: NOLF, NOLF2, and Contract Jack. The "Trilogy" means all three of those.
  12. kepler

    Custom LivesForever mod

    When going online to play multiplayer, it prevents your computer from checking in with what used to be the Master Server at Sierra Games (no longer running) and stopping you because of a failed CD check. In addition, the LivesForever Mod does, in fact, affect regular gameplay. If you play the single-player version of the game, it will cause a bug in one level about mid-way through that prevents you from going onward. [spoiler BELOW][just in case] The bug is in the Russian Main Records Building, when extracting information from the Super Computer. With the LivesForever Mod running, you will not be able to complete the mission, the door will not open, and you will be stuck - alone- inside the SuperComputer room with no way out. If you save a game while using the LivesForever Mod, you will need to use that mod again in order to load the games. You cannot load LivesForever Saved Games without using that mod. It's a quirk. I recommend just unloading the mod if you plan on starting a new single-player campaign. Personally, though, I tend to just load from a selection of favorite saved levels, or from the chapter list, I play, and then exit without saving. The mod is not an issue.
  13. kepler


    We play at 2pm EST, for about an hour usually. There's usually about eight or nine in the server for that hour. There are some very regular people in that time (the Europeans mostly). Americans (like me) tend to come and go a little. That work thing interferes.
  14. kepler

    What you been up to?

    I'm doing my standard mix of being too busy. I've got my now-five-year-old son who is massively into legos, Puss-In-Boots, pirates, and Star Wars and my very pretty wife. Got my house in the woods in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and I am still a professor at a university where I very very steadily produce lights and scenery for show after show in the theatre here. This summer I was in the Czech Reupublic, Germany, and Scotland, and briefly in Amsterdam, and I thought of all of the Euro Pals I have here that I so enjoy shooting.
  15. kepler

    what part is ours???

    Print this out. Tape it to the side of your monitor, everyone. Unless you are on the opposing team.