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  1. Speedboat on PTS?

    Heya, is there a fluffy command to get a speedboat on PTS? Or if not that does anyone have one there I can test some crests on? View the full article
  2. Hallowtide Event

    So i was watching the live stream vod when i heard the annoucement. Smashing pumpkins costs 100 labor each pumpkin. Seriously? 100 labor? For a merit badge a warriors medal or a bound exp potion? lol It really seems like trion wants to kill events so they dont even have to do them anymore. View the full article
  3. New Dances Disappointment

    Was hyped for new dances. But then I discovered they're not really dances; they're emotes that have no motion animations, they just stop when you move. I'm spending a lot of credits lately on Halloween stuff (thx for pushing those out early) and was looking to spend on these things too, but now I'm gonna pass. A full-motion actual dance would be worthwhile fluff to me at the current price, but 1200c for just an emote is too damn high. Also I think it's very misleading for these things to be advertised as "dances" :mad: inb4 too damn high meme :p View the full article
  4. Better ban This forum account aswell before there is another case of false flagging. View the full article
  5. Returning player?

    Hello me and my girlfriend used to play this game, think we quit around Sept 2015 (so maybe played couple of years?). I was heavy into upgrades and fishing and she was big into farming seems there's been a few merges? Is it worth coming back as she logged on and seems no land is free View the full article
  6. Kyrios WTB Epic Cloth Sleeves

    Please let me know any sleeves you have pretty much willing to buy any atm. Please message me in game scorrch on west kyrios or inbox me. tyvm View the full article
  7. How to fix the gear issue.

    Obviously gear gap is a problem... It's the reason new players or returning players would rather play on a "Fresh Start" server then a legacy server. Because as weall know once gear reaches a certain point it becomes impossible to overcome, even if your the best pvper ever. if your running 3k gs or 4k gs. even if your a god of pvp you will lose to a new player running a 7.5k~8k gs character. why? because youd run out of mp long before you deal enough damage to kill them meanwhile 1~2 skills will end you. obviously skill can play a role when you are actually within 2,000 gs of the enemy player but even then its difficult especially if the enemy player is equally skilled. this issue is the reason new and returning players would rather flock to fs. its also the reason alot of old players end up quiting because they have no one to fight on the legacy server.. But... we all know the problem but everyone still rejects the solution... easiest solution is simply. Make gear easier to obtain. however no one wants to do that but something has to be done because as it stands 90% of the playerbase is stuck in a permanent "progression phase" thats not endgame or early game. just endless grinding because endgame games harder and harder to attain and gear gap is never truly filled. but i think i found the solution. How to fix it: Make more methods for getting gear and revive elements of the game that have been abandoned because the only viable endgame gear is "crafted" Example: Raids: Rework serpentis,dahuta,Mistsong ext.. any future dungeons/raids to drop endgame gear. this means lv.55 gear thats viable in endgame. This is how you make it work. the dungeon itself drops tier 1 basic armor. you need to collect a drop from 50+ dungeons to give the pieces exp and level it. you can also use armor pieces (dungeon pieces only) to give exp to pieces (similar to erenor set) Make the Set bonus support dungeon play and overall pve content by strengthening a players ability to run pve content. (example: maybe like a 7 set bonus or 5 set b onus that gives pve damage bonus? or pve damage reduction?) Tier 1 can be regraded to Unique Tier 2 can be regraded to Celestial Tier 3 can be regraded to divine. Tier 4 can be regraded to Epic Tier 5 can be regraded to Legendary tier 6 can be regraded to Mythic tier 7 can be regraded to Eternal the exp gained on the gear depends on the grade and quality(tier of the item sacraficed) strength of tiers: Tier 1 Equal to Obsidian Tier 1 Tier 2 Equal to obsidian Tier 2 Tier 3 Equal to obsidian Tier 3 Tier 4 Equal to obsidian Tier 4 Tier 5 Equal to obsidian Tier 5 Tier 6 Equal to obsidian Tier 6 Tier 7 Equal to obsidian Tier 7 This would give a alternate way to getting gear rather then raise profficency and "craft gear" or buy "crafted" gear from other players. it also revived the raiding aspect of Archeage. Archeage has raids and dungeons but no one ever does them, why? because dungeon gears not competitive. even if you had a Eternal Serpentis armor set it will be substantially inferior to a Epic or legendary tier 7. which means that content is worthless later in the game. This is further semented by the fact that the gear required to run those dungeons smoothly without issue is greater then the gear the dungeon itself drops. so making a system like this that has endgame potential and encourages people to once again do pve dungeons and raids. would go a long way to revitalizing AA and setting up the groundwork for future content XL and trion can release for Archeage. Long story short, Raiding/dungeon runs has existed since the dawn of RPG's and MMO's and its loved by alot of players all over the world. Lets revive the Dungeon aspect of AA that has been dead before the game even went live. PVP: Oh.. yes i didn't forget you PvPers :P Add a pvp set to honor shop that can be upgraded via a tier system similar to the dungeon one i recommended above except the set itself is obtained via honor shop and the mats to give the set exp aswell. however to go to the next tier you need honor medals. for example. tier 1 to tier 2 = 30 honor medals. tier 2 to tier 3 = 60 honor medals. tier 3 to tier 4 = 90 honor medals. tier 4 to tier 5 = 100 honor medals. tier 5 to tier 6 = 200 honor medals. tier 6 to tier 7 = 300 honor medals the exp stones needed to upgrade the pvp set can be obtained in the honor shop for like 500 honor each each exp stone gives 500 exp (500 honor per stone) exp per tier: tier 1 basic(0) ---> grand(1000) --> Rare(2000) --> Arcane(3000) --> Unique (4000) Total exp from tier 1 basic to tier 1 unique:10,000 tier 2 Arcane(0)--> Unique(6000)--->Unique(7000)--->Celestial(8000) Total Exp from tier 2 Arcane to Tier 2 Celestial:21,000 Tier 3 Arcane(0)---> Unique(10000)-->Celestial(11000)--> Divine(12000) Total exp from tier 3 Arcane to tier 3 divine: 33,000 Tier 4 Arcane(0) --> Unique (14000) --> celestial (15000) --> Divine -->(16000) --> Epic Total Exp from tier 4 Arcane to Tier 4 Epic: 45,000 Tier 5 Arcane(0) --> Unique (18000) --> celestial (19000) --> Divine -->(20000) --> Epic --> Legendary (21000) Total exp frm tier 5 arcane to tier 5 legendary: 78000 PVP gear set bonus: have a set bonus that gives Toughness,resilence,and Focus. ext... up to tier 7.[ btw the chart above is per piece, happy pvp grinding] Crafted Gear: Make it so crafting gear has the highest base defene and base attack of all the gear.(and by this im not talking about obsidian im talking about actual crafted gear like: Magnificent,Eupherium,Delphinad,Ayanad.. and future crafting types beyond. example Gear Strength: [Tier 7 raid gear] [tier 7 pvp gear] [Tier 7 Obsidian Gear] [World Boss Drops:] [Ayanad Crafted Gear] [Future crafting tier above Ayanad] (by world drops i mean:Red dragon weapons,Drops from Leviathan ext.. gear thats normally equal to Ayanad will instead be equal to tier 7 and Ayanad will be a tier 7.5ish level] Upside and downside to the "Crafted" gear. Downside: Crafted Gear will be stronger then other gear types however crafted gear will be subjected to the old regrade system using scrolls,charms and rng ext.... all the tiered gear like pvp gear,obsidian,raid gear ext.. will be converted to the Errenor system of upgrading gear. Upside: This gear bracket will technically be "Best in slot" and tradable where as all the other types are untradable. The Purpose of this is adopting a regrading system thats not rng based would make progression meaningful in AA even if the progression is a bit of a grind removing RNG means that any and all effort you put into your gear is not wasted in the long run and the grind needed to get to tier 7 and regrade to the higher tiers makes it so existing gear is not undermined this would also make it so the rest of the playerbase will eventually be able to reach that endgame threshold for gear. also.. the reason i suggested that regular crafted gear stay RNG and be BIS. is because that bracket of gear can be for the people who like to test their luck with gear and if they get lucky and get that legendary Ayanad or Mythic or even Eternal Ayanad piece. it will be better then its other counterparts through "risk and reward" you took a huge gamble to regrade that high and you are rewarded for it. but if you want to get competitive gear thats viable even Against Ayanad you can farm the other gear. its not the "best in slot" but its close enough to be competitive and its "safe" just takes time.. and for the love of all that is Archeage... please.. make it so Gems dont have a chance to break all the gems. if you want to have a low socket rate thats fine.. but make it so only that gem breaks only itself. nothing is more annoying then having 6 out of 7 gems sockted of something only for that last 7 to fail and destroy the other 6. gems are already Costly as is please stop torturing us and make it so once a gem is socketed its "safe" i dont mind failing 300 tougness gems so long as i know the previous ones that "didnt fail" stay that way and ill eventually get 7 out of 7 Gemming in AA is 100x worse then how regrading RNG or crafting RNG ever was. and still is. View the full article
  8. PM on forums View the full article
  9. More Yata costumes plox

    we need more yata varient costumes plz. View the full article
  10. KOS vs Interacial

    Dear Meatshield, Way to lead like Creativeness and lose a full DGS to a 6 man raid. You are truely a gifted Raid Leader Yours Truly, Terrible' View the full article
  11. Invalid Format

    Getting a black screen with text saying "Invalid Format" everytime the game starts, and I have no idea what to do View the full article
  12. Retribution WTB red dragon bow

    WTB Enraged red dragon bow (the t1 RD bow) and spinal ridges. If you happen to have the Berserk bow, (t2 RD), @Celestial or under, i'm also willing to trade for Divine Ayanad bow :D leave a post or pm me here, thanks. View the full article
  13. Quillodon: livestream question

    Quote: Originally Posted by Quillodon Looks like it's just mislabeled. View the 2nd one from 10/20, currently has the Trove icon on it.I'll let the steam folks know =) Jump to post... View the full article
  14. livestream question

    all today livestreams are listed but archeage is not. The latest archeage video is from 14th of Oct. I missed a huge part of it, so I wanted to re-view it. View the full article
  15. Not A Tragedy Yet

    Life is Strange: Before the Storm brings players back to the town of Arcadia Bay, though it isn’t exactly as they remember it. Set three years before the original Life is Strange, the first episode of this prequel series successfully leveraged players’ familiarity with the characters and their future circumstances, but also established interesting new conflicts. The second episode, Brave New World, follows up on those narrative threads, but its biggest strength is how it continues to help us understand and empathize with Chloe as her world gets even more complicated. Facing academic consequences for their actions in the last episode, Chloe and her newfound friend Rachel start the episode in hot water, which spirals out to create new opportunities for them to deepen their bond. Though the general setup is the same regardless of what you do, I appreciate how developer Deck Nine creates moments of decision that balance short- and long-term repercussions. For instance, I took the blame for the day of school that Chloe and Rachel missed, which had an immediate impact on Chloe – but a big benefit for Rachel later. Of course, you also get the satisfaction of seeing characters reference things you did in the first episode. Whether you sabotaged a student’s homework or stole some money, expect those actions to have consequences. This kind of payoff structure sounds standard for the genre, but like the first episode, your choices forge a powerful connection with Chloe, helping to build a bridge to the person you know she becomes. The story makes you feel like you are influencing the characters and their trajectories in meaningful ways between the major narrative convergences – something it implements better than most other episodic titles on the market. How does Chloe get along at home? Where does she draw the line between right and wrong? Almost like a page in a coloring book, the big picture is the same for everyone, but the individual shades and tones can create unique experiences. For example, is Chloe pursuing a romantic relationship with Rachel? The answer to that question doesn’t necessarily change what happens, but it dramatically impacts the context surrounding the events of this episode in ways I won’t spoil. (Please visit the site to view this media) As this tale unfolds, Deck Nine’s decision to remain grounded in reality rather than integrating supernatural elements proves to be a smart one. The everyday activities feel authentic, and even the climactic moments are relatively mundane; many of your choices culminate in how well the school’s production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest goes. The trade-off for this approach is a lack of high-stakes conflict, since you aren’t rooting out a serial killer or avoiding a reality-destroying storm. By its nature, Brave New World doesn’t end on a dramatic cliffhanger that leaves the fate of the town in question – but since I’m more invested in the characters than an external mystery, that worked for me. My biggest complaint is a carryover from the previous episode; the speed with which Chloe and Rachel’s friendship solidifies is so fast that it sometimes feels forced, undercutting the believability of their developing bond. Brave New World also reuses some of the series’ old environments, like the dorms and junkyard. The recycled backdrops themselves don’t bother me as much as the gameplay parallels within them, like having your access to the dorm’s front door denied. Also, considering the universal criticism leveled at the junkyard bottle-hunt in the original Life is Strange, I was surprised and disappointed to find another fetch quest in the exact same location, sending Chloe off scrounging for items to repair and improve a broken-down truck. After finishing the first episode of Before the Storm, I was impressed at how well it retains the essence of the original Life is Strange, despite being handled by a different developer. That feeling doesn’t change with this episode; it draws you in with interesting characters, then builds them through quiet moments and big decisions. Even knowing the eventual fate of Chloe and Rachel, I am eager to see how the next (final) episode of this arc explores their legacy in Arcadia Bay. View the full article

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