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  1. UHQBot

    it is allowed, to be arranged

    is allowed to put Lucky ELixir matched with Moonlight Juice I was going to flame for a while hiram infusions I had put 1 alone at 2 minutes put the other As soon as I put the 2, the game fell silent, I entered again, but it came back to me, the game, just when I returned, to enter only appeared me, the Lucky Elixir and the other one not to take me out twice in a row. bugs killed me, do not put anything to die lose do not know if it was a coincidence or that but I prefer to ask do not want to counter banned those nonsense View the full article
  2. Hello Gamigo, Am a crafter in EZI, yeah smart right :\ I just spend a ungodly amount of time and money making a good armor. It was not the best but i didnt like the grind(hiram)and i have limited playtime. But now you can get almost the same armor quality i spent months making by doing 4 days of snowball arena. And the people that used hiram before, just got all epics by playing an arena you about 50% of the time cannot loose, even if u try. Since this was a extreme, and i mean EXTREME boost to hiram users, and a big ♥♥♥♥ you too anyone else, i assume that crafting gear is going into the novelty corner of Archage. OR the only other logical conclusion i can think of, is that this is a way to even out FS with Legacy for a future merge. The last part am not sure about but still.Now unless you buy gold on unregistered sites crafting is now useless. Who wanna buy a Ayanad item for 10k 20k 30k ? when u can play snowball arena for X hours and get the same thing :| View the full article
  3. UHQBot

    Blue Salt Bond Quest are BROKEN

    It seems as though the quests are incomplete when you select the board it has a placeholder instead of the actual quest information.. You have to open up the quest in your folio to read what you need to turn in.. The other question I have is, you say there are 12 so does that mean you can earn 12 Bonds a day by going to 12 different Community boards (which would prob mean East and West)? View the full article
  4. UHQBot

    APEX dupe is it true?

    @iArches @Myru @Fasti @Carendas Is it true that the game has dup Apex and people everywhere complain about dup? I also see a lot of apex every day at a very low price for almost 2 months. People who wrote about Apex dup are right? View the full article
  5. UHQBot

    Erenor earring

    Hi guys need some assistance My earring is currently unique and i have been feeding corrupted kyrios since heroic to make it ubique..problem is aside from that there is no fast or cheaper way to get it to divine. Im asking is there other faster way except feeding corrupted kyrios to celestial theb spamming 150+ +100exp divine infusion??. One 100exp infusion cost like 159g ...it will be insane cost just to get it to Divine...at least with kyrios the exp is bigger and a chance to proc additional exp View the full article
  6. WTB legendary leather obsidian helmet and shirts View the full article
  7. 1/ The splendid lunagem charm which was just introduced in cash shop for 1g each is for people who want to use the new gemming system (cheaper, slightly weaker than the old ones and not reusable). The cost to upgrade from Splendid to Glorious tier (old T2 to T3) is higher than converting Splending to T1+3, and then make it +5. The thing is +4 and +5 are not available in our version atm, but one GM stated that they were supposed to be available, so it's a bug. 2/ There is a new function with crafting board, which allows you to auto complete your own request order. In order to use this function you have to pay: _ 50g per 1000 labor, so if your request costs 2500 labor to craft you have to pay 125g _ A certain number of Request Completion Tickets PER ORDER, the required number decreases gradually along with the expiring timer on your request. 36-48h left: 5 tickets, 24-35h: 3 tickets, 12-23h: 2 tickets, 0-11h: 1 ticket. _ It costs 100 credits to purchase from cash shop. _ This system can help you to craft something that requires high prof that not many people have, for example Erenor Plate Armor. 3/ Blue Salt Bond _ With this patch, you can get quests from a board in front of MOST community centers, they will ask you to deliver 20 / 60 or 100 basic mats. _ For every 20 mats you will be rewarded 2.5g _ 1 Blue Salt Bond will be rewarded per quest, doesnt matter if it's 20 / 60 / 100 mats quest _ The required mats wont change for that community center, only the required number will be changed everyday. For example Tigerspine community center board will always ask for Iron Ingots, but the amount is random. _ Below is the list of what each community center requires for the quest, thanks to Omnom.gg: a/ Lumber: Solzreed Peninsula, Gweonid Forest, White Arden, Hellswamp, Silent Forest, Ynystere, Perinoor Ruins, Hasla b/ Leather: Aubre Cradle, Karkasse Ridgelands, Windscour Savanah, Rookborne Basin c/ Iron Ingot: Dewstone Plains, Solis Headlands, Tigerspine Mountains d/ Fabric: Lilyut Hills, Halcyona, Falcorth Plains _ You can do quest from all community centers everyday, you dont have to own any house in that zone. _ You can not do a same quest more than once, but 20 lumbers quest is considered different to 60 lumbers quest. For example: If Ynystere and Hasla both give 20 lumbers quest on a same day, then finish 1 will make the other disappear, but if Ynystere gives 20 lumbers quest while Hasla gives 60 lumbers quest, you will be able to do both. So you can get max 12 bonds from the boards alone. _ East can receive quests from west CC too IMPORTANT NOTE: Those bonds can be exchanged for Delphinad / Ayanad gear in future patch, from 60-100+ bonds for 1 delphinad piece and up to 230 bonds for 2h ayanad weapon. Besides the bonds it requires some T2 mats as well. View the full article
  8. Publisher: Bandai Namco Developer: Project Aces Release: January 18, 2019 Rating: Teen Reviewed on: PlayStation 4 Also on: Xbox One Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is an adrenaline-filled thrill ride that soars high with excellently crafted dogfights, responsive controls, and payloads large enough to crack the planet in half. As your fighter rips through a narrow canyon in pursuit of a bogey with a death wish, Ace Combat 7 delivers top-tier intensity. In these moments, the music swells, your wingmen scream for immediate success, and if your rocket hits the mark, you feel like Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star. The battles often culminate in exciting and nerve-wracking ways, but not without some turbulence. Developer Project Aces taps into the latest military technology to introduce new planes and more potent adversarial forces for the series, but the overall game design resembles an old warbird that feels like it’s going to shake apart before it reaches the runway. The missions, their pacing, and the rewards they bring leave much to be desired. The game is designed to be a throwback to the glory days of the series, drawing heavily from the gameplay direction of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. While honing in on what made combat great in that title, missions have a lot of downtime, and objectives like scoring challenges feel like filler activities in between the meaningful dogfights. When you are engaged with rival ace pilots, different weather conditions often up the challenge; you may need to dart into the clouds of a raging storm to trail an adversary. This affects visibility conditions, and your plane gets batted around by strong winds – maybe even struck by lightning. When this happens, the electrical surge scrambles the HUD, making targeting and tracking enemies more difficult. It’s a little annoying to lose targeting, as it seems like it comes down to the random chance of a lightning blast, but it ups the chaos and makes you panic – it’s effective. Weather and low altitudes are also used to give missions a layer of complexity. For instance, you sometimes must fly at dangerously low altitudes to avoid radar detection – the series’ version of stealth, which functions well and delivers plenty of excitement in slower moments of specific missions. The dogfighting mechanics are Wright-brothers-old in terms of gameplay design, but are still reliable, dynamic, and all about outsmarting your foe. After highlighting an enemy, the dance of positioning begins, with a large green arrow telling you which way to fly. To an onlooker, this may look ineffective at times, as your plane appears to be looping aimlessly, but the goal is to line up behind your adversary as close as possible for a quick rocket blast that can’t be evaded with flares. This process is as challenging as it is thrilling. As you spin through the air, you and your adversary exchange lock-on warnings before one of you eventually lands a shot. The skill-sapping targeting from Ace Combat: Assault Horizon is nowhere to be found in this installment; it’s old-school Ace Combat design against the series’ hardest foes and it's glorious. Yes, you square off against a new group of rival aces, but the biggest threat comes from drones, which can turn on a dime and are not affected by g-forces. These new threats are tied to a complicated story that once again sees the Osean Federation locked in war with the Kingdom of Erusea. The Ace Combat series has told great stories in the past, but this is not one of them. It begins as a fascinating tale about a mechanic struggling to find her place in her family’s shadow, but quickly becomes a preposterous journey of prisoners being forced to fly fighter jets to save the world. It plays out like a Fast and the Furious story that is trying to be touching and serious, but it just doesn’t mesh. I ended up laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of it all, but yes, it does make for some silly fun. Over the course of the 20 story-based missions, you earn credits to purchase aircraft, weapons, and upgrades, but you can’t freely pick what you want. You need to purchase items along paths that make up a sprawling, spiderweb-like store. If you see a plane you want, you may have to buy some stuff you don’t desire just to reach it. This design keeps the balance in check, as souped-up craft are at the ends of the paths, but it creates the problem of the using the same vehicle for numerous missions in a row, as you likely can’t afford other planes that will make a difference when you need them. The series was better off when it handed out planes as rewards for progress and kills. Click here to watch embedded video You can earn additional money by venturing into multiplayer, which includes an eight-player battle royal mode (no, not "royale," but it is everyone against everyone). Taking on other players is a test of skill, but almost every one of my matches ended with no one being downed. The player that dealt the most damage ended up winning. Part of the problem is a five-minute time limit, but it mostly comes down to the evasion and dogfighting tactics being damn good and players knowing how to survive. The homing capabilities of missiles definitely could use a boost here, as the matches end up going nowhere. You see a couple of enemies go down in team death match, which allows for multiple planes to engage a singular target, but battle royal has been hilariously uneventful for me. For fans of this long-running series, Skies Unknown doesn’t live up to its name. This is the Ace Combat we’ve known and loved for decades, and it’s great to have it back. The dogfighting is rightfully the highlight and will give your reflexes a good workout. The VR Vomit Comet The PlayStation 4 version comes with an exclusive PlayStation VR mode that makes no concessions in how the game is played. Rotation speeds are virtually the same, meaning you’re going to feel it. Using head movement to help track enemy vessels is pretty damn cool, and the sensation of movement is wild – especially when spinning or flying close to the ground. The entire game cannot be played in VR, and the headset is only used for a unique mini campaign, which is fun in its own right. The VR aspect isn’t a selling point, but if you do have the headset already, it is worth checking out for the sensation of hitting extreme Gs. Just make sure you have a barf bag nearby. Score: 8 Summary: This is the Ace Combat we’ve known and loved for decades, and it’s great to have it back. Concept: A thrilling continuation of a series that hasn’t had a mainline installment in 12 years. Dogfighting is once again the main attraction, but the story and missions often miss the mark Graphics: The aircraft are highly detailed, and the settings that have sci-fi inspirations look great. Trees and buildings occasionally pop in, but dense clouds and weather conditions often hide it Sound: The soundtrack is all over the place, bouncing between choirs belting out doomsday tones and guitars playing upbeat melodies. The odd arrangement works well, and is joined by constant chatter of wingmen and roaring missiles Playability: Even on the advanced settings, the controls are arcade-like and designed to keep the action simple to manage. Each plane and weapon brings something different to the battlefield Entertainment: The game makes you work for each kill, and as a result you feel like you’ve achieved something notable with almost every ace you down Replay: Moderate View the full article
  9. UHQBot

    duplicate/ dupe / exploit

    Duplicate APEX sell hundreds at auction per day. Tell us something about it @Tinen @iArches @Myru @Fasti @Carendash @Gamigo View the full article
  10. UHQBot

    Apex dupe NA Nui now?

    Did the EU apex dupe make its way to NA? Ive been playing Nui server since day one can tell you this isnt a common thing.....there has been stacks of 40,50 and even 90 apex being listed almost everyday the last few weeks and always being listed at a significantly lower price than whatever apex is already up. If Im wrong Im wrong, whatever. But can this at least be looked into? @Gamigo @Carendash @anyone who will listen Thanks. View the full article
  11. Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  12. UHQBot

    Welcome muzix

    Hello muzix, Welcome to UnityHQ Nolfseries Community. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. muzix joined on the 01/18/2019. View Member
  13. Just FYI... it takes a T2 gem that used to be able to become T3 and turns it in to a T1+3, thus ruining it. It does not upgrade a splended gem like described, it downgrades it. DO NOT USE View the full article
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by iArches Hello everyone,We will be bringing down all three EU servers briefly for a restart. This should take approximately 90 minutes.During this time, we will be disabling the Snowball Arena as well as the Golden Plains battle. These will be visible still in the UI but you will be unable to join until further notice.Thank you for your understanding. Jump to post... View the full article
  15. Update 2 - 5:35 AM UTC - We're back online, folks. Thanks very much for your patience. Update 1 - 5AM UTC - Hey, everyone. We're still working to bring all services back online so we're extending downtime. No ETA on when we'll be back online yet, but we'll post an update in 1 hour, if we're not already back. - Fasti Hello everyone, We will be bringing down all three EU servers briefly for a restart. This should take approximately 90 minutes. During this time, we will be disabling the Snowball Arena as well as the Golden Plains battle. These will be visible still in the UI but you will be unable to join until further notice. Thank you for your understanding. View the full article