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  1. Hello, I'm waiting for a resolve to my request for a week. My request id #1234473. It seems gamigo support team is not responding to tickets. I purchased Legends Return Starter Pack and recieved only Patron status. The package items were not recieved. I tried to redeem that package on store webpage but there was another character which doesn't belong to me. Also, that character was on Melisara (EU) server which is weird because there is no any server which name is Melisara on EU side currently. So, please check my issue and resolve that weird bug/system failure. Character name: Hideyoshii Server: Jakar (EU) View the full article
  2. Paying 1k gold. Ingame: Amytriptelin View the full article
  3. UHQBot

    Hello Kadum!

    Howdy everyone, Figured I would stop by and say hello to all you wonderful people and look forward to gaming with many of you. I have played Archeage on/off since launch and just recently returned. I decided to start fresh since so much has changed since the last time I played. I know most of you won't care, but meh here is my greeting and look forward to seeing you IG. I would also appreciate anything you believe I should know in general or about the server. View the full article
  4. I just completed the quest in DS, got some infusions for it and tried to use them but receive the message "Can't use this skill." What's wrong with it? Screen snip included: Attachment 21538 Attached Images Can't Upgrade Equipment.png‎ (179.3 KB) View the full article
  5. I appreciate you dealing with this but can we get any update? @Gamigo Thanks. View the full article
  6. UHQBot

    crater cub

    Hey guys, any other way to get a crater cub beside arena shop? Also if someone has a wrapped one that can sell me i would appreciate it (EU - Taris) View the full article
  7. Publisher: BonusXP Developer: BonusXP Release: July 4, 2019 Rating: Teen Reviewed on: Switch Also on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Stranger Things is a well-executed throwback to classic ‘80s nostalgia that follows a group of kids in a small town as they solve world-threatening mysteries and try to grow up at the same time. A 16-bit callback video game is well-suited to tap that same viewership vein. The aesthetic makes the game feel like it should have been released for the Super Nintendo, but the simple action gameplay holds it back from being a worthwhile companion to one of Netflix’s biggest hits. In Stranger Things 3: The Game (which is confusingly the second Stranger Things game), you control the main cast from an isometric perspective to explore the town of Hawkins, Indiana, and beat up monsters and bad guys as you play through the events of the third season. The story beats are identical to those of the show, but the dialogue is truncated. Playing an adaptation like this is nostalgic in its own right, as direct video game adaptations of popular media are rare these days. I enjoyed that element, but it does nothing to expand the lore, dig deeper into the characters, or show interesting beats happening outside of the main story. Click here to watch embedded media The main missions are hampered by their need to hew close to the source material. They’re all fetch quests, or arbitrary moments where the characters proclaim it’s time to talk to Steve at Scoops Ahoy, or agree they should all meet at Mike’s basement. I felt I was moving around in a circle as I traveled point to point with simple puzzles and enemies serving as hurdles. A handful of sidequests exist, but they tasked me with doing boring things like killing rats in a basement, delivering pizza, or finding hidden gnomes and the payoffs were disappointing. You play as two characters at all times, swapping between them whenever you want. You unlock additional characters every few missions, and each of the 12 has different abilities. Mike and Hopper are up-close brawlers, for example, while Will is a ranged fighter and Max’s special ability drops healing items. I enjoyed trying different combinations, but also appreciated that you can use whoever you want at any time, even if it doesn’t fit with the story. That freedom extends up to the end boss, when I was forced to use a pair of characters I had learned early weren’t for me. Click image thumbnails to view larger version Despite having different strategic options available with various characters, the moment-to-moment combat is bland. Depending on your attack range, you just press the attack button a bunch and then move to the next enemy. When lots of enemies are on-screen you use your special ability, but that’s about it. I didn’t find blocking useful until the end boss, when it was forced upon me as a necessary mechanic. The geometry of the levels often made it harder to attack enemies than it should have been. I would get stuck on corners or they would be out of reach when they didn’t appear to be. The upgrade system disappoints, only giving you five upgrade slots shared among the 12 characters. I switched characters often, so I didn’t like equipping upgrades that benefited single characters. I ended up using the ones that granted universal bonuses, like extra health or extra walking speed, which were consequently the most boring ones. You craft the various upgrades by finding items in the environment or buying them from shops and vending machines, but I always seemed to be short on items and money, despite destroying every breakable item in every location. Click image thumbnails to view larger version No online multiplayer options are available, but local co-op exists. Playing with a friend is functional, but it splits the screen as opposed to letting both players control their character on a single screen. The scrunched screen makes it more chaotic, but having the option to play with a friend is always welcome, even if caveats exist. As someone who enjoys Stranger Things, walking around a pixelated version of Hawkins’ familiar locations with characters from the show is enjoyable. Outside of the sightseeing, however, the game does little else to garner excitement. The combat doesn’t ask much of the player and the mission structure underwhelms. If you want to experience the events of Stranger Things’ third season, you’re better off sticking to the source material. Score: 6 Summary: The combat doesn’t ask much of the player and the mission structure underwhelms. If you want to experience the events of Stranger Things’ third season, you’re better off sticking to the source material. Concept: Take the plot and characters of the third season of Stranger Things and adapt it into a pixelated, old-school action game Graphics: The pixel art characters and environments recall the 16-bit era in a fun way, but each character only has a few animations Sound: Much like the show, the synthwave soundtrack sets the mood well, but the number of tracks is disappointingly small Playability: The characters move slow (even with upgrades), combat is too simple to be interesting, and lining up attacks can sometimes be needlessly difficult Entertainment: The video game adaptation of the popular show emulates the '80s aesthetic well, but the action is boring and the missions rarely push you to do more than move from point A to point B Replay: Low Click to Purchase View the full article
  8. Sooo, on the 14th of June, this post came out: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...=1#post2745565 stating compensation packs would be given Quote: for everyone who logged in at least 10 times on different days on the EU servers during the time frame of April 16th 0 UTC - June 10th 23:59 UTC and played at least 2 hours in total and for Quote: those players above that have been Patron at least for one day during that time frame On the 24th of June, the packs were distributed, but I did not get said packs (my alt did). As per Carendash's instructions, I waited 24 hours and then contacted customer services. Nearly 3 weeks later I get a reply saying I do not 'meet the requirements'. Are they actually serious? It says right on my transaction history I had patron between the 2 dates given! It gets better. I sent a reply disputing their so-called logs of me not logging in enough, and got a really good reply: that I'd logged in to the NA servers more than the EU servers, and so I shouldn't receive the compensation. They indicated that I am not an EU player (I LIVE in the EU! And have an EU IP! Wow just wow), and then restated that I am not eligible for compensation Quote: based on the amount of logins/time played on your EU characters so they contradict themselves in their own reply! I have the minimum log-ins and play time on my EU characters (despite their best efforts at killing the EU servers. You know, maybe I logged in more to NA because the EU servers were/are unplayable??). AND this completely ignores the scores of NA players who did receive the packs for their EU alts. But apparently the requirements changed juuust for me? Good Game Gamigo. Your integrity truly shines. I gotta ask, does Gamigo actually lose money by giving out compensation packs? Do those packs cost more than what players could have earned if the EU servers were actually functional? Is this one of those 'welp we ignored the bug/issue/exploit/mount set at wrong speed' for so long, we're gonna have to stick to our guns'. View the full article
  9. Hello I received response from one of Your employees that i see unacceptable so i would like that someone take look into this. Because server downtime i was unable to claim [28d] Day lucky infusion quest starter. It did cost credits however i didnt get it every day because servers were offline. This is response i got from Your staff: Mirabella (Trion Worlds) Jul 15, 11:40 CDT Hello, Thank you for contacting us regarding ArcheAge. The compensation you received are for all this issue. There is no credit refund coming. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you for playing our games. Regards, Mirabella I expected refund or that pack will be extended for the days i lost because Your poor service and offline servers. This looks like You are selling things You cannot deliver. Im playing this game since begining and i expect better customer service until i get back what i lost because Your server downtime. Since i lost confidence in Your service im not going to buy things from Your marketplace anymore until this issue is solved and customer care is improved. Thank You View the full article
  10. Publisher: Electronic Arts Developer: EA Tiburon Release: August 2, 2019 Rating: Rating Pending Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC It's the NFL off-season, so what better way to get excited for the season than speculation and conjecture on how our favorite players are going to perform in Madden 20 (out for PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 2nd). The complete player ratings for the game are out now, including the four elite players of the rarified 99 Club – Aaron Donald, Deandre Hopkins, Khalil Mack, and Bobby Wagner. The game's official site has a handy menu you can filter to see players on each team and by position. Right now it reflects the players at launch, but this will be updated as the season progresses. Needless to say, not everyone agrees with what they are rated. Your favorite @NFL players talk Madden Ratings Click to see all of the #Madden20 Player Ratings: https://t.co/MpUmRKdxUK pic.twitter.com/A8YkGHcnOK — Madden NFL 20 (@EAMaddenNFL) July 15, 2019 Madden fans and NFL players alike always have something to say about the game's ratings, but this reveal is also notable within the context that Madden 20 is stretching player ratings. EA Tiburon says the goal is to not only differentiate the league's stars, but also provide a wider spread of "starter-quality" players and a larger drop-off between starters and backups. Do you agree that Aaron Rodgers isn't a top-5 QB? A.J. Green is currently outside the WR top 10, but will he rise after returning from last year's injury? Let us know what you think in the comments section below. View the full article
  11. Dear Jake Song, - XLGames and employee of Gamigo AG Lately, there are too many problems for known reasons come to ArcheAge. However, patches and reboots of the servers have caused these problems partially fixed. But there have also been new, sometimes well-known problems. Taris is currently disappearing on the EU server after emergency maintenance Multipurpose maturation chambers. They were neatly set up and filled, and should be like known to ripen for 3 days until they can be harvested. After the emergency maintenance and the re-login of the chars, these chambers are partially disappeared without a trace. For me it was the first time 60 completely filled chambers. As a customer, I was so cheeky, and have opened a ticket to it. Ticket: 1221136 In response to the first ticket, I get an answer with a link that does not match the problems. Upon my appeal, I get the same text sent back. After the last emergency maintenance yesterday, 30 chambers disappeared again. And I opened a ticket again. Ticket: 1237341 Now I wait again for this standard answer. Some of my guildmates who have no access to my buildings are experiencing the problem as well. I am an honest customer, with several annual subscriptions which also out of the range invested a lot in Archeage. I have to work hard for my money. No roasted pigeons fly into the mouth. An answer, as well as guilt, one must expect, I should seek the error in my environment, is not acceptable. I feel in this sense currently very fooled by you, if I may say so. Even if you can not restore these chambers, I expect compensation. because the problem is not mine. Now I am not only annoyed about the loss in the game, the lost APs and the gold, but also to you, as I am from a major publisher would have expected a little more customer service. The Gamigo Group as an exchange-oriented company wants to increase sales, but this does not work, when you scare off paying customers and drive them out to other vendors. In the long run, no game provider could afford that. Jake Song was reportedly appalled by what happened to the game. I am appalled how lovelessly one deals with the customers. Sorry, for spelling and modest English A frustrated customer .......:mad::mad::mad: View the full article
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Carendash Heya, We are exploring new possibilities for Fluffy. You will be updated about it as soon as there is news. Jump to post... View the full article
  13. UHQBot

    Request #1229720

    REQUEST #1229720 Can you support? returning players coming and you just Ignoring? View the full article
  14. Such a problem - in the synthesis of clothes I wrote: can't use this skill. Yesterday everything was fine ... And now this is the problem. What is it and how to fix it? View the full article
  15. the lag is so bad at times my shots don't even register, no dmg, miss, parry or evade, they literally do nothing. Before new servers i had next to no lag at all, game is ruined. View the full article