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  1. Archeage Aniversary Help

    So I have a question regarding what character I have to be to get this and what level? View the full article
  2. Hexblade/Abolisher starter!

    So, I've played Reckoning fresh start in december until may 2017. Than I started a company, and now I do have time to play it again, and I am doing pretty fine, since I've lost my account, I am doing well in my new one. I used to play as Abolisher in FS, and now I've just leveled my Darkrunner to 55 and I am going to level Defense and Whitchcraft to 55 too, because I really want to play Hexblade/Abolisher. The only gear that I got on FS for my abolisher was GHA Celest PLATE and Mistsong shield celest + obsidian t4 divine shortspear. So, recently I've got my b200 and started to farm for my gear. And I tryed to make a BUILD for it, but I do not really know if it is consider REALLY good. I've heard that I should get 4 flame plate pieces and complete it with OBS, but I do not know actually what of each piece should be the flame . I tryed to do it like that: Obsidian Helm, Obsidian Cuirass, Flame Tassets, Obsidian Gauntlets, Flame Greaves, Flame Sabatons and Flame Vembraces. For my neclace I would go for the warrior medal's one, and the cloak I would go for the block rate one. On the rings I would get 2 gale rings and the earrings should be 2 lightning. The bow would be a gale one, the weapon I would go for obs shortspear and would leveling it for the agility one. The shield will be a magic resist obs one. The lute will be singing scroll. On underwear I would like to try for melee critical rate and a costume with mdef. So... that's my idea. I would like to say that I am focusing to get 700~800 str, 400~600 agi and 400~550 sta. I would like to know if it is a good build and If I should change something. Also, If someone could tell me which part of my set should I run OBS and which I should run flame I would really aprecciate it. About the Hexblade thing, I would change only my weapon to a Katana (still do not know which one). If anyone has a good skillsets for Hexblade, it will be my first time trying it, but for Abolisher, I kinda know everything about the skillsets and combos. Thanks for you attention! View the full article
  3. As of this October, Raw Data is exiting early access and officially launching on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR. This action-packed VR title takes place in far future, where you play as a special operative from a hacker organization who embarks on secret missions. You can choose from four heroes: Bishop, a "gun cleric" who wields dual pistols; Saija, a cyber ninja who defeats enemies with an electric katana; Boss, an ex-street mercenary with a large shotgun; and finally Elder, an elderly but proficient archer. The official release will feature a solo campaign, co-op, and multiplayer. Cross-platform play for online co-op is supported, meaning that friends can team up despite owning different headsets. (Please visit the site to view this media) Raw Data arrives for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as of October 5, and comes to PlayStation VR on October 10. View the full article
  4. For sale offer View the full article
  5. http://prntscr.com/gp3xi5 PM View the full article
  6. Costume crafting guide

    Greetings everyone. Today I had decided to make a basic guide for costumes and how to upgrade them. Basic understanding: There are costumes and undergarments, split into 4 subtypes: Healing, Magic, Melee, Ranged. Depending on stats that you want to acquire you need to choose a specific type of a costume. Undergarments have attack/healing stat that follows the name of a costume (ranged undergarments get ranged attack only). Costumes have crit stats that are equal to name of costume, however they can get all 4 healing/attack stats, but at different grades and different chance of success (ranged costume has ranged attack from arcane and higher, rest of the attack stats come on legendary) Costumes come in grades grand - eternal. Different stats come at different grades. (“type” = name of costume) Costumes and undergarments unlock additional stats at following grades:1st stat - Grand 2nd stat - Arcane 3rd stat - Heroic 4th stat - Unique 5th stat - Legendary Upon upgrading you can make 1 reroll on each stat, new stats assigned randomly. IMPORTANT. There is a priority in stat rerolls, stats lower on the list have several times higher priority than ones at the top. Make sure you check rerolling part of the guide. Costumes stats and order in which they unlock.Grand: Physical defense / Max health / Magic defense / Move speed / Stealth detection / PvE “type” skills / backstab “type” damage / Received dmg Arcane: “type” attack / PvE damage reduction / Received healing / focus (please note that some stats on the list are actually non-existent, such as backstab for other types of costumes, I believe that is game translation error) Heroic: Cast time Unique: Evasion / Toughness / Melee parry rate / Shield block rate / Resilience Celestial: Defense penetration / Magic defense penetration Divine: Received magic damage / Received melee damage / Received ranged damage / Critical “type” damage Epic: Skill dmg x4 Legendary: Critical “type” rate / Other types of basic dmg (for ranged costume, healing power/ melee attack / magic attack) Undergarments stats: Grand: Physical defense / Magic defense / “Type” attack / Max health / “Type” backstab (healing = magic) Arcane: Resilience / Focus / Toughness / Magic defense penetration / Defense penetration Unique: Received magic damage / Received melee damage / Received Ranged damage / Shield defense penetration rate Divine: Skill dmg x4 Legendary: Crit rate x4 Why would you want to craft it yourself? That is an explanation - it only costs 14k to make your own costume, rest comes from rerolls, from my own experience, it only takes up to 30 rerolls on average to get desirable stats (once again its RNG, sometimes its 0, sometimes its 100), 30 is the average. I crafted hundreds and hundreds of legendary costumes, right now its time to retire edit: on screenshot I used old spreadsheet to calculate craft costs, which included gilda dust, 0.625 gilda dust x 20 = 12.5g or 5 charcoal @ 2.5g (current EU prices) View the full article
  7. Broke my house?

    Maybe I messed up bad with this one... I wasn't paying attention to the time and tried to pick things up during the server reset and now anytime I place and item at my house, it now leaves the item in my inventory and places a non-pickupable version in the space I had set it. I made sure the "prevent removal of decor" is not checked, and even toggled it to see if that would fix it. The objects can be interacted with but not picked up. View the full article
  8. As tittle suggests, selling them at reasonable prices. Also I don't mind helping people crafting their own. Feel free to contact me @ discord or ingame Discord - Doom/Taco#5650 View the full article
  9. LINK FOR THE LAZY Well, it's done. After a ♥♥♥♥ ton of working, procrastinating, delaying, and a bunch of other stuff, the largest Omnom article ever is finally done. Enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them, but I implore you to ask them on Omnom.io. Omnom Social Media Links Join our Discord for the latest news! Facebook Page Omnom.io Twitch Channel View the full article
  10. Anybody know where to find a grand apprentice bow so I can upgrade it to the next level? I swear I've done it many times before but I just can't seem to find one. View the full article
  11. Family fishing quest

    hi I cannot complete this family fishing quest, is it because my fishing proficiency is only 0 and using a bamboo stick? I can do sport fishing with a normal chum but with a rainbow chum, it seems impossible for a newbie fisherman. every time I reel in big with cheering buff, I only do less than 400 damage plus per tick. Furthermore, for some reason the pirahna regens health. Anyway to complete the family fishing quest with only 0 fishing proficiency and using bamboo stick? View the full article
  12. I have heard this is a bannable offense, and that you all knew about it. SO why is it the people doing it are still here and the same crap is still doable? Easy fix for that is the siege dmg from towers ect kills it. AND you should seriously ban the clown using this exploit specially during events like this to cheese their way to extra honor. That cant be acceptable or can it? https://imgur.com/a/Wn6Le Attached Images exploit.jpg‎ (371.8 KB) View the full article
  13. Conviction WTS lvl 7 guild

    Want to sell lvl 7 guild west,pirate,nation only. PM me for details on the forum or send a mail to Antonus. Looking for 50k. View the full article
  14. Aria Boss Force Closing Clients

    Has anyone brought this up before? It's becoming very apparent, as of our 4th attempt tonight, that Aria is bugged in some way, that it has been kicking players from their game during her cinematic, and often a few moments after fighting her as well. Just a heads up, Thanks. View the full article
  15. Agility str defpen are the stats View the full article

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