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  1. Last month, Aksys Games unveiled Little Dragons Café, an adorable game that combines restaurant management, raising a dragon, and cooking. It's a concept that interested us immediately, and today, we were able to get our first hands-on time with it on Nintendo Switch. Aksys teamed up with Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada to bring Little Dragons Café to life. The story follows twins Ren and Rin, whose mother mysteriously falls into a deep sleep and is unable to wake up. You can play as either twin and name them whatever you wish. The sibling you choose not to play appears as your brother or sister in the café. After meeting a plump, wizard-like old man named Pappy, the twins discover that the only way to save their mother is to raise a dragon and feed it delicious food. At first, the two are overwhelmed at the idea of running a café without their mother, but once they learn the ropes, everything becomes smoother. Running the business requires you to venture out into the wilds on your island. This island was instantly engaging to me, filled with animals that have colorful, food-like appearances, such as one beast having what looks like a chicken leg bone for a tail. Hunting these creatures gives you ingredients, but if they attack you, they may eat up ingredients you've already collected. Luckily, when your dragon grows older, it can help you take them down. You can also fish at certain spots by the water. The fishing minigame is easy to play, requiring you to press A to cast, and then A again to reel. If you reel in when a fish is biting, which is indicated by two exclamation points, you can catch a fish and bring it back to the café. As you gather ingredients, you also look for recipe fragments. When you collect four of one type, you learn a new recipe to cook for patrons at the café. I enjoyed searching around for recipe fragments and even instructing my dragon to crawl into hard-to-reach spaces, like a small cave, that I couldn't enter myself. Your customers come from all over the world, and they may offer you quests and recipes of their own if you satisfy them with a good meal. These patrons come with unique problems, and your food can help bring them peace. Cooking comes in the form of a rhythm minigame, where you press arrows at the correct time. The only recipe I made in the demo was sunny-side up fried eggs. The rhythm segment was very simple, only taking about five seconds to complete, though this was part of a tutorial segment early on in the game. Difficulty ramps up later when you acquire tougher recipes. What I enjoyed most about Little Dragons Café was the concept of raising my dragon, as well as exploration. How far you can venture out depends on what stage of life your dragon is at. For example, when you hit stage three, your dragon can fly and you can ride on its back to reach areas that were inaccessible beforehand (though I didn't get to fly the dragon in my demo). Wada said the open world is "pretty big," and has distinct areas, including a large volcano. Your dragon's name and color are customizable, too. The latter depends on what you feed it; providing many dishes that have a blue indicator will eventually turn your dragon blue. Little Dragons Café has a delightful world and concept, and it was just as charming as I had hoped. While I still have many questions, I'm excited to raise a dragon and hunt for new recipes when this title releases for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in the summer. View the full article
  2. <Freefolk> is recruiting east (haranyan) players for the freshstart server EU (Ezi). We are a PVP oriented guild with a strong core of experienced players. Many of us played Archeage since launch and have experienced the fun a fresh start can bring in the past. We are now looking for active players who want to focus on endgame PVP content to join us. If you are looking for a PVP guild with great community atmosphere and you want to get the most out of this freshstart message me on the forums or contact Lethia#0151 on Discord for more information and details about joining. View the full article
  3. Bug in costume stat rerolling

    I think this is a design level bug. I tested it across 10 characters doing a total of > 110 rerolls and failed to hit the stat I need. That would be statistically impossible if the system wasn't using a heavily weighted average toward useless stats (and I have definitely proven that it does exactly that considering I keep getting the same useless mods over and over again). The problem appears to be that the system changes your chances of getting a mod based on where your costume is in its progression. When you hit a threshold in progression stats from previous thresholds are nearly impossible to get. I made the mistake of going past unique before I got received healing. I didn't know that the system makes it almost impossible to get that mod after unique but it clearly does. I just started a new costume today and I got received healing in about 20 minutes. So now I have to flush a lot more money down the toilot to get that costume up to where the broken one is. It appears that you have about a 10% chance to get a mod from the earliest tier of mods once you get a costume to the last tier of mods. This design flaw makes it basically impossible to change your costume. Considering the costume system is advertised as being "customizeable", this design clearly flies in the face of that claim. In order for something to be customizable, it must allow a person to select something. It doesn't do that. It allows a person to unselect something and then continually gives them that same something over and over again after they chose to throw it back (I got archery bonus 3x on my healer costume with 10 rerolls yesterday. Got duplicates of 2 other useless mods... that is really stupid.) I posted this in a thread on general discussion. The GM responded to my bug report saying I should make a report here. If you need more information, feel free to ask. I really want this fixed because it is a game killer. I know several people who quit the game over this bug. I almost did. It's really hard to flush 110k down the toilot, have nothing to show for it and be told by the GM's that the system is working as intended (umm... what?). So I guess I don't get any compensation for getting screwed by the system not working the way it says it does because it is intended to not work the way it says it works. Another serious design flaw in costumes. You can evenstone a costume but that is not how you get the synthium out of it. I evenstoned a divine costume thinking I would get the synthium back. I got 3 archeum motes (worthless). So I got screwed there too (thousands more gold... flush). It should not be possible to evenstone a costume if the result is going to be total trash. I feel like every time I work on my costume I am getting screwed and there is no documentation anywhere to warn me of the pitfalls. I still think I should be compensated because I have clearly been harmed by this issue. The several people I know that quit because of issues in this system did not endure even 30% of the loss that I just did. I just want to finish my costume... I'd be perfectly happy if they would just flip the mod I rerolled 110+ times to the mod I am trying to hit because it is clearly not possible to hit it through rng... View the full article
  4. No Set price, open for offers. Leave post here or shoot me a direct message if interested. Feel free to contact me on Discord if wanted to discuss further. Discord: B1GBOB#7820 (117% Temper) (Agility, Strength, Melee Crit Rate) Pics: https://imgur.com/a/SSPEC View the full article
  5. Aranzeb WTS Epic Erenor Sword.

    No Set price, open for offers. Leave post here or shoot me a direct message if interested. Feel free to contact me on Discord if wanted to discuss further. Discord: B1GBOB#7820 (117% Temper) (Fed 30% Into legendary) (Strength, Agility, Melee Crit Rate) Pics: https://imgur.com/a/BYsPk View the full article
  6. As stated above. Hit me up on thunderwing. View the full article
  7. Hello. I'll travel for a month and have a question to ask regarding taxes and land ownership. First of all, I pay for patron and have some land/buildings already. If I prepay my lands for more than 1 month, and, during this month (with paid taxes), I don't pay for patron (since I won't play the game for this period), what happens with my land without the patron status on my account, since I will be a f2p for this month and f2p can't have land? View the full article
  8. Hi. This issue happened when we had the update to 4.0 and I guess it will happen again with 4.5. When the update happened (to 4.0), the Community Center where I' m a resident recalculated the resident tokens counting only the ACTIVE residents and the resident token count went down a lot. All the tokens delivered by the people that were no long a resident at the day of the update were lost. Maybe the money generated was lost as well. It's not the in-game feature to remove a level of it, since it happened with the update. I'm afraid that with the release of 4.5, this issue will happen again. Unlike regions with a lot of residents, this BUG has a huge impact on people that are resident in areas with low number of residents and/or remote regions with difficult trade (commerce) options. FIY, my region didn't reset once, since september, due to the reset factor that occured with the 4.0 update. Best Regards. View the full article
  9. This issue crops up every time a player forgets to log out during a maintenance cycle-regardless of whether they are on NA or EU and how many accounts they have open. Perhaps it should be in bug reports but I have a potential solution. Disable auto-download for the launcher Add an option for people to do that themselves (within Glyph) If not we could use a sticky note somewhere with a regularly updated version number to change when this does occur AND where to find it, in the launcher files or in steam files. View the full article
  10. Starter server

    Starter/newbie server(s). Oke let me explaine. Now we are getting a freshstart agian. Now we seen in the past that first bog hype and over time it will bleed dead agian. Now my plan. As new player u can only log in to this starter server. This server is lvl capt and gear capt. One u get to lvl 55 u can get the option : Stay ( this containes u can not progres any furder with lvl wise and gear is capt as well) and transfer out on own cost. This period is for 1 month u can dicide to stay or go. If u leave u can go to a legacy server of ur choose. Now why this plan? I see allot of people complaining about gear gap. " cant compite with over 10k gs ect". Well to prefent this this server wil be made. I think this will keep stuff interesting for new players since there around there own gs people and keeps legacy servers more alive. Saves time addeding/removing or merging servers. Keeps gs's together. So trion/xl-games let me know what u think of this plan? And ofcourse other players as well what do U think. Greetz Erestor P.s. sorry for any spelling errors i am dyslectic i'm trying my best here ;) View the full article
  11. Send me a messege and we can arrange something for 4.5! View the full article
  12. Were making a guild on the east which is focussed on moneymaking and gearing. we help eachother and have fun. ofc we will also be going to the PVP events and possibly also join in on the bossfights. Dungeons will also be done alot! we have a group of old experienced players who are ready to use time with new players and helping eachother out. if you are interested feel free to add one of the guildleaders on discord. JoJo#2406 View the full article
  13. Afterparty is the next adventure from Night School Studio (the team behind Oxenfree), and the game's first trailer shows the two main characters having a hell of a time escaping the afterlife. Milo and Lola are being escorted to a bar in Hell via flying demon after Milo somehow got them killed. As the pair walk in, dialogue choice bubbles appear over Lola's head akin to Oxenfree. Unlike Oxenfree, however, Afterparty aesthetically aims for vibrant 3-D cel-shading with 2-D movements, whereas Oxenfree has backdrops reminiscent of a painting. Afterparty also seems to have a dark but ironically humorous and lighthearted vibe. How can it not when Lola orders a drink called "Dead Orphan," Milo dances in front of demons that are tweeting about his moves, and the game's entire premise is to out-drink Satan to escape Hell? (Please visit the site to view this media) The trailer concludes with a 2019 release window. Though no platforms are officially named, Oxenfree released on every modern system, so we have a reason to be optimistic. View the full article
  14. My first video in The Dark Side of Archeage series. Let me know what you think. (i know theres some audio and visual issues, they'll be fixed for next vid) View the full article
  15. Links zu den Versionshinweisen

    Da die Threads nicht dauerhaft im oberen Teil des Forums fixiert sind, hier die Links zu den übersetzten Patchnotes der älteren Versionen: - 4.0 Maelstrom und Informationen zum Lunajuwelen-System. - 3.0b View the full article