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  1. We have an additional campaign this month and we really need some community support. Our hosting is up for renewal and could use some donations to help keep the downloads and forum around for another year. To contribute you can use the Paypal donation buttons or the Paetron button.
  2. Eliteone

    NOLF 2

    Are you using the Livesforever mod while playing the single player?
  3. Welcome to UnityHQ.
  4. May have seen your name on that other site that isn't here anymore. Haven't changed my name. Regardless welcome to UHQ.
  5. Eliteone


    Not sure why all the caps there but what chapter in the game are you having the issue with?
  6. That's why I've kept an older Windows 7 laptop around to play these older games. Newer hardware is too fast sometimes for them.
  7. I'd recommend turning off all the mods when playing single player.
  8. Are you running the game in compatibility mode? Most run it in Windows XP SP2 mode.
  9. Ok theme should be back to normal again. Let me know if you find any thing out of order.
  10. Do you have the livesforever mod and the custom map packs installed?
  11. Sorry for the boring default theme. Upgraded the forum to the latest release last night and the theme I was using on it wasn't happy. Hopefully I'll have it figured out soon.
  12. You can grab it from HERE This download will work with NOLF2 also.
  13. Have you reached out to nolfrevial.tk for support? Unfortunately I'm not sure how they put their "download" together. Our's has the dgvoodoo2 included so it can be used to achieve the resolutions and screen size for newer computers.
  14. You can get the same results using the multi-player launchers we have in the downloads section.
  15. Should be able to click multi-player then internet servers to browse online servers to join.
  16. If memory serves, the spectator mod was made for the first version of the game not the GOTY edition.
  17. Not sure how to comment to this. lol New games broadens your gaming experiences.
  18. Free game, lots of fun. Can't go wrong there. Been playing it since it released.
  19. Would need to see our monthly goals being met consistently before we would be able to ever consider such an endeavour.
  20. Eliteone


    Long time no see. People still play some, mostly on the weekends though.
  21. In the game credits they site Monolith and the NOLF and NOLF 2 games for some of their inspirations.
  22. Have you tried playing it in windowed mode?
  23. Given the game was made in 2001 more and more and running into limitations such as this. I use the DGVoodoo to control the graphics. It may help you with your situation.