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TOMB RAIDER (2013) PC Savegame Files 1.0.0

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Downloading & Installing TOMB RAIDER (2013) PC Savegame Files


This page pertains only to the Windows PC version of TOMB RAIDER.

IMPORTANT NOTES - PLEASE READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING: These files are experimental. To the best of my knowledge, they will work if you follow the instructions, but I haven't had time to test them fully. So I'm not sure exactly which game features (e.g., inventory, upgrades, relics, documents, GPS caches, challenges, etc.) are stored in the save file, which in the profile, etc. If you download one of my saves, you should have every item and upgrade I've found/unlocked up to that point but, as far as I know, my gameplay does not count toward your achievements or toward unlockable Extras like concept art and character models.

we are not responsible for anything that happens to your computer as a result of downloading files or following advice given on this site or any linked site. I recommend taking the same precautions you would with any file you download from the Internet, including scanning the file with an anti-virus program, backing up your existing files before installing new ones, and following the instructions below, especially if you are unfamiliar with this process.


Every time you pass a checkpoint while playing TOMB RAIDER,  a file is created containing all the information about your game so far—Lara's inventory, enemies killed, puzzles solved, items found, upgrades made, etc. These savegame files are coded so that the game program can "read" them. When you reload an earlier save, your computer interprets the savegame file and restores Lara and her world to the way they were at the most recent checkpoint.

Each subsequent autosave overwrites the previous save; however, since the 1.0.730 patch TOMB RAIDER  offers 99 possible save slots. I highly recommend changing save slots periodically—at least once each level or so. To do this, pause the game by pressing Esc on the keyboard, Select or Start on a controller, and choosing the "Change Save Slot" option from the menu. Then if something does go wrong in your game, you'll at least have a fairly recent save to which you can revert.

If you get stuck and don't have a recent save of your own, you can download one of mine. The following explains how to download and install save files.


All the save files on this site come in .zip files. A .zip file is like a digital "envelope" containing other files. Using .zip files lets me group savegame files together in one convenient "package," such as a group of saves for a given level.


To the best of my knowledge, saves from all versions of the Steam PC game are interchangeable, but please be sure to back up your original save files, as instructed below, just in case there are issues.

How to Download and Install TOMB RAIDER Save Files:
  1. Disable Steam Cloud synchronization:
    1. Open Steam.
    2. Go to your games Library.
    3. Right-click TOMB RAIDER and choose Properties.
    4. Click the Updates tab.
    5. Un-check the option to 'Enable Steam Cloud synchronization'.

    This prevents the game from restoring your last save from the Steam cloud server. You can enable it again later if you like, once you've played through to another checkpoint.
  2. Download the zip file.
  3. Open the following folders on your PC (each folder is inside the previous one):

    For 32-bit Windows: Computer > Windows (C:) > Program Files > Steam > userdata > XXXXXXXX > 203160 > remote

    For 64-bit Windows: Computer > Windows (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > userdata > XXXXXXXX > 203160 > remote

    where the X's are a number representing your unique Steam user profile. Inside the 'remote' folder, you should find your TOMB RAIDER profile (profile.dat) and the autosaves you've made so far (save1.dat, save2.dat and save3.dat).
  4. VERY IMPORTANT: Copy your existing save files and profile into a new folder. Then if something goes wrong and my files don't work for you, you can restore your original saves and continue from where you left off.
  5. Open the .zip file you just downloaded. Newer versions of Windows (i.e., the ones that can play this game) should automatically open .zip files when you double-click. You can also use an archive utility like WinZip or WinRAR.
  6. Select the save1.dat, save2.dat or save3.dat file you want and copy/paste it into the 'remote' folder.
  7. Close all open windows and open Steam. Make sure Steam is running in online mode. (In the Steam drop-down menu at the top left corner, choose the second option, "Go Online..." If it says "Go Offline..." leave it alone. You're already online.)
  8. Start the TOMB RAIDER game as usual. Click 'Continue' and choose the downloaded save to load.

These instructions apply to the Steam installation of the game under Windows 7. If you're using a different version of Windows, you can still use these saves, but I'm not sure exactly where the save files are located. Try searching for the 'Steam' folder and looking inside. Or search for the '203160' folder or 'save1.dat' file directly. If your saves are in a different location, please let me know so I can update this page for others who may have the same setup. Thanks!


LOCATION OF SAVES IN NON-STEAM VERSIONS: If you have a version of the game other than the Steam download, the save files will be in a different location, most likely something like C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Square Enix. If you don't find them there, try searching your hard drive for "save1.dat." Then right-click the file in the search results and choose "open file location."

SOLUTION FOR CORRUPTED AUTOSAVE: If you try to load one of my saves and the game tells you the file is corrupted, this may be because you attempted to manipulate the save files while the game was running. Quit the game all the way out to the desktop. Repeat the steps above and try again.

SOLUTION FOR DOWNLOADED SAVES THAT DON'T APPEAR IN MENU: If you try to load one of my saves and that save slot appears blank or says "Empty 0% Complete" on the Select A Game Save screen, you probably need to rename my save or create a new save in the correct slot first. So, for example, if you downloaded my save5.dat but you only have three saved games, rename my save5.dat to save3.dat and then move it into the remote folder. (Again, make sure you've backed up your own saves first.)

Or, start the game, load one of your own saves, then choose "Change Save Slot" from the pause menu. Choose the slot that corresponds with my save, and click OK. For example, if the downloaded save is save5.dat, create your new save in the 5th slot. Quit the game, copy the downloaded save into the 'remote' folder, overwriting the save file you just made, and then restart the game. The new save should now load correctly.

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