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JediMoves JA+ Mod v2.4 Build 7 1.0.0

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Jedi Academy Multiplayer Game Modification




Title: JediMoves JA+ Mod v2.4 Build 7



Authors                 : Slider

E-Mail                  : slider744@hotmail.com

website                                    : http://www.japlus.net/

Date Released           : 16/10/2011

Description             : This  version  of JA+ Mod is designed for Jedi Academy 1.0.1

OS                               : Windows and Linux and Mac

Mod Type                : Server Side but capability to have client side plugin


Testing Team Leader : SiLink


Screenshots : http://www.japlus.net/screen.php

Movie Trailer : http://www.japlus.net/trailer.php


            JA+ is the official name for the JediMoves.com Mod Project.

This server side Mod for  Windows/Linux/Mac is designed to add cool features and enable admin commands

to help ensure your rules are respected and to make your server more configurable.  This mod will not drastically change

the general feel of the game, it will simply add fun features or enhance features in order to satisfy Jedi Academy

clans.  When all the new options are turned OFF, the gameplay becomes unchanged.


The main goal of this mod is to add or enhance a lot of features in a total configurable ''Plus'' JediAcademy version (that is why i called it JA+). 

This is the full distribution pack. It includes the clientside JA+ Plugin as well as some helpful tools to aid server administrators.

 For full documentation of the plugin itself, please download the plugin and its readme separately.



Example of features ==>

            --Compatibility with all OS Windows, Linux and Mac

            --Support for the New JA+ GLA animations(yes i know it adds 8Mo to the mod)

            --High speed URL AutoDownload Redirect for needed Pk3 when connecting a server.

            --Multiple duels at once

            --Full force Duels

            --Duel  Isolation (Non interference)

            --No Rules Alternate Dimension

            --Flipkicks without altering wall run         

            --Admin commands + Admin Abuse Detection

            --Speak mod (admin, clan and team)

            --Clan Tag Protection

            --Team gametypes auto-balance (teams with the same number of players)

            --MultiTaunt Sound, and multiCustom player sounds.

            --AutoReplier integrated working with all foreign versions of the game.

            --Easy saber change without respawning

            --Tons of new emotes   

            --Fake player name detection system based on IP detection

            --All SP attacks added + completely new attacks and new  DFA + SP force moves with new extended effects

            --Extended Melee attacks

            --New items (melee, jetpack, flameThrower,grapple hook )

            --Model size scaling system

            --Configurable saber Damages

            --New Vote system management + AntiVoteSpam

            --Capability of activating a real JK2 gameplay with moves and damages

            --Profanity Filter

            --Chat GOD (attack immunity while in console or chat mode) + Inactivity AutoProtect

            --Highlander ffa gametype modification

            --JediVsMerc mod enhancement

            --Client Side Plugin for players

            --RGB clothes and sabers + various saber core/line/trails styles effects.

            --Extensive Anti cheat system ( Macro scan , models exploit, yawspeed....etc...)

            --Client scripts that bind keys to improve accessibility and more...

            --gender support for missing skins (replaced by a default male or a female model)

            --JA+ BitValue calculator to compute all bit value CVars.

            --BaseJKA vehicle limit of 16 modified to allow a maximum of 32 distinct vehicles to be spawned in a map.

            --Maximum size of  .veh & .vwp files  increased to allow the loading of a lot more pk3 vehicle files (more than 50).

            --JA+ server tracker for website (server info in real time, who's playing, rcon cmds, server configs....viewable in a web page) 

            -- JA+ sabers Support : a great saber pack included, new hilts...etc.. with extended sabers features like holstering animations and holsters model.

            --Many lot of corrected basejka Bugs





            JA+ is a server-side Mod which is made even better by a client-side plugin containing separate .pk3 files..

This plugin is designed to give UI, animation and feature enhancement to your client side game.

You are not obligated to install the plugins with the JA+ server side part to run a JA+ server.


            This Mod contains a number of powerful admin commands that must be executed by a real human player as well as

automatic admin systems executed by the server. However, in order to be sure not to punish the wrong person or

to decrease a player's personal liberties, the automatic admin system is "light" coded. (For example the fake name detection

system will just warn players). The automatic admin system will not make the decision to kick, or ban players.

            With this mod, i preferred to give full admin power and let the server owner detect admin abuse/autoBan abusers

with the admin abuse detection system. These commands are not abusive, people are.

Now if you want to abuse with those admin features, think about the fact that all players will tend to play on better servers.

There are enough servers for that.... :)





Quick Install



- just delete all pk3 files in your gamedata/japlus folder.

- then unzip this zip file into your gamedata folder. It should place all needed pk3 files into your gamedata folder. It will also create or update your japlus and base (only for the animation pk3) folder.

- then load the mod using the load mod menu of your game, or directly execute the script play_japlus.bat inside gamedata folder.


PS : the japlus_gla_anims.pk3 must be installed in BASE folder and not in japlus folder on both server and clients in order to use them.


for detailed info, go in japlus\japlus_doc

For detailed notes about the plugin, read the Plugin_readme.rtf


PS: For MAC users, all the dll are now integrated in the PK3 of the mod. You need the MAC Patch1.01E to make it working.

you can get this patch from http://www.macgamefiles.com/detail.php?item=17967 

You will find a detailed MAC install howTo made by DarthZappa in japlus/japlus_doc/japlusmac-howto.zip




DOCUMENTATION and Tools And Distrib




You will find :

            *** all the server distrib for windows and linux and Mac of the japlus Mod in the japlus folder.

                        ( *.pk3 files, .so file, server.cfg and all client side scripts like admin.cfg, chat.cfg, saber.cfg)



            *** all the client side JA+ plugin clientPlugin_vX.X.pk3 for windows and Mac. This PK3 can be obtained on its own, separate from this main pack. Please keep up to date on your plugins.

                        - in this case you will have to delete this old pk3 and replace it with the newer one.

                        For detailed notes about the plugin, read the Plugin_readme.rtf


            ***  a saber pack japlus_saber.pk3 that contains some nice sabers hilts with JA+ extensions to show what you can do with JA+ and saber moding.

                        Remember that both player and server have to install this pk3 if you want to use it.

                        but you are not obligated to install it.


            ** japlus_gla_anims.pk3 in base folder : a new JA+ GLA animations pack. It must be installed in base folder and not japlus folder on both server and clients in order to use them.

                                    If a player does not have this file, he will not be able to use the new animations

                                    if the server does not have this file the new animations will be automatically turned OFF.


            *** all the documenation in several files in japlus\japlus_doc\  folder


            ** a FAQ faq.txt


            ** a model list with their URL so that u can find good model or skin which are configured in the model scale system like for example Yoda


            *** Tools in JAplus_Tools folder:

                        ** the BitRate Calculator  japlus_bitValueCalculator.html :It will calculate the admin command disable, poll disable, lock team, force power disable,

                                    and weapon disable, and all bit value cvars in the mod japlus.                 

                        *** JA+ server tracker monitoring for website  (server info in real time, who's playing, rcon cmds, server configs....viewable in a web page) 


                                    It does not require any plugin or php. You just need a Website with HTML.

                                    You can find it and use it by going on the JA+ Website (see the URL in top of the readme.rtf file) or use the japlus_tracker.html


            *** Startup server file   that you must move to your gamedata folder .

                        One of these .bat files is a secure startup that will autorestart the server if it crashes. (open it with notepad to learn how to install it)

                        this secure startup script is available for both windows and linux dedicated servers.


                        (they requiere the raven dedicated server pack that u need to dowload on the official website like

                                    http://www.lucasfiles.com/     http://www.lucasfiles.com/index.php?s=&action=category&id=62

                                    or http://www.jk3files.com/  http://www.jk3files.com/sort.files?game=JK3&cat=2537&ref=2536)


            *** an UnOfficial patch for the windows and linux raven dedicated server pack which fix the UDP server overflow Vulnerability(which crashes the servers)

                        see the dedicated PATCH_ded_server1.011_readme.rtf




Note about the client plugin



-Client Side Plugin for client playing on JA+ server:

            this plugins is included in the Main server side ZIP mod but can also be available as a separate file for all players.

            this plugins enable players to take benefit from the UI, animation, and feature enhancement provided by the main server side JA+ Mod.

            You are not obligated to install the plugins with the JA+ server side part to run a JA+ server.

            For example, the grappling hook is much better if you have installed the pk3 plugin in your client game JAplus folder.

            You will find all informations on this plugin in a dedicated readme provided with it.

            How it works?

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