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Unable to uninstall NOLF/Reinstall NOLF

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Problem: Unable to uninstall NOLF due to a system freeze during install, and now it "uninstalls" it, but keeps prompting for the uninstall of the program


Solution: remove the registry keys for NOLF and the installshield installation information folder as well


This problem is due to NOLF being unable to remove a couple of vital keys in the registry, resulting in this uninstall loop. Here is how you fix it:


1. Make sure you're on your desktop with all windows closed

2. Left-Click on "Start" in the lower left

3. Left-Click on "Run"

4. Type in "regedit"

5. Left-Click on "OK"

6. Left-Click on the + by "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE"

7. Left-Click on the + by "SOFTWARE"

8. Left-Click on the + by "Microsoft"

9. Left-Click on the + by "Windows"

10. Left-Click on the + by "CurrentVersion"

11. Left-Click on the + by "Uninstall"

12. Left-Click on "{EE3E60BC-F29F-4E7B-A110-B538387D34DA}"

13. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard

14. Left-Click on "YES"

15. Retrace your steps until you reach "Microsoft"

16. Left-Click on the - by "Microsoft"

17. Left-Click on the + by "Monolith Productions"

18. Verify that you only have NOLF in there(and not AVP2 or any other Monolith game) If you don't have any other monolith games:

A. Left-Click on "Monolith Productions"

B. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard

C. Left-Click on "Yes"

19. If you have other Monolith games in there:

A. Left-Click "No One Lives Forever"

B. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard

C. Left-Click on "Yes"

20. Close the registry editor

21. Attempt to install NOLF


If you have Win2000:

1. Double-Left-Click on "My Computer"

2. Double-Left-Click on "C:\"

3. Double-Left-Click on "Program Files"

4. Double-Left-Click on "Installshield Installation Information"

5. Left-Click on "{EE3E60BC-F29F-4E7B-A110-B538387D34DA}"

6. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard

7. Left-Click on "OK"(or "Yes")

8. Close all opened windows and attempt to install NOLF


If you are unable to see the Installshield Installation Information folder:

1. Make sure you're on your desktop with all windows closed

2. Double-Click "My Computer"

3. Double-Click "C:\"

4. Left-Click "View"(if on Win98) or "Tools"(if on Win2k)

5. Left-Click "Folder Options"

6. Left-Click the "View" tab

7. Look for "Hidden Files and Folders"

8. Make sure the option "Show Hidden Files and Folders" is the one that is selected

9. Left-Click on "OK"



You should now be able to install NOLF.

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I know this is an old post but when i get to step 12 where I have to click on this: {EE3E60BC-F29F-4E7B-A110-B538387D34DA}
but its not in the folder. I am running the GOTY edition if that has anything to do with it

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8 hours ago, joshuax said:

Very old thread now but I found this link to help a ton in getting NOLF to run in 64-bit Win10:



The GOTY edition will install on 64 bit windows. the 32 bit needs to use a special installer which we have HERE

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