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Starfield console commands


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From: Game Rant. 

How To Open Starfield Command Console
Like most games on PC, the command console can be accessed if players hit the Tilde (~) key, which is the universal symbol on American English keyboards. However, for other players, it might be the Grave (`) key. Some players have reported that the Starfield command console key is the at sign (@).

Console Command



Players will be immune to all sources of damage, effectively making them invincible. They will also have unlimited ammo with this command active.


Players can take damage, but the health of the player will never reach 0, meaning it’s impossible to die, but they still have to depend on their ammo count.


All powers in Starfield will unlock and be available to the player.


NPCs cannot detect the player, perfect for those who want easy stealth.


Combat AI ignores the player, effectively switching it on/off depending on if the player has entered or re-entered said code.


No Clip will allow players to remove character collision, thus allowing them to fly through solid objects, walls, and floors, so they can get to inaccessible areas.


Entering this console command will turn off the UI menus, or turn them back on.


Players can use the camera to fly around and leave their character.

player.additem [item id] [value]

Allows players to add specific items (if they know the item ID) along with the amount they want.

[ref id].amod [amod id]

On the reference weapon, players can add any weapon mod they have specified with the Reference ID.

[ref id].rmod [amod id]

Players can remove attached weapon mods with this console command.


All NPCs in the player's location will be killed


All hostile NPCs are killed.


Selected NPCs that are dead can be brought back to life.


Doors, containers, and other locked goods are forcibly opened.


Players can select the opposite sex with this command.

showmenu sleepwaitmenu

Easy access to the wait menu without the need to rest or sit down.

player.setlevel [value]

Players can increase their character level by any number that they set.

player.additem [item id] [value]

With the Item ID selected, players can add any items to their inventory.

player.placeitem [item id] [value]

Spawns creatures or items at the feet of the player.

player.paycrimegold 0 0 [faction id]

This can be used to pay off bounties with specific factions.

showlooksmenu player 1

Re-enter the character creator to alter appearance, name, background, and traits.

player.removeperk [perk id]

Easily remove specific skills, traits, and backgrounds.

player.addperk [perk id]

Easily add specific skills, traits, and backgrounds.


All quests in Starfield will activate at once, a very dangerous console command that could break the game.


All main story quests will be completed, potentially causing a massive game break.


Can show or hide the max height data.


Receive data on whether the selected character is invulnerable or not.


Forces the game to fully reset.


Close the Masterfile of Starfield and its plugins which can help CreationKit save to a plugin. A risky console command.


If an NPC gets stuck, this will force them to repath themselves.


Change the outfit for the specified NPC

passtime [hours]

Allows players to change time outside of sleeping or waiting.


Players can pause the scene or unpause it at will.


Changes how the character selected will stand.


Changes NPC skeletons.


The selected NPC will be forced into a dialogue event.


Persuasion skill checks will always be successful.


Persuasion skill checks will always fail.

isloggedin [isonline]

Players can check if they are logged in to Bethesda.net


Sending a username and password will link the Bethesda.net account.

startworkshop [workshop]

Players can enter a Workshop as long as one is within the area.


Shows the Starfield debug screen.

movetoplanet [planet id]

Allows players to engage in a gravdrive sequence to jump to different planets if a target is specified.


Captures a screenshot of the scene.

landonplanet [lop]

Players can use this to quickly land on a planet.


Using this will send players into space to continue exploring.


Players can preview the resources on the selected planet.


Will test all planets in the current solar system.


Removes Power consumption for the player's ship systems.


Will add Power consumption to the player's ship systems.


All materials and items on a planet will be reloaded, but this may cause a game crash.


This may cause a performance drop, but it will add experimental shaders to the game.


Clicking on any NPC with the console open will give players their ID so that they can kill them instantly. This works on all non-essential NPCs.

player.modav carryweight

Players can add any number they want to change their carry weight to lower or higher depending on preference.

player.setav speedmult

Players can increase their max speed past the default 100 to run extremely fast.

tmm 1

Map markers are added to the planet's surface, and will only disappear once the game is reset.

showlooksmenu player 2

If players do not want to open the full character creator, then they can use this command

There are hundreds of console commands that can be used in Starfield, but not all of them will be of use to players, hence their lack of inclusion here. Most other console commands include scripting surrounding the physics engine and whatnot that doesn't offer anything to players, and will just serve to confuse them.

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All the mods listed above will serve in some way to help players, especially those who are not happy with the vanilla ways that Starfield handles its carry weight, or those players who are not happy with their traits or attributes. There's a lot to love and dig into Starfield, and the console commands are very much one piece of the ultimate puzzle.

Players should definitely keep in mind that console commands can alter the game for better or worse. Many will regard the best console commands as Starfield cheats, considering they can make the game easier. However, as an RPG, this game can be played however the player chooses, even if that includes console commands. Just as a reminder, players really should keep a few backup saves, as messing with the console command isn't the safest choice when it comes to an ocean of stars to traverse.

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