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How to play Contract Jack Online ;)

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Hello everybody :D


I'm a big fan of NOLF2 and CJ and i'm finding a solution to play online with my friends ans i found it ;)

It was tested and approuved on Windows 7 64 BIT and Windows 8.1 64 BIT

I don't know if i could post link but for the moment Google is your friend ^^



First Step: THE GAME


*Download Contract Jack Game

*Install the game with a serial number (the same serial could be installed for all the players)

*Update the game to the 1.1

*Past No CD File of the Game





*Download Hamachi Free Software

*Install Hamachi

*Launch Hamachi

*Create an account

*Create a room player and remember correct name and password for your hamachi friends

*Put Hamachi OFF


IMPORTANT: When windows aking for set a location Select Home network




*Go in windows to Network and Sharing Center and click Change adapter settings from left sidebar.

*Hit Alt from keyboard, so top menu pops out, and click Advanced Settings

*Select Hamachi from Connections -list, and click arrow up so many times that Hamachi is on top. Save changes by pressing OK.

*Click Hamachi network connection with mouse right click and select Properties.

*Uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and hit Properties.

*Be sure Obtain an IP ADRESS and DNS SERVER are Automatically check !!

*Click Advanced

*Be sure that Automatic Metric is unchecked, and put number 1 to Interface metric.

*Press OK

*REBOOT your Windows




*Launch Hamachi and loggin to your account and your Hamachi ROOM

*Friends do the same and connect to the same room (Green LED let you see it's ok)

*Launch Contract Jack

*One player Host a Game in "LAN" AND NOT INTERNET !!!

*Don't Check DEDICATED SERVER because that's crash in moment

*Friends Launch COntract Jack and Join the Multiplayer Game :D





*Be careful to the Firewall and put off it or allow CJ and HAMACHI connection

*Hamachi Location must be Selected to Home network

*Hamachi Metric to 1 and be sure IP ADRESS and DNS SERVER are Automatically check !!

(You will see your Hamachi Adress)

*Everybody must be in the same version of CJ 1.1

*Host a Game in "LAN"

*When you leave a hosting game, Relaunch Contract jack to Find Again your friends




Contact Me for Help or for playing ;)


(Sorry For My English, I'm French ^^)



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You can also use the multi-player launcher from our downloads to launch your multi-player instance.

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You can also use the multi-player launcher from our downloads to launch your multi-player instance.


Yes i have see it ;) Thank you

but it's an alternative method i propose :D

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  • 1 year later...

How to start the server and play multiplayer.
1. It is necessary to install a mod Multiplayer Launcher v1.0
2. It is necessary to install a mod Project-M 1.0 and connect events Project-M 1.0 through the game menu(CUSTOM-x-OK).
3. Start the server in "LAN Only"(PLAY-Multiplayer-HOST-Connection-LAN Only) : server set up on the Internet(!)
You can not run the server in the "Internet": crash(!)
4. Browse to the server using the button "circular arrow" does not work (!!) (Windows7, WindowsXP): An error occurs and the game is turned off.
Players connect to the server using the menu of the game with the mod Project-M 1.0 (PLAY-Multiplayer-Join)



Play multiplayer without mods (optional) ..

Game Series NOLF (NOLF, NOLF2, Contract JACK) supports Qtracker ....Qtracker is COMPLETELY FREE.

!!! Important !!!

Right-click on the icon //Qtracker //NOLF2 //Contract JACK// - Properties - Compatibility

1. Make the //Qtracker //NOLF2 //Contract JACK// executable run in Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode

2. Disable desktop composition for the //Qtracker //NOLF2 //Contract JACK// executable.

3. Add the //Qtracker //NOLF2 //Contract JACK// executable to the exceptions list for Windows' Data Execution Prevention.


Qtracker with Windows 8.1
1. After installing Qtracker, Windows 8.1 system will message to download and install DirectPlay.(Press "Ok")
2. If compatibility Qtracker with Windows XP SP3 is not enabled, then Qtracker ERROR message: "Filed to start the application"

I installed Qtracker on two computers with different providers.
I launched the classic server Contract JACK (v1.1) without mods on one computer (

For Game Server:

Pre In the network settings on your computer, change your primary DNS to:

On another computer (another Internet provider, I installed a "clean" without mods game Contract JACK and interface Qtracker I saw the server and all connected ... and easy.
Playing with modes from the URA Project-M 1.0 & Multiplayer Launcher v1.0 has also been installed and tested.
The situation was modeled off the server http://sficlan.net/nolf2servers/cj_servers.php?action=add
In this situation, the server Contract JACK You can connect only interface Qtracker

Mod from URA Project-M 1.0 bug fixes Format string vulnerability, so it is necessary of course


The interface Qtracker I saw all the servers and NOLF2 & NOLF well.

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