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  1. I had no problems with Nolf1 on Windows 11. I was using DGVoodoo2 (v2.75.1 -- the latest when I posted this) and the Modernizer mod. I'll need to run through the whole game to see if there are any unexpected gotchas, but it loads and works. Note: You may need to adjust your display settings the first time. The game didn't like the defaults, but setting things closer to my native resolution worked. Note: My Windows 11 Pro install was an upgrade from Windows 10 Pro. I mention it as that might make a difference for someone else.
  2. No updates that I've seen. If there were news of any kind it would probably all over our little corner of gaming.
  3. A few of us. Life and other games keep me busy, but I'm currently replaying Nolf 1.
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