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  1. that fixed everything! thanks a lot I could never have guessed, and Im not sure what caused it because Im pretty sure my first installation had the game running perfectly
  2. I dont have this file in my NOLF2 directory
  3. hi thanks for replying im on windows 11, rtx 3070, 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11800H @ 2.30GHz 2.30 GHz, 16gb ram x64 here is the error, when you jump underwater you get a black screen, it only gets fixed if I press esc so I can see underwater, for phos and glue I think it stays black
  4. it happens in glue and burning effects too, if I press esc while underwater things get back to normal but if I get out and inside water again, I get another blackscreen Using latest modernizer, hardware is integrated intel graphics + geforce rtx NOLF1 is working perfect as the latest modernizer has an option for intel any solutions please?
  5. any tip to pass this? When I beat the game 20 years ago I didnt had this issue, but now the door just wont open for nothing! This is the trap room in the Indian HQs after Cate gets hired by HARM, theres a rabbit trap inside this room and the previous room is another trap where you must change the lamps directions to not get hit by the ceilling spikes
  6. I remember there was a BaDeDum midi file around somewhere, I even downloaded it years ago but my laptop HDD gone and I dont think its easy to recover it I found the main title, but I really need BaDeDum for a project, and it must be midi anyone have it?
  7. No problems with NOLF1 and NOLF2 using RTX 3070 and Wiindows 11 with modernizer mod CJ crashes, cant extract files with the tools , so Im looking for a solution to at least get the textures and models for NOLF2
  8. I wish I could play it again sometime, Doomsday was the best multiplayer I ever had , Im from the time the server had 16 players all the time and you had to wait for a chance to get in
  9. Any way I can get the folders with the game resources separately? I want to use them with NOLF2 Dedit
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