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  1. I remember there was a BaDeDum midi file around somewhere, I even downloaded it years ago but my laptop HDD gone and I dont think its easy to recover it I found the main title, but I really need BaDeDum for a project, and it must be midi anyone have it?
  2. No problems with NOLF1 and NOLF2 using RTX 3070 and Wiindows 11 with modernizer mod CJ crashes, cant extract files with the tools , so Im looking for a solution to at least get the textures and models for NOLF2
  3. I wish I could play it again sometime, Doomsday was the best multiplayer I ever had , Im from the time the server had 16 players all the time and you had to wait for a chance to get in
  4. Any way I can get the folders with the game resources separately? I want to use them with NOLF2 Dedit
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