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  1. It really is back to normal! Nicely done!
  2. I think I'd definitely prefer someone who shed a tear, but proceeded to make a rational decision, over someone ignorant. I'd hate to be Hillary Clinton, though. She's damned no matter what she does. Cry and you're a calculating shrew or a damsel in distress, but if you don't show emotions, you're an insensitive political machine. Stand by Bill Clinton after the Lewinsky affair and you're a door mat, leave him and you're a heartless, unforgiving witch. And then all these pundits and commentators chirping the 'unelectable' song... Well maybe she is, but I really can't see anyone else so far in this race who has the skills, the experience and the political clout that she has. How I wish we could cut the crap about Giuliani's marriages, Romney's mormonism, Hillary's laughter and tears, etc. etc. etc. and just get down to issues and politics.
  3. Okay, I'll bite! What's your source on this, mister?
  4. Indeed you're right! In my native language we don't use different words for the two. Glad to be learning though! If you'll permit me an observation, still, the point Trigger seemed to be making is/was actually irrespective of the distinction between majority and plurality. The point was that Al Gore actually got more votes in total (48.4 percent to Bush's 47.9, according to Wikipedia). I guess we can agree that there's a certain difference between not getting a plurality and failing to get a majority?
  5. As far as I could read from Wikipedia, he had a pretty clear majority both times he won (5.5% in 1992, 8.5% in 1996). True that he never went above 50%, but since Ross Perot ran as a third candidate and drew quite a few votes, that wasn't necessary nor possible.
  6. Still about a year to go, but the first step is already done as Iowa chose Obama and Huckabee. All the world is affected by who is elected the new President of the United States, so naturally everyone is entitled to an opinion on the election. Besides, Nolfers should be a much more important demographic than Iowans. So who are you all hoping for? Who do you expect to represent the two major parties in the actual election? Does a woman or a black man even stand a chance at the big time? Is the electoral system basically unfair, since you can win without having the most votes in total? And who the heck is Mike Huckabee? All of this, and more. Discuss!
  7. Uh oh. Godspeed, Trig. I hope they let you go quickly and painlessly. PS: Please put me down in the will for your computer.
  8. So you're giving in and using a holiday name after all, Metal?
  9. Ah, well, as usual I'll be using Snowflake as well. Don't mind sharing though. Happy holidays to you all
  10. Spacko

    Fat vs Thin

    The Phat team is the oh so very cool team. But well, couldn't people who sign up just be honest about which team they belong in? If anyone's uncomfortable discussing their body size, I guess they'd have to skip this one match
  11. Spacko


    Oh no, the British are coming!! It's a wonderful package, I'll take it. High marks for editing, music and artistic creativity. Minus for poorly written script and unrealistic dialogue. Great action scenes. All in all, 7/10 bananas.
  12. He never did that, though. He only said that there doesn't seem to be much of a point discussing it if's already clear that the answer isn't going to change anything. Which seems true to me, anyway. In any case, we're not 5 years old here, (even if lord knows you'd be forgiven to think that sometimes) and clearly anyone can continue a discussion even if someone else thinks it's a pointless one.
  13. Levees, Sander. They're called levees in English