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  1. Spacko

    Spax and Nines' Column

    This is for my beloved husband on the day that we celebrate another year of his glorious presence in, and dare I say, all over, within the essence of, right though, vis-á-vis and just around the corner of, the universe. Rambunctious llama romping in solemn silence Got all day to go nowhere. Sascha/Caip also lent his magic touch to this piece and wishes to congratulate the llama.
  2. Spacko

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Hey, hope you're having a good one, E1! My best wishes on your big day
  3. Spacko

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Aw shucks you guys! Many thanks to everyone who remembered my birthday (although of course the forum takes care of the remembering, but nevertheless you bothered to post, and that deserves credit as well)!! Special thanks to Trigger for covering the greasy food and alcoholic beverages section where my regular provider Caip failed this year . Also, how nice of you to make your yearly visit coincide with my birthday, Alexa! If you go nuts, go for a second visit this season and drop by on your own birthday I'll be sure to return the favour. Finally, a great big hearty HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! to Arch and the same to Cheezy (let's just ignore the belatedness). Hope you both had a wonderful day
  4. Spacko

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Ah, I'm a day or two too late but I'm sure that can be forgiven somehow: Happy belated b-day, Trig!! Hope it was a good day with all the right people, foods, events and gifts. When I hit 21 I decided that's the point where you really can't play the youngster card anymore, but at 20 you can at least try. So if you got any crazy stunts planned, make sure you use this year for all it's worth!
  5. Spacko

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Ah! Happy belated birthday from me too, Linda! Hope you had a wonderful day.
  6. Spacko

    Slowness & Donations

    It really is back to normal! Nicely done!
  7. Spacko

    Spax and Nines' Column

    Gush what kind of wife am I who doesn't even make known my deep appreciation for such a beautiful poem. Thank you, JJ! To show how glad I am, this haiku goes out just from me to you. A horse is a horse Of course, of course, said the mule That one's my daddy. I hope you like it.
  8. Spacko

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Unks! I hope you had a wonderful day and all the hugs you wanted for your big day. My heartfelt congratulations on your 6th birthday!
  9. Spacko

    Spax and Nines' Column

    Those are lovely haikus, Fuzzy and Natter. Good job! Now here's one going out to Bella, since she figured out the self-referentialness of our previous haiku: Robber on your clay To crush you or to help you? I'll settle for hay.
  10. Spacko

    The Happy Birthday thread

    Oi, happy birthday, boys! Hope you all had a good one. :bday:
  11. Spacko

    Spax and Nines' Column

    Please do not take offence, Fuzzy-san. This previous work of yours is in particular a true gem, intertwining nature imagery with profound thoughts on human behaviour and emotion. We also appreciated the many possibilities that the haiku left for interpretation. Especially moving is the effect of the juxtaposition between fog and sunlight, and how that immediately brings to mind the fading consciousness of a beloved grandparent. We would be interested to hear your own thoughts behind this poem!
  12. Spacko

    Spax and Nines' Column

    After a brief hiatus in our artistic endeavours, we give you, with just a bit of further ado, our next haiku. This goes out to Sascha/Caip/Captain Looser with our humble gratitude for his contributions to this very topic. Cat napping in BOX!!!!!!!!1111 'edited' is on the mountain top I’m gonna shred you.
  13. Spacko

    Coke Zero???

    I once bought vanilla coke by accident. Had three sips and couldn't bear any more as I was well on the way to getting sick. I just gave it back to the store. Glad we all agree on this!
  14. Spacko

    Spax and Nines' Column

    Wow! We are certainly glad to see such wonderful contributions pouring in from our readers. Thank you Fuzzy for those very inspired Haikus, and Argus for that... thing. As for your question, Carrie-san, we intend not to edumacate but to offer a glimpse of insight to the willing reader. It is a humbling and difficult calling. Today we are introducing a regular guest writer, Caip. While Nines' and my haikus are quite traditional in both form and function, Caip (or Sascha, as some may know him), belongs to the progressive skool of haiku that was founded by Matsukura Matagorô in the mid-1800. Please welcome him and allow him to expand your mind.
  15. Spacko

    Spax and Nines' Column

    Don't be sad, Alexa, technicalities are the raisins in the bun of life. Anyhow, we have joined forces to compose another haiku. This one goes out to Fuzzy and to Carrie; here's to living each day to the fullest. A tonne of moon beamz Time only knows teh present For you the lotus blooms