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  1. Just my two cents worth here as I had the same issues with the Siberia levels. So many crashes and nothing seemed to help except to save often. Well, okay one thing that did help was the loading crash patch (as seen in the above post) but not much else. Even the set the lithtech.exe to one CPU core trick didn't work for me. But once I got passed the Siberia levels, I didn't have a single crash. So what ever is causing the crashes is definitely part of the makeup of those Siberia levels.
  2. Oh, and one more thing I found related to this question is regarding the reputation bonus: Similarly, a Reputation Bonus stat would be granted through the game when the player acted nice in conversations, but the stat never amounted to anything obvious. “It was supposed to effect how certain conversations would play out,” explained Hubbard. “it was a partially implemented feature that neither got finished or removed.” Source: No One Lives Forever’s cutting room floor revealed
  3. I'm doing a recent play through and I also had this question. The only thing I could find on the topic was from Wikipedia of all places: "At the end of each mission, the game displays various statistics, as well as any awards and bonuses earned during the mission. Awards are humorous textual notes given for the player's performance during a mission; these include awards for using a very low or a very high number of bullets, or a "Thanks For Not Getting Hurt Award" for avoiding damage. The player also receives a rank, such as "Trainee" or "Super Spy", which is based on the number of intelligence items obtained during the mission. Achieving a high mission rank increases the player's maximum health, armor and ammo capacity, as well as stealth, the amount of inflicted damage, and the accuracy of their shots." So it seems that those bonuses do make a difference, but I can't find anywhere that quantifies what those bonuses are. Hope this helps!
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