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  1. {IF} HyperModder

    [IF] HyperModder modding and making files

    After lots, but really lots of time, I updated the links thanks to Alex Teuchtmann or [iF] Crusader from the Invisible Fighters ® clan. EDIT: I want to leave clear that it wasn't Alex's fault, but mine. He uploaded my updates as soon as he could and I didn't connect to the internet with a computer for lots, but really lots of time. Thanks to the Crusader and to my few fans
  2. {IF} HyperModder

    [IF] HyperModder modding and making files

    MegaUpload went down as everyone of you should already know, I'm waiting until my files will be up in the [iF] Clan website.
  3. {IF} HyperModder

    NOLF custom skin

    I guess this kind of skins weren't made for characters... They're included in NOLF for other things, so all the people can see them (Are you noticed about they're always like weird, NOT like a normal person, colors around the body??) EDIT: And yes, that was a mystery for me too while I couldn't understand this Download some skins pack to check it out (All the NOLF 1 websites are today dead?) Then, take it as a joke, and forget all.
  4. {IF} HyperModder

    J.A.C.K Movie Trailer

    VERY NICE. You invented the website too. I'm waiting for the film, when is the release?
  5. {IF} HyperModder


    Very kool website, it sounds interesting...
  6. {IF} HyperModder

    3 questions

    WoW I didn't think that's possible! I thought you would need a mod to customize that numbers
  7. {IF} HyperModder

    NOLF Playstation 2 soundtracks?

    I never had NOLF for PS2 but I know someday, I'll play it. The first mission isn't in the PC game. I have the first game for PC purchased, and the other two downloaded Some1 knows if all the other missions are like the same in both versions??
  8. {IF} HyperModder

    My first and I hope that also my LAST request...

  9. {IF} HyperModder

    Great Fun!

    Just another (crazy) here!
  10. {IF} HyperModder

    Great Fun!

    (Just curious:) Why you never play NOLF 2? I never seen you there! If you did sometime, (I guess yes??) when did you do that for the last time?
  11. {IF} HyperModder


    The same from before. I knew. ?????????? Did I? Can't remember! Maybe that's the reason! I have downloaded any files here? lool
  12. {IF} HyperModder


    I really don't think so. I get a " [#10850.2] An internal error occurred. Please contact an administrator " error.
  13. {IF} HyperModder