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  1. To ANYONE INTERESTED in using the server......PLEASE READ: This computer is running Windows 7 64 bit. It uses a quad core processor......and not a really "fancy" one. Without getting into a lengthy description......this machine works perfectly, simply because it is maintained properly and has been for 4 years now. I DO however, CHEAT.....BIG TIME....I use a program called ROLLBACK. This program allows me to make a bit for bit "snapshot" of the hard drive.....either manually or automatically. With this capability, I can test software, program changes, etc. etc to my hearts content. If there is a problem or issue of ANY KIND I simply revert the hard drive to a known, good snapshot. This is NOT the SYSTEM RESTORE fact System Restore is turned off. This program, unlike System Restore reverts EVERYTHING......not just certain important files. The program is, in my opinion, priceless and I've been using it for many years......98SE, XP and 7. Rollback works the way it does because it is NOT working within Windows. NOW.......I have found a way to make this machine work on the existing NOLF 2 server.....I don't know about other servers because I don't see any others :)) This is what I did : I installed the game, using the original discs from 15 years ago, and added the required files found on this site. I experimented with several combinations of settings. I ended up with running the game in compatibility mode for Windows XP (service pack 3) Once the game starts I DO NOT CLICK THE MOUSE......or do anything else. I found that even simply clicking the mouse or pushing any key will STOP the process of getting onto the server. I was able to repeat this several times.......and the RESULTS were the same EVERY TIME: one way it works, the other way it doesn't. IF YOU TRY THIS AND THE GAME LOCKS UP (CRASHES) BECAUSE YOU EITHER DID SOMETHING WRONG OR IT SIMPLY WON'T WORK ON YOUR MACHINE..... YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RE-BOOT......JUST HIT CONTROL...ALT.....DELETE....AND LOG OFF.....AND THEN LOG ON's a lot faster. I use a password, but if you don't it should just start right up and go to the desktop. Remember, to get on the server (or try you have to first highlight the server listed on the "Launcher" window. REMEMBER.....THIS IS ONLY FOR GETTING ON A SERVER. One additional note.......check the box that says "run as administrator" when changing compatibility......that may help as well. I should add that playing the game NORMALLY (without getting on a server) has ALWAYS worked perfectly. I came up with this routine because I was not able to get onto the server without a "client MFS" pop up.........or something like that. In other words it would crash. I don't know if this will work on Windows 10 as I have never run that operating system......but it's worth a try. This is a great game, but it needs LIVE activity, and that's what a server is for. 15 years ago, when the game was new, there was ton of activity. Now, either those machines are long gone, the players are dead, or both...LOL. Regardless, thanks to Eliteone and a possibly a few others, NOLF 2 survives. I, for one, would be willing to help "support" ( $ ) this project and I imagine others would as well....IF THERE IS SOME ACTIVITY.......otherwise what's the point? FWIW........I'm not a kid.......I'm 68 and retired for the last 10 years......I just never grew up....:)))))) A lot of these newer games SUCK and this GAME is a perfect example of the expression "they just don't make em like they used to". This computer has 3 flight simulators installed along with numerous other games and EVERYTHING works exactly the way it's supposed to. At least it looks like there SOME people trying to make "things" work.......from what I can see on the forum. GOOD LUCK!!! ........... IM TIRED OF PLAYING WITH MYSELF!!!! LOL!!!!!!!
  2. radioguy


    Hi I do that and it will only query 2 servers........ and then I get a message "client MFC has stopped working" (the game crashes) but it plays OK without trying to join a server. It USED to query around 20 servers.
  3. radioguy


    What happened to all of the servers that were on the list? Anybody know? Not that they were active, but they' re not even listed now. There IS one server that is active once in a while but for some reason the people who run it are the only ones that are "permitted" (for lack of a better word) to play it. It is set for a maximum of 2 players.
  4. HI   anybody there?  I need a little help

    1. Eliteone
    2. radioguy



            I have everything working is (and was) RADIOGUY. Just by luck, I happened to find that the "LivesForever Plus" mod allows me to get into more servers. I already had the "LivesForever" mod. If there are ANY other mods that I SHOULD have I would appreciate hearing from you. I have the recommended maps installed from "needed files".                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                    thanks for the reply,   Radioguy

  5. Hi All ATV GUY here......hope everyone has been well!. Just thought that I'd mention that I played around with NOLF 2 for 5 hours today trying to get it to work on the servers and I just couldn't do it...VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!. EVERYTHING was done properly with the right files from this site with no luck.....SEVERAL TIMES! I should add that this machine has been and is working perfectly. I hope the people working on this problem can find an EASY solution that will work for everyone. If the ORIGINAL servers could be used again THAT would be ideal, but from what I've been reading I have my doubts as to wheather or not that can be done. These games are great but on a server they're hard to beat. I'll be following the posts to keep up to date.....GOOD LUCK!!! Radioguy (AKA.... ATV GUY)