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NOLF2: . Installation and upgrade. No-CD. Game Settings. Error correction

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Your video card must support Transform and lighting (T & L)
Most graphics cards support (in laptops not always)

Installing and upgrading the game. No-CD. Installing mods.

1. Install the game NOLF2

2. Install the official patch 1.3

3. If you run the game without CD1, then you must turn off the "No Disc Inserted" error.
 Copy the "No-CD" file for ver.1.3 into the game folder (this is the file Lithtech.exe, hash CRC32: 31333DA6)

4. Install the Wobak Widescreen Mod
Or from here a similar file

 5. If you play Singl in the Co-op, then install this mod package for on-line and select the LivesForeverPlus or LivesForeverCoop mod

6. If you play Multiplayer DM, TDM, DD, then install 2 official Mappacks and a mod package for on-line

Game Settings

7. Set the compatibility mode with Windows XP SP3: the right button on the game's shortcut - properties - compatibility.

8. Configure the mouse settings as shown in Figure

9. In some episodes, the speed of the NOLF2 game decreases, FPS drops, the movements become intermittent, the game "brakes".
If you have a video card series NVIDIA, then you must turn on Vertical Sync and turn off Anisotropic filtering:
NVIDIA Control Panel - 3D Parameters - 3D Settings Control - Program Settings - Add LithTech (Lihtech.exe)
For this program (Lihtech.exe) specify:
"Vertical sync" - ON
Anisotropic filtering - OFF
The file Lihtech.exe is located in the main folder with the game.
In this figure, you see the NVIDIA configuration for the Diablo III game.
Turn on the "Vertical sync" for file Lihtech.exe NULF2 similarly


Problems during the game

10. Error Client MFC application error, crash of the game. With this patch of crashes will be less, but the game will "slow down."

11. If the graphics spoils during the game, click the "Win" or Alt-Tab button on the  keyboard. When the game is compressed into the icon at the bottom of the screen, click on the icon with the mouse, the game will recover with the corrected graphics.

12. If the game hangs on some episodes (for example, with a mime on a bicycle) and the reboot does not help, in that case: copy the folders Save and Profiles to your archive. Then completely re-install the game, start the game, save, exit the game and copy the saved Save and Profiles folders from your archive into the game folder.

13. If you are using Windows 7 there may be problems with installing and running the game. This problem is created by the Game Explorer program built into Windows 7.
In Windows 8/10, the Game Explorer program is deactivated, so there is no such problem.
How to disable "Game Explorer" for Windows 7
1. Lock “Game Explorer” through the Registry.
Download ARCHIVE BLOCK_GameExplorer.zip (40Kb), read help
This archive also contains a list of 2072 games that the “Game Explorer” controls.

2 Or Use the "Stop Game Explorer"
Stop_Game_Explorer_1_1.zip, read help
There are two versions of the program in the archive: for 64bit and for 32bit (i.e., x86).
The program "Stop Game Explorer" works with system files, so use this program at your own peril and risk.

The program "Stop Game Explorer" works with system files, so use this program at your own peril and risk.


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