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Cannot play LAN co-op using HAMACHI

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Hey guys,

I've been trying to play NOLF 2 via LAN feature using Hamachi with some friends but we couldn't make it work. We all have the same version 1.3 retail. I start Hamachi, I create a network, my friends join but when I host a game, or one of my friends does, the rest of us can't see our game session in "LAN/Join LAN" inside the game. The server list for lans is just empty. We've played Arcanum and Serious Sam 2 before using Hamachi so I don't think the problem has to do with the virtual LAN.


I've read about the mod "LivesForeve" and how it allows you to bypass the master server check and still play using Join By IP, but we want to host our own game and play co-op whenever we want, we don't want to join a server. Nevertheless, we installed the mod to see if maybe that way we could play LAN, but nothing happened.

We don't get why the lan feature isn't working, we also tried with NOLF 1 and the lan feature won't work for us either. What are we doing wrong? Any step-by-step guide to make it work? I've read that some people played NOLF2 using Hamachi so I don't get why it's not working for us. :unsure:


Thanks in advance.

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I had the same problem.. then I installed an older version of Hamachi ( and it worked just fine!! :specool:

Just be sure not to accidentally auto-update it, after you downgraded to the older version!

Hope that will work for you too :)

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