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  1. SAssER

    Join by IP Tool

    Version 1.0.0


    Full Description: Tool that allows you to find Online NOLF2 Servers. Help with the tool can be obtained by posting in the forum. Extra contents of the zip file to your NOLF 2 folder then double click the exe file to launch it.
  2. SAssER

    Join by IP tool v2
  3. SAssER

    Blast from the past

    Yay at least I'm on the member list, too =)
  4. Are there at least 2 CD-Keys (one for CJ and one for NOLF2) in the box? Then you could simply download the NOLF2-CDs and enter your CD-Key...
  5. SAssER

    More Difficult?

    Hey, welcome to the forums try to download this .rez file: Place it into a folder named SmallCursor in your Custom/mods folder (C:/Program Files/Fox/No One Lives Forever 2/Custom/Mods/SmallCursor/SmallCursor.rez). Open the NOLF2 launcher, click on Options. Check the "Disable Hardware Cursor" and click OK Click on Custom and choose the SmallCursor mod. Play Hope this works, I haven't tested it ^^
  6. You should download the Custom mappack:
  7. Someone wrote me an email but it got marked as spam and I accidently deleted it... If the person sees this, please write it again or ask here... thank you
  8. Some good tutorials can be found here or here. Note: Altough these tutorial where made for other games, they work for NOLF2 accordingly! (e.g. in NOLF2 you have to open the TO2.DEP not the AVP2.DEP as explained in Tutorial #1...) Good luck
  9. I don't think it's an issue with CJ... CJ has nothing to do with NOLF2 (as long as you don't try to host 2 servers on the same port...) Are you sure that the ports in your router are open? What protocoll did you choose? For NOLF2 I have to choose UDP. Also make sure, that the dedicated server is running the Lives Forever mod just as well as the PC you are trying to connect with.
  10. "Can't load world resources" means, that you probably don't have the map installed, wich is currently running on that server. To make sure, you got all maps, you should download the official Mappack 1 and 2 and also the Custom-Mappack Mappack When you get the MFC error it means, that you actually were able to join the server, but NOLF2 crashed (still haven't found out why - but it happens rather often with Vista - never had that error with XP)... the two other people with the same name as yours, who left, are probably remains of your connection tryings and were kicked from the server...
  11. someone should update this guide... the download links are not up to date and also the JoinByIP Tool settings (step 3 in the guide) are no longer neccessary in version 2